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he was so still inside [listen]

“He couldn’t tell if he was letting himself idolize this place or Ronan, and he wasn’t sure there was a difference. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Ronan was looking at him, as he had been looking at him for months. Adam looked back, as he had been looking back for months.”

a mix for a soft epilogue at the barns

A Happy Beginning (Preview)
Jennifer Morrison, Colin O'Donoghue ...
A Happy Beginning (Preview)


Don’t listen if you don’t want to hear at least 2 minutes of the song

PS: Apparently the drive link I posted earlier is having issues.. So here’s the mix I made for the song preview with the LQ version found on twitter and the HQ preview from iTunes

rebelcaptain + the 60s

Psychedelic rocker Jyn Erso meets Cassian Andor, lead singer of a doo-wop inspired pop group, while they’re both performing at a Civil Rights benefit. She takes an immediate liking to him, despite their conflicting genres. 

On the last night of the weekend long concert series, Cassian takes her out for drinks. Puzzled and intrigued by the upbeat nature of his music, Jyn finally asks him how he stays so positive with the state of the world. 

His answer? Rebellions are built on hope.

[playlist here]


20 bluegrass & alt-country tunes for beers on your patio, sticking your feet in the creek, or tailgating in the red rocks parking lot with a joint hidden in your bra while you’re waiting for the avett brothers to start

sarah misandrywitch’s summer playlist for 2017

let me see you move like you’re from the rebellion 

jyn erso gets uprooted from her cushy life on coruscant when her father is relocated to the imperial planet lothal. after getting lost one day and running into cassian andor, alliance intelligence agent tasked with orchestrating an uprising, and a group of rebels dancing in the street, she agrees to feed him information. in return, cassian teaches her how to move like a rebel. {original cover manip by @noorabaetre}

dance like this - wyclef jean ft. claudette ortiz I colgando en tus manos - carlos baute I whenever, wherever - shakira I enamorate - dvicio I genie in a bottle - christina aguilera I la locura automática - la secta I pony - ginuwine I la tortura - shakira ft. alejandro sanz I (when you gonna) give it up to me - sean paul ft. keyshia cole I perfecta - miranda! I dance with me - the cheetah girls ft. drew seeley I bailando (spanish version) - enrique iglesias ft. descemer bueno I lay all your love on me - amanda seyfried & dominic cooper I tengo tu love - sie7e I i can’t take my eyes off of you - cast of high school musical I besáme mucho - andrea bocelli

calm down - a calming video game mix

listen here

gateway galaxy super mario galaxy - eterna forest pokemon diamond and pearl - clark c418 - 1 a.m. animal crossing - luma super mario galaxy - aryll’s theme legend of zelda wind waker -  gymnopedle no. 1 anamanaguchi - home sweet home earthbound - snowbelle city (slowed down) pokemon x and y - credits minecraft 

passion in silence  {20 soft and beautiful instrumental pieces}


1. yours as long as life endures - trevor morris | 2. john pulls dido aside - rachel portman | 3. love theme - edward shearmur | 4. bassanio opens the casket - jocelyn pook  | 5. jamie/claire theme - bear mccreary   | 6. letters - mark bradshaw  | 7. love so alike - anne dudley | 8. lucrezia & paulo kiss - trevor morris | 9. thornton’s walk - martin phipps | 10. rooftop kiss  - james horner |  11. the stairs - johann johannson | 12. the loss of your’s - adrian johnston | 13. together we will live forever- clint mansell | 14. ivy’s song - james newton howard  | 15. dandelions - alexandre desplat   | 16. your face - alexandre desplat  | 17. you drop manna - jocelyn pook | 18. what tomorrow brings - hans zimmer | 19. organ variation - hans zimmer  | 20.   helen’s vision of paris - joel goldsmith