my michael michael knows nothing but justice

I’m not sorry about posting about Ferguson. Never have been never will be. Nor will I forget. 

This is a tragedy. Tragedies are not meant to be forgotten.

Something needsto change about the United States and I’d be damned if you think I’ll be quiet about that among other things.

No one deserves to be harmed and attacked, we gotta come together for this change, to make this happen. And if people don’t agree that change needs to happen, then that’s too bad. But those of us who want change should work towards that.

Before you ask, yes. I’m ashamed of my race, I’m ashamed of what we did, I’m ashamed of this nation I was born in. You’ll never once hear me defend any of it. As someone who studies History in college, I’m aware of the atrocities, of all the bullshit that happened and continues to happen, not only here in the US, but around the world. We’ve done terrible things. I don’t know it all, nor am I entitled to act like I do. Hell every country, every people has done something at one time or another. But that does not excuse anything at all. It defends nothing. 

That doesn’t mean we can’t band together, that we can’t come together to change all this bullshit. As a people, we can change what’s wrong. I know we can. We need to take action and continue to take action.

Michael Brown didn’t deserve to die and Darren Wilson doesn’t deserve to get off scott free. 

R.I.P. Michael Brown.

Never forget folks, remember. Never forget and let’s change what’s wrong, make noise, find justice, make peace and get liberty and justice for all.