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I’ve reuploaded and seriously revamped and updated my lady villain playlist. These are basically the collection of songs I like where women sing about feeling violent, sinister, manipulative or a little/lot evil. Some of the songs could also apply to anti-heroes rather than simply villains (a lot of them are firmly villainous though). It’ll likely be updated in the future, so I won’t bother with a tracklist here- you can click on the link and see the current list of songs. There are about 30 right now. Enjoy and get your bad on.

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welcome home - a Jyn x Cassian playlist

tracks: renegades - x ambassadors // america - imagine dragons // charlie boy - the lumineers // the only exception (vsq cover) - vitamin string quartet // welcome home - radical face // yellow light - of monsters and men // silhouettes - of monsters and men // skyfall - adele // fade into you - clare bowen & sam palladio // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

let me see you move like you’re from the rebellion 

jyn erso gets uprooted from her cushy life on coruscant when her father is relocated to the imperial planet lothal. after getting lost one day and running into cassian andor, alliance intelligence agent tasked with orchestrating an uprising, and a group of rebels dancing in the street, she agrees to feed him information. in return, cassian teaches her how to move like a rebel. {original cover manip by @noorabaetre}

dance like this - wyclef jean ft. claudette ortiz I colgando en tus manos - carlos baute I whenever, wherever - shakira I enamorate - dvicio I genie in a bottle - christina aguilera I la locura automática - la secta I pony - ginuwine I la tortura - shakira ft. alejandro sanz I (when you gonna) give it up to me - sean paul ft. keyshia cole I perfecta - miranda! I dance with me - the cheetah girls ft. drew seeley I bailando (spanish version) - enrique iglesias ft. descemer bueno I lay all your love on me - amanda seyfried & dominic cooper I tengo tu love - sie7e I i can’t take my eyes off of you - cast of high school musical I besáme mucho - andrea bocelli

♡♡♡ sugar pink ♡♡♡

[listen here]


  1. life is rosy - jess penner
  2. bubblegum k.k. - animal crossing
  3. marsh king’s daughter - eisley
  4. strawberry jam - louie zong
  5. pink lemonade - kristi krause
  6. boba beach - grynpyret
  7. super bass - nicki minaj
  8. pokemon center - pokemon r/b/y
  9. mew mew power theme - bree sharp
  10. nora’s theme - jeff williams
  11. i found love - oh my girl
  12. ice cream island - kirby’s adventure
  13. bubblegum bitch - marina and the diamonds
GET PUMPED ABOUT BEING A GIRL WHO LIKES GIRLS by ladyloveandjustice | Playmoss playlist
Here are some super upbeat and celebratory songs explicitly…

Added my first CELERATE GIRLS LIKING GIRLS playlist to playmoss. Here’s the original tracklist, but I made changes to the playmoss version- since there was no version of “Cartoon girl” on Youtube that didn’t have a ton of talking before or after it, I cut it from the list and replaced it with “She” by Jen Foster.

FATED | [listen here] | (a mix for for lovers fated to depart, condemned to have a path that crosses only in the stars, lovers who hide between the quiver of moth wings and the body of secrets, who love as much as the cruel hands fate will allow them before they are torn apart, untangled and thrown to ruin.)

i. a knife in the ocean  - foals | ii. bedroom wall - banks | iii. black rainbow - raffertie | iv. from the valley to the stars - el perro del mar | v. heart skipped a beat - the xx | vi. obedear - purity ring | vii. endless days - aloonaluna | viii. rabid - nicole dollenganger | ix. born to die - lana del rey | x. dust hymn - purity ring | xi. hunger of the pine - alt j xii. i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys | xiii. departure -  baths | xiv. lovers dream - anna terneheim | xv. moth to light - betty and the boys | xvi. end of the affair - ben howard | xvii. still - daughter | xviii. crave - mtns | xix. adelma - grizzly bear | xx. all your sisters - mazzy star | xxi. wicked game - katie kim | xxii. no death - mirel wagner | xxiii. baby - warpaint  | xxiv. listen (listen listen) - wintersleep | xxv. velvet - lykke li | xxvi. wandering star - polica | xxvi. love - nonono xxviii. sights - london grammar | xxix. amawalk -  port st. willow | xxx. comptine d’un autre ete  - yann tiersen | xxxi.nightcall - london grammar | xxxii. elegia - jacaszek | xxxiii. she/swimming - moon ate the dark | xxxiv. je te laisserai des mots  - patrick watson | xxxv. threnody - goldmund | xxxvi. missing - the xx | xxxvii. i never learn - lykke li | xxxviii. summertime sadness - lana del rey | xxxix. 505 - arctic monkeys  | xl. spanish sahara - foals
High Energy Anime Songs by ladyloveandjustice | Playmoss playlist
My favorite anime songs to kick ass to. A lot of FMAB and…

I’ve uploaded a couple more things on Playmoss, including this anime song tracklist. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the full versions of some of these openings on Youtube, so there are a few that had to be TV size even though I really wanted to include the full song. At least in the case of those you can watch the opening along with the song if you want? Of course, my list on 8tracks is still available and annotations for it are here.

is this real? // a david haller fanmix [listen]

01. my body is a cage - arcade fire 02. ultraviolence control (mashup) - halsey/lana del rey 03. bad dream hotline - foe 04. whispering - alex clare 05. lucid dreams - tribe society 06. heavy dirty soul - twenty one pilots 07. run - awolnation .08. afraid - the neighbourhood 09. gasoline - halsey 10.  glittering cloud - imogen heap 11. tessellate - alt-j 12. somewhere a clock is ticking - snow patrol 13. breaking down - florence + the machine 14. touched - vast 15. discipline - nine inch nails 16. pure morning - placebo 17. confession - red 18. every day is exactly the same - nine inch nails 19. glass heart hymn - paper route 20. into the darkness - the phantoms 21. seven nation army (the glitchmob remix) - the white stripes