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some more comics where reigens a magician

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how tall is Vern and his siblings/friends?

Vern is probably 6′5″ or so- this puts Tina and Klaus at 7′ ish, Monique at 5′3″, and Clarion at about 23′ (all stiletto heel appendages accounted for so I guess take off 5-7 inches otherwise)

Hugo falls comfortably in 5′5″ territory, Mal would be about 5′3″ and Rick about 5′7″!


idk which version is better so here you go have both of them

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It’s well past ten on a Sunday morning when Newt plays his ace card - the ruffled hair-sleepy grin combo - and brazenly appeals to Credence for cuddles, bare arms outstretched, an air of pure delight spread across his face and a squeeing Pickett perched on the soft mess of his hair.

“Come back to bed?” The man has the guts to croon, all puppy eyes, gentle and pleading at the same time, and Credence kind of freezes for a second by the edge of the bed, shirt half falling off his shoulder, his mouth suddenly dry.

There’s a picture in his mind, old, almost ancient, but still very much clear - a child and a handful of wishes held tightly in his heart. The small, shy wish for that one plump muffin on display in the bakery, and a bigger, bolder set of wishes for all the things that only ever came to be in the happy frame of somebody else’s window - wishes for a different body with no weird tricks to hide from the world, a different mother with no scary tricks the world would actually approve of, a different home, a different life, something more akin to affection in his family’s eyes.

And now here is everything, magically squeezed into one fuzzy picture and tucked safely in their bed.

Newt’s arms are inviting, so much more so than any pastry, than any neighbour’s hearth worth envying. They’re here, tangible and warm, open and waiting for him, only for him to step in and bask in their embrace, and the sight alone makes Credence’s heart wrench a little in his chest. It’s so much. So much. More than he could have wished for. A full set of wishes for his heart to make and hold dear. 

The funny thing is, Newt seems to read it all in his eyes. His smile takes on a new, softer edge - his eyes glint in the golden morning light like gems on a crown.

“Come join us, love,” he beckons, and Credence complies; climbs gingerly, clumsily back into bed, like the very first time he did so. 

“Come here,” Newt urges gently, and Credence seeks his warmth like babies seek their milk, lets those freckled arms wrap snugly around him with an eagerness he can hardly contain, and when Newt’s body folds around his it’s like a shock of pleasure rolling down his spine, echoing all through his limbs. 

“There you are,” Newt’s voice murmurs in his ear. His lips press little I love you’s against Credence’s skin, and Credence’s fingers find themselves threading through messy ginger curls. He noses in the crook of Newt’s neck, lips sealed in a secret smile. He has no words for this. No words are needed for this.

But the heavy, lingering scent of their late breakfast settles around them like a sugary blanket, nice and cozy, and for once reality surpasses any and all wishes.

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These are supposed to be my favorites but like c’mon guys this is me we’re talking about. They’ll be my current obsessions and will change like tomorrow probably

one video game: I’ve literally only played undertale and minecraft ever in my entire life don’t make me decide which i like better shut up

two bands/artists: Lenka and Mary Lambert

three shows:  Danny Phantom, HTTYD(Movies count right?), Adventure Time

four people: Sonja FireFoxx(my “celebrity crush” i’d go allo for her just sayin),  Auli'i Cravalho, Jenna Marbles, Anna Brisbin

five songs: Everything At Once by Lenka, Secrets by Mary Lambert, Spooky Ghosts by SNCKPCK, 22 by Taylor Swift, Trouble is a Friend by Lenka

I tag: @almosthardcorepakour @gnomosexuals @casperience @weirdcrazydreams @dragonwithafez @statuesarecooliguess

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You said to send asks, but I have absolutely no idea what to ask because it's 2 am and I'm way to tired... anyway, you are still my favorite Tumblr-user and your au's are a blessing in this word <3 But if you want, I would love some more sphinx au stuff, maybe how Jack and Gabe first got together, or ohhhh how they found out Gabe was pregnant with the cubs!!!!

i have a lot about the sphinx au, but i’m still not sure how to approach it since my inspiration comes and goes…

but jack and gabe met the same way they do in canon (probably? since blizz has been super slow with lore). gabe is a bit older than jack and already had a title and experiences under his belt. he met jack during the enhancement program and they became friends but didn’t become mates for awhile till after overwatch formed and became a formidable group.

and gabe with cubs…i haven’t really thought about it haha. i might do a drawing about it when i feel the motivation. you can always message me about the au, too.  


Rebecca || Ross Parallels 
*getting slapped/punched by a sibling
*being left for dead by a sibling
*getting rejected by a Sugden
*confronting their sibling after being left for dead

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💛 :3c

WELL WHERE DO I START… you are basically one of my best friends! I don’t know what I would do without you! You are adorable, kind, funny and talented! And a lot of other stuff that I don’t have on my mind atm bc I’m busy xD but I’m glad I can consider you as a friend! You also helped me a lot in a lot of things which you don’t know how much I appreciate !!💚💚

I keep getting ads that say “IS YOUR BOYFRIEND CHEATING?? FIND OUT WITH THIS TRACKING APP’ and I’m trying to figure out which things I have done on the internet put me into the target demographic for those. 

Pros to dating me, a transguy (if you’re gay)

There is a high likelihood that you will be taller than me.

I have a fine ass and am not afraid to show it off.

No need to argue about who’s dick is bigger. In fact, if you insult my size I might start crying so please don’t.

I am adorable and have tiny feet and tiny hands and tiny everything.

Seriously, if you’re average-sized and love size differences, I’d be a perfect candidate.

I will gladly ride on your back and instead of playing regular gay chicken, we can play actual gay chicken. Like in the pool. My light weight will win us many tournaments as we knock the other gay teams off balance.

You can definitely hide things from me on the top shelf of the pantry. I’ll warn you that it won’t keep me from getting what I want, but it’s amusing to watch me struggle and eventually grab a chair or climb onto a counter.

I may be small, but I’m pissed at the world and ready to fight, and for good reason! It’ll be like having your own little toy-sized guard dog. (I won’t actually hit anyone, I’m too squeamish and worried about hurting people, but I can scare them off for sure)

In other words, someone please take me on a date, and maybe we can cuddle after or something, idk?