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Of course there was going to be a 2017 Stanley Cup Champions art journal spread! :) The barely seen background is alcohol acrylic spray ink and stencils, covered by collage, stickers, zInk photos, and washi tape.

“Pride has always been political.”

I went to TCPride on Saturday and barely got rained on at all! Except for the whole walk home.

Stencils, acrylic alcohol spray ink, collage, stickers, temporary tattoos, washi tape, black and white water-based Sharpie paint markers.

(Yes! You can apply temporary tattoos to your art journal pages! Be warned that some of them are sticky afterwards and you might need to put packing tape or deli paper or something over them.)

This Is Why You Woke Me (Peter Quill x reader)

Request: regaltempo said:Hello! My request is a Peter Quill x Reader. The reader is a human too, who likes and plays classical music on violin, and one day when you think everyone is asleep in the ship you practice on your violin, but little do you know Peter is listening to you on the other side of the wall. After you’re finished he shows himself and asks for a dance and you play a cassette tape of classical music and dance the waltz together. Thank you!  Peter probably has never heard of classical music before. That could be why he is so interested in hearing the music at night. And the reader could be surprised that he doesn’t know and they compromise and he teaches you how to dance and you play classical music for him during the night. And maybe some kissing.

Follow up to Why Did You Wake Me?

“I don’t think she likes me,” Peter groaned quietly, sitting in the pilot seat of the ship and swiveling the chair back and forth nervously.  His friends sat behind him, listing to him complain for the last several hours and growing impatient at the incessant whining session.  “She sits in her room all day and barely says two words to me.”

“I agree that she does not like you.  It’s obvious and you are quite right in finally noticing it,” Drax nodded eagerly, reaching out to slap his friend supportively on the arm, only to have him pull it from his reach.  “This makes you sad.  Would you like to me to speak to her for you and find out why her hatred runs so deeply?”

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anonymous asked:

sappy prompts, tsukkiyama and 13!!

Oh boy I am drowning in tsukkiyama right now this is great. Thanks for the request!

Tsukkiyama - “The way I feel when I’m with you…” (based on this prompt list)

Tsukishima could not stop his damn hands from shaking. It was stupid, the way his body did not listen to his brain. He should be able to control the movement of his hands just like he did his feet; if he could take slow and even steps over to Yamaguchi why couldn’t he keep the case held in his hands steady as well?
Giving Yamaguchi a mix cd had never been difficult before. He had done it plenty of times, more frequently when they first became friends and he realized just how terrible the other boy’s taste in music was, but never stopping entirely. By now Yamaguchi must have a shelf’s worth of jeweled cases all lined up full of Tsukishima’s attempts to show him that music could actually be good. What was different about this one, he knew, was the way he had picked the songs to put on it.

It was themed, like many of his other mixes. Shower Songs, Running Songs, The Wind in the Morning, Fuck Fukurodani - the inspiration behind each of these mixes was clear. The one he held with trembling fingers, though, was nothing like those.

“Yamaguchi,” he said, walking up beside him. He held out the cd case, internally screaming at his hands to stay still for just one minute, please. “Here.”

Yamaguchi reached out and took it from him, his fingers brushing Tsukishima’s in a way that did not seem to affect him but sent a shiver running down Tsukishima’s spine. With his hands now empty, he was able to shove them into the pockets of his sweatshirt before their shaking was noticed.

“What’s this?” Yamaguchi asked, turning the case over.

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Like how they learn most things about each other- they were having a stupid petty fight. Rick got annoyed enough that he yelled at Stan in Spanish, expecting the insult to go over his head. He was not expecting a reply. What concerned him far more than Stan understanding the insult though, was that it implied that all those drunken romantic admissions of affection he’d often said in Spanish were also understood… 

“Yes Sanchez, I know you’re an emotional sap when you think no one can understand you.” wubba lubba dub dub