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Can Harry be daddy?

Well, since it seems quite impossible for Harry Styles to be a daddy in any way shape or form, im here to prove not only society- but myself as well- wrong.

I mean, it could be possible…


Look at that nice car- only daddy  distinguished people have cars like this.

I think we all know what I want you to think about in this picture


So far, I might be able to hang with Harry being daddy- just one with pleases and thank yous.

A daddy with manners

It’s the confidence, I’m thinking

I think maybe he might be completely different in bed, I mean- he goes from giggly and cute to this ^, so who knows

I mean, sure he dresses like a stereotypical latino pop star (not that that’s a bad thing, you do you stereotypical latino pop stars)

But he’s a latino pop-star that might just turn up the heat

Is my question answered? 

I don’t know i’m really distracted by the gif above me

fics minipost

on my mind

where zayn hasn’t seen liam since what feels like ages and he just misses him so much, also he is kind of jealous of how close liam and harry are being on stage, like that’s just not acceptable. no, nope. also, he just wants to feel liam’s arms around him, when is liam coming home? (fluff)


liam doesn’t really care about relationships and all the falling in love business, all he really cares about is basket ball, and his two best friends who have been around a long time. but then he meets the new guy who works at the local bakery. all brown eyes, and shy smiles. and suddenly, he’s all liam is thinking about. (mutual pining / fluff)

spaces between us

where liam is afraid and keeps hurting zayn and is getting married. and zayn is hurt but he has to try one last time to get liam back. (angst)

the only heaven i’ll be sent to

where zayn gets into an accident and then is given a choice, to either die and go to heaven or live and go back to the boy he loves so much. (angst, eventual fluff) (ot5 as fuck)