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16 travlyn

“Just shut up and kiss me”

title: strawberry champagne

a/n: tbh you wanna know my aesthetic for Travis and Katelyn? Them loving each other. That’s what I’m about. This fic was a little self-indulgent and it takes place in the Hatch Marks Universe. Also, this is also highkey inspired by this drawing @crybabytime made forever go of Travis, don’t judge me okay. I’m weak for the sonshine in suits.

song inspo: That’s what I like, Bruno Mars

warning(s): fluff, kisses, Travis being the Mosttm

Cadenza clapped her hands in excitement, as she appraised Travis’s outfit. “This is it! You and this outfit was meant to be,” she announced, stepping aside with arms outstretched as she struck a pose, “Everybody, I present you, our beloved Travis.” 

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based on that one post 

@undercovermcdfan and @crybabytime  ‘s conversations fk me up in ways yall dont even know like its one heck of a ride

also who tf allows these two to be alone together like i rlly need to know

When you find a hidden mine FULL of great things with your parent and you both scream like idiots because it’s so satisfying-
Even if we both got shot and got so scared about losing our filled inventory
We still managed to get out alive and get back each other’s stuff with determination

fucking good times


tfw u go to the same uni as your friend but he keeps hitting on u but ur a tsun mess

i love how i crop drawings cause im too lazy lmao

this looks so bad cause i wanted to finish this today n i have to leave for bed rn RGFHJHTMFGT