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Rules for Dating Tony (Birthday Party)

Tony woke slowly, alone in his bed, because last night hadn’t been a date night with anyone.
He kind of enjoyed it, the few nights he got to sleep alone, because with everyone home now it didn’t happen very often.
So he took a long minute to stretch and scratch his hair and sprawl his legs out–
–and kicked somebody.

“What the hell?” He sat up and stared sleepily at the curled up form of Natasha, just red hair peeking over a stack of blankets. “Widow, what are you doing in my bed?”

“Like you don’t know Stark.” She mumbled and scooted closer against him.

“And you’re cuddling? You’re not a cuddler. Come on, your date night isn’t until Thursday, everybody else will get mad if we break the rules.”

“I’m not breaking any rules.” She yawned and sat up. “I just wanted to say happy birthday.” She leaned into him for a long, slow kiss, then pulled away to squeeze his hand. “I bought us ice cream but figured you didn’t want that in bed with you. Happy Birthday Tony. I can’t wait for tonight.” Then she climbed out of bed and he had just a split second to admire her legs in those tiny shorts before she slipped out the door.

Maybe it was a little unsettling that she had been able to sneak into his room and lay there for who knows how long with out him knowing just to kiss him good morning, but he grinned anyway because he loved it.

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anonymous asked:

hello my lord and savior (for all the good you've done for my batfam obsession). i was wondering if you could do an imagine/drabble about jason getting a bit self-conscious about his white streak when someone makes an insensitive comment about it, and his SO dying a piece of her hair like his to make him feel better about it? love you lots :'-)

So I wrote this one really quick! There is a sudden plunge into kink toward the end! If you don’t like that, skip the last few lines. I don’t know what happened, but toward the end of this my mind was suddenly in the gutter.


You love Jason’s white streak. It’s one of the physical reminders that Jason survived, and you love that. The two of you had been together since before the Joker, and you two had gotten back together again when Jason came back as the Red Hood.

Gently running your fingers through the streak, you press kisses all over Jason’s sleeping face. He stirs, eyes opening slowly, “Morning, baby”


“Wanna go to the book store today?”

“Yeah … but after coffee”

Chuckling, you lean down, pressing one more kiss to his lips, before you get up and head to the kitchen to make the coffee. “Well get up, I heard that the store got that new book you wanted”



“I’m coming, I’m coming”

An hour and a half later you two finally leave for the bookstore. The two of you split up when you get to the store, Jason heading to the new releases, and you wanting to check out the other sections. When you’ve browsed the rest of the store you head over to the classic section, the place you’ll most likely find your boyfriend.

“I don’t understand the stupid hair that people have now a days. Dude, did you do that shit on purpose?”

Jason hunches his shoulder’s slightly, already self-conscious about his white streak, and he rarely would defend himself. So, you decide to stand up for him.

“Do you have a fucking problem, dude?”

The asshole smirks over at you, “I wasn’t talking about you, sweetheart. I was talking about the freak with the streak over there”

“You mean my boyfriend? You’re standing over there being an asshole for no fucking reason, picking on someone who you don’t even fucking know. Does that make you feel better, sweetheart? Does it make you feel like a man to taunt someone in a fucking book-store?”

“Listen, bitch …”

“No you listen, you worthless piece of shit. It’s called a trauma streak. The whitening of hair when a traumatic event occurs causes melanin to no longer be released by the hair cells. He didn’t fucking choose to have a constant reminder of his trauma in the middle of his head, and he sure as shit doesn’t need someone like you to fucking point it out!!”

“Y/N …”

“No, Jay! You don’t deserve to be fucking bullied in public by some ignorant asshole who can’t keep his goddamn mouth shut!!”

The asshole is still standing there, looking like he doesn’t know what to do with himself. “Baby, let’s go. We can head back to our apartment, we’ll come back to get the book another day”

You whip around, “Did you get the book?”

“Yes …”

“Good, then we’ll check out, and then leave. I’m not letting this asshole stop us from getting your damn book” Turning around again, you lock eyes with the asshole, “And you might want to think next time before you say something to a stranger. The only reason I haven’t dragged your face across this floor is because I actually like to come here, and don’t want to be banned, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am”

“Good, now we’re gonna leave, and if you ever talk to my boyfriend again I’ll kill you, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am”

“Good. Jason” You manage to flash an almost manic smile at him, “let’s check out, and leave”

“Alright, baby, let’s do that”

Once you’re finally back at the apartment, you wrap your arms around Jason. “I’m sorry he said those things”

“It’s no big deal, babe”

“It is a big deal! I love your white streak! And I know that you hate it! I know how self-conscious you are about it”

“I’ll get over it”

You give Jason a sad smile, “Go start your new book, I’ll make us lunch, alright?”

“Thanks, babe”

Jason’s out with Roy for the day. He’s been jumpy lately, ashamed of himself. He won’t let you touch him, or play with his hair, saying that he’s tainted form the Pit. So, you had called Roy, asked him to take Jason out for a while, and then called Dick.

Dick answers on the second ring, “What’s up, Y/N?”

“I need your help, can you be over here in 30 minutes with some hair bleach and white hair dye?”


“Thanks, Dickie!”

“No problem, kid”

Exactly 30 minutes later Dick shows up at your apartment with the supplies, “You’re the best!”

“I know” Dick always puffs up like a peacock whenever someone compliments him, “So, why white dye?”

“Some asshole was picking on Jason’s white streak the other day, and last night I caught Jason trying to dye it black. So, I decided that I would make my own white streak in order to make him feel better about his!”

“And I guess you need my help?”

“Yeah, I’d really rather not mess this up”

“Alrighty then” Dick cracks his knuckles, “Let’s get to work”

Jason gets back that night in a decidedly better mood than the one he left in. “Y/N?”

“In the kitchen!”

“Babe, you wouldn’t believe what Roy … Y/N, what happened to your hair?”

“I dyed it”

“I can see that, but why?”

You sigh, putting down the spatula, and gently taking Jason’s hand, “Because I love you, and I know how much you hate being different, so now you aren’t. Now the two us will both have these white streaks, we’ll match, you don’t need to be self-conscious anymore”

Jason is still for another few seconds, and then suddenly you’re in his arms, and he’s trying to squeeze you to death. “I love you, I love you, I love you so fucking much”

“Love you too, Jaybird”

He leans down, pressing a hungry kiss to your lips, “You’re the best girlfriend in the entire multiverse, baby”

You smirk, “I know” Walking your fingers up his chest you look up at Jason from beneath your eyelashes, “What are you gonna give me for being such a good girl?”

Jason stands to his full height, looming over you, “Now, baby girl, I want you to turn off the stove, and go lay out on the bed. Naked. Daddy has a present for his special girl tonight”

You flush, eyes wide, and immediately scramble to do exactly as Jason says. Tonight, is gonna be fun.

drip drip drip

the grass is green and the sky is gray and the road is wet and the gutter is leaking (drip drip drip) a continuous rhythm (drip drip drip) and the grass is green (is it greener than it was before?) and the sky is gray (is it grayer than it was before?) and the gutter continues to leak and

part of me wonders why this is not enough, the mundane nature of life, the simple aspects of the world, these small moments of silence, where the grass is green and the sky is gray and the road is wet and the gutter is leaking and the stale taste of sleep still lingers on my tongue and my head feels heavy and my lips feel dry and i’m looking out the window to look at the green grass and the gray sky and the wet road and i’m listening to the drip drip drip

and maybe it is? maybe it is enough. on days where i feel good, and peaceful, and there isn’t an itch under my skin and my mind is clear, and i can appreciate what simply is.

but today i don’t know what i feel and i scratch at an itch on my neck and my head feels fuzzy and i don’t know what is enough and what isn’t enough and i don’t know what i’m angry over and what i’ve moved on from and i don’t know if i like who i am or if i’m frustrated with my lack of progression and i don’t know if i like who i am or if i’m worried that i haven’t changed at all and i don’t know if i like who i am or if part of me is convinced that nothing i do will ever amount to anything and i don’t know if i like who i am but

i don’t think about it and i simply just look out the window and think about how the grass is green and the sky is gray and the road is wet and the gutter is leaking (drip drip drip) a continuous rhythm (drip drip drip) and about how it simply is and i simply am and that soon that will be enough for me again and that soon my mind will be 


sentence starters from random songs on my playlist

part 2

  • “Hey darling, I hope you’re good tonight.”
  • “I just feel complete when you’re by my side.”
  • “Stop fucking around with my emotions.”
  • “Why can’t you just be happy for me?”
  • “I know you think that I’m someone you can trust.”
  • “I’m having visions of the way it will end.”
  • “We were meant to hurt each other.”
  • “It hurts a little at first but it gets better in time.”
  • “I’d burn the world for you and I.”
  • “Sometimes fear can leave you blind.”
  • “Fuck love, fuck you”
  • “You blame me but it’s not fair when you say that I didn’t try.”
  • “I just don’t care about you anymore.”
  • “You’re never gonna love me so what’s the use”
  • “I’m missing you like shit today.”
  • “I haven’t seen you smile this whole time, it bums me out and makes me wonder why I can’t do right.”
  • “I’m trying my best, I promise.”
  • “What we had doesn’t matter and I don’t want work it out.”
  • “I hope this makes you sad.”
  • “You tossed us into the gutter.”
  • “It’s such a shame that we play strangers.”
  • “Your hands still catch the light the right way.“
  • “I can’t think clearly cause your beauty is killin’ me.”
  • “I don’t mind if you’re overrated or if you’re staring at the edge of the world.”
  • “Oh, God, I think I just ruined my life.”
  • “The optimist in me swore we could make this last, but no.”
  • “You ruined my favorite records, I listen to them and I think of you.”
  • “We still talk like everyday but we don’t talk in the same way that we used to.”
Justice League Meetings be like
  • *League sitting quietly as Bruce walks to the front*
  • Bruce: Alright, as everyone knows, today we are discussing some very important matters. In *insert country name* there is a high amount of-
  • Hal: *wakes up from sleeping on the table* SEX
  • Bruce: -Trafficking. I was gonna say sex trafficking
  • Oliver: Yeah, Hal get your mind out of the gutter
  • Hal: Says the guy who's always getting ladies in bed
  • *everyone starts talking about sex*
  • Bruce: I hate you all.

By @inabadromance​ - thanks darling <3

  • Were you named after anyone? Not really. All my sibling’s names started with an M, so I guess they had to continue the tradition. My middle names are references to my grandmother and aunt who passed away though.
  • When was the last time you cried? Last night, reading this article. Highly recommend it, but have a lot of tissues ready.
  • Do you have kids? Nope, but 5 nieces and nephews who I am pretty close with.
  • If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I think so, yes.
  • Do you use sarcasm a lot? I embody sarcasm.
  • What’s the first thing you notice about people? If their face is friendly or not. Does that make sense?
  • What is your eye color? Blue-ish hazel.
  • Scary movie or happy endings? Scary movie, definitely.
  • Favorite smells? Freshly mown grass, chinchilla fur (I swear it smells of vanilla and honey), coffee (even though I hate the taste) and my gross blanket that I haven’t washed in ages (don’t judge).
  • What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Shanghai, China. Which is nearly 9000km from my home town.
  • Do you have any special talents? I can do this really weird thing with my lips (no nothing sexual - get yo’ mind out of the gutter). I’m pretty good at cooking and baking. I used to be good at drawing, but I stopped years ago.
  • Where were you born? Monday, the 23rd of October, 1989.
  • What are your hobbies? Gaming (PC + PS4), cooking and baking, gardening, crafting (particularly cross-stitching).
  • Do you have any pets? Two chinchillas and a chicken. I nearly bought a hamster today. I’m getting a Keeshond puppy in a few weeks!
  • Do you have any siblings? Three! My eldest sister is 12 years older, my brother 11 years older and my other sister 10 years older than I am. I was late to the party.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Chinchilla sanctuary owner.
  • Who is your first best friend? I met my first best friend in kindergarten, we were inseparable for 10 years (until she thought she was ‘too cool’ for me). 
  • How tall are you? 1.65m - 5′4.
  • Funniest moment throughout school? School wasn’t fun.
  • How many countries have you visited? Ten. Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, England, Italy, Greece, Malta, Turkey, China.
  • What was your favorite/worst subject in high school? Favourite: art and English. Worst: PE and maths.
  • What is your favorite drink? Animal? Perfume? Forest fruit tea. Cats, chinchilla’s and dogs. I don’t wear perfume. I’m very sensitive to smells and 99% of perfumes irritate me.
  • What sports do you play/have you played? I hate sports. Except swimming maybe. Does yoga count?
  • Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? LGR. I don’t watch a lot of YT video’s.
  • How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had? Two boyfriends, one from Germany (2 months) and one from England (6 years).
  • Favorite memory from your childhood? Around 6 years old (I think), having dinner with my family and eating my favourite food (spinach, believe it or not).
  • How would you describe your fashion sense? Casual and comfortable most of the time. Sometimes elegant and classic, usually not very influenced by trends.
  • What phone do you have? Motorola Moto-G3 (Android).
Markiplier quotes {Sentence Starters}
  • "POOF!"
  • "No, thank you! I don't want any!"
  • "You do you, and I'll do me. And we won't do each other, probably."
  • "You! You're gonna die tonight! You and your taut chest and your lovely butt. You look good, sailor!"
  • "It's so peaceful and pretty I think I'm going to vomit."
  • "Wanna run that by me again?"
  • "Instructions not clear, got dick stuck in ghost."
  • "Please let me have as much time as you can give me. Please take, your sweet-ass time."
  • "I knew they would stab me in the back! I'll just have to stab them in the back. I'll stab them in the butt. That's what I'll do."
  • "How was I supposed to do anything?! What was that?!"
  • "AAHH! That is a beast of legend!"
  • "Those are people! Those are people! I'm gonna go say hi to the people!"
  • "Alright alright alriiight! You gon' learn today!"
  • "I'm King of the Squirrels!!!"
  • "Oh my god, that is so morbid!"
  • "What the hell was that?! What did you just throw at me?!"
  • "Dammit, where the hell are these guys? They're nowhere to be found."
  • "So... what about that?"
  • "Get your mind outta the gutter!"
  • "That guy was, like, in full body armor! How'd they kill him?"
  • "I told thee to calm thine tits! Thine tits are very rambunctious."
  • "Well, isn't this fan-fricken-tastic!""
  • "Ding-dong, damn it!"
  • "I'm not very committed to this decision, but whatever."
  • "I'm not scared. Not even a little bit."
  • "That thing likes to scream in my ear."
  • "Okay, now I'm scared. I'M SCARED!"

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Kuroken
A/N: My mind has been slowly diving into the gutter today as a distraction and this should’ve been a Happy Birthday to Kenma, but it seems to be more for Kuroo. >.> But Happy Birthday to Kenma anyway!

“You overdid it…" 

Kuroo glances up from his seat on the edge of Kenma’s bed. He’s tucking small ice packs into his makeshift sling. He knows he overdid it at practice today, but he didn’t expect Kenma to say it. Kenma usually remains quiet about his practice habits. He doesn’t comment when Kuroo stays after to practice blocks with Lev. He never tells Kuroo what he should or shouldn’t do. 

He cocks his head to the side as Kenma slowly approaches, letting his hand slide out of the sling that holds his sprained, right wrist against his body. 

He smiles sheepishly. "Yeah, I guess I did.” He shrugs with his left shoulder, trying to dispel Kenma’s concern. 

But Kenma gently places a hand on the outside of Kuroo’s sling and meets Kuroo’s questioning gaze head on. “You should’ve… You shouldn’t overdo it to this extent." 

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live-life1011  asked:

OKAY LIN HAD MY PHONE IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS SHIT ALL DAY DUDE. And she cussed, LIKE I GIVE A SHIT. She's not in trouble, but if she says stuff like dick or pussy YOU TELL ME DUDE. She lost her phone so thats why she had mine. Lol. K gotta talk(make out) with Danni, cyaaaa!

live-life1011 said to xnightstars: Arianna’s just plastered on the damn couch and my bish, she’s lookin’ pretty cute in dem flannel shirt and shorts 😏 i guess she deserves the break, she’s been carrying the heaviest things because I sprained my wrist. I feel very bad, but I’ll give her reward(get your mind outta the gutter)

Damn I have the whole squad visiting my inbox today. I hope all the moving is going well, I’m wishing you two the best! Also hope your wrist gets better soon Danni.

Blood Red Lips

By Jack G (awaiting link to tumblr url)

Warning: This story contains a hint of gore

She always had this lipstick on, this ruby red lipstick that encapsulated the impression that she gave off, at least that she gave off to me. See, her outfits changed daily and I often wondered whether she washed her clothes as I never seemed to see the same item of clothing on her twice. However, the one thing that never changed were how they made her look; graceful, elegant and above all, dangerous. I can’t say she was Hollywood-standard beautiful; she was a little chubby, her hair was short and messy, her make-up was smudged more often than not, with dark circles under her eyes and a flicker of that mesmerising lipstick above or below her lips. To me, this just made her more enchanting.

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This fic is a birthday present for the amazing lovely trueka, I hope you had a great day babe and that you’ll enjoy this <333

Some of the things in here are inspired by mine and Kasey’s posts; thisthis, and this because why not turn a birthday fic into a fluff fest?! Enjoy!!

Read on AO3

There was something about autumn that always fascinated Aaron. Maybe it was how the world shuddered and threw away its old cover, or the way the air carried sweet and spicy scents that somehow added to its chill, or maybe it was just autumn’s array of fiery colors that appealed to him. Whatever it was, the mixture of pleasantly chilly weather and the promise of falling leaves drew Aaron up from his bed at an early hour that day.

He rose with the intention of going outside and enjoying the very first day of October, thinking that maybe he could take Havoc along if he was up. Maybe he’d even get Havoc’s grumpy owner to come too if he were lucky. 

Aaron put on a snug sweater, wrapped his neck loosely in warm wool, and headed towards his boyfriend’s bedroom. He knocked gently on the door, waiting for either soft scratches from a bored Havoc or Call’s expected grumblings to go away and let him sleep.

What he got was neither of those things.

A sleep-rumbled Call opened the door with a small scowl that lightened minutely when he saw Aaron. His hair was in more of disarray than usual, and his entire face looked soft with sleep despite the accusing look he was shooting Aaron.

“Good morning, love,” Aaron grinned, adding the endearment just to watch Call’s scowl deepen in distaste.

“There’s nothing good about six a.m., Aaron. Nothing.” Call huffed, his voice still croaky with sleep and evidently annoyed with the world at large. “Why the hell are you up and dressed so early? No, let me rephrase. Why the hell are you up, dressed, and trying to get me up at an unholy hour as well?”

“Six a.m. is not unholy, five a.m. is. Maybe four.” Aaron shrugged, peeking into Call’s room to search out Havoc. “I thought I’d take Havoc out for a walk. Didn’t expect you to get up if I’m being honest.”

“So you were just going to waltz in, kidnap my wolf, and then walk back out with him even if I hadn’t gotten up to open the door?” Call questioned incredulously.

“Yup.” Aaron answered in a cheerful tone, relishing the glint of amusement in Call’s eyes. “Where is he anyway?”

“Tamara already came and took him out because you two are freaks of nature who never sleep.” Call sighed, finally letting go of the door and nodding for Aaron to come in. 

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Let’s talk swords....shall we?

So when I was thinking about my 25 days of Outlander post for today, Favourite Minor Character, I have to admit I initially thought of Jamie’s sword….
No, not that sword. 🙄 Minds out of the gutter people….😆

His ACTUAL sword.

Because when the initial promotion was being done for Season 2, these images were released

( gifs : henricavyll)

And obviously with the prospect of Culloden on the horizon, it meant that Jamie wasn’t just going to be fighting his demons from Season One’s finale, throughout the series, he was going to be fighting to change the future too, be it by playing a role in France or directly by fighting in Scotland. Either way, this meant that Jamie’s sword was going to get alot of action.

 ( I won’t tell you again, people, don’t go there)

And so I realised, following the creation of the DollFrasers, that I absolutely required a sword for DDPJamie. It was essential. At the very minimum, a sword was simply an extension of his Highlander clothing.

But where and how would I find a sword? I couldn’t sew one…And I wasn’t fortunate enough to discover one in amongst my daughter’s Barbie doll props either!  Darn it! ( Damn you, Barbie, for not challenging gender-related expectations )

But you know when your obsession with Outlander has maybe gone beyond the norm, and crossed over onto a whole other level  : when you, and by you, I mean me, obvi, WHEN YOU START LOOKING AT EVERYDAY HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WAY?

Like perfectly innocent packets of metal nailfiles stacked on a shelf in chemists store….

What kind of mind looks at a set of nailfiles and automatically thinks Jamie’s sword? Yeah, MY MIND, obviously.

So they went from this…

To this, with a wee bit of jiggerypokery, some black foam for a handle and some thin wire for the ornamentation.

But, after almost a year sewing for the DollFrasers, I have realised that spending time on the details, like the weaponry, adds infinite value overall to my recreated scenes. 

And so DDPJ’s sword has had a starring role in my posts ever since…..😬😆

And look, I didn’t even mention Blu-tack once…..😂😂😂

You have a dirty mind, Tumblr

So, I just got this email today…one of my videos was removed because it violates Tumblr’s community guidelines, because…

..wait for it…


…it’s a video of wheat starch paste.

Ew, Tumblr. Get your mind out of the gutter. 

And give me back my video! 



Castiel Novak is in his first month of freshman year and so far high school blows.  The only thing that wakes him up in the morning is knowing that, once he finally gets to 8th period Latin class, Dean Winchester will be sitting next to him.

Dean Winchester is fucking gorgeous.  Castiel is very aware of this fact.  Anna, Dean’s hook up buddy and the cheerleading captain, knows all about it.  Pretty much everyone with eyes at C. Shurley High knows.  Even Gabe, Dean’s best friend and consequently Castiel’s brother, can’t deny Dean’s attractiveness.

Dean is a senior and the star quarterback of the Angels, the school’s football team.  With his sparkling emerald eyes, signature smirk, enamoring confidence, and obvious talent, it’s no wonder that Castiel is head over heels.  And of course, of course, Dean can totally tell and completely plays it up just to torture Cas.  8th period is killer.  But Castiel Novak, 9th grade student, would not miss it for the world.

Cas is walking briskly out of Latin, heart racing just from hearing Dean’s voice as he answers the teacher’s questions, when he feels a strong hand grip his shoulder.  “Wait up freshman, where you going so fast?”  His heart stops.  Castiel is pretty sure he nearly passes out.

“G-gym,” he manages to gasp.

“Yeah?  Well, I just wondering if you were coming to Gabe’s party tonight.  Thought you might be planning to head out,” Cas can hear the playful smirk in Dean’s voice and it makes his knees go weak.  He stiffly shakes his head no.

“Your big brother’s hosting, you could at least stick around.”

“I-I’m not so sure that he’d like that,” Cas tries to pull out of Dean’s grasp, but the hand on his shoulder tightens painfully.  He spins around to face the other boy fearfully.

“Well make it your business to stick around freshman, cause I wanna see you there.”

Castiel’s head nods of its’ own accord and he curses himself for agreeing.

“Cool,” Dean grins triumphantly.  He leans into Castiel’s ear, whispering, “I’ll see you tonight.”  When Dean pulls away, he winks before sliding past Cas to enter the hallway.

As soon as Castiel walks out of the Latin classroom, he’s regretting his decision.  What does he think he’s doing?  Planning to go to upperclassman parties in his first month of freshman year?  He’s a joke, an overconfident idiot.  Just because Dean Winchester wants him there doesn’t mean he has any right to go.  No, he’s going to stick to his original plan and avoid leaving his room at all costs.  That’s safer, that’s easier.  Dean was probably just saying all that stuff out of pity.  He’ll completely forget Castiel’s existence as soon as he sees all of his friends at the party.

It’s 10 o’clock at night and Castiel is trying to tune out the blaring music from downstairs and obnoxiously over-dramatic moans from the room next door.  The first Avengers movie is playing illegally from Castiel’s computer, volume as high as it goes coming through noise canceling head phones on his head.  This is why Cas doesn’t hear the knocking at his door, even as it gets louder and more insistent.  This is also why he doesn’t hear the door open and doesn’t even think to look up as Dean walks to sit at the foot of Castiel’s bed.  It’s why Cas has a small heart attack when he looks up to see why the weight of the bed shifted to find none other than Dean Winchester sitting there, grinning predatorily.

Cas rips off his headphones and hastily slams his laptop closed.  “Hey Cas,” Dean smirks.  Castiel can’t do anything but nod shakily and focus on breathing in and out.

“I noticed you weren’t at the party,” Dean stares at Cas, accusing.  Castiel nods again.  “Even though I’m pretty sure I explicitly told you in Latin class today that I wanted to see you there.”  Castiel swallows hard, trying to put words together in his jumbled head to form a coherent sentence.  “I’m disappointed Cas.”

“S-sorry Dean,” Cas mumbles, staring intensely at the bedspread beneath him, not daring to make eye contact with the older boy.

“What was that freshman?” Dean raises his voice angrily and Cas trembles with anxiety, trying desperately to hide his growing hard-on.

“Sorry Dean!” he chokes out.

Dean laughs darkly. “That’s more like it.  Fuck, you’re so hot when you’re all stuttery like this.”

Cas’ neck snaps up in surprise.

“What?  You think I didn’t notice you drooling over me in class every day?  Didn’t see you peeking into Gabe’s room whenever I’m over?  I noticed, freshman.  And it was fucking hot.  Now?  Seeing you getting all hot and bothered with me here, in your bedroom, the two of us on your bed.  It gets a guy thinking, you know?”

Castiel’s eyes are blown wide, his breath coming in short gasps.  Dean laughs.  “Keep breathing baby, don’t want you to go passing out on me here.”  The use of the word ‘baby’ doesn’t help though, and Cas’ mouth drops open.

“Ok here, let’s play a game,” Dean grins, crawling slowly up the bed towards Castiel.  Cas draws in a breath sharply, eyes widening perceptibly.  “Not that kind of game dumbass, get your mind out of the gutter.”  The other boy relaxes slightly, but the sight of Dean crawling towards him doesn’t help his now raging erection.  “Ok well kind of that kind of game.  It’s called Mercy.”  Confusion flashes across Castiel’s face.

“Here’s how to play.”  Dean puts his hand on Castiel’s ankle to his alarm.  “I move my hand farther and farther up your leg.  When you get too uncomfortable, you say ‘Mercy’ and I stop.  Then you do it to me.  Whoever holds out longer wins.  Easy, right?”

Cas finds himself nodding against his will for the second time today.

“If I win, you have to come downstairs and party,” Dean says, a glint in his eye and a smirk playing across his face.

Cas swallows hard. ”I should have slept at Charlie’s tonight,“ he thinks to himself miserably, but he nods again.

Dean grins. “Good, then let’s play.”

“Wait!  What happens if I win?” Cas interrupts frantically.

Dean looks at Castiel like he hadn’t ever really thought of that as a possibility.  “Dunno, you decide.”

“Ok…if I win, you let me stay up here and you go back down to the party,” Cas stares at Dean uncertainly, “and you leave me alone for the rest of the year.”

“If that’s what you really want, freshman, ” Dean winks, “Then let’s begin.”

Part 2

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"I'm only human, Oliver." -Felicity. (Btw, i like your photo of Emily )

Thank you, sweet anon! I made the icon myself :)

“Is that a complaint I’m hearing?” He teases propping himself up on one elbow to look at her.

“Yes, but only of exhaustion… no matter how unbelievable good that feels there’s only so many rounds a person can handle before passing out.”

Next he’s chuckling at her dramatic intake of breath, Felicity quickly joining him, their breathy laughs filling her bedroom like a melody. 

That’s what happiness feels like to him now.

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