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interesting dragon age party compositions or dynamics

  • (solas | sten): team ‘if you thought fenris and anders were bad’
  • (zevran | isabela | dorian): the we’re queer we’re here but god at what cost party
  • (morrigan | anders | solas): the asshole apostates party party
  • (shale | dorian): team uses snark to hide crippling fears of being controlled and stripped of agency and you thought this was going to be funny yoU THOUGHT THIS WAS A JOKE
  • (alistair | dorian): team it is a joke
  • (isabela | leliana | sera): the *thinks about ladies* nice party
  • (blackwall | anders | alistair): the has very different opinions about grey wardens grey warden party
  • (velanna | solas): team we hate each other so much but at least we have occasional shared moments of elitism to keep us warm
  • (cassandra | isabela | aveline): the talks about selfishness a lot but secretly shares smutty romance novels party
  • (carver | sten): team bit of a tit
  • (cassandra | morrigan | sebastian): the let’s talk about faith… or better yet maybe not party
  • (cole | aveline): team play nice or else
  • (fenris | iron bull | dorian): the fuck the vints and also fuck the vints party
  • (fenris | dorian): team dorian tried to laugh it off but now he’s dead
  • (zevran | anders | morrigan): the playfully irreverent asshole party
  • (cole | anders): team anders has been tortured and abused and hurt and is in so much pain and cole is the only one that cares and he just wants to help and now he’s crying and im crying everyone is crying. also fuck the templars
  • (aveline | wynne): team benevolently judgmental team mom

Okay, so here’s the deal. A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, Linda (aka fenharell) and I (aka dorianpavus) developed a crack theory about the plot and characters of DAI. 

We wrote it in a crazed, post-Masked Empire haze of speculation and excitement, and… 


*at least partially

So, here’s what we think, in the shorthand:

  • The main villain of the game will be Fen'Harel, the Dread Wolf.
  • Fen'Harel works through agents (like Felassan, from the Masked Empire).
  • Solas is one of those agents, and MIGHT be an ancient elf of Arlathan who’s been woken up to do Fen'Harel’s bidding.
  • Solas will betray the Inquisition.

Speculation and reasoning under the cut.

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zutara mini drabble, “cold”

each time zuko feels sunlight caress his skin, he thinks of her. 

a firebender shouldn’t need warmth, and yet he clings to his dreams of her like a man dying of thirst, cradling his last few drops of relief. the waterbender, his salvation in a desert. 

he does not understand why he is so cold when he has fire in his blood, but that heat is nothing, nothing, to the way her smile sends fire dancing violently through his veins, the way her laugh burns through his soul like redemption.

uncle iroh once said how important waterbending was, even to a firebender. 

now he understands.