my mind still cannot believe this

I literally haven’t read anything new in like a month and I believe it’s due to the fact that, after nearly a year, I STILL cannot get ACOMAF out of my mind. Like it’s just sitting on my shelf, calling out to me again. Beggine me to pick it up again and read it and write more fanfics…

Same goes for EOS…


Despite the havoc that has occurred in this year, I hope that everyone is doing alright and is ready to move into 2017 with renewed determination and an open mind! And no matter what happens, just remember that we are all here for each other, and my inbox is always open to all. 

I have had such a great time in the Booklr community this year. I have met so many new book bloggers and readers and authors and friends, and I can’t wait to do even more in 2017!

I also would like to acknowledge that I hit a pretty huge milestone this past month….

O.o I still can’t believe this. 100,000!? I cannot even fathom the fact that there are this many people that saw my blog and thought ‘huh, well, this doesn’t suck that much,’ and clicked ‘follow.’ Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I love talking with you guys, whether it’s about books, life, or, frankly, anything else! :)

Happy New Year, everyone!   I hope every single one of you has a wonderful New Year’s Eve/Day, and a truly wonderful year!

Tyler Seguin Imagine •Requested•

Prompt #41

Men, or should I say boys, are so fucking weird. I swear that they can have the age of twenty-four and up but act as if they’re the age of under five. I had to errands to accomplish today and when I came home I was met with the sight of Tyler dressed in one of my shirts. I told Tyler that I’d call him once I was on my way back to our Dallas home but the promise slipped my mind. Before I left Tyler informed me that he was inviting the team over for the day for a team bonding day. I am driving up the familiar street, which we live on, and I see dozens of expensive cars parked in front of our home. They’re still here? I have been out for hours I cannot believe that their bonding days extend this long. I have so many bags in my car consisting of groceries and shopping bags so I’ll have to take multiple trips back and forth. Before I unlock the door I can hear the loud noise of songs being played from the backyard and the house. Once I open the door the smell of meat on the grill and alcoholic drinks fills my nose. I scrunch my nose at the smell. As I’m walking through the house Marshall and Cash run up to me in excitement, “Hey boys! I missed you two. Where’s daddy?” I walk into the living room only to find Tyler and Jamie both cladded in my tight clothing while dancing. The rest of their teammates are surrounding them laughing and filming the pair. What the hell are they doing in my clothing? I see the remote sitting on the table where I placed my bags so I mute the music. A course of groans fill the air as all heads turn in my direction. “Tyler and Jamie are you wearing my shirt and dress?” Their faces turn red with embarrassment as deep voices laugh at the two. Dumb and Dumber don’t reply to my question so Patrick Sharp takes it upon himself to explain the situation, “We dared the two that they couldn’t finish a beer faster than Jason and Kari so the loser had to dress up in your clothes and do something stupid”. I shake my head at their antics and say, “Well since you all are here you guys can help me carry bags inside and put the groceries away”. Another course of groans erupt through the large room but all the big hockey players get up and head to my car outside along with the two dogs following them.

still crying over this omg, I still can’t believe this is real 

*pay no mind to me literally drawing orihime’s hair to cover ichigo’s hands, because I CANNOT HAND* but anyway i hope that everyone is as happy as me for the ending - there’s still SO MUCH that i wish we got but this is enough ( ^ u ^  ) i want to draw everything, so many things, all the things 

also, i think that ichigo gradually started to show forehead … little by little, haha, or at least that’s what i’m going with ;D 

anonymous asked:

what was your reaction when you found out that taylor followed you?

omg okay story time!!

so it was literally OUT OF THE BLUE like she had never liked anything with me on it or anything of mine and i had never even remotely been noticed so as you can imagine i was completely surprised. so i was just ya know minding my business on tumblr and i refreshed the page and i saw the notification at the top (several updates ago when that still happened) that said “taylorswift just started following you” and i kinda just stared at it for a minute and then took a pic and then like verified it bc i thought it was fake aND THEN IT WAS REAL AND I LOST MY SHIT. and also omg she followed me at 11:11am so that’s also really cool. i think i screamed and then like started idk freaking out and fell off my bed and my dogs came in thinking i was dying. and then i told pretty much everyone i know that taylor swift followed me and then i made an edit out of the email you get and that was my phone lockscreen for about a year. definitely one of the highlights of my life. and tbh i still cant believe that she follows me like that’s really freaking amazing that taylor swift global superstar follows my tumblr like lmao i love you enjoy my mess!

while watching criminal minds..
  • *sees garcia and alvez*
  • me: *can't stop smiling cause they actually look cute together altho i still like chocolate thunder better but* okay imma ship this omg
  • *sees hotchner*
  • also me: no please show me more of hotchner i luv u plez come back :(

A-Force #5 preview.

If I had a money I’d comission a fanart of this dragon fighting American Kajuu. Or a tripple threat brawl with them and Fing Fang Foom.

Singularity really wanted to be paired with Nico, it seems. I still cannot believe how oblivious to her affection Nico is. And yet she is clearly checking Jen out on Kris Anka’s cover (what? That’s how it looks like). Just let Nico be queer already, Marvel.

Also, Thor Dazzler showed up already? So unless were missing a page, my theory that’s Countess is wrong. So…alternate Universe maybe (small glimpse of hope mind-controlled Nico will also turn out to be an AU duplicate)?

Dear Charlie,

It is just so hard when your newfound friends have different points of view and they would want you to change your thoughts and join their ideologies. I have been telling them my own ideas but I do not think they listen because they believe they are the right ones. They say nothing would change even if I do not change my mind but seeing how they look disappointed still gives me the feeling like I do not deserve to be their friend.
I hope they do not push me into believing in things I do not completely agree about. They may not know it but you know what Charlie, I do notice hypocrisies in their claims. I just cannot bring it out to them myself.
It just makes me wish we had the same beliefs.
Maybe hanging out with them would not be this hard.
Maybe I would be more confident with having friends after all those years I have been so caught up with myself.
Maybe I would not be wondering like this.
And maybe, it would be easier for me to get out of my comfort zone and break out of my shell, the shell of introversion.

Love always,
何 (Nani)

Step Bro...Fuck Buddy or Love?

For the ones who haven’t read previous chapters yet … Just click the links below

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12

Genre: Smut ( NSFW )

Members: JungKook & Jimin & Tae Hyung & Reader

Word Count : 1166

There are a few cigarettes which are wrapped with god knows what kind of drug. I just cannot believe that I find such a thing. Please I beg in my mind. Please tell me you are not using these Jimin. I take one of them to ask him and make my way to the living room . Those few steps are just hard as my heart beats faster with the worries I carry. I beg again just as I see Jimin still sitting comfortably.

I walk in trying to figure out how to ask but as far as I know Jimin instead of beating around the bust I need to get to the point so I decide to ask directly. I show him the cigarette and arch an eyebrow.

“Care to explain what is this doing in your pocket?”

He shrugs.

“It is just a cigarette.”

I get closer to him never let his eyes to leave mine.

“DO NOT try to fool me Jimin. I know how these are used.”

Jimin rolls eyes as he takes a deep breath and takes it from my hand

“Alright … It’s true but it keeps me numb though. Why do you want me to put it away?”

I am about to answer and I hear JungKook’s voice.


His voice is calm and collected but when I look into his eyes I can see how tense he is. I smile at JungKook, walking to him. He slightly arches an eyebrow at me and hides his disturbance behind a smile.

“I heard you guys talking”

Jimin laughs as he looks at JungKook.

“No need to question her. It was nothing important”

JungKook pulls me closer as he says.

“Sure… If it was something important she would let me know”

After his answers Jimin sighs with irritation and leaves the room. Trying not to think about it I sit next to JungKook. He says nothing but grabs my hand. Takes it closer to his lips, kissing gently. When I smile I notice he is holding a dark black pen in his other hand.

JungKook murmurs

“I don’t know if we ever make it to the end but right now you are mine and I want everyone to know that, including Jimin”

He carefully draws a ring over my finger, making it seem like a tatoo. Putting a feathery kiss over my neck and whispering through my ear, JungKook says.

“I won’t let this fade as long as you are mine”

I say “Then don’t ever let me go”

JungKook sighs, his voice is all deep.

“I won’t Kitten but what am I gonna do if you want to go”

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion but keep hugging him in silence then kiss him. When I pull away I see Jimin watching us. He leaves the room and guilt takes me over. I should not be feeling like this but I can see how much Jimin is struggling. I feel like crying and just to pull myself I decide to freshen up a little bit. As I make my way to bathroom after him a smell of smoke catches me. I see Jimin with one of those cigarettes and a small pile of white dust. He is adding even more to it? Without thinking I get into his room, taking it away.

“Stop with this”

Jimin’s eyes are wide.

“Hey, hey do not ruin that. It is not easy to find and expensive”

I don’t give it back and Jimin grabs my wrist.

“Tell me… Why?”

I try to explain, still holding the cigarette.

“This is not healthy… You will become addicted”

He gets closer.

“You know I used to listen to but gotta ask again… Why do you care?”

I take a step back and murmur.

“You are still my friend Jimin, even if you hate me”

Jimin lets my wrist go.

“I don’t hate you. I tried to do it but I couldn’t. I still like you. I thought it would be ok if I at least get to see you again. Yes you are here in front of my eyes… but with him. This is even worse.“

Jimin takes a look at my finger as he keeps talking.

“He draw this after he saw us talking didn’t he? Proving that you belong to him… Like I need to know that. I can’t take it anymore. Do me a favor. Give me an actual reason to stop or stop caring”

I am at loss of words. What does he mean by actual reason? The reasoning of those words my brain comes up with is throubling. If he keeps doing this he is going to be addicted soon but what he wants is a heavy price. Jimin probably wants met o stay with him and let JungKook go. Can I really do that? If I do it can I handle my heart afterwards? Just as I am thinking Jimin laughs.

“See… You can’t even say anything.”

I look down, gulping because everything just stick through my throath.

“If I… If I stay with you, will you promise to quit?”

Jimin seems shocked.

“Wait… What”

I impatiently ask again.

“If I stay with you, will you promise to quit?”

I see a light of hope hitting through his eyes but he still is not sure.

“Are you really going to do that?”

I furrow my eyebrows at Jimin.

“Only… Only if you stop doing drugs”

Jimin hugs me, smiling like he used to do.

Come to think of it… Our parents, HanRa and now Jimin. How many people we are going to make unhappy. Maybe we are not meant to be together. Maybe we were chasing a happy ending that would never exist. My mind already knows but my heart does not. However I want to be with JungKook it keeps hurting someone. Am I ready to let him go? I don’t know but I know someone’s life going to be ruined if I don’t.

“Just give me some time to talk to him Jimin… And try to avoid eveything that is gonna happen tonight”

Jimin takes my hand into his.

“Are you sure about this?”

I look away.

“Isn’t that what you want Jimin… To quit these things”

He nods. I sigh as my heart breaks under the heavy feelings wrapping it.

“I am not gonna stand and watch you slowly kill yourself but do as I say and never ask me anything”

Jimin whispers an okay. Feeling like my soul is slowly leaving my body and my heart is just going to explode I leave the room. Walking back to JungKook, I have no idea how am I going to face him and what am I going to do or say. I just walk… Its just a few steps but worth of a mile.

I see JungKook sitting casually and busy with something on his phone. I look at the ring he draw. Is that going to fade this soon?

Let me know what you think

Much Love for you all

Admin Jinny~~

The only way Julian Fellowes or anyone associated with Downton Abbey is getting my money for a movie is if it features Mary getting a divorce or already divorced from Henry Talbot.

Like, I still cannot even believe we watched every character on the show push her at him, and push her at him, and push her at him, insisting (and in Tom’s case, snarling) all the while that she didn’t know her own mind, until she literally broke down and cried, then were expected to swallow his whole “I just happen to have a marriage license with me even though I haven’t so much as breathed a word about or in the direction of your son – what’s his name again? Geoff?” routine.

There was a better way to write that pairing. A THOUSAND better ways to write that pairing. Instead, it came off as lazy, rushed, shallow, insert-your-own-negative-adjective-here.

Seriously, in that scene where Mary’s talking to Matthew’s grave, I imagine Dan Stevens dressed up like a ghost and making a perfect “WTF? WTF?” face at her.

Free Mary Crawley.

Believe is absolutely gorgeous. The lyrics are beautiful. The sound is incredible. I knew electric Mumford would be hella good and I wasn’t disappointed. This album is gonna kick ass. Mumford is not defined by the banjo. It was an instrument they used as a vehicle for their “voice” and that music. That era is semi-over. They’ll still play all the old songs live, they have to. I love Mumford & Sons more than my entire life and I cannot wait to see them live again.


V for Vendetta - Final Fight Scene

V for Vendetta
Release date: March 17, 2006

Plot: The futuristic tale unfolds in a Great Britain that’s a fascist state. A freedom fighter known as V uses terrorist tactics to fight the oppressive society. He rescues a young woman from the secret police, and she becomes his unlikely ally.

Film reviews: I am sorry I cannot find the official trailer of this film. But this part is the best part to me in the film. V is brave and not afraid of the bullets. Because he believes minds can not be killed. This film is amazing! Actors are all my favourite. Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving! Although Hugo Weaving kept his face hidden by his mask, he still acted so well.

Wow, I cannot believe I actually made it this far. When I started this blog, I had no idea what I was getting into or even expect people would like it enough to follow. I still remember hitting 100 followers and being amazed out of my mind. But 1k?? I cannot thank you all enough ♥ I’ve met so many wonderful people on here and I’m grateful for everything   

Now that I’m done being sappy, here’s a list of blogs that make my dash such a lovely place <3 

My awesome mutuals are bolded


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So i don’t know if anyone has noticed this, but isn’t it interesting how Lucas “jealously”/back and forth with Charlie was “big, loud and obvious”, while Lucas jealously/hurt when Maya eats the card, was “real quiet” and subtle but still there.

Just found it interesting and also wasn’t Belief the last episode that aired, in which the “most of what i believe comes to me when it’s quiet” and “if you look trough a microscope you can miss the bigger picture” came to play. (I am aware that it isn’t the order continuity wise but i found it odd anyway)

If you have any thoughts on this, i would love to hear them.

I felt like this one worked better in B&W for whatever reason.

We went down after work to go get some fabric and stuff for Navyy to start work on Halloween costumes. She still has not decided what she wants to go as, but Minky and I are all set, and she has graciously agreed to use her sewing skills for our benefit (hopefully she will not curse me too much for the layers and layers of tulle that are going onto the bottom of my swan dress). Then we went out for Mexican food and ate too much. Now we are back home, Navyy is about to go to bed, and I am just not quite there yet. That about sums up tonight.

Other thoughts on my mind…

I cannot believe it will be October next week. September should have been a breather, but it was not. Maybe next month? I am hoping for/looking forward to a long fall (happy fall everyone!), but I have always been way more about spring. 

I feel like I need to invest a little time in reconnecting  a little more with some friends again in the near future. There are a couple of people that I had thought about/planned on/etc. spending some time with/calling up/sending shit/etc. and then did not because I got busy and whatnot. It is easy to find excuses. In any case, as I have mentioned before I have had a challenge with forming really deep friendships post like elementary school. I give myself a solid B- in friending. Working on that on a couple of levels, but sometimes I just need to be more of the proactive one. And on a similar note, I also ought to plan a date night or something in the near future for just me & Navyy, it’s been a little while.

Feeling a little dissonance with my appearance, nothing serious, but just little dysphoric points that are sticking out to my eye more than they usually do. Still feeling pretty fab in general. I have my last laser appointment in this initial set scheduled for next week, though I may have to reschedule. Have do decide if (or more likely when) I want to try round two, mostly dependent on budgeting out that cost. I can notice where it has worked, but there is still a long way to go, which I knew would be the case going in. It is a process. Just trying to remind myself of that. Also, I kick ass, stubborn scruff or not. Eff it.

Listening to Run Away With Me on repeat again right now.


leave me awake, for when I sleep
my mind betrays what my heart can’t see;
I hear her voice and it says she loves me
how much less
these words could I perceive
In a cold hard reality?
still though, this crucible I choose
for a dream that lies
though it’d make me believe
always there, her touch would be
is only surreal, and so is hell to me
so like a sailor scours the horizon
She is my compass
and what I’ll keep my eyes on


I spent a week in January in the most magical place in the entire world - Finland. We were fortunate enough to arrive in the coldest week this year so we had plenty of snow and incredibly low temperatures. It was most definitely the most beautiful and amazing weeks in my life so far. I got to experience so many new things(khm, mind the bikini and the frozen lake), I met so many inspiring, wonderful and beautiful people, I connected with a culture entirely and refreshingly different from mine and I let my heart and mind be free. I still cannot believe I had such an opportunity, that I got to visit such a place. I truly hope that, one day, I can go back and relive all of these memories and create new ones.