my mgmt edits

“Here’s what I think, I think that uh, I think that a lot of days for me recently, it’s like every split second is, the whole universe is created and destroyed, it’s like constantly collapsing and reforming, and I think a lot of people feel that, and um I think that love is the answer, and that’s the only thing that matters, I think there’s lot of really evil people that are in control of everything, but I think people know what to do, and there’s going to be a change.”-Andrew Vanwyngarden

“I would like, stare at my salad, and that was like really the first time I ever really had like flashes of the whole world like falling apart of collapsing. Like, the salad just didn’t make any sense at all, if that makes any sense. Like, ‘what the hell is happening, why is there like, little pieces of plants on a plate? Like, what is going on?’ and it’s like this little moments when like nothing makes any sense at all.”-Andrew Vanwyngarden