my mind still cannot believe this

“Now… you asked me to construct some more ciphers for you. I am sorry, my lord, but I must have misunderstood your requirements. What was wrong with the first ones I did?”
Vetinari sighed. “I am afraid they were unbreakable, Leonard.”
“But surely–”
“It is hard to explain,” said Vetinari, aware that what to him were the lucid waters of politics was so much mud to Leonard. “These new ones you  have are… merely devilishly difficult?”
“You specified fiendishly, sir,” said Leonard, looking worried.
“Oh yes.”
“There does not appear to be a common standard for fiends, my lord, but I did some research in the more accessible occult texts and I believe these ciphers will be considered ‘difficult’ by more than ninety-six percent of fiends.”
“They may perhaps verge on the diabolically difficult in places–”
“That is not a problem. I shall use them forthwith.”
Leonard still seemed to have something on his mind.
“It would be so easy to make them archdemonically diff–”
“But these will suffice, Leonard,” said Vetinari.
“My lord,” Leonard, almost wailed, “I really cannot guarantee that sufficiently clever people will be unable to read your messages!”
“But, my lord, they will know what you are thinking!”
Vetinari patted him on the shoulder.
“No, Leonard. They will merely know what is in my messages.”

– politics | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

I should have never thought about you the way I did. I should have never thought about how your eyes are like stars and how your smile is like the moon. I should have never thought of you as the brightness in my darkness, the warmth to my cold. I should have never let myself even imagine you to be special. But god damn it, you’re so special to me. So fucking special and I don’t know what to do.

I should have never thought of you as poetry. I should have never admired the words sewn within your skin and the wandering thoughts seeping from your soul. I should have never known you to be so different from everyone and so whole.

I should have never told you I love you. I should have never believed you when you told me you love me. Because boy, did I believe you. Your words and thoughts consumed my soul and no one and nothing will ever make me feel how you make me feel.

I should have never fallen in love.
The scent of your incense and cologne still resonates in my clothes and my mind, and continues to burn within my head.

I should have never fallen in love.
The feelings of your arms and your hands and your hair still stain my fingertips.

I should have never fallen in love.
The softness and comfort of your lips still lingers on mine, like poison that cannot be extracted.

I should have never fallen in love.
The connection of your soul with mine still persists, and your mind still leaves me in a trance with the incredible person that you are and will be forever.

I should have never fallen in love.

—  2.13.17 - from helpless to hopeless
belated wip wednesday (otayuri)

teaser, because welcome to the madness has me shook :: 

At age 54, Victor Nikiforov-Katsuki became one of the first successful test subjects for a series of anti-aging surgeries.  At 37, he had a knee surgery and received hair plugs, but the first in a series of operations at 54 gave him joints and muscle and organs of someone forever young.

Yuri had grimaced at the holoscreen when the news broke, having seen too much of Victor’s face to last several lifetimes.  “I bet he has a robodick too.”

“Yura,” Otabek had said, both fond and resigned from across the dining room table where he was dissecting a grapefruit half.  

At age 87, Victor Nikiforov-Katsuki went out in a blaze of glory deep-dicking his husband (“robodick,” confirmed BuzzfeedMars) on a solo flight to their summer home on Venus, when his elbow slipped and he managed to undo the ship’s airlock.  Neither he nor Yuuri had looked a day over 40.

Yuri’s let his body age. He’s still in good shape for 82; he does water aerobics with a group of old ladies every Tuesday and Thursday, and the atmosphere on Mars has naturally benefited his bones for the past three decades.  But he and Otabek have always been purists otherwise, letting nature take its course with their bodies and never giving into the temptation or philosophy of synthetic body maintenance.  There’s a small, petty part of him from his youth that remains, the purest part of himself that celebrates his body as the ultimate defeat of Victor Nikiforov.  He revels in his own skin, and in Otabek’s, and the thought that when death comes to them in old age they won’t have cheated it, but earned it somehow.  Victor and Yuuri’s parts were supposed to last them until 2089, and by then, who knows.  The idea of them fucking their ancient asses all over the goddamn galaxy still stirs something ugly in Yuri.  

Until Otabek gets sick.  Like, really, really sick.  And he keeps getting sick.  Bladder infections and kidney infections and pissing blood and choked up catheters and too many nights in the hospital instead of their estate, and suddenly there’s a question that goes unspoken between them.

“You’re killing yourself,” Yuri says finally after their third trip to the ER that month.  Otabek had a temperature of 40 degrees and collapsed in their greenhouse.  

“Or I’m just dying,” Otabek says.  “I’m old.”

“Bullshit,” Yuri says.  Otabek still skates sometimes on weekdays when the rink is empty, because he was blessed with superhuman cartilage in his knees and the back of a titan.  He just does simple laps to relieve stress while Yuri watches from the stands, long since given up the ice out of self preservation.  But Otabek has never had to, because Otabek has always been healthy and strong.  There’s nothing else to be said or done, because, “bullshit, you’re not allowed to die.”

“I don’t think that’s how dying works,” Otabek replies.  He’s smiling and there’s acceptance in the smile that feels damning.   

“Fuck you,” Yuri says.  “The doctors have given you dozens of options.  There’s– technology, there’s–there’s–”

“I thought you didn’t believe in that,” Otabek says.

“Don’t let my pride kill you, Christ, Beka,” Yuri says, feeling impossibly young even with his knobbed knuckles and crooked fingers wrapped around Otabek’s own, mindful of the saline drip and hiding the biggest of his liver spots.  “If you don’t live through this, I’ll kill you.”

How many times does a person have to tell themselves something before they finally accept it?
Fifty? A hundred? A thousand!?
I feel sure I’ve told myself at least a thousand times that you’re never coming back and yet I’m still waiting for the voice in my head to be one of flat toneless acceptance rather than a constant pleading with myself to see reason. Even after so much time has passed, it is still something I have to forcefully remind myself of…
It doesn’t matter how many times I cut it down - a new seed of hope always seems to sprouts itself. It is as though my mind cannot accept the loss as permanent; every day finds a new way to make your absence felt… to open up the wound so it can never fully heal. I am beginning to believe that grief is not always something you get over…
Perhaps you just have to learn to live around it.
Miss Me? - Part One

Pairing: CrowleyxReader

Summary: Crowley finds out you’ve been spending a lot of time with Dean fixing cars and shit and decides to show you you’re his

Warnings: Smut smut smut ladies and germs. Oh and swearing probably

Word Count: 1,515

A/N: This is going to be a two parter. Pure smut ladies and gents! Requests are open! Leave me some feedback y'all it helps a lot :)
A/N2: I am also currently working on a request for Crowley, so keep your eyes peeled for that ;)
(Ps: I hope the tags work because some people were saynig that it didn’t tag them in my last one sooo yep)

Supernatural Masterlist

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Ravengirl’s 1.5K Challenge

I cannot believe that I am OFFICIALLY AT 1,500 FOLLOWERS, guys. This is absolutely mind-blowing and incredible. I never imagined I would get this far, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. To show my appreciation, I want to do a little challenge for you all. Figured it’s a good way to get to know some of you as writers, which I’d love to do.

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1. Send me an ASK with your top three choices of prompts and character. The prompts will be crossed out as they are taken, but still send me at least one backup choice just in case. One prompt per person, at least for now. Any SPN CHARACTERS OR ACTORS are welcome, but…

2. READER INSERTS ONLY - sorry, but this is a ship-free blog, and that’s the way things are rolling this time around. 

3. No word limits, but if it’s over 500 words PLEASE include the keep reading link. It can be a drabble, an imagine, a one-shot or the first part of a series. Fluff, smut, angst, AU - whatever floats your boat.

4. Tag me and include Ravengirl’s 1.5K Challenge in the first 5 tags. (If you tag me and I don’t like it within a couple days, please feel free to prod me along) I’ll compile a masterpost at the end with all the submissions so everyone can see everything! Also- include the prompt in your fic! Doesn’t have to be the exact wording, but it should still be recognizable!

5. Fics are due August 1, 2017 at 12 pm ET (I’m flexible though, so shoot me an ask if you need more time or anything)

Dialogue Prompts:

1.       “I was worried.” “Well that was stupid of you.” @whatareyousearchingfordean

2.       “Yeah, well I’ll have you know that this princess saves herself.” @docharleythegeekqueen

3.       “That’s stupid and you’re stupid.” “Impressive rhetoric as always…” @september-daydream (Benny x Reader)

4.       “What a fantastic suggestion. We’re not doing that. Anybody else got any ideas?” @super-nap-cen-tural

5.       “Why’d you say that like you’re blaming me for this?” 

6.       “You don’t have any weapons?” “I am a weapon.”

7.       “I didn’t think you’d be stupid enough to try to rescue me.” “Yeah, well, I have a thing for obvious traps. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.” @deanssweetheart23 (Dean x Reader)

8.       “I make bad decisions when I’m tired.” “You’re always tired.” “Exactly.” @emilywritesaboutdean

9.       “I can’t believe you managed to make ‘no man left behind’ sound threatening.”

10.   “Your inability to say no to a friend is gonna get us all killed someday” @hannahindie

11.   “What are you gonna do, blow it up? Wait- that was a joke. Please don’t blow anything up.”

12.   “Half the time you’re fine, but the other half you get on my nerves like it’s some fun game to play!”

13.   “Please stop calling it your lair.” @attractiverandomness

14.   “I want a lion.” @sassy-losechester (Gabriel x Reader)

15.   “Could you at least breathe between bites?” @abbessolute

16.   “You’re strangely nonchalant for someone who almost died a minute ago.” @onetwothreefuckmeplease (Sam x Reader)

17.   “Was that supposed to change my mind? Because it didn’t.” @wideawakeandwriting (Crowley x Reader)

18.   “Do you pester everyone or am I just your special target?@aiaranradnay

19.   “Ah, yes. The classic bucket on top of the door prank. You have no idea what you’ve just gotten yourself into.” @captainemwinchester

20.   “Not to be sappy, but you have a gorgeous laugh and I’d do anything to hear it.” @emoryhemsworth

21.   “Just… just tell me that it didn’t mean anything and this can all go back to normal.” “I can’t.” @thedevilinthedetails

22.   “It’s incredibly easy to bribe me, actually. Sometimes I wonder why you don’t try it more often.” @canadianjelly

23.   “How did I not notice that you two were going out? Seems so obvious now…”

24.   “We need to fix this before it gets worse. I really don’t want to hear about it for the next six months.”

25.   “This was so important that you had to wake me up in the middle of the night?” @imweirdandobsessed (Sam x Reader)

26.   “She steals your stuff and it doesn’t bother you. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.” @kathaswings

27.   “I’m too sober for this.@jarpadandjensenaremyheroes

28.   “You are seriously like a man-child.” @purplejellybean

29.   “You can’t banish me, this is my bed, too!” @atari-writes

30.   “I’d kill for a coffee… literally.”

31.   “Did you just… hiss at me?@trexrambling

32.   “How is my wife more badass than me?” @roxyspearing

33.   “I refuse to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.” @daydreamingintheimpala

34.   “Hold still!”  @acreativelydifferentlove

35.   “You’re not interested, are you?@theapplepiewasworthit (Gabriel x Reader)

36.   “I love you, you idiot.” @jayankles

37.   “Hey! You can’t do that to me!”

38.   “Then come over here and make me.” @bringmesomepie56

39.   “Oh bite me…” “Don’t tempt me.@lipstickandwhiskey (Benny x Reader)

40.   “Wait… is this a date?” @supernatural-jackles

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Here is the one shot I promised like two weeks ago lol I hope everyone enjoys it!! Please let me know what you’ve thought of it!!

Down The Hall

A story about annoying neighbors, repeating phrases, and the overuse of the word okay.

Thalia would not have known about her new neighbor down the hall if it hadn’t been for his incessant band practice. Every night from ten in the evening to four in the morning there would be a constant banging on the drums, a guitar ringing out of an amp, and someone screeching out a song that wasn’t even good through a microphone. Maybe if there were other tenants in the building they would complain with her to the landlord and then her neighbor would have been kicked out only a day after they moved in, but she was the only other person to live on this floor and the old lady who lived upstairs could barely hear anything with her hearing aids in.

Now this is the fifth night in a row with that insufferable noise and Thalia is very sleep deprived. She had been leaving notes on the door all week begging whoever the hell it is that lives there to either practice somewhere else, or at a more reasonable time, but each night when she arrives home for work she finds her notes crumpled up and in their communal trash can. She would stand this no longer, she decides as she shoves her feet into her pink bunny slippers and ties her yellow robe over her silk pajamas.

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Sad Hamilton visiting Philips grave

It’s 4 a.m. and Alex slowly gets out of the bed, making as little noise as possible.

In his best efforts to let her sleep, the movement wakes Elizabeth, his wife.
“Alexander, what are you doing?” She asks, quietly, lighting the candle, before she stops upon seeing a letter and single flower that he was reaching for, “Are you going to see him?”

He nods his head slowly, his hands falling just short of reaching the items before his hands fall to his sides.

“Go, ” Eliza whispers, snuffing the flame and laying back down as Alex finishes his actions and heads to the grave of his son.

Finally, he gets there. He navigates his way through the graveyard before he reaches the small grave. He sits on the dirt beside the tombstone, angling himself so he can read the name on it: Philip Hamilton.

Alexander sighs as tears unknowingly fall from his eyes. He places the flower in front of the stone and closes his eyes, reaching for the letter. His hands shake as he unfolds it. He gathers his thoughts and opens his eyes as he begins to read:

“Philip, my son,

I hope these words reach you in the heavens, and that they send to you my kindest words and my deepest apologies. I know that your passing was an event unfolded by your honor as my son, and it breaks my heart and my soul to know that. You died just as you lived: a Hamilton with pride. I often wish that you hadn’t been so defensive of the Hamilton name, and you had let Mr Eaker say what he was to say. It is in my thoughts that you would still be alive and with us today.

Words cannot describe the pain and regret your mother and I feel as the days come to pass. The time only grows heavier in the days as we await your return from the town, and you never arrive. For a multitude of reasons, we still hold that hope in our hearts, and we miss you more and more as they continue on. It has been over a year, but the pain has never lessened. Your name has never ceased to exist in the frontal thoughts of my mind. It is to be believed that I and my actions were what had brought upon the fateful day. It never escapes my mind.

Elizabeth and I still cannot seem to put away your things and pass your quarters at the home down to one of the other children. It would feel wrong, sinful, like we were finally putting you at rest. As nice as it sounds for you to find peace, to be free, we cannot let it be. If we let you go, then we give up and surrender all memories of you and of your life on this earth. I will never properly let your legacy fade. You were a Hamilton, you were my son.

I keep the pistol put away. The sight makes my stomach turn as I think about what you could’ve come to be if you had never gotten into that duel. I cannot bare it. I often wonder if I had never given it to you, that maybe you could have backed away. Maybe, just maybe, you could’ve stayed alive.

I am so proud of you, Philip. I’m proud of you and everything you achieved in your time. You were a graduate at my same college, and you were a very hard worker. You would have become a bright and amazing man, Philip, I know it. You were taken from us entirely too soon. You were going to do such great things, you would have been marvelous. It truly is a devastating shame that you will never get to be around to see all of that.

I promised to make the world safe and sound for you, but I could not. My scandal lead to the death of my favorite son. You will always hold a special place in my heart. My words could never explain the deep regret and emptiness I feel as I look at your diploma draped on the wall.

I hope you are thriving, wherever you are. I hope that the world is given to you, and you can create beautiful things.

Adéu, my son.

With great love and memory,

Alexander puts the letter away and adjusts himself to be laying against the rock. He quietly sings French lullabies as he nods to sleep.

; on Miranda

|| I feel as if Thomas’ romantic and sexual orientation is far simpler to summarize than James’, and in my mind, Thomas is gay. That is how I have always seen him, how I have always written him in fanfiction, and I think all I ever will. Of course, in terms of how I write him in a roleplay context, this leaves his relationship with Miranda ambiguous without exploration. 

Using @captain-flint ‘s post here as a timeline, I make the assumption that in 1705, Thomas is in his early thirties, and that Miranda is likely a few years younger than him. Assuming they married when Thomas was in his early twenties and Miranda at the end of her teenage years or early twenties, I put their marriage date in 1695 for convenience’s sake. Of course, this would mean that by the time James comes into their lives they would have already been married for ten years. 

The affection between Thomas and Miranda is clear as day in the show, both in the scenes they share and in the way that Miranda’s character talks of him in 1715 Nassau, and for my depiction of Thomas, Miranda is crucial. Whilst, in my mind, he holds no romantic or sexual attraction for her, his love for her is deep and unbreakable and he loves her as much as a person can love another. Whilst James is his moon, Miranda is his stars

He respects her absolutely and holds no resentment towards her for having lovers, for having James first, for perhaps even sharing James (I still cannot make up my mind as to whether I believe James and Miranda continued sharing a bed after James and Thomas began their affair. If James had sexual relationships with the both of them at the same time, I imagine, though, that the three of them often shared a bed). Thomas stands by her when rumours fly around London of her alleged promiscuity and the idea of her with others does not bother him at all. Partly I attribute this to his lack of romantic and sexual interest in her, but mostly instead to the absolute solidness of their bond and their deep and unbreakable love for the other. 

Because they were companions for so many years, and because they were so involved in each others’ lives (in marriages in the nobility, it was not especially unusual for husbands and wives to live apart, usually the husband in the capital or at court and the wives in the country estates rather than the other way around), I believe Miranda really was like Thomas’ other half, a puzzle piece that fitted almost perfectly to him and she understood him. She accepted the part of him that the rest of the world would look to (and eventually did) condemn. To someone in his position, that would mean the entire world. Until James came along, she had to have been the single most important thing in his life. Once James came into the picture, despite the absolute different natures of the loves, I cannot see Thomas being able to choose one over the other. 

In short: Miranda was as much the love of Thomas’ life as James was. They were two different loves, but neither one more or less crucial to Thomas than the other.

By the Shore

words: 658

*Sees this post by @theadventurezoneoftruth* What the fuck. What the FUck. Hey! what the fu-

Also, if you’re the person who mentioned Merle finding one pearl and giving it to Davenport, come to me so I can credit you. You saved my life.


They’ve been lying on the beach for hours now, eyes burning with dryness from the sea salt pricking at their corners and the setting sun’s glare as it dips over the watery horizon. There is sand in their hair and buried in the wrinkles of their formalwear, suit jackets stained with years of experience and stiff with more years after of disuse, all too heavy for the sweaty warmth of the planet that it leaves the fabric tacky against the skin under their arms. The red hue of it clashes with their shorts and rugged, damp sandals, while matching the sunburn and giddiness on their smiling faces.

Stinking and on the brink of drunk, with their laughter echoing across the distant dunes and waves beyond, Davenport couldn’t care less about appearances. Not in this blissful moment of solitude and elation, not with his stomach full of food and leftover wine, mind made fuzzy by his honeymooning. Not with Merle.

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Some dialectics for today

- I am afraid of letting other people in AND I’m brave for holding the hope that I will be able to someday
- following my meal plan is difficult AND it’s worth every bit of effort
- I believe that I cannot trust my own thoughts/emotions AND I can still try to give myself space to let myself feel sad and frustrated
- I made some choices that were not effective AND I made choices that were recovery-minded
- sometimes it feels like I’m completely powerless over the urges to relapse AND I have lots of skills that allow me to be an active participant in coping with those urges

they say that if you truly love someone, set them free, and if it’s meant to be, they’ll come back. In my heart, I always held that as true as anything I knew. I always had this feeling that one day, we’d get another shot. This time, older, wiser, and more capable of loving each other. Seeing you last night, hearing your voice, your laugh, witnessing your bright smile with my own eyes felt overwhelming. my oh my, has it been a long time since we’ve had a conversation, and I loved it. After talking to you, my mind has gone blank, my heart has fluttered, and my stomach won’t leave me alone. I believe that we will come back to each other. And I can’t wait for that. But until then, I’ll be here, waiting, and preparing myself to love you in the best way I can.
—  I cannot wait until I have the privilege to call you mine again.

“Message Received” accomplished something I almost didn’t believe could possibly be managed with such grace. I’m really geeking out over this episode!

There’s always been the worry that Peridot’s ‘redemption arc’ might feel too forced or rushed. She makes for a great, entertaining villain, but I think it’s been generally accepted that since she’s in Steven Universe, redemption was at least highly plausible. 

And while I wouldn’t call this total redemption, it is about as effective. The best part of it is that Peridot came to this on her own terms! In ways that totally line up with her motivations as a character!

I love how the episode is framed from the beginning to make it sound like Peridot was definitely deciding to ‘’’betray’’’ Steven and the others - that she hadn’t learned anything, she was too loyal to her diamond and Homeworld, had only been distracted by their bonding. Once you re-watch the episode, though, you can see how she’s actually viewing things, what she actually means. 

Peridot has indeed changed her mind about Earth, in that she does think it’s worth protecting. But not due to sentiment or emotional attachment - at least, not wholly. Peridot believes Earth and it’s resources can be valuable to Homeworld. She honestly doesn’t think the Crystal Gems can ultimately save and protect Earth, but Peridot believes her ‘rational and reasonable’ Yellow Diamond, a gem she obviously reveres and is devoted to, can solve all their problems properly. Yellow Diamond, with her immense reach and power (and even moreso, her logical mind) can do what the Crystal Gems simply cannot. 

There’s a reason they’re in charge. They’re objectively better than us! …Especially my diamond, Yellow Diamond. The most perfect, the most reasonable, rational, efficient decider ever to exist in the universe!

Peridot believes her objective leader will understand the logic behind Peridot’s suggestions, be reasoned with, and in this way Peridot can still save Earth, the Crystal Gems, and Steven. 

Alright, look. I have a plan - allow me to explain? …I’ve figured it out! You simple clods keep trying to protect the Earth, but you cant do anything right! I let myself get carried away too… But don’t you see? None of that matters! All that matters is that I’m of use to Yellow Diamond! This planet can be of use to Yellow Diamond! I must contact her to reveal what I’ve discovered!

The following lines, with Steven accusing the diamonds of only wanting to hallow out/destroy earth and Peridot agreeing, saying “Yes! That’s the point!” definitely add makes what she’s saying sound bad, but now I think it was more of a “Yes, you’re right, but that’s why I have to contact her, to tell her there are options!”

Then we have the little fight and chase, littered with moments where Peridot accuses the others of ‘not knowing what they’re doing’ and ‘being bested by logic’. Then she struggles with Steven:

You don’t get it either! This [caring, hoping, wanting] is your whole problem! Your emotions rule out reason! I will do what has to be done!

Peridot isn’t implying that ‘what has to be done’ is for Earth to be destroyed. She’s saying the Crystal Gems/Steven’s way of doing things are just wrong, they don’t work, and that she knows the real, logical solution to their problem, even if they don’t like it. 

Then she speaks to Yellow Diamond. She sort of explains what happens (purposefully omitting the bit about the Crystal Gems still existing, despite YD specifically asking who crashed her ship.) Then Peridot does what made me realize where the direction of this was actually leading: when YD says she’ll send a ship to pick up Peridot, to take her off of Earth and save her from the Cluster, Peridot continues on to suggest they stop the Cluster completely.

But Yellow Diamond ‘[doesn’t] care about potential and resources’. She just wants Earth to DIE, and she wants her geo-weapon. 

And… that’s not very logical. That’s not reasonable, or objective. It’s not what Peridot expects. She doesn’t expect her Diamond to act this way. She doesn’t expect her to be wrong. 

This is what’s so brilliant about this episode, I think - Peridot stays aggressively true to her character throughout the entire thing. Peridot formed her own opinion about Earth and what should be done, and she came to the conclusion through logic and reason. She thinks, surely, her Diamond will agree! But when Yellow Diamond clearly doesn’t care, doesn’t even bother to consider the benefits, is only interested in doing things how she wants

Peridot can’t accept it. Because she has come to a logical conclusion, and that means Yellow Diamond is wrong. 

It’s such an amazing turn, and I absolutely adore it! Peridot isn’t swayed simply by the efforts of Steven trying to be friendly. Another way things could’ve gone is if Yellow Diamond forced Peridot to stay on Earth, or threatened her in a way that made Peridot want to stay. But no, instead Peridot chooses to stand against Yellow Diamond for the simple fact that, based on Peridot’s logic, Yellow Diamond is acting illogically, unreasonably, and is wrong about the Earth. 

I won’t do it!! I can tell you with certainty that there are things on this planet worth protecting!”

“What do you know about the Earth!?”

“Apparently, more than you! You CLOD!!”

Could you please make me believe
That you are not the one I see
Dusty eyes; a pale skin tone
And I can see right through your bones

Why are you living in my head-
When in my heart you still are dead?
A spirit with a spineless back
And dry lips that are soon to crack

I cannot bear this agony
Just leave my mind; I’ll set you free!
Your ghost still haunts my naked walls
And in my sheets I feel it crawl.

—  A.R.J - GHOST

anonymous asked:

Im so heartbroken for the fans ans Ariana

me too. i still cannot believe this actually happened like my mind still can’t grasp this. i hope the people who are missing will be found soon, i don’t even wanna imagine what they’re going through. and i hope ariana will get some rest and time to recover, she’s the purest and nicest person and didn’t deserve any of this :(

anonymous asked:

Listen. Listen. The only team that it wouldn't break my heart to see the Pens lose to is Nashville, and that's because a) the only possible time to face them is in the SCF and b) I wouldn't mind seeing PK give the finger to the Habs organisation, and every racist old white guy commentating on him if I cannot see the Pens do it twice in a row. Also bc losing to the Sens or Rangers next round would be embarrassing tbh (I believe they'll get through Wash 😘)

I mean, same, but I would still sell my soul for the Pens to win in that situation. But it wouldn’t completely crush me and I would honestly be able to tell people I was okay with it because I love PK so much.