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Secrets and Spies, Truths and Lies (4/?)

Summary:  CIA hacker Emma Swan is paired up with MI6 agents Liam and Killian Jones on a dangerous mission to track down an ex-spy who’s hunting and killing agents from both countries.  She thinks she has all the information they need to catch the defector, but sometimes the past is buried where even her expert computer skills can’t uncover.

A/N:   We’re getting to explore more of their dynamic, more backstory, more mission information, and I’m just having a great time imagining it all. This is one of my favourite chapters, so I hope y'all enjoy reading it half as much as I am writing it!

Rated:  M, for violence, blood, and dark memories

Word count:  ~ 5,300 (~15,000 total)

Tumblr:   Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3


Chapter Four - To the Four Winds

Killian gasped awake to the terrifying feeling of being crushed.

He was lying on his side, his arm propped against him, a pillow at his back, and he couldn’t breathe, eyes closed tight as he struggled.  Every wheeze sent shocks of pain through his chest, his arm radiating agony with each movement he tried to make, and he didn’t want to even try.  He knew he needed air, he knew he needed to pull in the precious oxygen his lungs so urgently needed, but he couldn’t find the strength to force himself to go through the pain that particular movement would cause.

Liam must have noticed something was wrong, must have rushed over, because soon his brother’s familiar arm was behind his head, pulling, lifting, sitting him up at the side of the bed.  Changing positions was agony, but at least he could breathe - the short, shallow panting that was all he’d been able to manage since the night before, his right fist gripping the edge of the mattress as a lifeline.

He was sweating, unbearably hot as his body slowly calmed, Liam’s hand rubbing circles on his uninjured shoulder until he didn’t seem quite so desperate for each small gasp of air.

“You all right, little brother?” he asked worriedly.

Killian nodded, wincing as the movement pulled along his neck and shoulder.  “Will be,” he rasped, forcing a small grin.  He could already feel the sweat cooling on his skin, but there was a warmth through him that hadn’t been there the last time he’d woken.


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So, what happens if you see Rafe in multiplayer?

Well if I’m on the villain side I welcome him with open arms. Bonus points if we have a Rafe squad.

If I’m on the hero side. Mate, it’s my mission to fucking hunt him down and make sure he dies every time and aggressively dab on his dead body. Well…shake my ass on his dead body.


commissioned from @vasheren who is a delight!!! again, this is from few years ago which I never shared, which I feel terrible about since I probably should’ve shared them with the rest of the world the moment I received these wonderful illustrations. 

(this is part of my life mission to collect all my fav artists’ rendition of cas in a chicken suit

Something to make up for the angst last night. Inspired by Paper Flight by (correct me if I’m wrong) @blackwatch-mccree

spark: i’m looking forward to having fun and making new friends!

blanche: [the anime glasses glint thing] The Human Race Is Corrupt… It Is My Personal Mission To Cleanse It

candela: [mixes monster and red bull and drinks it] i’ll kick your ass, i’ll kick your mom’s ass, i’ll kick your dog’s ass, i’ll kick my own ass,

i. okay. i dont think there’s anyway to ask for teeth pics without it being weird

so whatever, fuc it, would anyone out there be interested in sharing teeth pics w me

like i could open submissions……….for Tooth Selfies…………..that i wouldnt publish..they would just go in a ref folder to consult as needed…………..

teeth come in so many shapes and colors and arrangements okay i am dazzled by them all and my quest for no two characters to have the same mouths is like. one of my main sidequests


Today’s RAD CREATIVE is Oakland-raised, NYC-based photographer and documentarian Brittani Sensabaugh.

 “My Overall Mission is to Document Communities that have been forgotten and people who feel they have no voice. I Shoot to bring awareness towards the individuals living inside and Outside these areas by showing that WE all share the same Struggle and Love.”

Shout out to Brittani Sensabaugh, a talented Black photographer, who devote her truly stunning and powerful works to Black people. Representation matters.