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Just because someone is generous doesn't mean you can take advantage of them.

Background: both my parents are ophthalmologists (eye surgeon) and they practice at a private clinic together. To comply with rule #6 I won’t mention in which country this takes place but keep in mind this isn’t in the states or Canada.

Five years ago my parents took over a private clinic. The doctor that was practicing there previously had treated his nurses horribly (e.g., yelling and throwing things at the nurses when they make a mistake, calling them all sorts of awful names even in front of patients). However, my parents are not the kind of people who can do that.

So when my parents took over the clinic, they gave the nurses a raise, were flexible with their schedule, and treated them humanely. Not to generalize an entire country but for an employer to treat their employees with kindness is not very common here.

Here’s where the problem started. The nurses, instead of appreciating my parents’ generosity, they thought it would be okay to try and take advantage of this situation. They would show up late, come up with excuses to skip their shift and complain when my parents don’t pay them for their personal days, and they would talk down to my parents.

My parents never tolerated this kind of behaviour in the first place. Whenever the nurses behaved like this, they would sit them down and remind them that they should be treating my parents with respect not only because my parents are their superior but because they’re all adults. They would behave well for a few months and then the same thing would happen again. My parents have already replaced two of them so it’s not like they’re under the illusion that they have job security.

*Soapbox alert*: What bothers me most is that these nurses behaved perfectly well when they were being treated like animals by the previous doctor. And I would be more understanding if they were young but these nurses are in their mid-forties to mid-fifties.

Anyway, August is when most businesses take their summer vacation which basically means employees get a three or four day weekend but very rarely more than four. And surprise surprise, one of the nurses last week were complaining about not receiving a six-day-long paid vacation. She’s claiming that’s how much nurses receive at other clinics (which they don’t) and that it’s illegal for my parents to not allow them to do so (it’s not). And it’s not like we’re prohibiting her from using up her personal days to extend her long weekend.

I think that was the last straw for my mother. She spoke to our lawyer to double check what we’re allowed to do. Here’s a rough translation of what my mom said to that nurse yesterday in front of all the other nurses:

“We pay you above average for a private clinic nurse and we’ve been more than reasonable to your complaints and requests. There’s nothing else I can do to make the work environment here any safer and more peaceful. Despite never having done anything illegal nor violating any part of our contract, you think it’s appropriate to act like we’re taking advantage of you? Fine, let’s play by the ‘law’.”

  • Her contract needs to be renewed at the end of September. Her pay will be decreased to the legally required minimum wage.
  • The premium healthcare we provide for our employees that we’re not legally obligated to pay for? Her’s will be reduced to the basic plan.
  • Nurses are paid by the hour and there’s no minimum number of hours legally required in the contract so we already cut her shifts by half.

The workforce in this country is incredibly competitive so given her age, it is very unlikely she’ll be able to find another job as a nurse. Even if she did, she would have to leave my parents on good terms; as in she can’t badmouth us or cause chaos right before quitting otherwise her license could easily be taken away and all it takes is for my parents to blacklist her in the doctors’ association and no doctor in this country will ever hire her.

Her husband owns a construction firm that does pretty well so it’s not like the contract revisions will put her family out in the streets or anything. Still, I know this kind of makes us look like monsters but my parents rarely take such drastic measures. As their child, it was super satisfying to see them finally defend themselves.

(There are multiple updates from the author)

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Coming Home - Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer gets released from prison and comes home to the reader and their daughter.

Y/N - Your name

Y/D/N - Your daughter’s name

Word Count: 1,169

Author’s Note: Sorry I’ve been gone for almost two weeks :( I went on vacation with my friend and then came back to so much make up work and ap testing. Hopefully you guys don’t hate me, here’s this! :)

It had been weeks since the three of you were together, hell, it had been two weeks alone since you visited him in there. Spencer looked absolutely horrible when you did, bruises aligned his jaw and he had a black eye that stuck out like a sore thumb.

It was obvious he was going out of his mind in that place when he snapped saying that he was capable of murder, even though you knew it wasn’t true. You worried about him almost every second after that moment and just wanted him to come home, but you couldn’t show your daughter how scared you really were.

She asked almost every night when daddy would be coming home and lately you were running out of excuses, but telling a seven year old what was really going on was just not an option.

Your thoughts ate you alive most nights, but you couldn’t stop blaming yourself until you would eventually fall asleep.

*phone vibrates*

It was four a.m when this was going on and you were usually passed out until at least seven, nothing was waking you up tonight.

After four missed calls, they gave up.

Once the sunshine hit the curtains Y/D/N came running in your room and hopped right next to you in bed. She seemed to always be full of energy in the mornings, which wasn’t a good thing on weekends.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Y/D/N was pushing you a little by now trying to get you up.

“What? I’m awake..” your eyes hadn’t opened because you were determined to get a few more hours of sleep. It was Saturday anyway, you had nowhere to be.

Y/D/N let out a loud sigh that made you open your eyes and laugh.

“Oh we’re pouting now, are we?”

Y/D/N nodded and crawled under the covers next to you. Her hair was long enough to be put into a tiny ponytail but it never seemed to stay tamed, especially after sleeping. Once she had turned four it was apparent she had gotten her daddies hazel eyes, which wasn’t a problem until now, when all you could see was him while looking at her.

“Someone was knocking at the door a few minutes ago but you and daddy told me not to answer to strangers, but I think they gave up.”

You looked at Y/D/N with confusion, it was 7 a.m, who was at the house this early? Oh no. What if something happened to Spencer? You jumped up and searched for your phone that was scattered somewhere in your sheets.

Four missed calls from Emily Prentiss. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

You didn’t even bother putting a sweatshirt over Spencer’s old t-shirt and walked as fast as you could to the front door. If something happened, you had no idea what you were going to do.

The peephole wasn’t even a thought before you yanked the door open to see Spencer standing there.

You were completely frozen seeing him, shock completely took over your body. This wasn’t real. You felt tears rolling down your cheeks but couldn’t move. For all the times you’d dreamed this, you never thought it would come true.


His voice felt like home, something that hadn’t been the same since he was gone. Relief washed over you but before you could get a word out Y/D/N came running past you and latched onto Spencer’s legs.

“Daddy! You’re home!” Y/D/N’s smile was as big as could be, as was his.

“I missed you so much goober.” you watched as Spencer kneel down and hug Y/D/N.

“I missed you too, I lost a tooth!” Y/D/N took a step back and smiled showing the hole inside her mouth. Spencer’s mouth dropped playing along as if it was the coolest thing he’s ever seen.

“No way! Wow, did you put your tooth under your pillow for the tooth fairy?”

“Yes, mommy helped me and I got five bucks the next morning!” Y/D/N pointed at you and giggled as Spence looked up at you.

“Well isn’t that awesome! Hey Y/D/N, wanna go get me some water while I talk to mom?”

She nodded and ran into the kitchen.

“I uh, um..” you tried saying something, anything really, but you had no idea what to say.

Spencer stepped towards you nodding, understanding everything that was going on in your mind. He knew you like the back of his hand, surprises were not your thing.

The height difference between you two was perfect for him to kiss the top of your head. You loved this, especially when you would get stressed.

“I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry Spence.” you mumbled as your face was scrunched against his shirt, which smelled of faded cologne.

Spencer looked down at you confused, “You’re sorry? Baby, what do you have to be sorry about?”

“All of this is my fault, I never should’ve let you go across the border, especially alone.”

Before he could react to what you just said Y/D/N came running back in with the glass of water. You backed out of his arms and watched as your daughter and husband talked.

Spencer kept looking over at you to make sure you were okay and flashed a couple smiles until you got up to go to the bathroom, or just sit in there.

After a few minutes a light knock came on the door,”Y/N, could I come in?”

You quietly sighed saying yes and unlocked the door. You sat back down on the side of the tub as he walked in, staring at the floor once he shut the door behind him.

“Can we talk?”

You nodded, “About what?”

“About you feeling guilty, because you shouldn’t.. At all. I was going even if you hadn’t agreed Y/N. None of this was your fault.”

“Okay.” you mumbled so low that he could barely hear you.

“Y/N.. please look at me.”

You shook your head and wiped the tears that had fallen. Spencer bent down and took your hands in his.

“Baby..” his voice cracked, “please?”

You squeezed his hands then looked up for your eyes to meet, Spencer gave a slight smile as you realized how badly you missed his touch. Those puppy dog eyes were all you needed right now.

“What do you need me to do so you’ll feel safe again Y/N?.”

“I just.. I can’t lose you again.”

“You’ll never lose me Y/N.”Spencer leaned in and placed a kiss on your forehead still holding your hands.

You smiled at those words, “Good.”

Spencer leaned back and glimpsed at your shirt and messy hair smiling, “You’re beautiful Y/N but I think that shirt is pretty awesome too.”

You blushed and shoved his shoulder, “You’re too sweet to me Spence, but you know I always steal your shirts.”

“That’s okay, you wear them better than I ever did.”

I Can’t Lose You, Not Again- Harry Hook x Reader

Originally posted by lavendertitties

A/n I am trying to finish up all my request since I haven’t been on my A game with writing and getting them done(Kind of). So I should be updating more often, well until school starts. Also, I am surprised at all the notes I got on my other Harry one. I got more on that one then my Carlos one XD

Request/Summary: Hi! can I get an imagine where Y/N is Harry’s girl and she gets in a nasty fight with Uma but Harry doesn’t believe Uma started it, so she was feeling so heartbroken that she left and Evie snuck her in the limo while leaving for Auradon (the first time) and Harry was looking everywhere for her and days later he saw her on tv in the red carpet of coronation day and Uma told him the truth and he was done? And then y/n returned because of Ben and they saw each other again? Thank youuu

During the story you pick between three dresses, just in case you are confused at the picture during the story. You guys are smart though so I am sure you have figured that out yourself.

Warnings: None

Y/nn= Your nickname

“Hey y/nn, do you want to come with me? I have a few errand to run, if you know what I mean,” I heard Uma ask me.

“Sorry Uma I can’t, I have to finish this one for Gil. Maybe next time though,” I told her as I kept working. 

“God, why do I even keep you around? You never want to do anything I ask you to do or go on errands with me. I don’t know what Harry sees in you,” Uma stated harshly. I looked back at her, shocked that she would say that.

“What do you mean you don’t know why you keep me around or what Harry sees in me,” I questioned her as my voice began to rise.

“You aren’t good or bad enough to be in our crew. You are a weakling that I only keep around for Harry even though I shouldn’t. You drag him down, I mean he could do do much better than you. Just look at you. You are so pathetic, you are just a weak child who needs someone to hold there hand,” She shouted back.

“I do not need my hand held. I don’t even need you or your stupid pirate crew. You are the weak one, you are the child who needs their hand held. You wouldn’t be anyone without your crew,” I shot back just as angry.

“You know what, why don’t you just leave? No on wants you here,” She sneered back.

“I think Harry would disagree, he would chose me over anyone anyday,” I yelled back even though I knew if he had to chose between me and Uma I would lose.

“We both know that is a lie. Harry doesn’t even love you, he only keeps you around because he pities you,” She said lowering her voice and getting in my face.

“You know what, I don’t need you. Why don’t I just go and join Mal’s crew, how would you like that Shrimpy? I know a lot of dirty secrets that I am sure the four of them would love to know,” I stated as a wicked grin came across my face.

“What’s going on here,” I heard a scottish accent ask from behind me. Uma backed up from me and looked at Harry.

“Y/n here was just saying how weak I was and I was a child who needed my hand held. She said she was going to join Mal’s crew because she doesn’t need us. Princess here threatened to spill our dirty secrets,” Uma said making Harry’s eyes widen.

“Y/n why one earth would you say that? You know Uma isn’t weak, why else would she be the captain and why would you threaten to spill out secrets,” He asked me, completely ignoring the fact Uma said I would join the rival gang.

“Harry she started it. Uma said she didn’t know what you saw in me and asked why she even kept me around. I was just defending myself,” I said trying to get him on my side, the right side if I might add.

“Harry, you know I would never say that,” She lied, trying to persuade him. He looked over at Uma who gave him an innocent look and then looked back at me.

“Uma would never say such things, I think you should apologize y/n,” He defended her. I looked at him like he was crazy.

“Please tell me you aren’t being serious? How could you not believe me, I am your girlfriend. Are you really going to take her side over mine,” I asked in disbelief. 

“I have known Uma longer than you and if she says she didn’t start it then she didn’t,”  He replied. I laughed bitterly and shook my head.

“You know what Hook, why don’t you just date her then since you can trust her more,” I angrily stated as I got up and stormed out of the Chip shop. I heard Harry calling my name but I just picked up my pace. I made my way over to where the Vk’s were and saw them all there. They all smiled at me but quickly frowned when I bursted into tears. Evie was the first one up and wrapped her arms around me.

“What’s wrong y/nn,” She asked with concern in her voice. The other three followed right behind her and they created a little huddle around me.

“I-I was t-talking to Uma a-and we got into an a-argument which she started and Harry c-cam in and he asked what happened. So I-I told him and he d-din’t believe me and s-sided with her,” I stuttered out as tears poured down my face.

“What? How could he side with her, you’re his girl,” Jay asked with angry in him voice.

“Y/n if he can’t defend you, then he doesn’t deserve you,” Carlos said.

“They’re right, you know,” Mal asked. I nodded my head knowing they were right.

“If you want, we are leaving for Auradon tomorrow. I could sneak you into the limo,” She asked. I thought it over and decided I would go. My whole life I had wanted to go to auradon and now that I have the chance I am going to take it.

“I would love to go,” I said with a small smile. They all pulled me into a hug and I left soon after so I could pack. Tomorrow was going to be a star to a brand new life, a life without Harry Hook.

Harry Pov-

It had been a day since Y/n, Uma, and I had and I felt terrible. I shouldn’t have sided with Uma, y/n is my girlfriend after all. I had spent the whole day looking for her but I couldn’t find her. It was getting late and I was making no progress. No one knew where she was and I was getting angry. I knew she was mad at me but that didn’t mean she had to hid from me. It was getting dark so I just decided to call it a night. I would just wake up early so I could find her, it had only been one day and I was already going insane without her. I need her back.

~A couple days later~

It had been a few days since I last saw y/n and I was worried. Every second of the day I was looking for my y/n hoping she would show up but she never did. I was currently in the Fish shop eating quickly so I could go out and look for her. Uma walked in and turned on the tv. That’s when I heard her beautiful laughter. I immediately turned around and looked at the tv. I looked at the screen in shock and awe. I was shocked that she would go to  Auradon without telling me but in awe at how gorgeous she looked in her dress.

Uma followed my gaze to the tv and gasped. 

“I didn’t think she would take what I said seriously,” She said, a guilty look spreading across me face.

“You actually said those horrible things to her,” I yelled at her. She lowered her head and avoided my gaze.

“I can’t believe I didn’t believe her when she was telling the truth. This, this is all my fault,” I breathed out. Uma took my hand and shook her head.

“No it’s not, it is may fault. I should have told you I lied. I don’t even know why I said those things, I never even meant them,” She said in a strained voice. I didn’t say anything back, I couldn’t say anything back.

“I know one thing though, those four took her from us. We need revenge on them for all the wrong they have ever caused us,” Uma said with venom dripping from her tongue. I nodded my head fast. She was right, they took her from me. Without them or Beasty Boy, y/n would still be here with me and everything would have been fine. 

“You’re right, I want revenge,” I growled out.

“And you will get it, we all will,” She stated with an evil grin. I may not be the brightest lad or be able to count but I knew one thing. I will have my revenge and I will get y/n back.

~6 months later~

Your pov

“What do you mean Mal went back,” I questioned wondering why in the world someone would want to go back.

“She just left, I don’t understand why she would leave but she did,” Evie sighed out.

“Listen y/n, I know you probably don’t want to go back because of Harry but we need you. Mal needs you right now,” Evie said taking my hands in her.

“I know and I intend to be there, for her,” I hesitantly said. I knew I had to go but I didn’t know if I could see him again. He was my everything and it took so long to get over him. I still wasn’t over Harry but what could I do? I couldn’t abandon my friend just because of my fear. No, I had to do this for Mal.

~After limo drive~

“Hey, are you ok,” Ben asked me as he pulled me into a side hug. I gave him a small smile.

“I’m fine I just, this place brings back horrible memories,” I told him, earning a sad look in response.

“Hey what does that tube lead to,” Ben asked, making me quickly pull him away.

“You don’t want to know, trust me,” I said with a low growl in my voice. We started walking away but I stopped. 

“Hey guys do you mind if I just walk around? I will meet you at the old hang out,” I told them. 

“Y/n if you are going to talk to Harry-” Carlos started but I cut him off.

“I’m not I just, I want to just look around,” I said trying to convinces them I wasn’t looking for Harry. Honestly, I was trying to convince myself more then I was them. Part of me hoped that I would accidentally bump into him but I knew it wouldn’t happen and that it was better that way. They all said ok but mumbled their complaints. I quickly walked off before they could stop me. It had been so long since I was here but the place barely changed. I was absentmindedly walking around when I bumped into someone.

“Hey watch where you-,”  started but stopped when I saw who it was.

“Gil,” I said excitedly pulling him into a hug.

“Hey y/n! I have missed you so much,” He murmured into my hair.

“I missed you too,” I said cheerfully. We pulled a part and gave each other friendly smiles.

“So are you back for good? Oh I should go tell Harry and Uma! They have missed you so much. They are going to be so-,” I cut him off.

“No! Harry and Uma don’t need to know I am back and I’m not staying,” I told him sternly,

“What? Of course I am going to tell them,” He responded back.

“Oh, there you are,” I heard Jay say.

“Wait a minute, you’re King Ben,” Gil exclaimed. Ben and the others tried to deny it but I knew Gil and even though that boy wasn’t the brightest, he would still know that was Ben.

“We have to go Gil but it was good seeing you,” I stated quickly as I pushed them all away. We made it to our old hang out and we all wished Ben luck.

“What did Gil say to you,” I heard Evie ask, breaking the silence. I felt all of their gazes on me as I looked down to the floor.

“He just said how much he, Uma, and Harry missed me,” I whispered out. I looked up at all of them and they gave me sympathetic looks. I turned my head to the stairs when I heard footsteps. 

“Where is she,” I asked, confused as to why he came down alone.

“She isn’t coming back,” Ben mumbled out.

“What! Let me go talk to her,” I said as I began to walk the stairs.

“Mal,” I called out.

“Please just go,” She weakly said back.

“Not until you tell me why you left,”I sternly said, not giving up so easy.

“Y/n I don’t belong there, I belong here. I’m not some pink princess, I can’t pretend to be who I’m not anymore. I can’t,” She sobbed out. I pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back.

“Then don’t, no one wanted you too. Mal, Ben didn’t fall in love with you because you were a princess. He fell in love with the real you, we all did M. If you are so unhappy though, I understand your decision. I just want you to know that we have your back no matter what, I have your back,” I told her which caused her crying to calm down.

“Thank you y/n, that means a lot to me,” She said with a smile.

“No problem.”

“Guys we have bad news,” Jay yelled out from the other side of the room.

“What’s wrong,” I questioned, my voice full of concern.

“What, where’s Ben,” I asked more panicked.

“Ben’s been captured by Uma and her crew. We just talked to Harry and he wants you two to go down to the Chip shop with no one else,” Carlos said. I gasped. No, I wasn’t ready to see him yet. I wasn’t ready to see any of them yet.

“If you guys never would have brought him here, this never would have happened. What were you thinking,” Mal yelled at us.

“He was gonna come with or without us, we just wanted to protect him,” Evie protested.

“Yeah and we completely blew it,” Carlos snapped back stepping in front of Evie.

“Okay, okay so what are we going to do,” Jay asked.

“We are not do anything. This is between Uma, y/n, and I and she is a punk. Guess what, now we have to go get him,” Mal stated, clearly aggravated.

“Whoa, whoa Mal. You guys are still going to have to go through Harry, Gil, and her whole crew,” Carlos said concerned. 

“Yeah, you are going to nee us,” Jay backed up Carlos. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. They weren’t going to hurt us, no matter how crazy they were.

“She said for only us two to go,” Mal argued back.

“Mal come one,” Evie pleaded back. 

“She said to go with no one else,” I finally said back.

“I know one thing, I’m not going anywhere,” Carlos stated, sitting down.

“We’ll be here when you get back,” Jay said, caving in. Mal and I left, making our to Uma’s shop.

“You sure you want to do this,” Mal asked as we got closer. I nodded my head in response. We got to the shop and Mal walked in first.

“I’m back,” She sang out. I stayed back for a second, not having the courage to walk in yet.

“Loser, party of one. Right this way, wait a second.Where is y/n,” Uma asked. Before Mal could answer I walked in.

“Right here,” I said in an unamused tone. I saw a look of happiness and surprise flash on her face.

“I can’t believe you are actually here, I didn’t believe Gil,” She stated in disbelief.

“Well I am here,” I simply said. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a pirate in a red coat and a hook. Uma slid a chair over to Mal but walked over to me.

“Harry wants to talk to you, he is over there. I just wanted to say I am so sorry. I didn’t mean anything I said and it was wrong of me to lie. I-I don’t know what I was thinking,” she apologized. Something about the way she spoke and her body language made me believe she was telling the truth.

“It’s alright but we aren’t cool. I am sticking with Mal on this one, Ben has become one of my closest friends. I will do what I have to to get him back,” I told her which caught her off guard.

“I see, like I said Harry is over there,” She pointed him out. I locked eyes with him and all the feelings I had for him came rushing back. I hesitantly walked over to where he was.

“Hello darling,” He said when I was right next to him.

“Hook,” I replied coldly. I looked over at him with an emotionless expressions. When I looked into his eyes all I saw was hurt and pain. 

“I’m sorry lass. I should’ve believed you, I don’t know why I didn’t. I know you were right and I feel so dumb for not knowing it then. I looked for you for days, I barely slept or ate. I fell apart without you y/n. Please forgive me,” Harry begged. I wanted to hug him and tell him it was ok, that I forgave him but my hatred took over.

“I can’t forgive you Harry, I just can’t. I have been hurt so many times in my life but when you sided with Uma I felt, not only hurt but betrayed. I can’t go through that again. I love you, but I just can’t,” I told him heartbroken.

“Please y/n I can’t lose you, not again,” Harry begged on the verge of tears.

“I’m sorry Harry but you have already lost me,” I told him as I turned to look at Mal and saw she was done. As we walked out of the shop I gave Harry one last sad look before turning and walking out.

A/n You can send me random questions in my ask box or message me. I have been like super bored lately so it would help a lot.  I don’t plan on making a part 2 to this, if I do it will be after I get most of my request done. Sorry! I know the ending sucks and I haven’t reread it so there are probably a ton of mistakes :/

A Different Fork

For the True Mates day of @hannigram-a-b-o-library​‘s SummertimeSlick event, an Omegaverse re-imagining of Hannibal’s very first episode, Aperitif (part of a series of standalone fics that can be found on AO3).

Thanks for the gorgeous banner go to @desperatelyseekingcannibals​ (look, I’m finally using it hon!).

Also on AO3.

Please let this be a hallucination.

Will closed his eyes and hoped. This had never worked for him before but short of impaling himself on Jack’s coat rack, he had few other options.

In theory, Will knew all about the Omega imprinting impulse and had always thought it was a damn silly trait. The idea that from one scrap of physical contact, an Omega could identify their ideal mate seemed more like something out of a fairytale than a biology class, despite having heard the tales from Omegas who had experienced it.

One scrap of physical contact like, say, a handshake.

Like the one Will had just exchanged, at Jack’s behest, with Doctor Hannibal Lecter. The one which had caused his body to light up like a Christmas tree, or one of his dogs catching the scent of a rabbit. The one that had told him, in no uncertain terms, that the tall, poised, exquisitely turned-out man in front of him was, biologically speaking, a bullseye. A touchdown. Will Graham’s golden ticket.

Maybe Jack had a particularly sharp letter opener on his desk.

The advantage, of course, of the imprinting process, was that no one else was aware of it. The Omega could keep quiet and go about their business, leaving the Alpha in question none the wiser, at least until they could ascertain compatibility in other areas.

Unfortunately, during their brief conversation, Doctor Lecter had quickly proved himself interesting in more ways than just his pheromones. He had matched Will’s mind thought for thought, easily falling into good-humoured (on Lecter’s side, anyway) conversational sparring. In other circumstances, Will would have been pleasantly surprised to be engaged in such a way. In Jack’s office, with Jack’s scrutinising gaze upon them, Will could only be suspicious.

“Whose profile are you working on?” Without allowing the doctor space to answer, Will turned to Jack and iterated, “Whose profile is he working on?” They were going to get precisely thirty seconds to give what would undoubtedly be an unsatisfactory explanation, then Will was getting the hell out of there.

Hannibal slid smoothly into the proffered space, to answer, “I’m sorry, Will. Observing is what we do. I can’t shut mine off any more than you can shut yours off.”

Will reflected that there was little more annoying than someone who really understood you, except possibly someone who could intrigue you when intrigue was the last thing you wanted.

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pulse shooting

exactly one year ago today was the shooting at pulse… and i know no one cares anymore and only like 3 people might see this but i’m too scared to voice this anywhere people i know irl will see it
when i found out, i was sitting at my grandma’s breakfast room table. we were looking at places for our next family reunion. i opened the computer to look at cabins… and as google loaded, i saw the news link… “more than 50 injured in mass shooting in orlando.”
my mom asked me what was taking so long, but i couldn’t answer. i was in so much shock because of what had happened… i couldn’t speak, or even move. once i had gotten over the initial shock, i helped to research cabins, but it wasn’t the only thing on my mind. this horrible thing had happened and i knew nothing. i opened articles, read what had happened. it was a gay night club on latinx night. this wasn’t just a mass shooting. it was a mass shooting done with the intent of being a hate crime. we went throughout the rest of the day, the younger ones wondering why some of the flags were being flown at half mast and some weren’t, and the older ones explaining that it was nothing for them to worry about. hell, i was told it was nothing for me to worry about. i was forced to research it and keep myself updated. 34 injured, 26 dead. i asked my grandma what she felt about what had happened. she told me that if she were there, she would have stopped the man or died trying. i asked her husband, he said he would stop the man and protect my grandmother or die trying. 42 injured, 35 dead. I asked my other grandfather what he felt. he said if he would’ve been there, he might not have stopped him. to this day i’m not sure how to feel about that. 48 injured, 38 dead. i lay in bed that evening, trying to make sense of why this event is affecting me at this level. is it because i knew what happened soon after it happened? is it because i’m part of the lgbt+ community? that day was the first time it really seemed like a community to me. as i try to learn more, i find that there was a near-bombing at san francisco pride the day before. my friend was there. she could’ve been… gone. 53 injured, 49 dead. the gunman shot himself after shooting all the others. 53 injured, 49 dead. he could never count in the casualties, the casualties are his fault in the first place. 53 injured, 49 dead. a week later i read a buzzfeed article that gives the audio of his phone call to the police. he claims to worship allah and be part of isis. i’m not muslim, but i’m almost certain there’s something in their holy book about peace. 53 injured, 49 dead.
today i read an article about kaliesha andino, who was injured there. she is still struggling, fighting to recover.
omar mateen, if you’re somehow reading this from hell, are you happy? is this what you wanted to accomplish? was it worth it?
i’m going to end this with the names of those who died. that is the only appropriate way to end it, i think.

Stanley Almodovar III, 23 years old
Amanda L. Alvear, 25 years old
Oscar A. Aracena Montero, 26 years old
Rodolfo Ayala Ayala, 33 years old
Antonio Davon Brown, 29 years old
Darryl Roman Burt II, 29 years old
Angel Candelario-Padro, 28 years old
Juan Chavez Martinez, 25 years old
Luis Daniel Conde, 39 years old
Cory James Connell, 21 years old
Tevin Eugene Crosby, 25 years old
Deonka Deidra Drayton, 32 years old
Simón Adrian Carrillo Fernández, 31 years old
Leroy Valentin Fernandez, 25 years old
Mercedez Marisol Flores, 26 years old
Peter Ommy Gonzalez Cruz, 22 years old
Juan Ramon Guerrero, 22 years old
Paul Terrell Henry, 41 years old
Frank Hernandez, 27 years old
Miguel Angel Honorato, 30 years old
Javier Jorge Reyes, 40 years old
Jason Benjamin Josaphat, 19 years old
Eddie Jamoldroy Justice, 30 years old
Anthony Luis Laureano Disla, 25 years old
Christopher Andrew Leinonen, 32 years old
Alejandro Barrios Martinez, 21 years old
Brenda Marquez McCool, 49 years old
Gilberto R. Silva Menendez, 25 years old
Kimberly Jean Morris, 37 years old
Akyra Monet Murray, 18 years old
Luis Omar Ocasio Capo, 20 years old
Geraldo A. Ortiz Jimenez, 25 years old
Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera, 36 years old
Joel Rayon Paniagua, 32 years old
Jean Carlos Mendez Perez, 35 years old
Enrique L. Rios, Jr., 25 years old
Jean Carlos Nieves Rodríguez, 27 years old
Xavier Emmanuel Serrano-Rosado, 35 years old
Christopher Joseph Sanfeliz, 24 years old
Yilmary Rodríguez Solivan, 24 years old
Edward Sotomayor Jr., 34 years old
Shane Evan Tomlinson, 33 years old
Martin Benitez Torres, 33 years old
Jonathan A. Camuy Vega, 24 years old
Juan Pablo Rivera Velázquez, 37 years old
Luis Sergio Vielma, 22 years old
Franky Jimmy DeJesus Velázquez, 50 years old
Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon, 37 years old
Jerald Arthur Wright, 31 years old

the orlando shooting was not okay. if you want to hear facts spouted at you from news outlets today, go ahead. sometimes, though, stories are the best way to impact lives.

to my ‘almost lover’:

the way you made me feel, i will never be able to forget. so safe, so calm, just purely at ease.
you loved me when i couldn’t love myself, always and unconditionally. when i hated myself and couldn’t bear to look in the mirror, you taught me that there was more than skin and bones to me. you saw something in me that my eyes have yet to see. you looked beyond this skin i live in, looked into my soul and looked into my heart. you saw the darkest, most bruised places of my being and loved me there without my pleading. when my mind was a horrible place to be in, you managed to get me out of it every time it was needed. you were patient, caring and protective, always and unconditionally. the love you gave just came naturally, you said it’s what you’ll always do for me.

my ‘almost lover’,
we could have been more, so much more. i could have been yours and you could have been mine. and i know it’s my fault that we never were but oh, how i wish we were.

—  e.s. // my ‘almost lover’.
On Keith and leaving Allura behind

One thing I’ve always wanted to clear up is the ‘Keith is cold-hearted’ thing. I can see how the scene of him being ready to leave Allura behind might come across as such, to quote Hunk: “Keith, that’s cold-hearted even for you.” 

But that is not how things actually are. Let me explain why he acted the way he did back then, because Keith has had just as many emotions about it as everyone else. 

Keith is rational, observant and tends to state stuff exactly as it is, with all facts lied out to make sure that everyone gets the whole picture. (see: how he explained his board in s1e1, how he argues with Lance at the beginning of s1e3 etc.) He has been known to accept critique pretty well - he actively tries to work on his temper (“patience yields focus”) and accepted that Lance’s plan was better than his in s1e7. In turn, however, he expects people to treat him the same way. If there isn’t any evidence to contradict it, he takes things people tell him at face value and accepts them as facts. It is one of the reasons him and Lance clash often, Keith can be found constantly correcting Lance’s statements and Lance doesn’t appreciate that. 

This is coupled with his rational personality. I have no doubt that part of that comes from having been forced to grow up without a family and people to comfort him when he was feeling lost, he has had to deal with reality screwing him over quite a lot of times already. He is extremely cautious and protective of his friends when a possible threat appears (see: how he placed himself in front of the team when Klaizap appeared in s1e2), probably exactly because he knows that when they are gone, they are gone. That happened to his dad, that happened to Shiro. 

And now he thinks the same thing has happened to Allura.

It is not that he doesn’t want to help her - because he does. He really does, he even said so himself. (And he wasn’t lying. We all know that Keith is an absolutely horrible liar.) In his mind, there were four facts battling with one another: 1) I want to save my friend; 2) “the ship that is headed to Zarkon’s central command?” “the place that’s way too dangerous for us to attack?” (a direct quote from an exchange between Hunk and Keith from s1e10. Keith had accepted that information a fact); 3) we are fighting against an enemy we know next to nothing about; and 4) I am responsible for the entire universe and I can only protect it with Voltron, for which Allura technically isn’t essential. 

So he stands there and goes through all the facts. And he comes to the - absolutely logical - conclusion that it is too dangerous to go to Zarkon’s headquarters. He could lose even more friends. He could lose the universe’s only hope. So he does what he always does: suppress his emotions for the greater good. He did that there, he did it when he decided to give up the blade in s2e8.

But then the others turn against him. We can’t see his face when they begin to vehemently protest against his statement-

-but I have no doubt that it would be serious and reflective. The backlash would have made him reconsider the conclusion he had come to. Because that’s what he does when he faces critique: take a step back and reevaluate. Obviously, fact 2) wasn’t quite right. [Also note how open his body language is, he is more than willing to discuss this.] 

And once the execution of their plan starts, which means an actual chance for getting his friend back, he is right at the front of the group again. 

Keith isn’t cold-hearted. Not at all. Does this look like the face of a cold-hearted person to you?

Because that is the face he made when he came to the conclusion that it would be too dangerous to save Allura. He is not happy about it. He genuinely believed that she was already lost and they were about to condemn the universe for a suicide rescue mission. If there is anything he can do to save his friends, he will do it. Like, seriously - he had never seen Zarkon before that episode. For all he knew, Zarkon could be 5ft tall, wield magic and be immortal. But as soon as he saw a normal-sized Galra in armor, Zarkon suddenly became less of an abstract concept and more of something that he has an actual fighting chance against. Look at how his attitude towards him changed in season 2, at the end of it he volunteered to infiltrate Zarkon’s base on his own!  

(Also. He was the one that asked Allura if she was sure that she wanted to come with them: “I’m sorry, princess, did you say ‘we’?!” in s1e10. He was worried for her. There is no way he didn’t want her back.)

Keith constantly watches out for the greater good. It’s what he told Pidge when she wanted to leave to go look for her family - “everyone in the universe has families!” - and what he did when he gave up finding out about his past in the Trials of Marmora. He pushes his own emotions down because he genuinely believes one person’s life and/or comfort isn’t worth putting the entire universe at risk. And that does not equal being cold-hearted.

tl;dr: Keith has had perfectly valid reasons why he hesitated to go on the rescue mission. He wanted her back just as much as everyone else. He is not a cold-hearted asshole.

Say Goodbye

For a month Anti had been trying to take control of the famous Jacksepticeye, that ridiculous screaming YouTuber whose head he was trapped inside ever since the figment was born. He’d glitched videos, written messages, and had the entire fanbase wrapped around his little finger. With each new theory, each new comment he grew in power. And now it’s time. He’s finally strong enough, and he will put an end to Jack once and for all.

He thinks Jack is oblivious. After all, Jack has no memories of the times that Anti grabbed the reins, but of course, Jack has seen the videos. He’s seen the glitches and the fans chattering about it like crazy. He knows that something is amiss, but he doesn’t know what he’s going to do about it. Anti seems to crave attention from the fans, something that he already has plenty of, but what more does Anti want? And what sort of climax is all this building up to?

When Jack picks up the knife to finish his pumpkin, he suddenly realizes. He feels an insane compulsion to cut his own throat, and he can’t understand why until it all clicks in his head. With him out of the way, Anti will have center stage. Jack tries to stop himself. But Anti has control now.

He feels the blade biting into his skin, feels the blood creep down his neck, and at the last moment, he feels Anti draw back. His influence over Jack’s body wavers, and Jack releases the knife while he still has time.

He springs away from the table, his breathing erratic. “Wh-what do ya want?”

Anti, from inside Jack’s mind, growls in a layered fuzz of static, “I want out!”

Jack rushes to the bathroom to grab a towel and presses it against the wound to his neck; fortunately, Anti hadn’t managed to cut a major artery. “You could’a killed us both!”

“Maybe not! Maybe I would finally have a body to myself! And even if it did kill me, too, it would be better than having to live inside another person’s brain all the time!” Anti makes Jack kick the bathroom vanity. “’m tired of having no control!”

Jack rubs his sore toe and keeps pressing the towel to his neck. Can’t let Signe see this, or she’ll have a fit. “Can’t we work something out? Isn’t there another way other than murdering me?”

Anti pauses. “I hadn’t considered that.”

“Yeah, of course ya didn’t,” Jack mutters. “You were just going to make me cut my throat right in front of all my fans.” Jack gasps. “Oh, no! The video… what are we going to do now? I can’t use that footage! Everyone will freak out!”

Anti giggles. “That’s why we should use it!” He claps his hands together and glitches inside of Jack’s mind, “It would be so much fun!”

“Yer horrible,” Jack says with a laugh, but he shrugs. “Think of what a cool ending that would be, though. I mean, you’ve been appearing all month, so why not have this be the grand finale?”

“Exactly!” Anti glitches all over the place inside Jack’s head until he finally stops, “Wait, ‘finale?’ As in, the end? B-but…”

Jack feels Anti’s anxiety in his own stomach. He suddenly understands the figment’s desire to be seen and heard. If he doesn’t get the attention he needs, he’ll fade from existence, slowly and painfully. Jack wouldn’t wish that on anybody. “Hey, Anti. D-do you mind if I call you Anti?”

The glitch shrugs. “That’s what yer fans call me. It’s the only name I know.”

“Well, what if… what if we kind of work together, ya know, to keep ya alive? I’ll find a way to get ya yer own body, and you can be in a couple of videos every now and then. As long as ya promise not to kill anyone, alright?” Jack waits for Anti’s answer, pulling the towel away from his neck and inspecting the cut in the mirror. Maybe it won’t scar, he thinks.

Anti thinks over his host’s offer and nods. “Ok! As long as I get out of this awful place!”

“Hey!” Jack shouts. “It’s not so bad in my head.” Jack hears someone clear their throat behind him, and he turns to see Signe standing in the door of the bathroom.

“Who are you talking to in here?” When she sees the blood on his neck and all over the towel in his hands, she screams. “Sean! What have you done?” She starts to run to go call for an ambulance when Jack grabs her hand.

“No, no, no,” he says quickly. “I’m ok! Anti did this!”

Signe shakes her head. “No, he’s not real! Sean, I’m scared. Please, let go so I can call someone to help you!”

Anti grumbles from deep inside Jack’s brain, “I am real! I am!”

“Shut up,” Jack growls at the glitch, but Signe thinks he’s talking to her. She fights to get out of Jack’s grip on her wrist and runs for the door. “Signe, don’t! I promise, he’s real!”

Signe grabs her phone and purse, heading for the door. “Fine, Sean. Fine. If you want to bleed to death, so be it. I’m leaving. Goodbye.” She slams the door behind her, and Jack feels it like a stab of pain to his heart. Anti curls into the corner of Jack’s mind, feeling that awful sensation pins and needles in his host’s stomach.

“I’m sorry, Jack,” he mutters.

“Let’s just go finish the video.”

"What's the most fucked up thing you've ever seen?"

My brother asked me that question tonight while we were out having drinks.

And I’m not mad or upset with him. He doesn’t know. None of my family knows. He doesn’t know that’s not a question that you ask someone in EMS/the medical field.

And yes, I am literally a brand new paramedic. Before that though, I was a Navy Corpsman (no combat experience), and during my paramedic rotations/internship, I did see some stuff that still sticks with me.

So I told him a relatively easy one. A 17 year old who jumped off an 8 story building. It was tragic. He died. Whatever. That’s not that bad.
I also told him about how one time I was doing CPR on a man in cardiac arrest, and when I looked up I locked eyes with his daughter as she watched us from the front seat of the ambulance. The look in her eyes, I’ll never forget that.

What I didn’t tell him was about the four year old with cancer I saw while in the Navy. How his mother sadly wiped the green sputum he kept coughing up with a face that screamed “my child is dying and I can’t stop it”.
Or how we found a man who had been dead for at least a day, and how I stood there as my preceptor explained to the family that their loved one was dead.

Ever since he asked me that, I’ve been thinking about those calls, and others, that have stuck with me.

And I’ve done my equal best to process those emotions, deal with them, and then file those horrible experiences away in my mind to a place where I don’t have to think about them.
But not tonight.

“What’s the worst thing you’ve seen?”
That’s a question better left unanswered. Or rather, better left unasked.

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #26

My Dog Was Just As Confused As I Was

I was home alone with my dog. I went into my bedroom and sat on the floor to play fetch for a few minutes. I tossed the tennis ball a few times, and he brought it back as usual. The next time I threw it, it bounced off a wall back towards me and hit the door frame. I never actually heard it hit the second time. I never saw it bounce or roll away.

My dog eagerly went to that spot to retrieve it, but when he got there, he paused and looked around. I went to see if the ball was there because sometimes he will suddenly stop chasing the ball. It was not there. I figured maybe it bounced off so quickly that neither of us saw it, so I went into the living room to see if it stopped on our super fluffy rug. It wasn’t there either. I looked under the couch. Nope. I couldn’t figure out what happened to it.

I went into the kitchen a few minutes later, and there it was, behind the bar. I was extremely puzzled because for this to happen, it would have had to roll across my rug, under my couch, and around the bar. In all, it would have had to roll about 25 feet. The rug is super fluffy (too much friction), and I know for a fact I did not toss it with enough force for it to roll that far over the rug.

Maybe it bounced across the living room after hitting the wall? If so, I would have had to throw it pretty hard.

I still have no idea what happened or how the ball got where it did. I know my dog didn’t find it and bring it to the kitchen because he was next to me the whole time. I’ve been trying to come up with every possible scenario and remain stumped.

Credits to: valyrianqueen

A ‘Glitch’ That Happened To My Dad And My Sister

The other day I was at my parents’ house and we had been talking about the Mandela effect, as my dad and I have become quite obsessed with the topic lately. Well, that conversation eventually turned toward some creepy childhood things that happened to my dad, that he likes to tell me about from time to time. This thing in particular is something that had slipped my mind until he reminded me.

When my dad was a child, he lived on quite a large chunk of land. There was around an acre of just land, and then around back and to the side were acres and acres of woods. This land is still in my family to this day, and I love it there so much. I used to visit there every weekend with my siblings and lots of strange/creepy things happened there. Anyway when my dad was a kid, he used to play in the woods all the time with his brother, until all hours. There was this one area deep in the woods that was void of trees, that they used to visit often to play in. This was one of their favorite areas of the woods to visit.

One night in the summer before the sun was completely gone, they were headed toward their spot to play. But as they got nearer they started hearing crows and people’s voices. When they got to their spot.. It wasn’t empty. There was a huge, old house there with a wrap around porch, and crows hung around in cages. The lights were on in the house, and there was a woman in a rocking chair on the porch, and a man with a gun standing next to her. They were having casual conversation like nothing was amiss, even though just the day before they didn’t even exist.

Naturally, my dad freaked out and shouted “They weren’t here yesterday!!!” The man noticed them, got really angry and started to walk toward them. My dad and his brother ran away and went back home. He told me the next time they found the courage to visit that spot, the house was gone. And this is something that continuously happened to him and his brother from time to time as they were growing up.

Now, this story sounds made up. It sounds like something that he would just tell me to scare me and I wouldn’t have believed him.. Except I know he wasn’t lying. I know he wasn’t lying because my sister and my half sister experienced the same thing.

When I was little, around 6 or 7, when we used to visit my dad’s old house, my older sister and my half sister (Who I thought was my aunt at the time) used to go out and play without me sometimes while I watched Disney movies in the living room. My half sister lived with my grandparents at the time, so naturally we spent a lot of time there. Anyway that day I spent my time at the house because they just wanted some time alone.

That night, around 7 or 8 (I don’t remember that well), my sister and half sister came in through the door in a rush. My sister had tears in her eyes and my half sister was extremely excited. My sister told me that they had been playing in the woods, and come across a house that was never there before. She said it was a big house, with a wrap around porch and crows all around in cages. She was really scared and I know she wasn’t lying, she’s always been a really bad liar.

At that point in time, neither of us had heard that story from our dad. I was too young to hear about things like that, and my sister was easily scared, so our dad didn’t tell us anything like this until a lot later in life. So my dad and my sister both experienced the same exact thing, and neither of them have mental problems so I’m almost certain it was no hallucination.

Credits to: punchtheneko

Sometimes I Feel Like I’m In 2 Places At Once

For example, when I woke up this morning I felt as if I was in a New York apartment several stories up, even though I’m in California. I had visuals too, there was a window in front of my to my right that didn’t have any curtains on it, and I could see the people below walking and hear all the cars passing by.

Another example, sometimes I will be walking down the street or sitting on my porch and feel that I’m in another country, it’s different countries every time. When I say I “feel” somewhere, I mean I feel it in my soul or something, along with feeling a different way, like the vibe and atmosphere changes around me. It’s really cool though, since I do want to travel someday.

Credits to: EvanSt19

Something I Hallucinated Is Real

First let me qualify this by saying that part of this story is influenced by powerful psychoactive substances. But that is not the glitch part - well, it is related. What moved me to write this post occurred totally sober. In fact, I have not taken any drugs in years since this particular experience.

In 2011 I had just started college and met a new crowd. I was inexperienced with drugs, but started smoking weed with some new friends I met. A few months into the semester and my buddy comes over one day and mentions that he is about to be getting a bunch of really strong Salvia. I had never done anything other than weed and drinking, but researched Salvia a bit and decided it seemed like something worth trying. It seemed pretty harmless since it supposedly only lasted a few minutes and was even legal.

I had no fucking clue what I was getting myself into. If you are not familiar with Salvia, it is powerful stuff. Not “make you feel goofy” kind of stuff, but mercilessly run the fabric of your reality through the inter-dimensional wood-chipper kind of stuff. I watched my friends smoke it and do stupid shit: they’d look freaked out and say weird things, go a little bonkers for a few minutes, returning with stories of weird hallucinations of “LegoLand” and strange distortions of their reality.

Being the newb I went last. I went gung-ho and took the fattest hit I possibly could. I held it in until I felt like my lungs were about to burst encouraged by my friends jeering. By the time I exhaled the smoke I was no longer in my body. I remember watching the cloud as it left my lungs and thinking how huge it was. I am not entirely sure what happened next. I felt myself beginning to cough and then I had this intensely strange and unpleasant sensation down the middle of my body, like I was being sawed in half.

The next thing I knew I was standing in line at a movie theater waiting to buy a ticket with my two daughters. They were young, maybe 8 and 12. Both blond. I think we are waiting to see an animated movie. I am a middle-aged man, my name is Jerry. Overall, it is a pretty normal day.

I would figure out most of this later. In the moment I didn’t bother to question it. Nothing was out of place. I was Jerry, and I was just going about my day, treating my daughters to the movie theater. I experienced the totality of being another person. There was no thought in my (Jerry’s) mind of my former self, of the hit of Salvia I just exhaled or anything else. I was just standing in line, waiting at the movie theater.

I can remember what I estimate amounts to about three or five minutes of being there, waiting in that line, looking around the theater. Just as I got up to the counter to buy a ticket, I felt that horrible sensation in the middle of my body again, like a buzz-saw making its way through my sternum. Then I lost contact with Jerry. There were more hallucinations after that, but they aren’t really relevant.

It took me a long time to cope with being Jerry. When my friends asked what happened I just told them about the horrible feeling and the weird colors and shapes I saw on the tail end of the experience. I didn’t say shit about Jerry to anyone for months. I was sure they would all think I was fucking crazy. None of my friends said anything remotely like this when they finished their hits. I still to this day wonder if we all had intense and inexplicable experiences and were just too afraid to talk about them, instead settling on descriptions of “LegoLand” and other garbage. But then I was also pretty afraid I was crazy.

I actually went through a period of depression after this but eventually overcame it, especially after finding some experience reports of Salvia users who had somewhat similar experiences to mine, including an account of a man who smoked a pure extract of Salvinorin A and claims to have experienced living as a tree for seven years. OK - so at least if I’m crazy I have some company.

So far this is all background information, and I know this is getting lengthy. But here is where this turns from a trip report into a glitch.

Last week I ran into Jerry and his two girls in Target. Prior to this, I had never assumed Jerry really existed. I was quite sure that he was entirely confined to my hallucination. But there he was, precisely as I remembered him, and his little girls looking just the same. They have not even aged.

Now, I never seen Jerry’s face. I never heard his name either. But there were two layers to this experience: I was looking around having a normal day, but I also was just totally another person. I can’t explain exactly how I know what Jerry looks like or what his name is, but I have no doubt in my mind what my name is, and a decent mental image of what I look like, and I was Jerry, and I’m not about to forget those things for either one of us.

So when I seen him in Target looking at cheap cheeses, I had no doubt. It wasn’t some dude who looked like Jerry with his two little blond doppelgangers. There was no fucking way. I just stared at them for a long time, trying to confirm it was them. I followed them around for awhile trying to get a good look at all of their faces. Eventually I got too freaked out and decided to leave. I’m not terribly subtle, and I’m pretty sure they knew I was watching them. I thought about talking to him but I had no idea what to say. Or if I’m crazy.

Credits to: streetsaheadlikeshia

Father's Day

This one shot was written for @glitzthings by request (Sorry it’s late my friend!). I hope this is okay, I’ve been having the worst case of writer’s block lately.


Vegeta folds his arms tighter around his chest, sinking further down into his seat. An impatient groan escapes his lips, as soft as a sleeping breath, but still earns him a scowl from his wife. Her sapphire eyes burn the color of gasoline fire and say all of the words hidden behind the confines of her lips, making him turn his head away. He gets it; she doesn’t need to look at him like that anymore. He clicks his teeth loud enough to tell her so, but he can still feel her heated stare  shredding the skin on his neck.  He ignores her, and instead decides to make a mental list of the worst moments in his life.

1) Frieza. Enough said.
2) Kakarot. A tolerable ending, but their beginnings will always stain his tongue with acid.
3) Any combination of 1 and 2.
4) What he’s doing at this exact moment.

He feels a palm on his thigh and he whips his head back to his left, expecting to meet the cooling eyes of his hot tempered spouse. She’s gotten bored of his tantrum apparently as her eyes are glued to the stage, smiling widely with excitement. Instead, he catches the stare of his son, who’s sporting the same goofy grin as his mother, his  lavender hair hanging loosely in his eyes.

“Papa,” he tries to whisper, his voice cracking with manhood, “She’s coming on now!”

Vegeta nods, thankful that  Trunks can read him so easily. Bulma expects him to be dutiful and pay attention, but Vegeta knows the boy is just as bored as he is. In fact, if a certain doppelganger of Kakarot were not keeping him company right now, he is sure that Trunks would be playing away on the noisy game he likes to carry around. Or even better, causing some sort of mischief.

“Do it like we practiced, Bra!” Bulma whispers, raising her fists with anticipation. Vegeta cocks an eyebrow to this, wondering exactly the woman has planned. If it’s anything like he’s become used to for the past decade and some change, he knows it’ll be interesting. Chaotic, undoubtedly, but interesting.

Vegeta turns his attention to the stage finally, peering over the heads of rows of parents and children alike. No matter how much it pains him to admit it, he’s short. And short people, no matter how powerful, struggle to see past taller men who refuse to take better seats. Especially when Bulma insists they sit towards the back so Bra doesn’t get nervous when she sees them. He grunts louder this time, even letting a curse slip from his dirty lips. Several parents turn around in their seats and glare at him. Vegeta lets out a warning growl that’s similar to a bark and they change their minds in their judgment. Their faces go whiter than his tense knuckles and they turn around with no further complaints. He’s earned himself a heavy slap on the knee from Bulma. He grins wickedly as he sits with no regret. He never tires of putting inferiors in their places.

A miniature Bulma walks across the stage past her peers, her chin aimed pointedly high in the air. She oozes confidences and the children don’t like it. Vegeta has heard Bra complain about then to Bulma at bed time before. “They’re so boring, Mama,” she says in her five year old sleepy voice, “And they don’t want to talk to me.” Bulma asks her how she feels about it. Bra pulls the thick blanket to her chest and says truthfully, “I can beat them up so I don’t care.”

Vegeta has never been more proud.

Her actions prove her words true as she glides to the microphone, earning attentive eyes from the audience and her peers. A bright yellow banner hangs over her head, Father’s Day Assembly sprawled across the fabric. An arrogant smile —his arrogant smile— steals her face as she looks over the crowd. Her eyes land on his and she smiles and waves, a look of sincere glee coming over her features. He feels  the immediate embarrassment, but puts up two fingers in this air as a salute so she won’t cry about it later. He ignores Bulma’s yelping about how ‘cute’ the situation is.

“My name is Bra Briefs,” she says into the microphone, a little too low for Vegeta’s tastes, and he wants to tell her to talk louder, “And this is the story of my papa, Vegeta.” She extends a tiny palm in his direction. The stage lights hover over him and he grits his teeth. The parents don’t bother to turn and look, having already been bitten with his venom. He sits with patience until the light is back on Bra and then finally grumbles under his breath.

“In order to tell this story, my friends said they would help me out. So I hope you enjoy this play! Me and my Mama worked real hard on it!” She turns to the curtain, the red of her ponytail ribbon matching the fabric perfectly. “Guys?”

Vegeta is interested now, but the curiosity turns to vile as he watches Kakarot, Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin take center stage. They all seem embarrassed to be here, especially Piccolo. He hears a few parents wonder if he’s feeling sick. Vegeta questions what sort of manipulation Bulma’s used to get them to be here.
“My Papa was a proud prince,” she starts, and an exact mirror of Vegeta walks smoothly on stage. He does a double take at first. Tarble? He’s about to question it further until he spots the tail and how wrong it is. It’s pink and curly where it should be long and brown. Of course Oolong would agree; he’s caught the Sunday dinner staring at his wife’s breasts a little too long on multiple occasions.

“He was the strongest prince of everyone in his kingdom, and no one could beat him, not even giant refrigerators and freezers!” Oolong-Vegeta flexes his muscles in a dramatic fashion, while kicking over a fridge prop, cleverly painter with specks of purple. This elicits a laugh out of Vegeta, but he keeps it low so Bulma doesn’t hear.

“One day, my Papa got too strong and he got bored. So he flew to Earth to rule over the people there.” Oolong is pretending to fly in a circle, getting closer to the four men to Bra’s right. “And when he came, a group of men who were…umm…Mama, what’s that word again?”

“Naïve!” Bulma yells, and Bra smiles widely.

“That’s right, naïve. The group of men were naïve and thought they could beat him up.” A flash of anger rolls over Piccolo’s face. Vegeta hopes Bulma’s brought a camera.

“Aarrghh, I am Vegeta! Prince of all Saiyans! And I will whoop your butt!” Oolong is a bad actor and his voice is too squeaky to rival Vegeta’s. And  most important, Vegeta thinks, is that he would never use the words, “Whoop your butt.” Obliterate you? Sure. Send you the fiery pits of hell? Absolutely. But never, “I’m going to whoop your butt.” It sounds like a parent chastising a child, but he listens on anyways.

“No, Vegeta, we can’t let you do that,” Gohan is trying to act, but he’s too serious about it, “So please leave here at once.”

“I’m going to whoop your butt first, Goha—err — stranger!” Oolong produces some sort of contraption and confetti sprays in Gohan’s direction. Gohan dramatically falls to the stage, claiming he has been defeated. Goku starts laughing wildly, and Vegeta declares he will kill the man if he messes up his daughter’s stage play.

“One by one, the men come to fight my papa, but they are too weak and pathetic so they die,” Bra says this with such pride that Vegeta’s heart swells. Piccolo and Krillin fall to the ground, yelling  how strong Vegeta is. He turns to look at Bulma briefly, unable to believe that she would agree to help Bra with this inaccurate play.  She shrugs, as if indicating that this was all Bra’s idea.

“But one man didn’t seem to get it, so Papa had to put him in his place.” Goku grins and crouches down into his fighting stance, looking too seriously at Oolong-Vegeta. The buffoon. He can’t even pretend to fight without getting a hard on. Vegeta scoffs at his pathetic mannerisms.

“Even though you’re so much stronger than me, and I could never  ever beat you, I will fight you Vegeta!” Strangely enough, Goku isn’t bad at reciting his lines. Vegeta swallows away the compliment, mildly upset it penetrated his mind in the first place.

“Bring it on, Goku! “ Oolng pretends to fight Goku, once again disappointing Vegeta with his misrepresentation. He watches the two prance about and shoot fake lasers at each other. Goku is losing on purpose, and Vegeta relishes in how satisfactory the feeling is.

“After a long battle, the man does a horrible, miserable death—“

“Oh no! I’m dying so miserably!”

“—Ending any defiance against my Papa. So he became the prince, no, the king of Earth. And he even found his queen in the audience!” Another person emerges from the curtain, wearing one of Bulma’s old dresses with a cheap blue wig on their head. Its Yamcha, Vegeta notices with disdain, and he’s tried a little too hard to dress like Bulma. She’s having several fits of laughter at his side, unable to even look at the stage anymore. A ghost of a smile plays on his lips. Bulma is a devious genius.

“Oh Vegeta,” Yamcha has his hands resting at his cheek and his voice is higher in range, “Even though I’ve got a totally awesome boyfriend who’s the best thing that ever happened to me, I just can’t resist the Prince of Darkness!”

“Hmph,” Oolong-Vegeta folds his arms and closes his eyes, “Your boyfriend sucks. Drop that zero and get with a real man, pathetic woman.” Finally Oolong has gotten Vegeta correctly.

Yamcha runs daintly towards Oolong and they hug, although Yamcha has to bend down to embrace him. Vegeta grits his teeth and wants to yell out that he’s not  that short, and how the only time Bulma’s bending over is in the bedroom, but their children are present. He’s sure he’s scarred then enough already.

“And then my Mama and Papa got married and had me and brother Trunks! He’s still the strongest man on the planet,” he watches as her eyebrows mesh together in an angry fashion and her entire mood changes, “And if any of you ever disagree with me or him, he’ll make you all die a miserable and scary de—“

“Okay and thank you Ms. Briefs!” The principal of Bra’s school intervenes, her face a cloudy mix of disbelief and shock. She tries to laugh off her nerves by complimenting Bra on her creative imagination. The adults in the audience have covered their children’s ears and look toward the stage in fright. Vegeta lets out a heartfelt laugh, focusing unwanted attention on him. He’s clutching his belly as he bends over, not remembering the last time he was this entertained. The Briefs women have definitely outdone themselves.

Bra doesn’t bother to sit with her peers, instead walking off stage and heading directly to them. Her face is beaming as she approaches, running straight to Vegeta and hopping in his lap. She throws her arms around his neck and he lets her, feeling like she’s more than earned public affection.

“How did I do Papa?” she whispers in his ear, tossing a thumbs up to Trunks, Goten and Bulma.

Vegeta smiles and stands, seeing no reason to stay for the rest of this catastrophe. He gets it; these children like their inadequate fathers and their boring jobs of teachers and salesmen. But had their fathers ever saved the world? Ever brought them back to life? No? Then he has no interest in praising them.

He cradles Bra in his arms as they exit, and leans in close to her ear so that only she can hear. “It’s the best Father’s Day gift I’ve ever received,” he says and means it. “Just don’t tell your brother.”

I haven’t edited this, so please forgive any errors

also I may or may not have written this while I’m drunk soooo
I Hate Loving You

Request: “Hey there! Could you do a Newt x Reader where they are roommates and at first it’s kind of a love/hate thing but then they fall in love - though they don’t admit it. Then one night the reader brings home a date (because shes trying to move on because she thinks Newt won’t ever want her) and Newt gets jealous and scares him off. Then they finally admit their feelings? Thanks!! X”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1469

Warnings: implied smut

“Newt!” You called out, gripping an empty milk carton in hand. “Newt come here!”

You heard a tussle from the bathroom, and a couple mumbled curses, followed by the rapid slapping of bare feet on tiles.

“Newt, what have I told you abou-“ You paused, suddenly becoming flustered as the shirtless man emerged, his expression anxious. Your eyes lingered around his heaving torso, his toned abdominal muscles contorting gently with his breathing. You chanced a glance down at the towel wrapped around his lower half, your eyes widening in embarrassment as Newt smirked bashfully.

“You were saying?” He uttered gently.

“Just… try not to drink all the milk next time.” You spoke with your eyes cast downward, fingers awkwardly tapping on the marble bench top.

He chuckled, running a freckled hand through his wet locks.

“I’ll do so when you stop eating all of my caramel sweets.”

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Backup Singer x Damon Salvatore

Originally posted by the-vampire-diaries-gif

based on the following prompt : Person A met Person B walking to their dorm room. Person A was singing Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) in the hall when Person B bursts out of their dorm room wearing nothing but undergarments, completely drunk to sing the backup.

Whenever [Y/N] was alone in the Salvatore house, she took the chance to blast the songs she secretly loved a bit too much. Her playlist consisted of nineties songs, like ‘The Spice Girls’, songs from ‘Aqua’ and, of course, ‘The Backstreet Boys’. She hated to admit that she knew every song by heart, but the nineties weren’t exactly Stefan and Damon’s favorite years of the music industry.
So, now that she was alone, she was shamelessly dancing around, using the upstairs of the house as her personal dancefloor. She slid across the wooden floor on her socks, while singing loudly along to the music.
But then Everybody by the Backstreet Boys came on, and [Y/N] went wild. She ran towards her room where the stereo was blasting out the songs, turned the volume up even more, and started to some sort of dance routine that should look like the one from the boyband itself.
When she was jamming along to the chorus, and just sang ‘everybody’, she heard a loud ‘yeaaah’ from behind her. She immediately turned around, and saw Damon standing there, at the top of the stairs, dangerously swaying back and forth, while holding an half empty bottle of bourbon.
[Y/N] stood there, eyes wide since he was only wearing his underwear (she didn’t knew why and had a feeling she didn’t want to know). It was kinda awkward since Damon was staring right back, while the Backstreet Boys were still singing very loudly.
‘Don’t leave me hanging there! I volunteer as your backup singer, and now you’re acting all like Justin Timberlake, or whatever his face was.’ Damon laughed, finally stepping away from the stairs, his underwear dangerously low on his hips, and the bottle of bourbon against his lips.
[Y/N] decided that it was for the best to not question a drunk vampire and kept on singing, a bit less loud now and not that outrageous as earlier. But Damon? Oh, he didn’t hold back. He quickly caught up, singing the whole song, even the backing vocals, while dancing wildly, the bourbon spilling over the edge because he was so carelessly.
And then the song was over, and [Y/N] decided that Damon was way too drunk to be doing this. He must have had at least a whole bottle to become this drunk. [Y/N] turned off the stereo, but Damon kept on dancing and shaking his bottle around.
‘Eh, Damon?’ [Y/N] carefully asked, keeping her distance, just because.
‘Yes, princess?’ Damon said, still swaying as if he was still hearing music. And in his drunken head, he probably was.
‘Are you okay?’
‘Oh, I’m dandy, thanks for asking.’ He gave [Y/N] a bride smile, and took another sip from his bottle.
‘So, that’s why you’re drinking away all your problems?’ She laughed, softly shaking her head. She never understood the way Damon dealt with things, since getting drunk was his way of ‘fixing things’.
‘I am drinking so I wouldn’t have to think about them. So I highly suggest we talk about something else.’ Damon gave her that smile, and she knew she had to stop talking about it.
‘Can I ask one more question?’ She nervously bit her bottom lip.
‘I don’t know, because –‘
‘Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?’ She interrupted him.
‘Okay, that’s a question I will answer,’ he laughed, pointing at [Y/N] and then walking across the room so he stood just a few inches from her. He smiled, took another sip and then looked at her. ‘Blood. That’s why.’
[Y/N] nervously gulped, while Damon was really enjoying this way too much.
‘Okay, I don’t even need to know,’ she finally gave up.
‘If you’d like, I can take this off too.’ Damon grinned, pulling at his underwear.
‘Eh, no, that’s all right.’ [Y/N] smiled, reaching out for his hand and pushing it away from his underwear. ‘And I think you had enough of that.’ [Y/N] tried to reach for the bottle of alcohol, but, of course, Damon was quicker than her and quickly got it out of her reach.
‘I don’t think I nearly had enough. I was planning on drinking another bottle, just to be sure that the problem is completely solved.’ He gave her a crooked smile, and, as if he was challenging her, took another gulp from the bottle.
‘Don’t be like that,’ [Y/N] sighed, trying to reach for the bottle, but it was useless. Damon grinned again and was now cornering [Y/N] , against the wall.
‘You want this?’ He asked, with a cocky smile and held the bottle right before her face. ‘Well, that’s too bad, because you’re not getting it.’
‘Are you sure about that? Because maybe I wanted to have a drink.’ [Y/N] slowly tried to reach for the bottle again, but Damon wouldn’t have it.
‘That’s too bad. Get your own bottle.’ He laughed and walked away from her, giving [Y/N] some breathing space. It wasn’t really helping that he still was in nothing but his underwear.
And his body was very distracting, that was just a fact.
‘But I can give you something else,’ Damon slowly started, placing the now nearly empty bottle on a side table and walking towards [Y/N] again. He softly pushed her against the wall, smiling at her. ‘And it’s even better than alcohol.’ He whispered. [Y/N] felt like she couldn’t breathe anymore. This wasn’t the first time things got … heated between the two of them. But it never had went this far. Damon looked in [Y/N] ’s eyes, and when he had found whatever he was looking for, he placed his lips harshly on hers.
Hands were everywhere, while the room seemed to get hotter with every moment passing by. But it probably was just the two of them that got hotter.
And then [Y/N] ’s playlist started to play again, brutally interrupting their moment. Damon sighed, but then laughed.
‘You do have a horrible taste in music.’
‘Hey!’ [Y/N] protested, but laughed along with Damon.
‘So,’ He said, grinning. ‘changed your mind about me taking off my underwear?’

Tyler Seguin - Tipsy

Originally posted by schneiderforpresident

Request: “ Request!! T Segs where he sees you in the club and he can’t take his eyes off you and you run into him later on in life and you get sassy w him not realizing it’s him. “

A/N: I’m writing this in bed at 11 pm. Sleep who? Sorry I changed this request a little bit, I could write a different one later if you’d like? Just let me know.

Warnings: Drunk scenes/vomiting/forced kissing 

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anonymous asked:

My school has this thing where the ninth graders put together a "Holocaust museum" where they make pieces for remembering and respecting the Holocaust. One piece caught my eye, labeled "human zoo". It showed figures of Jewish people stuck in camps, sad and starving and wounded. If a ninth grader can understand human zoo is not a good thing, why can't a professional adult? Like jfc crewniverse

I honestly don’t know what the crew were thinking when they made the Human Zoo. I wouldn’t have minded as much if they had made the zoo a horrible oppressive place, like the irl ones, and actually liberated the humans. Because that would have added to how evil homeworld/the diamonds are. But the fact it was played off like some kind of utopia and all the humans are happy to be there makes me very uncomfortable. 

The Other Woman (Part 7)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, A tiny hint of Jared x Reader

Word Count: 2695

Summary: You’ve always been a good girl. You did as you were told. But how did you end up as the other woman?

A/N: 2 chapters in a week? Unbelievable! Hooooooo boy. I can’t believe how much love this series is receiving.As always, thank you for your patience and your feedbacks are always loved. 


Megan Padalecki was not at all how you would have pictured Jared’s little sister. You weren’t sure what you expected, but it wasn’t what came bursting forth your front door. Charlie was immediately up from her seat on the sofa situated in front of the fireplace. She had been reading but the sudden intrusion into your house was enough to have her flying across the room.

“You ought to check if your front door is locked next time,” Charlie muttered under her breath.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, did you notice that the photo of the old campers had a mark across Jaspers chest? I thought that was interesting. (Maybe relating to his death)

Omfg i got some interesting theory. Well, in this episode (S2E5) Jasper got a really nasty wound from that bear attack. What if that wound got infected? Also, after that wound got worse, the Camp staff took Jasper to “Spooky Island” ‘cause they had better medical utensils on that place. Eventually he died there. That’s why Jasper’s ghost is in that place. Also, a side note to all this, Jasper wound coincides with the scratch on the group picture (i like to connect theories)…

Im calling it right now, Jasper found something out that he shouldnt have and was murdered by mr campbell 

Okay, so I don’t know if this is my sleep-deprived mind running wild, but these two asks have got my mind working and now I gotta type out what I’m theorizing!

Warning: Long theory and Spoilers under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

#18 for newt?? i love your writing, by the way

#18: “You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.”

Some days were just blue. Not blue, as the sky was in normalcy, or blue in the way Newt’s old coat hung from the rack. But blue in the darkest, most intimate way. Blue in the dark depths of the ocean, comforting but overwhelmingly closed off by the pressure. And all you could do is lay there, sinking into this blue, knowing that some days it came as a light drizzle of blue little raindrops, and other times it was a tidal wave crushing your bones. 

Today it had been rendered to gentle tides, lapping your shore with sorrow and melancholy. You thought it would be impenetrable, the colour guarded by the way it dried to your soul like paint left out in the sun. But he’d come into your room, bearing yellow chamomile tea, wrapping his yellow scarf around your neck, and placing yellow sunflowers in a vase next to your bed. He understood that you were blue, if only for today, but he still loved you. He wouldn’t stop loving you even if you turned purple, or grey, or green. And he was yellow, a bright bashful light, not meaning to spread joy and warm hearts wherever he went, but doing it in a rather oblivious way anyway.

Today he had taken to starting soft conversation with you on your bed, doing most of the talking. He respected the fact that sometimes you just wanted to listen; your voice too weak to form words when your mind was shrouded in blue.

“My first kiss was actually with a mermaid.” Newt admitted, continuing the story he had begun. “She unfortunately tried to drown me after.” His story elicited a small smile from you. “What about you, have you had any er- strange kisses?” 

You sighed, placing your finished tea on the side table. “I haven’t been kissed enough to have any funny stories. Unless you count experiencing many horrible kisses to be entertaining.”

Newt frowned at you, taking you hand in his. He bit his lip, not looking in your eye as he spoke. 

“You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” He uttered gently, his freckled face shying away. “You deserve that.”

“And who do you suppose would know how to kiss me, and do it often?” You asked, a hopeful spark igniting in your heart. The sliver of yellow cutting through the blue. 

“Well- I guess uh… Me.” Newt said, a timid smile tugging on his lips. Those lips that you had always wanted on yours. He took your silence and longing stare as a sign to go forth and expel the rest of your blue; and when he lent over and pressed a kiss to your lips, it felt as if a colour could be experienced and personified. The colour yellow.  

*request a book quote drabble*

An Addict’s Premonition


“The addiction is each other. A sick twist in their understanding of love.”

(AKA the one where the Squip shocks Jeremy every time he speaks or touches Michael.)

Word Count: 2563

Warnings (general): Arguments, Angst, Broken Bones, Depression, Kind of suicidal thoughts, smut later on if ya’ll want. Implied past self harm. Kidnapping (not the main characters). PTSD with said character.

Chapter 1

The floor of the school hallway creaked as the mass of students hurried to their last lesson of the day. The air was humid and everyone had taken all their clothes off to the last layer, busily chatting with their peers or sauntering with their head drooped because of the heat. Sweat and skin bore down on New Jersey, saffron yellow rays of fire pounding onto the people and concrete.

Take off your jacket Jeremy.

You’re getting more built up each day, those push ups are paying off.


I told you to wear a tank top for a reason, now come on. Don’t you want girls all over you? You`ll be loved.

… Fine.

The squip lounged in the back of his mind as he pulled off his black bomber jacket, a white tank top stretched over his growing muscles.

“The developers have said it should be comi- dude. What the fuck.” Michael stopped mid-sentence, eyeing Jeremy up and down, “What treadmill ran you over?”

“Oh. Squip said to exercise more, no big deal. Plus, the weather is melting my skin off.” Jeremy blushed, slightly flustered and insecure.

“Dude. That’s like… impressive.” Michael’s eyebrow was raised and ignoring the people that kept bumping into his shoulder unintentionally as they passed, he shook his head in disbelief, pouting, “My little Jere-bear becoming a big buff man! Woof!”

Jeremy scoffed, folding his arms over his chest, slouching slightly. Of course, he straightened up once the squip coughed in his head, a warning, “I mean, how can you wear that hoodie all day every day? You’re going to overheat.”

“I’m fine.” He mumbled, his tone changing instantly, pushing Jeremy slightly so he would continue walking instead of blocking the hallway, “Anyway,” He changed the subject quickly with a wave of his hand, “Like I was saying, Life is Strange has a confirmed season two and a small prologue, kind of, is available to play. You should come over to mine after school and we should try it out.”

Video games aren’t cool Jeremy, you should stop spending so much time playing them. Better yet, stop spending time with Michael.I keep telling you this every single day.

Shut up. I’ve said no. You aren’t changing my mind.

The squip stayed silent, clearly disapproving as Jeremy grinned over at the boy he’d been best friends with for twelve years, “Totally! I’d skip the last lesson but I’m kinda failing history.”

“Dude, I told you, History is cool. You can study with me!” Michael skipped a little, it was true, history was the only lesson other than music that interested that kid. It was almost like a story apparently, a novel waiting to be read. An alternate universe with elegance, religion, gender inequality and racism. Maybe a little touchy and horrible as places to live in, but interesting nevertheless.

“Yea, but you like African Tribes, pre-historic humans, world catastrophes! Not… the founding fathers.”

“It all comes together to form today, y'know, everything plays an important part. The butterfly effect or some shi-”

“Jerry! Dude!” Jake came stumbling towards the pair, arm firmly wrapped around Rich’s shoulder, a friendly gesture.

“Jeremy…” He replied awkwardly, everyone was getting his name wrong. Well, at least they knew him at all, progress is progress. Michael stayed silent, frowning slightly.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry. Uh,” Jake snorted as Rich started chortling, “I’m having a party at my place on Saturday, You should join everyone!”

This is your chance, Jeremy! Say, “Yea, I’ll see you there dude!  There’ll be booze, right?” Then give him a fist bump.

Jeremy tilted his head, play rehearsal coming to his aid as he smirked (something that the squip had taught him to do correctly), “Yea, I’ll see you there, dude! There’ll be booze, right?” He lifted his fist up which Jake returned.

“Of course! We’ll get pissed! It’s Halloween!” He started to walk off and Jeremy turned as he walked by, still in awe at how people were approaching him. As though he was cool.

That’s how it’s done.

Shit, squip. You know what you’re doing. I’ve never been invited to a party before!

I know.

Jeremy turned to Michael who had slowly started walking, “Did you see that!?” He screamed, grinning. Leaning his arm on his shoulder, “I can’t believe we got invited to Jake’s party! The biggest party of the fall! Our last year and I`m finally getting somewhere!“

“Well, uh, have fun I guess?” Michael shrugged, throwing Jeremy’s arm off and pulling his sleeves back to his elbows.

Jeremy stopped and looked at him with a confused expression, shoes screeching on the floor and crossing his arms, “You aren’t coming?”

He avoided his gaze, “I wasn’t invited.” They veered left into the class, most students already there, sitting on the desks and fanning themselves with text books and make-shift origami fans.

Jeremy waved his hand dismissively, “Bro, ‘course you were. Join me, it’ll be great.”

“I won’t feel like I’m supposed to be there. Out of place.” They flopped down into their seats, the scorching rays of light from the window thankfully avoiding their desks which were opposite each other, Jeremy sat backwards on his chair so he could chat to Michael.

“I’ll be with you every step of the way, c'mon!”

“Ugh, ok. Here,” He pulled out a handful of sour candies from his hoodie pocket, Warheads, “I’ll have the green ones, you’’re the pink this time.”

Jeremy hummed, their faces scrunching up simultaneously as they swallowed them.

“But I won’t stay lon-”

“Jeremy! Why didn’t you answer my messages?” A shrill voice split Michael’s voice in half, flats slapping against the floor and a shimmer of gold hair passing everyone by as Brooke confronted Jeremy. Her eyebrows were furrowed and arms crossed, smelling of honeycomb and chocolate.

Play it off.

Jeremy grimaced, “I’m sorry, my phone was off. I was at Michael’s.” He pointed towards the guy in question, apologetically smiling to his pissed off girlfriend.

Jeremy. You’ve got to listen to me. My calculations do say that Michael is the only thing in our way.

“Oh. Hey! God, are you still wearing that old thing. You’ll overheat, Michael. Seriously, take my water.” Brooke fished out a water bottle from her Gucci bag.

“That’s what I’ve been telling him!” Jeremy took her hand and threaded their fingers together, something the Squip told him to do whenever she was upset.

“Whatever. Don’t do it again.” She stopped and pouted, looking like a kicked puppy. She was always insecure about herself and he hated making her feel bad but his Player One always came first.

Kiss her. She needs emotional support and desires physical contact when feeling negative emotions.

“C'mere.” Jeremy drawled, placing his hands on hips, one arm around her back once she started to lean down, a blush dusting over her cheeks. Their noses brushed together, eyes closed, Brooke fell into it, a soft sigh running smoothly between their joined faces. His lips were chapped from hours of biting them whilst hers were soft, clear lipgloss making them move easily against each other as it intensified.

Jeremy didn’t feel anything for her.

Don’t get him wrong, she was such, such a good friend. Always there when he felt his worst and Michael couldn’t be there. She had witnessed multiple of his mental breakdowns, much to the squip’s dismay, and still loved him to the bone.
But he didn’t love her back. She was a pawn in his game. It was dumb. Hurtful. Disgusting. But the squip said it was the only way.

As long as Jeremy kept her happy, which he really did try, he didn’t feel as bad about it. He’ll let her go gracefully when the time comes. Not like those guys that break up over text, such as her last boyfriend.

The bell interrupted them and Brooke gave him a shy smile, skipping over to the front of the class where her seat was books clutched against her chest.

When Jeremy turned to ask Michael something, he was already gone, his chair still pulled out from under the table and green wrappers littering his desk.

The class finished abruptly, a technical problem with the computer caused it to cut out in the middle of class and they had to read out of a textbook for the rest of the lesson. Of course, no one did. When the bell rung,  Jeremy got his things together slowly, knowing well enough that the onslaught of students would crush him against the door if he didn’t go last.

He was worried. Like, really really worried about Michael. Sure, he skips lessons constantly but not once he’s already in the class, not unless he was having a panic attack.

The school was mostly empty of people by the time Jeremy got to his and Michael’s meeting spot near the fire escape door opposite the art rooms.
Thankfully, he was there, leaning against the wall browsing through Tumblr on his phone. He looked rough. Hair dishevelled, back hunched and hoodie bunched up with wrinkles in awkward places.

“Hey. Are you ok?”

“Oh, what? Uh yea, yea I’m ok.” Michael jumped up, startled.

“Dude, you left in the middle of lesson. Don’t you trust me to tell me things?” Jeremy crossed his arms, slightly disappointed and upset, @I don`t want you dealing with attacks by yourself.”

“Of course I trust you! It’s just, nothing. I felt a little queasy, not a panic attack and you were occupied so I didn’t want to disturb you.” Michael backtracked, standing up a little straighter, “Anyway, we should get onto that new lis preview. The cruiser’s parked out back.” He managed a forced smile as Jeremy sighed, letting go.

“Fine. Just, don’t do it again without telling me.”

“Yea yea, bro.”

The car journey was comfortable, if that was the right term to use, with Michael bobbing his head to some lofi ghibli mix on youtube and Jeremy sticking his hand out of the car to feel the wind on his skin. The sun was still scorching and they had all the windows rolled down, in hope of cooling down the drive. The cruiser had spent the day meeting the heat.

Jeremy hated this. This underlying sense of unease because of the squip. He knew Michael was against it and was really worried about what it would do to him. He just wanted things to be easy. He wanted to be popular. He wanted someone to love. Christine was his original goal but as much as he likes her, he knows it won’t work out. He’s still trying of course. But for now, he’s settled on Brooke, she’s kind and sweet and doesn’t hate Michael.

Take the upgrade. He doesn’t agree with us.

Oh shut up. That’s how life works.

They pulled over into Michael’s driveway, Jeremy smiling at Michael who ignored him. He frowned, shrugging it off and pulling out his phone to see some unread texts from Brooke once he got out.

Bunn-ke: Jerry!!!

The name stuck even after they established that his name was, in fact, Jeremy.

Bunn-ke: I found this black and white kitten near my house and it’s just playing and biting my fingers!!!

Bunn-ke: It’s ADORABLE!!!

Bunn-ke: You should come over and see it! I don’t wanna take it home because then its mama won’t find him so if you can come over soon we can pet it together!!!

Ben&Jeremys: I can’t come earlier than 5 sorry. But it sounds cute, send a pic!

“Jeremy, come on.” Michael shouted from the front door, getting there without him realising it.

“Oh, yea sorry! Brooke.” He shoved his phone back into his pocket and jogged to catch up, closing the door behind him. Michael didn’t respond and instead shuffled down into the basement without a word. He didn`t seem to be avoiding him, more so lost in thought.

Bunn-ke: Oh. ok. I guess.

They flopped down into the beanbags, loading up the Life is Strange Preview. The game started, music as ethereal as ever, wrapping the room in a film of calm as they opened up bags of Doritos and marshmallows, taking sips of fanta every now and again.

Jeremy. Look at him.

He did what the squip told him to. Almost automatic, used to listening and obeying.

Look at the way he’s slouched, he bites his lips when concentrating. He’s unfit, you can tell with how his hoodie bunches up in the wrong places. All those patches just make him look like a mess. He is one by the way. How do you deal with him? He’s bringing you down.

He’s my best friend. Look, I’ve told you a million times, I’m not abandoning him.

It’s taken you months to be invited to a party! Your relationship with Brooke is on the verge of falling to pieces and Christine is further away than ever!

Christine won’t work out, she’s amazing and everything but ugh, I’m not good enough. And Brooke, I should just break up with Brooke, it feels wrong to use her like that. She’s a nice person.

“You’re mumbling.” Michael sighed, running a hand through his hair and pausing the game. He turned to look at Jeremy, eyes darkening with a silent stare, almost as though he was waiting for something.

“Oh. The squip’s just being a nuisance.”

He sighed, pulling at the strings of his hoodie in frustration and bursting.

“Seriously. I can’t do this anymore. “He threw his hands up in the air, “You’ve been getting more and more cold with me every day! What is it even saying to you! It’s talking about me isn’t it?” He nodded, taking a shuddering breath, the anger sudden.


“No! I’ve had enough! I can’t stand seeing you and who you’re becoming! It’s like you don’t give a shit about how other people feel and all you need in popularity and your trusty little buddy the squip! One day you’re going to be in an asylum
begging for that thing to be taken out!”

You see. He doesn’t need you. You don’t need him. He thinks you don’t give a shit, let’s show him just how much we can do that.

“Michael! You’re my best friend! Of course I care!”

“Yea, well you don’t seem to care about yourself!” Michael was shaking, lips quivering and the sound of his pacing echoed around the room, “Trust me! For once! Let’s try get rid of it! You’re cool without it. You’re you. Please.”

“You don’t understand. Without the squip, I’m just a loser.”

“Ah, I bet that’s what you think I am.”

“No, God no!” Jeremy shook his head trying to reach forward but Michael flinched.

“Don’t touch me. Go spend time with your girlfriend. We’ve been tiptoeing around each other for four months. Let me do you a favour, just leave me then.
Go fuck Brooke over, go get Christine who doesn’t feel comfortable about your crush on her, go fuck Chloe. Go and live a perfect life, just don’t go crying to me when some fucking video game shit happens and the Squip starts taking control of your body.”

Jeremy felt his skin boil, dread quickly bubbling up into pure anger, “Oh, I see, so you’re jealous!”

“Jealous! Don’t you dar-”

He stood up, pointing a finger into Michael’s chest,

“You’re just jealous I have a squip and you don’t!”

Michael glared back at his best friend, “Jealous of that siri reject? Fuck no!” His voice cracked as he ran a hand through his hair.

“That I have a girlfriend and you don’t! You know what, maybe you should stop being so selfish and let me be happy for once, huh!?”

“You know nothing about me.” Michael whispered this, tears gathering in his eyes, “Get out.”

“Fine!” Jeremy picked up his jacket, slamming the door behind him and not looking back as he left through the front door and called Brooke to come pick him up.


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