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Hey, if you're not too busy, i was wondering what podcasts you listen to/would recommend? I started listening to the bright sessions and Mabel after seeing you reblog/post about them and i seem to have such trouble finding new ones to listen to. Thanks!


Also, I listen to a HUGE number and I have been meaning to make a list.

so OK, here we go! /Mario is amazing, it’s an eerie story about a woman trying to get in touch with the estranged granddaughter of the woman she takes care of as a live-in nurse. There’s ghosts, or faeries, or something else eerie. is a sweet, light podcast about a bunch of kids (high school and college age) who have superpowers and go to therapy. There’s a thriller element, lots of queer rep, and tons of in-world documents/blogs/etc created. is about the radio hosts of the overnight call-in show in King Falls, a town where the weird happens.  Reminds me of Eerie, Indiana, if you ever saw that show. is by the Welcome to Night Vale people and it’s a creepy horror story about an oppressive regime and women escaping from it, and sisters and love and memory and identity. is a cold-war-style spy show about time travel and accidental history and science and people who are broken in interesting ways. is a silly fairy-tale comedy that reminds me in all the best ways of a great sitcom. It’s about the grumpy Royal Physician to the King in a fantasy land and the idiots that plague her. reminds me instead of the great old British comedies like Fawlty Towers and Are You Being Served? It’s about a struggling funeral home on a tiny island and is lightly surreal. (It’s narrated by a mouse, for starters). The Message and Life After are each one-season shows on this same stream. The Message is about a dangerous sound/music being studied; is about people who live on via their social media profiles after death. only has two eps, but it’s a cool adventure-y mystery in outerspace about a biologist and, I think, a revolution. is incredible, it’s about a small crew on a deep-space science mission that quickly goes bad – but it’s funny and charming and full of found family. is a genre-bending semi-noir podcast about a grand hotel just this side of nowhere and the people that inhabit it. is a tale of the transcontinental bridge, a once-grand project that has fallen to ruin, the mystery of what happened to those who once lived there, and deep-sea monsters and the eco-terrorists who love'em. is about a turn of the century town in Oklahoma that was once envisioned as a hedonistic utopia but quickly fell to the vaguarities of man. now rarely updated, but with tons of back episodes – an old-school radio play type show.  The two stories that anchor it are Sparks Nevada, Marshall on Mars (space cowboys!) and Beyond Belief (glamorous NYC couple drinks, encounters the supernatural, amuses themselves by resolving problems) but there are quite a few serial shows. is about a couple of doctors on a space station that serves as an intergalactic travel hub, and is silly and ridiculous and worth it. is about folks who were experimented on and given strange powers, and have now escaped from the people who had them captive.  Really interesting take on how the powers work, IMO, and definitely scary sometimes. is a weekly reading from, well, The Magnus Archives, a collection of eerie, horror-tastic documents in possession of a group that specializes in studying the weird. is also about both the library and librarian of a weird collection.  I stopped listening at the beginning of season 2 because of some pretty explicitly on-tape torture, but before that it was good. is about the Final Five – the last generation of humans after a reproductive apocalypse.  They live in decadent fame as the world ends and people desperately try to create more people.  I wish this was fully acted rather than read in-perspective, I have a hard time keeping characters apart sometimes, but it’s good stuff in terms of world-building. reminds me of a slightly more serious Douglas Adams, it’s a slightly surreal show about people in Boston and…weirdness. is about an ordinary guy who returns home to find his dad has forgotten him, his mother is missing, and the Society of Shadows needs him.  The writing starts out pretty cliche but it gets better as the show goes on. is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi… I’m not sure what to call it.  It’s not a comedy, but it is weirdly funny.  It’s not horror, but it can be horrific.  I have audio processing issues and this one gives me trouble, but when I can puzzle it through it’s usually worth it. is so so so good and I so hope for another season – a decade ago a scientific collective/town disappeared completely, to a person.  A reporter related to one of them investigates what could happen.  Heart-poundingly scary in all the best ways. has The Black Tapes, Tanis, and Rabbits, all presented as very ordinary NPR-style podcasts about weird and mysterious things – a collection of supernatural events that a scientist is studying, a place/state of mind/eerie thing called Tanis, and an ARG/real-world game.  I like’em well enough but they lean on the same tropes, so pick one and stick with it IMO. is more folklore than fiction, but it’s good storytelling about mysterious and creepy and lovely things, so I think it belongs here.

On my yet-to-be-listened-to list:

I… think that’s everything fictional/storytelling that I’ve got right now.  

Post Break Up Fics with a Happy Ending

Ten post break up fics, in which Louis and Harry always find their way back to each other:

The End Should Be A Good One by bananasandboots:

Summary: It doesn’t feel like falling in love, the way it had felt the first time around, easy, simple, almost like floating, wrapped up in a whirlwind of touches and kisses, late nights spent laughing breathlessly into each other’s skin. This feels broken, complicated, like every move carries the weight of their past. Like the floorboards beneath them could collapse at any moment. This doesn’t feel good.

Or, the one where Harry loses the love of his life on New Years Eve and finds him again, six months later, ready to open some poorly-stitched wounds.

Core ‘ngrato by Velvetoscar:

Summary: It’s been over a year since Louis broke up with Harry and Harry still believes in forever. And maybe the world does, too.

Far Away by dimpled_halo:

Summary: Harry swallows hard, clearing his throat. “Hi Lou,” he says, looking at Louis reluctantly. He’s even more gorgeous than he remembers, so much, he feels uneasy looking directly at him, he’s so beautiful.

Louis looks at Harry, does a quick once-over and smiles, eyes so bright and blue—just how Harry remembers. “Harold!” He gets up out of his seat and embraces him into a warm hug. It’s a friendly platonic hug; one that ends way too soon. Harry wishes it would last longer so that he can breathe Louis in and memorize his new but somehow still familiar scent. It instantly leaves his body aching for more.****

Harry returns to London after five years. Stuck in the past with “what ifs” and “what might have beens”, he sees that his friends and ex (and possible love of his life) Louis have all moved on with their lives while he finds himself questioning his own life choices, past and present.

Make My Wish Come True (Baby All I Want For Christmas Is You) by larrymylove:

Summary: Louis has just agreed to spend the holidays with his family, and to bring Harry along with him. There’s just one problem…he and Harry have broken up, and are wanting to avoid telling everyone until after the holidays. The fake/pretend relationship AU with a twist.

like a timebomb ticking by infinitelymint:

Summary: Louis loses everything. Harry’s still there.

Who Knew by sincewewereeighteen:

Summary: Louis remembers clearly the night everything fell apart.

There are moments in life you just can’t forget. For him, there are some that just will never leave his mind: singing Torn, his first Award Ceremony, What Makes You Beautiful on the radio for the first time, bus 1 with Zayn, recording Fireproof with Liam and the sound of Harry’s voice when he told Louis that he loved him, but they were done.

[OR: the one in which my mind goes to a really dark place thanks to this ridiculous reality we’re living right now and Louis cheats on Harry and gets a girl pregnant]

not ready to lose today by imsosorry:

Summary: "I don’t mean, like,“ Louis starts, coughing a bit, "I don’t think he’s become a diva or summat. I’m not trying to start shit. But like - he’s different, yeah? Or am I different?”

“Maybe neither of you is different,” Zayn suggests. “Maybe just, like, your relationship has changed.”

That much is obvious, but the way Zayn says it makes it sound profound.“

Tour’s gonna be weird as fuck,” Louis says with a laugh that’s a lot lighter than how he feels.

(Or, the one where Louis figures it out.)

a grocery list pinned to blue by dangerbears:

Summary: AU. after eight years, louis finally has everything he’s wanted. except for harry.

hold a hand for cover by vashtaneradas:

Summary: they’ve still got all the money in the world, all the big nights and bigger houses, all the people at their doors with singles and album deals and promises of more, they still have all of that, and they will forever. the only thing they’ve burnt through is each other.

or, two years after the band, harry and louis bump into each other for the first time.

god only knows what i’d be without you by squishyniall:

Summary: the one where louis and harry break up and louis’ broken without him

(or another cliché short story where management and eleanor and grimmy get in between their relationship)

History repeating itself: John in Ashes to Ashes? ;)


The John’s Garridebs fuelled dream theory I knew, I knew seemed familiar to me, but I couldn’t quite place why… and then I remembered this TV Show. Long story short- the DCI Alex= John, someone who is shot but is thrown into this weird limbo. This could still apply for the ‘we’re still in Sherlock getting shot limbo’, too. Featuring some very applicable quotes such as:

“Right, let’s break it down. Now, I was shot. I saw the bullet and I thought: this is it, Alex. This is how it ends. The result of that act was my arrival in this… dystopia. My mind creates a dark, twisted place for me to go to, my brain is in severe trauma, therefore, everything here is significant!”

“This is a full sensory hallucination! You’re not real.”

SHOT OF A CLOWN SHOOTING HER SAYING: “We are waiting for you, Alex.”

“I have to prove to my subconscious that I am its master, and that is how we’ll get help.”

“I’m strong enough to wake up.”

“They say that as you die your life flashes before you. Well, bring it on. My life can flash away as much as it likes because I am Not. Going. To die.”

“You’ve been reading John’s blog…” The Final Problem Nightmare

TFP is John’s version of TAB? by @waitedforgarridebs

@marcespot​‘s Garridebs- TLD & TFP video

“He’s making a funny face.” John Watson is definitely in danger.

The Bullet is still inside me & links to more of my John’s Garridebs dream thoughts.

The Final Problem= the puzzle to save Sherlock

The Final Problem: Oh, Sherlock. You’re Dreaming. Again.

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Hello! I love your blog and the way you write these is amazing. I was wondering if I could request the RFA+saeran reacting to finding out mc is homeless? Maybe she was kicked out of home and was on the street, or couldn't cover rent and was evicted and was squatting in her old place, or was staying on friends' couches before she was able to stay in rika's apartment? Only if you want to!!

I like so much when people giive suggestions for plots in the requests, it helps me a lot, so thanks ^^ Hope that’s what you wanted :)

RFA +Saeran reactint to MC being homeless


  • He noticed you always would hang out at his place and was curious to meet yours
  • So you told him, a little embarrassed you didn’t really… have a place
  • “What do you mean, MC?” “Well, I… I… am kinda of homeless? I’m crashing at my cousin’s place right now…”
  • “Why, what happened?” “Oh, I’m just… not on good terms with my parents, I told you, remember? So I didn’t have any place to stay. But it’s fine, don’t worry.”
  • He was sad and deeply worried, but at the same time, he was thinking how Rika was still managing to do good even if she was not here anymore. You stayed at her apartment  for a while, at least. I mean… there was a bomb there, but still…
  • “It’s not fine, MC! Your parents can’t do that to you!” “Yoosung, they can and they did, and it’s fine! Not everybody have great parents as you.  I’m ok, don’t worry!”
  • “How can I not worry, MC? I… just… “ he knew there was only one thing he coulddo: “Move in with me, MC!” “What?”
  • “The place isn’t big and smells weird, but I’ll make sure you’re comfortable, move in with me!”
  • “Yoosung, you barely know me!” “So we’ll take as an opportunity to know each other, I don’t know how it is with your cousin, but what if he kicks you out too? Come live with me before something like this happens, I’ll never kick you out!”
  • “But Yoosung, the rent…” “I can handle by myself, don’t worry!” “No, not like this! Just… wait till I find a job to help you with the bills, and I’ll move in with you, deal?”
  • “Deal! Oh man… I can’t believe I’m gonna have a roomie, and it is… you!” “I know! And my new roomie? He’s so hot, I don’t think I’ll ever take my hands off of him when I move in.” he laughed and blushed, but internally he was screaming and kicking the air in excitement.
  • He was feeling so grown up right now. Sharing the place, splitting the bills… it almost felt like a married couple, and did that idea pleased him.


  • He asked you to move in with him right after the whole bomb at Rika’s apartment, but you were too embarrassed to just say yes like this
  • But he was insisting on it so much, and that just made you feel even worse. “I can’t take advantage of you too like this, Zen!” “What do you mean by ‘too’”?
  • You sighed heavily, it was about time for him to know. “I got evicted…” “Wait, seriously? But… where are you staying right now”
  • You got a little surprised he didn’t seem to mind you didn’t have money to pay for your own responsibilities, he was just… worried for you? Could he be any sweeter and more caring than this?
  • “Don’t worry, I’m at my neighbor’s place… I mean, it’s super weird and I feel like a burden all the time, but at least I could keep some of my stuff like that.”
  • “You should never feel like a burden, princess! Don’t do that to yourself! Are you sure you’re okay? Is your neighbor treating you right?”
  • “Yes, he is cool…” HE? OH HELL NO! “HE? You’re staying with a ‘he’?! MC, I don’t know this guy, but I can tell you for sure he’s expecting something in trade of his generosity!  We’re getting there on monday to get your stuff out of there and you’re moving in with me ! Now it’s a matter of protecting my lady’s honor!”
  • “And your lady’s honor would be intact if I stay here with you?” “Yes!” “Zen, we both know it’s not intact for a while now…” he blushed “Well… this is … this is… different! We’re in love!  Please, MC! I won’t be able to work or sleep well knowing you’re living like this! You said yourself how uncomfortable you are, right? Move in with me, you’re not taking advantage of me, we’re just… rushing something it would happen eventually.” he got a point…
  • “Okay… but you need to let me know which chores I can do around here, and I’ll take some bills as soon as I finish my debt with the landlord, I won’t let you treat me like if I’m on a hotel, okay?” “Yes, sure… I’ll respect whatever you wish!” you knew he would, and he… couldn’t help feeling excited knowing that you’d be around all the time. H e was fantasizing about watching TV together, cooking together, going to bed together… wait, dangerous thoughts! But you living with another man was making  the beast get angry … and he needed to do something about that.
  • “But seriously… can’t we pretend we’re in a hotel just for tonight? I was thinking about filling the hot tub and… you know…”


  • When she would come to the cafe early in the morning, you would be already there. And you would always offer to close the place for her. Wow, she had no idea you were such a workaholic.
  • But it wasn’t that, and one day she found out: you’ve been sleeping in the cafe. “Jaehee, I’m so so sorry, I should’ve told you, I was just too embarrassed and… I understand if you want to fire me… it’ just… I…” you were crying, she couldn’t understand why, but she felt her heart sink…
  • “Fire you? My God, MC, no! I can’t fire my partner! But why are you crying? Let’s calm down and talk…” “I’m… I’m sleeping here because my parents kicked me out!”
  • “They what?” “They… oh! I can’t tell you that!” “MC, you have to, it’s clearly making you suffer, talk to me, please…” she sounded like a therapist, and her eyes were so calm and gentle, how could you leave someone like her without an answer?
  • “They didn’t like I’m dating you, well… a woman…” she was shocked and so angry. She grew up with a family who didn’t care about her, but even this seemed better than what she had just listened.
  • “So, I guess they’ll become even furious when they hear you just moved in with a woman.” “What?”
  •  “I have clothes I can lend you for tonight, but tomorrow we’re going to your… well, their house, and getting your things, okay?” “But, Jaehee, I’ll…”
  • “Don’t worry about a thing. Family is about love, and I love you, so I’m your family and I’ll take care of you. People like us get to choose our families, right?”
  • “I think it was RuPaul who said that.” you two laughed “Yes, I like his show, we can binge watch it at OUR place later, ok?” you didn’t oppose it at all.


  • You had a sleepover at his penthouse. Neither of you were exactly proud of that, but it is what it is, and now you were staying for lunch.
  • He ditched work to spend the morning with you, but all he saw was you acting really tense, checking your phone every 5 minutes, which he found odd.
  • He overheard you on the phone when he let you alone, but came back to pick his phone “Yes, I’ll have the money till Saturday. Please, try to understand, I… yes, sir. Goodbye.”
  •  “MC?” you jumped and yelped a little, he was not supposed to listen to this, it was just… embarrassing… “What’s going on?”
  • “N-nothing… why do you ask?” “Are you sure? You sounded so concerned on the phone right now… who was it?”
  • “Oh, it’s nothing, just… some problems I need to take care of…” “And your problems are my problems as well, please tell me.” You knew he wasn’t letting go until you said the truth…
  • “I’m being evicted, Jumin. I… own three months of rent and I won’t be able to pay till the day they gave me.” “How much? I’ll give it to you.” “No! Please… don’t. I… don’t think it’s right…” he could only assume this had something to do with pride, so he wouldn’t insist.
  •  “So, forget that apartment, come live with me.” “Ju-Jumin, no! This is… even worse…” Why? Now it wasn’t about pride, right? So, maybe… oh, that whole “you can’t leave the penthouse” after Elizabeth’s disappearing. He knew it! You said you forgave him, but of course, you were still a little doubtful, maybe  a little afraid of him. “I… understand. I’m sorry, MC.”
  • “No, I should be the one to say sorry! I know how you feel about living together before marriage, yet I keep sleeping here and… I don’t want to make you uncomfortable…” Oh, so it was about that? He was feeling like a fool.
  • “I would never feel uncomfortable with you around. However… I have a solution. What’s your landlord’s phone?” “Jumin, you’re not gonna…” “Please, trust me.”
  • He called the guy. “Yes, hello? My name is Jumin Han, I would like to buy one of your properties? Yes, the building downtown. Not for sale? Not even for…?” you could not believe the price he was saying. It was a decent building, but not that much… “Yes, I’ll let my lawyer get in touch about the paperwork. Thank you, it was a pleasure doing business with you.” He hung up. “Problem solved.”
  • “So you’re my landlord now?” “No, you’ll be your own landlord, I’m making the contract in your name…” WHAT? “But Jumin… it’s basically the same thing as giving me the money!” “Not really, it’s a gift. I’m giving you a opportunity to make it in real estate market. Do whatever you wish with the building and I’ll finance it, it’ll be a pleasure doing business with you too.” Yep, now we’re not talking about real estate, are we?


  • According to the background check, you didn’t have a fixed address for over two years? At first, it was suspicious, so he dug a little more
  • Only to find out you’ve been crashing at friend’s couches after being kicked out of your parent’s house.  He also found police files in your name reporting assault, the attacker’s last name was the same as yours, so it was easy to understand what happened there… and now he was feeling a douch for even thinking you were the threat here.
  • He could definitely relate to you, so making sure you were comfortable at Rika’s apartment was the least he could do, taking care of the bomb issue was included on that.
  • So when he found about Saeran and kept pushing you away to protect you, he was always wondering if this was the right thing to do, since you would be probably someone to understand him. But no, he could never do that… could he?
  • So after the events on his route, he wanted to surprise you taking you to Rika’s apartment. “What are we doing here, Saeyoung?”
  • “You tell me, it’s your apartment.” “What do you mean?” “Remember I told you I was going to buy it? Well, I did. And I’m passing to your name.” “Why?” he wouldn’t dare bringing what he found out about you if you weren’t ready to tell him.
  • “Well, I thought it would be a good RFA’s office, but you took such good care of it while we’re here, so… it should be yours. Feel free to redecorate it, since it can bring you bad memories or…”
  • “I only have good memories you gave me the robot cat right here, and… we kissed for the first time over there… and  there, in the bedroom…” you were both blushing and remembering.
  • Through all of it, he was satisfied he was the one who gave you a place that you could fulfill with good memories, and one day you and him would share a place even happier than this one now.


  • He also did his research on you. Matter of fact, one of the many reasons you were the perfect bait was the fact that you didn’t have a place to come back to
  • So whatever he decided to do with you, there weren’t gonna be too much people looking for you, you were just a poor girl kicked out by your own parents.
  • Sometimes he felt guilty doing this to you, maybe you two were more alike than he thought… well, everything would be worthy after he could take you to paradise.
  • After Mint Eye got dismantled and he got rescued, taking care of you as you took care of him was his number one priority.
  • So the only condition he imposed to continue living with Saeyoung was that you should come along with him. Of course, Saeyoung didn’t oppose.
  • And it was at some random night, when the three of you were watching a movie and Seyoung fell asleep, Saeran turned to you and said: “I’m sorry.”
  • “For what?” “For everything… you only deserve happiness from now on.” “Well, so do you.”
  • “I’ll be happy as long as we’re together under the same roof…and… we…” Saeyoung’s snores got him out of the mood. “Ugh, let’s go somewhere more private” he took your hand and you giggled. He smiled, although Saeyoung could be a pain in the ass sometimes, maybe this was paradise after all…
Parents and shirts

Title: Parents and shirts

Anonymous asked: “Sherlock x reader. Sherlocks parents come over to visit and meet his girlfriendSherlock x reader and Sherlock comes home to find his wife playing the piano. But she’s only wearing his purple shirt”

Characters: sherlock, his parents and you

Pairing: sherlock x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 415


“I can’t wait to meet her darling!” Sherlock’s mother said excited. “indeed, you should have told us about her sooner” his father agreed. “yes well, you’re meeting her now aren’t you? It’s all very exciting” he said as he waved their comments away. “don’t be like that Sherlock. It’s your fault we have to act like this” his mother said. “is it now? How could it possibly be my fault?” he asked frustrated. “you never introduced us to your other girlfriends and you never introduced us properly to John. We met him when you brought him over for Christmas!” his mother answered. “John wasn’t my boyfriend, why should I have introduced him?” Sherlock said, not grasping it. “never mind you foolish boy. Now come on, our cab is waiting” she said, basically dragging Sherlock and his father towards the cab.

“just don’t make this weird” Sherlock said to his parents as they stood before 221b. “don’t worry, if she loves you she’ll certainly love us, won’t she? We’re the ones who raised you in the first place” his dad said. “right” he said, opening the door to 221b.

“hello Sherlock!” you smirked. “out!” Sherlock yelled at his parents, shoving the door in their face. “what’s going on? Who’s at the door?” you asked. “uhm yeah we’ll get right to that. But more to the obvious part, why are you dressed like that?” he said gesturing to your exterior. You were wearing only wearing his purple shirt. “don’t you like it?” you purred. “my parents are outside” he said pointing at the door. “you’ve got to be kidding me!” you yelled. “when were you going to tell me that” you said. “I just did” Sherlock said. “Sherlock?” you heard as his father opened the door. “oh dear” his mother said as she saw you sitting in front of the piano, in Sherlock’s shirt. “hello, mrs and mr Holmes, nice to meet you” you said shyly, trying to cover yourself as well as you could. “so you play the piano, I assume” Sherlock’s father said. “I do actually” you said, as you started to play. “that’s marvelous dear! Truly amazing!” his mother said as you finished the piece.

“oh darling she was amazing” his mother said, as Sherlock dropped them of at home. “she really was” his father agreed. “don’t you dare let her go” his parents said. “I promise I won’t” Sherlock said, knowing how lucky he was that he met you.

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Alec Lightwood - A Weird Question

A/n: because of a tragic accident, a shadowhunter is placed to another Institute, where she meets Alec. He helps her to be happy again. The GIF is when the reader and Alec have a conversation about weapons. Also, he might be gay in the movie and serie, but here he is bi, and his weakness is you!

Warnings: Mentions of death, one of the readers parents died, so if you can’t handle that, please don’t read this!

Word count: 1210

Originally posted by marylandbiscuits

‘Okay, everybody, Jace, Izzy, if you please could stop talking? And where is Alec?’ A guy of the Institute stood for the little group of Shadowhunters next to you. A handsome, dark haired guy stepped into the room, making you smile a bit as your eyes met, but he just looked a bit grumpy at the ground. ‘Alec, finally. Okay, everyone, this is Y/N, your new bud. She comes from another Institute, but after an, um,’ the man looks at me for a moment, ‘after an accident with her family she had to come here because-’ ‘you can just say my father was brutally murdered and that my sister, my mom and me each were taken to another Institute to protect us. Please talk to them as an adult, because they are, and they will understand.’ I spoke to them, and looked at them, one for one. Suddenly, the whole Institute sounded more quiet.

'Okay, yeah. That was all I had to say. I’ll leave the rest to you.’ the man said and walked off. 'Sorry about that,’ you said quickly after he had left, 'I know it’s not the most fun way to introduce yourself, but-’ 'but we get a view of what’s going on in your life and that’s the point of an introduction. Don’t worry about it,’ the Jace guy said. You smiled slightly. 'Thanks,’ you exhaled, 'I was a bit worried about meeting you guys. My parents were also my best friends and now they’re gone and away, and just not here-’ you began to tear up, and you quickly turned away from them and started to unpack your things. 'It’s really tough, but sorry for bragging. I shouldn’t… Do you…’ You sighed, and wiped a way one tear. 'What is our mission?’

‘Hey!’ Jace said, and turned you back around, ‘you have every right to talk about it.’ He smiled, took a step back and you saw Alec giving him an irritated look. ‘Also, I find it very hard to believe that no one has offered you some coffee. Shall I get you some?’ You nodded. Yes. You needed coffee. The sweet taste of caffeine. You and your father used to- fuck, don’t think about it, you told yourself. ‘If it’s not too much effort, of course.’ you said hurriedly, don’t want to think about yourself just too much. ‘No problem, I’m Isabelle, but you can call me Izzy. That,’ She pointed at Jace, ‘is Jace, and this-’ she hit Alec on his shoulder, ‘is my big brother, Alec. Jace, shall we get the coffee?’ She winked at Jace behind Alec’s back. ‘Sure.’ The two went off, leaving you and Alec alone.

‘I’m sorry about what happened.’ He said, toneless, like he was obligated to say it. I smiled vaguely. ‘I’m sure you are. Everybody is. Can we just… Talk about something else?’ You took out your weapons. Alec sighed, trying to think of something. ‘Okay then, what’s your weapon of choice?’ ‘These,’ you said while you took your bow and arrows out of your bag. ‘Definitely.’ His eyes widen and he smiled. His smile was beautiful, it was like he was glowing. Too bad he didn’t smile that much, he was gorgeous. ‘Yes! I like you!’ In exitement he raised his hand for a high five. I slapped his hand as he looked at my bow. ‘What a beauty!’ I chuckled. That was something I hadn’t done in a long time. ‘Yeah, I know. They wouldn’t let me keep her, at first, but after I showed some tears, I could.’ He giggled slightly. ‘Maybe I would cry too if I couldn’t keep this one.’

Alec and you turned out to have a really nice conversation, you really felt relaxed around him, and it looked like he did, too. When Izzy and Jace came back, they gave some information about the next mission, but it was too late to do it and the mission could wait, so you all went to bed early. As you were looking for your room, you overheared a conversation between Izzy and Alec. ‘So admit it, you like her, don’t you?’ ‘What? No.’ ‘Oh, come on. I saw you laughing with her. Laughing. My grumpy big brother, who never laughs, or even smiles. Admit you think she’s pretty’ ‘Izzy, stop it.’ ‘Oh yes, you are so caught! That look in your eyes, I can see when you’re lying, big brother!’ Eventually, you had to walk past them to get to your room, so you decided now was your chance. You quickly walked past them, saying a shy ‘hi’ to both.

As you tried to get some sleep, memories kept haunting you. You wasn’t used to being alone, and you hated it, especially now. You found yourself crying in a matter of seconds. You tried to calm down, but after a couple of minutes you couldn’t help but get up already. You needed to see someone, it didn’t matter who.  You quickly walked up to the commonroom Izzy had showed you earlier that day, and you saw Alec sitting on the couch. ‘Hi,’ you said. Alec jumped up. ‘Hi, uhm, did you overhear my conversation with Izzy by any chance?’ I lied, and shook my head. ‘No, why?’ ‘Oh. Uhm, nevermind. Are you okay?’ He said, looking at my wet cheeks. ‘Well, actually, no. I have er, this weird question.’ Alec’s face expression said: “what?” ‘I can’t sleep and I really need someone with me right now, so, uhm, can you…’ You stared at the ground as a tear runned down your cheek, ‘can you please hold me?’ Alec nodded with a friendly smile. You took place on the couch and you felt his strong hands surround you, you could hear his heartbeat beat in rythem. You closed your eyes for a second, and almost immediately a flash of the past crossed your mind. You started to sob, but Alec whiped away the tears. ‘Sshh, it’s okay… I’m here. You’re safe.’  he spoke out the words so slow and carefully, so thoughtfull as his hands went trough your hair. ‘You’ll be fine, I promise.’ You nodded slowly. ‘Try to sleep, you’ll feel better.’ ‘But I’m so afraid that I’m going to have nightmares and if I wake up in the middle of the night I’ll be alone again.’ ‘You wont be alone, I promise. I’ll be there, if you want to.’ I nodded again, unable to say something because of the lack of sleep, you hadn’t slept in days.

Alec suddenly lifted you up like it was nothing, saying ‘it will look so weird if people walk tomorrow morning. It will be better to go to your room.’ He brought you to your room, lay you down and put you and him underneath the blankets. Then he put his arms around you. Your head rested on his chest and you felt so much better, like he had scared all the bad thoughts away. ‘Don’t worry, I’m here. And I’m going to be here for a long time, if you want.’ You nodded one last time before falling asleep. He kissed your forehead. ‘Okay. then I promise.’

You couldn’t say anything, couldn’t move, do not anything but laying there, being held by Alec untill your eyes closed.

  • Aaron: Come on, mate, let's get to work.
  • Adam: You're not supposed to be working today. Have you told your mum?
  • Aaron: I told her my plans had changed, yeah.
  • Adam: Well, you need to explain it to her.
  • Aaron: See you back up there.
  • Adam: Aaron, come on man. You're pushing yourself too hard. You're going to cause yourself more damage. Let's just find another way to take your mind off Robert, yeah? How about that snooker place? We haven't done that for ages. I'll even let you trash me. Look, I know you're finding it hard and you're probably feeling really weird about everything right now, but you need to work with me, mate. (Aaron fiddling with his phone) What are you doing now? (Aaron turns to leave) Please tell me you're not texting Robert. (Aaron walks off) Aaron, that is the last thing you want to be doing now.
More Than a Feeling - Chapter 3 - ponderosa16 - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
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For Eren, the week keeps getting weirder and weirder.

From landing on his face on stage to being insulted by some weirdo to having said weirdo sit down right next to him in class of all places, it seems the fates are playing mind games with our guitar-wielding hero—

But as it turns out, the weirdo is not that weird at all - he’s called Levi, and he’s just about the coolest person Eren’s met in forever.

Now all that’s left is to introduce his new buddy to his bandmates. Easy, right…?


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“I am so shocked that your brothers are actually doing a party, I ain’t complaining though. I am going to miss you at work, a whole ass two weeks away from that place” grabbing my black strap heels “I am sure you won’t miss me that much, besides. I know you feeling that doctor guy on the department. He white, I am surprised you are going for such a skin colour” sitting down on the edge of my bed “well I want to try something different, I have realised that men just in general are not shit, Rylee I think may turn lesbian. There is only one person I would do that with, and that is with you” shaking my head lightly “I ain’t about that licking pussy life, I can’t deal with that at all. We can live together with some cats, I can do that” placing my right foot in the strap heel “forget you, you done rented a one bedroom apartment in West Hollywood. You have a man, you got your life set up. I am surprised you not moved in yet” buckling my heel up “who told you I have a man? I could be pretty much single” I have not told Bailey anything “single? Ok Rylee, you barely see me anymore. You have been getting picked up by Chris fucking Brown outside work every fucking day, don’t play me or make me look stupid. You look so happy too, spill it to me” placing my left foot in my strap heel and doing the same “we are trying something out” that was so vague “trying what out? Girl, don’t play me. I am giving you one last chance” she has put me on the spot, getting up from the edge of the bed “ok, fine. Chris and I are dating but trying to be low-key about it. Nobody knows, you do now though. Just you didn’t agree to it.”

Pressing my red bodycon dress down “I don’t, but you seem happy, I am just looking out for you girl. Y’all had sex yet?” she pointed, shaking my head “no, no sex” I said, her face scrunched up, her mouth slowly opened up “Shut. The. Fuck. Up! You haven’t had sex with him!? Fuck off, you lying bitch. You telling me Mr Dick every bitch down hasn’t fucked you, I see lies. I don’t believe that nigga has not had sex, no!” staring at Bailey’ reaction “no Rylee! It’s lies” blinking at her “wait” she got up from the bed “you are being real? What? I am confused, so tell me how long you both been dating now?” Bailey slowly walked over to me “about three weeks now” I shrugged “and he hasn’t had sex with anyone else since then?” shaking my head “I practically know what he is doing all the time, even when there is girls around him I trust him” Bailey let out an oh “fuck me Rylee, trust? I am…. I am shocked. So he hasn’t had sex since then, so. Can you tell me what kind of juju you put him under? I need that girl” I chuckled “there is no secret, I am just me” I don’t understand why he wants me anyway, sighing out “you are too good for him, my beautiful friend. You look good, we about to turn up in the club with our peoples for your birthday” Bailey reached her hand up, pressing my hair down “you got the good bundles in, all ready for Barbados too” I had to get my hair done before I left “are y’all ready!?” Nathan shouted “yes we are, go away!” Bailey shouted on my behalf, I was about to do it myself.

Holding my clutch bag close as I made my way outside with the boys, you know half of these boys I don’t know. While I do know them because they are always around but my friends are meeting us at the club, Bailey held my hand “you think I could pull any of them” she pointed at the idiots ahead of us “you can pull any of them, no matter what. I hope you get some dick, I feel like you need this” I can tell she does, all she speaks about is dick “thank you so much” this girl is forever making me shake my head at her “come on” Blake waved me over, holding the car door open for me “you hired this out for me?” I questioned seeing the Rolls Royce “anything for you little sister, I got you” he said those words and it reminded me of Chris “thank you, I would have been happy with something small” they’re making it all big for me, like I deserve this. Letting Bailey’ hand go as I slid into the back, what a nice car this is. Bailey sat next to me “how do you get such luck!?” Bailey spat “luck? Trust me, shit was never like this” getting my phone out of my clutch, let me message Chris back before he gets upset with me. Unlocking my phone to read my messages.

From: Chris

Hope those legs are covered?

Actually don’t matter, I will be seeing you there :)

I have my ways

Letting out a laugh, I knew he would have come. He wasn’t about to let me celebrate with my friends, I actually want to see him. It’s going to be hard because I have today and then tomorrow to pack and then I am gone, I won’t see him between then. I was planning to see him tomorrow for a while, he has been feeling so sensitive about it. I have not had the chance to move my stuff in the new apartment, things have come around so quickly. Let me text him back.

To: Chris

Can’t wait to see you, you was invited anyways. I was only joking with you x

Pressing send “oh you are texting Mr lover man” Bailey spat, my eyes widened pointing ahead of me “shut up” I said in a whisper, I don’t need Blake having his rants “oh, I mean Daniel always likes acting like your man” she tried to play it off,  I rather do this properly with my family knowing. People say mean shit about Chris and I don’t want him to feel that, I feel kind of protective of him so this whole reveal needs to be done right. My brother’s know I hang with Chris, they asked Lo straight away and Lo denied everything and said it’s friends. I honestly feel like I have two bodyguards, such dog’s “yep” I said, looking down at my phone seeing Chris as text me back.

From: Chris

Send me a pic??

To: Chris

You can wait and see me in the club :D

From: Chris

I am leaving the house now, what color then? Tell me that

To: Chris

Red ;)

I love red, I feel like it compliments me and I know he likes when I wear red lipstick.

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I know Rylee is looking sexy, she won’t even let me see her but she is sexy already in my mind. Grabbing my camouflage jacket, she told me yesterday that I was uninvited because of a couple of nights ago I wouldn’t let her sleep, I was on facetime and in the studio and this girl hugged me and said it’s nice to see you with clothes on, I died inside but I felt so bad. Shamefully in Hollywood if you fuck with a girl you will always see them around, Rylee then didn’t speak to me. I had to make it up with her, I actually have a little surprise for her today. I just need to get Rylee out of the club so I can show her, I am just annoyed she is going so quickly. With Rylee wearing red, I can already feel myself getting off on it.

I am taking my Lamborghini today, I was going to take my other car but I didn’t. Putting the car engine on, the door opened up “watch my jacket” I said, Mijo picked the jacket off the seat and sat in “don’t want to crease it now do we?” he said, looking ahead of me waiting on the boys and my bodyguard to get in the range “well I ain’t want your fat ass to be sitting on it” placing a cigarette between my lips “so we going to 1OAK? I thought Lo going there? Some birthday party” lighting my cigarette, pulling it away from my lips “that’s where we going now” putting some of the car window down “you seem to be so calm recently, there is something about you” Mijo pointed, revving my car up a little “I am me” pulling a face at him “yeah I get that but you seem to be calm, like after the seizure you stopped having lean. You stopped going out in general, it’s studio or home. You stay away from us niggas and you seem to be so joyful seeing little Royal” I chuckled “sometimes a nigga has to change” they need to thank Rylee for this, they seem to like this Chris.

Passing my keys to the Valet guy, I have one thing on my mind and that is to see Rylee. She is here, I am a little late actually “Chris!” some random female screamed, walking behind my bodyguard and into the club. My bodyguard stopped midway “VIP is booked up!?” he shouted “go to Lo, he is waiting” I shouted back, I know that it is booked up but I made sure I got my spot. Which is right behind Rylee “come on now, move out the way” my bodyguard said, looking around me. This place is packed actually, it’s kind of weird for a Thursday to be like this. Licking my top lip smiling, seeing Rylee from where I am with her skin tight dress on, she looks so beautiful and look at her. The life of the party, she is laughing so much too.

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Bailey grabbed my head and bought it closer to her “Chris Brown is walking over here” she let my head go as I moved to look, looking around to the entrance area. Feeling Bailey poke my side, looking at her as she pointed to the side of me. Looking to the side of me and seeing Chris talking to my brother’s, a smile played on my face. He looks so handsome, the fact he is here for me makes this situation so much better. I feel so shy now, seeing him walk over to me. Turning my head to Bailey, I am feeling so shy. Chris closed in on me as he climbed up into VIP, his hand on my waist. He bought his head down to my ear “you look beautiful, now I understand why any nigga would go crazy for you” my spine tingled feeling his touch on my waist, he moved his hand away and walked behind me. My breath got caught in my throat, staring behind me.

This is just so awkward, not in a bad way but I wish I could do more with Chris “we have Chris Brown in the building” the DJ shouted, the crowd turned around to face this way. Looking behind me, Chris is just behind, he is so close. I don’t know how this has happened but I have ended up being with Chris’ friends, looking at Lo he just nodded his head at me. I need to forgive him, I guess it’s happened now. Smiling at him lightly, Daniel has finally come “where the hell have you been!?” I shouted, he put his hands up “I got late, something came up” Daniel eyeballed the bodyguard that pushed him at work, the bodyguard did the same to him “come on, let’s just have fun” wrapping my arms around him “I think he wants to kill me” Daniel said in my ear “stop it” placing my hand on his chest “come, you my friend” grabbing his arm, Chris is an ass.

I am keeping Daniel in my view, I don’t trust Chris for some reason. I don’t know how he has worked this out, I am away from my friends and I am covered in his friends, I think Chris has realised my friends are not really female because they never like me, they are male “And when I’m putting work in on a weekend, I’ll look back on this and think. How we had the club going up” Bailey and I sang together as we busted out laughing “Nathan is here” Bailey spat, she placed her arm around my brother “we finna bring the cake out” he slurred, he is drunk already “ok, you can. I need to go down there, I need to be with friends for a while” he nodded “you stay here though, so we can see you” rolling my eyes “whatever” placing my hand on his face and pushing him away.

This is too much, I hate the fact it is all eyes on me “I hate it” I whispered to Bailey, the half-naked ladies bought my cake out. I am sweating and too many cameras and pictures, I am stood next to Chris and I feel a little tipsy, god why me “Happy Birthday” I froze staring ahead of me hearing Chris sing on a mic, looking at Chris “Happy Birthday baby girl, Happy Birthday to you!” he grabbed hold of my hand “Oh my god” covering my eyes with my free hand “picture please” the photographer came out of nowhere “you didn’t have to do that, I am so embarrassed” I said as I turned around to the photographer, the music came back on “I wanted too” Chris placed his arm on my shoulder “I ain’t finna get to do that for you” seeing my brother’s walk over and everyone decided to photobomb the whole thing “do not bother!” holding my hand up, Blake is either eating that piece of cake or trying to shove it in my face.

I am just glad I got to spend some time with the people that came out here, it took me a while to get away from everyone. I need to get back to VIP now, too many bodies and touching around here. Feeling a hand snake around my stomach and yank me back, I let out a gasp “it’s me” Chris said in my ear, breathing out a sigh of relief “let’s leave, please. I want you to myself, I will be waiting down in the entrance” he said in my ear, Chris soon moved away like he wasn’t just all up on me. Looking behind me and just like that he dipped, how does he expect me to leave a party my brother’s did for me “everything ok?” Bailey spat, she grabbed my hand and held my clutch to me “just Chris said he wants me to go” I can’t do that “he told me, we spoke. I got your back, just go and have fun. You’re only young once” looking over at the VIP, everyone is busy doing their own thing “just go!” she spat, waving her hand at me to go.

Pulling my dress down a little as I got to the lobby “I am here” he said behind me “I was just getting my car out for us, it’s a little busy out there. You cold? You look it” he took his camouflage jacket off, placing it around my shoulders “you look so good, I just got a little surprise for you. I am just happy to get you alone” people walked by us “let’s get out of here” Chris walked ahead of me “excuse me” Chris’ bodyguard walked by me to get ahead, am I really leaving the club with Chris, I am leaving my own party for him. I am doing this right now, I need to live a little anyways. The security held the door open and when Chris said a little busy, he forgot to mention it was rammed outside “let me get your clutch” Chris said taking it from me, I am glad he did so I can hold the jacket around my shoulders. I feel so nervous, the flash of cameras has got me feeling so nervous “stay clear, this side!” this is a whole different life, my god. Putting my head down following Chris, I look like one of his hoes.

Sitting in his Lamborghini, I am regretting my decision already. The cameras flashed just sitting in the car “we will be out of here” Chris put his engine on “you good?” Chris asked “yeah, I just feel for you. how do you deal with all this” pointing at just cameras “used to it” Chris revved his car as he drove off slowly “at times it gets me down, I just wish I was normal. I know you don’t like it, I am sorry” it’s not his fault “its ok, eventually it will come out. Someone sneaked a picture of us apartment shopping, I need to be ready and yeah. You look handsome” he stopped his car at a red light “thank you baby” he leaned over pressing a kiss to my lips “my baby looking beautiful, I was dying to get you away. All to myself” smiling at him “but you need to quit being mean to Daniel, he says you look like you want to kill him” he needs to stop because no matter what, Daniel is a friend “but you’re mine, I don’t like it. He likes you” Chris shrugged “I am going to be so sad when you leave” he said out of nowhere “really?” that has shocked me “you become part of my day Rylee, I enjoy normality. Picking you up. I am weird, I know” bless him, he is so sweet.

I know this street, I know I do “is this where my apartment is?” I am confused “yeah, you just noticed. I am taking you back to the crib” I just love the way he has taken over the apartment “I see, but why? There is nothing in there” Chris shrugged as he parked up on a side street “we will sit on the floor then, I don’t care. I got you Rylee, what more do I want. Come on, let’s go” he is being somewhat, what is that word, he is being loving with me. He is scaring me but in a good way, shit is going so fast. Pushing the car door up, getting out of the Lamborghini “put the jacket on, you’ll get cold. I have your clutch” you know what I forgot about that “stop worrying, I will be fine” walking around the car “you think people are going to start talking? I mean they have officially taken pictures of us together” I am still thinking about it “erm, they will assume they we are dating but let them say it because it is true” Chris placed his arm around me.

Chris unlocked the door to my apartment “wait, I didn’t give you a key?” I swear I didn’t “this is ours, I think you forgot, close your eyes though” tilting my head “no, why? Let’s just go in, I am getting cold” Chris side eyed me “you either close your eyes or I am taking you back to the club” I huffed “fine” closing my eyes, I don’t like this because he will probably try and scare me. Chris placed his hands over my eyes “just in case you try to look, slowly walk forward” I wonder what the hell he has done now, I slowly shuffled ahead “are we even inside yet?” I have been walking for a while now, hearing the door shut “uhhhh a little bit more” taking a few steps more “cool, so you can open your eyes when you’re ready” he moved his hands away, I sighed feeling anxious. Opening my eyes slowly, seeing my fully decorated apartment living room “oh my god” I said in a whisper.

He has done my apartment up, placing my hands over my mouth “all new flooring, I got some designer dude to come. He did it, I think it looks really good. I like the white couches, those are my favourite and they comfy as hell. I was here for a few hours with a friend, he should have made sure the game controller wasn’t on the damn floor either” Chris walked ahead of me to pick it up, I am in shock. I cannot digest what he has done “I didn’t leave the candles on, he did it before he left the place. So yeah, Happy Birthday” shaking my head “I can’t take this” god I feel my eyes welling up now “don’t cry Rylee, its fine. I wanted too, you haven’t seen the bedroom yet” he walked over to me, he took my hand, I can’t accept this. Seeing my bedroom “I got you a vanity table, I got one of my female friends to make the bed. I couldn’t do that shit, you have more room for clothes. I have a few things already in here but its more space. It’s all set for you, this is my birthday present from me to you. I know I can’t celebrate it with you but we can do it now for a while” waving him off “stop talking” walking into him, wrapping my arms around his neck “thank you so much, I cannot repay this ever. Oh my god, Chris. Thank you” he chuckled, my heart is so full.

Looking around the bedroom, this does not seem like real life “thank you Chris, I can’t thank you enough. Oh my, I don’t deserve it. I am in shock, this has to be the best present” Chris smiled at me “you have already given me a present, your presence. You have given me a whole new reason for life, you have shown me a lot already. You don’t think you are doing much but on god, you are. I am sprung, really sprung. This is the least I can do, when I go on tour I know you’re safe and that is all I want” I am wanting to cry so much “don’t cry, seriously. You deserve it” Chris hugged me close “you have shocked me so much, I didn’t even want anything from you” which is true, I didn’t.

I am so happy to take these heels off, leaning down unbuckling them “thank god” kicking them off “took you a while” Chris said behind me, I jumped a little as I looked at him “oh” I let out, he licked his lips “good job you didn’t do that out in public” is the heating on or something because I feel warm in here. The silence in the room is so thick, I don’t know if to move or not because Chris’ stare is like he wants to devour me. Chris swallowed hard “I am glad you like it” pushing himself off the side “I do” I whispered, Chris closed in on me. My heart is beating at a pace, my breathing hitched. Chris lowered his head and his tongue glided along my bottom lip demanding entrance, which I obliged. His soft, warm tongue plunged inside my mouth, probing and exploring the warm wetness of my mouth. I moaned, only heightening the desire and need. The kiss is slow and sensual, he slowly moved back which left me yearning for him. Staring into his eyes, placing my hand behind the back of his head to bring his head closer to me. Our lips met again which had found a new intensity against mine and I couldn’t help but melt into his arms. I pressed my body against his harder, feeling his warmth against me. I was able to feel his hands behind my back, holding me close.

He abruptly pulled away from the kiss to place his lips onto my neck, I was able to feel him suck on the skin roughly, his teeth grazing my neck. Chris pulled away from my neck “Rylee, you don’t have to have sex with me. I didn’t do this for that, we can stop and just have some cake. I got you another cake” why is he being so sweet “I want too, I want to do this” how long can I make him wait “I just want to do this” I am about to experience Chris Brown, his eyes didn’t leave mine as both of his hands gripped me and lifted me up. Wrapping my arms around his neck as my legs wrapped around his waist, kissing Chris’ lips again.

I feel so many emotions right now, like excitement and nervousness. I never get how women just sleep with guys, I am so insecure to just open my legs like that “why are you giggling?” Chris spat “because I am nervous and shy, I just don’t know. Ok, I am just thinking. Ignore me, I am sorry” he really got annoyed with me, letting out a yelp as he dragged me to the edge of the bed “holy shit” I said, he didn’t even do anything. He hiked up my bodycon dress “my god, I want to keep this moment” this is what makes me so shy “oh my god, like how can you be this sexy. Jesus, I have been wanting this moment for so long. You need to understand, I want to devour you. I want you to wrap your legs around my neck, I need to be inside you” hiding my face, why is he doing this. Feeling his weight a top of me, he yanked my hands away from my face “stop it, you making me shy” his face all up in my face “I have been wanting this moment for so long” he said, wrapping my legs around his body, placing my hand on his face “stop playing with your food” Chris’ eyes lit up “I can feel your bulge on my thigh” he pressed a kiss to my lips before moving back.

Clenching my eyes shut, moaning softly. I am trying to completely relax my body, I gritted my teeth feeling Chris using his thumb over the material of my thong “I feel it” he whispered, using two fingers he began massaging my clit, I rocked my hips slowly rotating around his fingers. Opening my eyes because I couldn’t feel his fingers there no more, he latched his fingers onto the side of my thong and pulled it off. Throwing it to the side, positioning himself between my thighs. The very tip of his tongue grazed my swollen flesh, draping one of my legs over his shoulder. Kissing my clit, he spread the lips of my sex and parted his mouth. Placing open mouth kisses against my sex, running his tongue back and forth across me. Wrapping my legs around his shoulders, I want to dig my nails into something. Gripping the sheets at the side of me “ohh my” I cried out, his tongue was everywhere, I am gone and then his tongue vibrated against my clit, sending shivers through me. My body arched up, I can’t sustain this, I have not had this in my life “oh shiit, oh Chris” crying out, my orgasm bursting out of me.

Taking deep breathes coming down from my climax, Chris stood up looking like the devil he his. He used his thumb to wipe the side of his mouth “I always imagined how you tasted, you didn’t disappoint” he is the devil, there is no way someone’s mouth can do that “you good over there?” Chris chuckled taking his top off, for some reason I want to ride him so hard now. Pushing my dress down my body, this is my fault for wearing something so tight “dammit” I said to myself as I finally got it off, breathing a sigh of relief. Looking at Chris, he stood staring at me with just his tee in hand “my god, I think I am going to nut quick, I know. I uhm” he paused “yeah I ain’t got condoms with me, I ain’t expect to have sex” I am feeling really freaky right now, he can’t be doing this “you lucky I am on contraception already” why does Chris look all nervous and I am ready to ride him.

Chris Brown is big, I know he said it in songs, but come on. I didn’t think it was real, I stifled out a giggle as Chris climbed a top of me and pressed kisses to my lips “I am about to nut so fast, you are so sexy” he looked down at my pierced nipple “fuck me” he licked his lips, lifting my head up and latching on to his bottom lip to pull him into a kiss. He kissed me roughly while positioning himself at my entrance, Feeling his member enter me slowly. He looked at me and my reaction and then went in even deeper, my breathing got shallow. I moved one of my hands up onto his hips and started to pull him closer to me, Chris picked up in no time and he was suddenly going faster. A moan left my lips in pleasure as he did this, he felt so good.

I moaned out at Chris feeling so good “oh god” placing my hands on his chest “let me” I spoke “huh?” Chris said all confused, pushing at his chest “lay on your back” he stared at me like I am crazy “you sure? Little miss giggle” pushing him off me, he laid on to his back. Chris swallowed hard as I climbed on top of him, resting my hands on his chest. Shuffling down a little and positioning myself a top of his member, pushing myself down onto his length slowly “I want you to remember this Chris” I said as his hands came to rest on my hips, getting accustomed to his size again. Slowly moving my hips, biting on my bottom lip, my movements quickened riding his member “fuck me Rylee” I like this position, such dominance “oohhhh baby” closing my eyes.

One of his hands gripped the back of my thigh and his other arm slipped around my waist, he flipped us over so he hovered over me. I knew to not trust Chris, he knows I am taking over and he ain’t like it. One hand rested by my face holding his weight up and the other held onto my thigh. He captured my lips in a passionate kiss, I matched his passion with every inch of me. He moved back from the kiss “you mine, you remember that. On god you mine” He is all consuming, I was his. His thrust deep into me, my hands moved to cup his face as his lips assaulted mine. His long and powerful strokes were making my body tremble, I matched him stroke for stroke. Wrapping one leg around his hip, my nails dug into his shoulders as my hands slipped from his face.

Chris laid on his side as so did I “I think I have a little freak on my hands, I thought you know what I need to be good. But you a freak, I like it. I am ready for round two. I actually you can just sit on my face” feeling Chris grab my thigh, lifting my leg to place it over his legs “you really like my legs, you really have thing for it” touching his chest “it makes me feel some type of way, if you think I am crazy before. Shit is about to get worse and now you are going there, cancel it. We can just forget the world and lay naked” he moved his arm and reached behind him, grabbing the bed throw “you feel a little cold” smiling at him “Happy Birthday though, I can sing happy birthday to you tomorrow. You need to see your cake” he placed the bed throw on top of us both “you don’t think bad of me do you? It’s like you didn’t expect me to have sex? Does that make me bad?” I feel it now “oh nah, not at all. Shit hasn’t changed, I just feel more for you, you know. Connected to you, don’t think that. Only feel that if I was to leave you on the bed naked, I don’t do this. Look! I am here, holding you” he touched my cheek with the back of his hand, he has made me feel so much better.

the grey dove {part two}

@carryon-countdown day 30: Chapter 61

(also on ao3)

(part one)

length: 4.6k

genre(s): angst(kind of?)+fluff because otherwise y’all would hate me :p

triggers/warnings: none

The one where Simon works at a coffee shop, Baz needs to finish his Christmas shopping, and they both need to find their chill (aka the gay xmas movie we all deserve)

For the first time, I’m actually looking forward to seeing Baz in the morning. I even took the time to make sure I looked nice. I couldn’t do much about my uniform but my hair looks good (Well, I need a haircut; the sides are growing out). I can’t look like I’m trying too hard, anyway. I’ve got to be casual about this. Whatever “this” is. Is this a this? Was that even a sentence? Why am I thinking so hard about this? Oh, right.

It’s almost 9, the time he usually makes an appearance.

I’ve got it all planned out. As soon as he walks in the door, I’ll start his drink and, instead of his name, I’ll write my number and what time I get off work tonight. Is tonight too soon? I hope not, because I really (really) want to see him. Which probably isn’t very casual of me, but I can’t get him out of my head. I can’t stop thinking about him. I don’t think I want to. Which is strange, because I’m usually really good at keeping my thoughts in check. (Or, as Penny puts it, “not thinking”.)

I’m nervous. Christ, I’m actually nervous.

The bells on the wreath we hung up last night ring as the first customer of the day enters the shop. I look up. It’s not him. The second one isn’t him either. Or the third. Or the fourth, or even the fifth. But that’s okay. It’s okay, because he should be here soon. He shows up every day around this time. Every day. He’s probably just running late.

Except…except he’s never been late before. And it’s strange that he would now, especially after we nearly kissed twice. Twice. Enough to make me think he wanted me enough to try again. Except apparently not, because he isn’t here. I don’t know what I expected. Did I think he would just waltz in here and snog me over the counter? No, that’s not his style. Or is it? It hits me how little I actually know about Baz. I don’t even know his last name. I didn’t think I needed to, not yet. I thought we’d work up to that. I thought we might exchange numbers first.

I thought I might see him.

My plan for today is the same. His name is already on a cup (I got a bit overexcited earlier), and I’ve done my hair again. I even got it shaved down yesterday, figuring it was time. (The fact that Baz might like it hadn’t even crossed my mind.) (Much.)

I’ll admit: Baz not showing up yesterday made me nervous, like I’d messed up somehow. Misread the signals. This kind of thing is new to me, but we almost kissed twice and I’m pretty sure there’s no way to misread that. Probably.

Trust me to be the first.

I touch my lips, remembering how it felt to have Baz’s so close to my own. They were like a magnet, pulling me in, pulling me closer, pulling me until I had no choice but to kiss him. Not that I would mind. I’ve never even kissed a bloke before, but I know I’d like to.

I want to believe I’ve never thought about that before, but I’d be lying to myself. It’s a weird feeling, realizing things like this. Isn’t it supposed to be something you just…know about yourself? Deep down I think I’ve always known. Not that I’m gay, but that I wasn’t completely straight, but it was never something I thought much about because I was with Agatha and would be for a long time (maybe even forever). Thoughts like that weren’t necessary.

And now they’re hitting me all at once. Especially the ones about Baz (like how his hair falls in lazy waves across his forehead.) (Or how he looks when he’s blushing.) (And then how he looks when I notice.)

He has pretty eyelashes.

Christ, I’m thick.

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Somewhere Close To You (Part 18) - Thomas Imagine

A/N: As you sweethearts might already know, this is the last part of this story. I want to thank you all for showing me and this series so much love, I really appreciate it. I´ve had so much fun writing this story and you guys made it more special, so thank you so much and I really hope you enjoy the ending.

Pairing: Thomas x Reader
Note: The End
Masterlist for this series
Warning: SMUT! Cursing and fluff? I think that´s it.
Word count: 2399

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anonymous asked:

It's beca and Chloe's first time having sex since they started dating and beca is really nervous so Chloe takes control? Thanks! :)

Beca feels Chloe move on top of her as their mouths stay connected and she feels that same feeling she does every time their make out session intensifies; that heavy feeling that drops low into her stomach and her heart going a thousand miles an hour. She feels like a teenage boy who gets to go to second base for the first time, and she really wish she didn’t need air to keep going, that Chloe’s movements against her body were enough to keep her alive, but it doesn’t unfortunately and she breaks up the kiss.

“You okay?” Chloe asks while running her tongue over her bottom lip.

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INTERVIEW: Martine Syms

Martine Syms, an artist, publisher and writer from Los Angeles, spent a few nights at Ace Hotel New York for Ace AIR . While she was here, she produced a compilation film of canonical vines. 

It would be fair to assume that Martine Syms wears a lot of hats — she co-founded and ran the project space Golden Age in Chicago, founded Dominica Press in Los Angeles, and has extensively exhibited and published work in video, photography, writing, editing, design and performance. As a multi-disciplinary artist, Syms conceives and creates language as form, color as signifier, essay as performance — her mind is radically observant and her spirit mischievous and wise. And so funny. 

Hi Martine, are you in New York right now?

I am, I’ll be going to upstate New York soon which will be my last summer there. It’s a weird place. I like the forced pause. It’s such a different time, the relationship with time there is like desert time — you know when you’re in the desert and you’re gone for two days and it feels like you’ve been there for a week? A single day is endless.

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King’s Not-so Secrecy

So I’ve been kinda bored lately, so here’s a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for y’all Crowley fans. Enjoy!

Pairing: Crowley x Winchester(Little)Sister!Reader, Sam, Dean, (eventual (Sassy!)Cas if I get enough notes to do a second part).
Warnings: Angst? (”oh shit!” moments) If you have bad anxiety, read with caution! I love you!
Author: Luna  (◕▿◕🌸)

     There was no subtle way to put it. You were in a relationship with the King of Hell. Given, your brothers would never approve, so you and Crowley never spoke of it. You both had attempted to keep the “I hate your guts” front in front of anyone else, but it resolved down to “I can tolerate you” glares. Your incognito relationship had been riding along smoothly for a few months now, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t love Fergus MacLeod. You’d do anything for him, sell your soul even. He was a dedicated man, always making time for you, never forgetting special days, and bringing you your food cravings and comfort when you were under the weather. Ever since the first kiss, you knew you were in for a hell of a ride. 

     You and the boys had spent the past few weeks doing the usual business, hunting and eating unhealthy amounts of greasy hamburgers. But today, you were relaxing the day away as the boys decided to have time to themselves, for whatever reason. You assumed it was because Dean probably wanted to go to a local strip club, or maybe see Cas. Both were the same thing to you, since he’d be screwing someone’s ass either way. You carefully waited to make sure that the brothers were totally gone to call your favorite demon, just thinking his mere name, knowing he’d come at the sound of your voice. 

     You knew he was in the room with one whiff of his signature musk. You turned to find Crowley meeting your eyes with his hazel ones. He smirked at you, taking you in. “Daddy’s a bit busy, darling. I was just in a meeting.”

     You pouted, sticking out your bottom lip in a way that made your king go insane. “But you can have meetings whenever you’d like. You’re the King of Hell, what you say goes. And I don’t always have all the time in the world.”

     “True. Now that you mention it…” He trailed off, taking a step toward you. “I can set aside my meetings from today….” He held your hips gingerly with his large hands. 

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Apologies (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Request: Can you do a Liam imagine where he cheats on you with Hayden and he tries to make it up to you and you ignore him but he does something so cute and end up back together:))) love your imagines !!

 A/n: If a guy cheats on you, you dump his stupid ass because you deserve better, but enjoyy this imagine x

 Sometimes you think that the person you’re with will love you with all his heart. And that he’ll never hurt you in any way. But even the nicest guy can break people hearts.

Me and Liam were dating ever since he transferred from school. In the beginning we were happy. We were the couple that everyone wanted to be. We were happy, in love and we care for eachother. But everything changed since Hayden came to town.

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Fannibal Thanks

As shitty as things are in the world right now and as weird as 2016 has been, it was the year I watched Hannibal, this weird, beautiful gay show that changed my life and continually blows my mind that it’s even real, and found this lovely fandom I call home.

There are too many people to thank individually and I don’t want to leave anyone out, so just know I love you all and your support, humor, creativity, talent, and passion. I have found so much here to inspire me creatively as well as a great place to come when things are hard in my own life. Hoping you all have a wonderful 2017 and that we all can find love and strength here through this shitty parts. I look forward to what the next year brings in this fandom!!!

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I’m in a weird place where I hate all my projects in progress right now. So I don’t know this is probably a long shot. But um. Is there anyone very lazy out there, with (like) a simple story in mind, who would like to see it animated ? I know there are many people doing concept arts and stuff but still hesitate to jump into the 24fps marathon.
I mean, for free, of course, you’d actually be doing me a favor, I totally crave drawing and I’m just stuck in that place…
The plot may be defined or undefined, really, and the characters just the same. If you want to do the backgrounds yourself, maybe if you’re a painter or such or if you know a guy you can, same for the music and the voices and all, it’s a very open demand. I’m aiming for a 0-to-10 minutes project that would keep me busy for a while. I’ll just repeat that in bold.

Does anyone (lazy / dreaming) has a (simple / awesome) story they would like me to animate (for free / fun) ?