my mexico trip

I wanted to honor one of my favorite traditions from my culture, I was inspired by my trip to Mexico City last weekend to participate in the Catrinas Procession, and since I love mixing the things I’m the most passionate about, I thought it’d be a good idea to celebrate it and also have something for SHFanartMonday ready, at the same time.

I had so much fun doing Alec’s make up and setting up a more Mexican-ish feel for the picture. I’m pretty satisfied with it, and I hope you all like it!

(I have a make up-less version of this, since I promised it to someone on twitter. If you guys want me to add it, tell me!)

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My trip to Mexico is now a Voltron Headcanon

I went to an “all inclusive” hotel in Mexico were, literally EVERYTHING is included in your hotel price as long as you don’t leave. This is DANGEROUS!

So, naturally, my Voltron trash mind said, FUCK IT! Voltron visits the PlayaCar Hotel after saving the universe and they had fun… too much fun (my shipping ass is coming out).

1) they are all over age to drink at this point. JUST TO GET THAT OUT OF THE WAY!

2) “what is this?” Asked Coran.
“A wrist band that gets you everything” replied Lance.
“Yeah, like this tequila. PARA TODOS!!!!!” (Lance immediately realizes how much power he has being the Spanish speaker.)

3) Coran immediately loves tequila and orders like 4 more shots.

4) He’s shirtless by shot 3. Pidge is taking pictures.

5) “What is happening to Coran?” asked Allura.
*Young paladins look at each other and then Shiro and Matt* “nothing, princess. Here, try this,” slips Lance.
Super fruity drinks. SHE FALLS IN LOVE WITH IT! Then she get PLASTERED! And immediately starts flirting with Shiro.

6) Shiro is trying to be a gentlemen so Allura starts flirting with Matt…. it does not help the situation.

7) Lance keeps going around speaking in Spanish. The more drinks he has, the more Spanish he speaks.

8) Keith is horny 24/7 this trip. Spanish Lance not helping.

9) Everyone assumes Hunk is the one taking advantage of the all you can eat food all day and night… but it’s Pidge and Keith. Neither of them can handle being drunk so they eat.

10) Hunk is the calmest drunk. He is like a warm fuzzy bear just wanting to take care of everyone but he is crazy drunk. He ends up talking to a lot of chefs about the food and doing more food tasting.

11) Lance and beach - he is in the water of he ever gets lost: “have you seen lance, I can’t find him.” Points to ocean… he is waving at the direction where Cuban is located.

12) Keith literally can not handle his body. He is frequently transforming in and out of Galra form.

13) Drunk Pidge sees tech = Drunk Pidge must MAKE TECH BETTER!

14) Hotel runs smoother than before and they don’t seem to understand why. Pidge laughs as she drinks another Electric Lemonade. (It’s a green drink)

15) Matt keeps trying to figure out how he ends up in the hot tube located in the bedroom of their hotel room with Allura and Shiro… it seems to happen every morning and they are always with little to no clothing.

16) Lance flirts with Keith in Spanish. Keith can’t handled. He immediately jumps Lance when they all hit up their first night club.

17) those hips don’t lie! And Keith wants in those pants!

18) every morning they meet for the buffet breakfast wearing sunglasses to shield from the pain of the sun, yet they are all in swimwear ready to hit the beach and pool. They eat as a family but make the mistake of getting mimosas for breakfast.

19) they finally reach the pool and the waiter comes to get them drinks - from that point they don’t stop drinking.

20) Lance is in the water the whole time. Keith is trying to figure out how to get him out of the water and in bed.

21) Allura informs him of how every morning she gets Matt and Shiro in the hot tub.

22) Keith immediately figure out how to get Lance on “bed.”

23) Lance nearly jumps into the large bubble bath waiting for him in his room.

24) Keith is waiting for him. And boom. “Hey.”
“Keith?! Wtf?!”
“Just shut up!”
Kiss - make out a clothes comes off - stuff happens.

25) next morning, both have purple marks on their neck and chest, neither cares.

26) Pidge loves all the pool activities they do like the volleyball, ping-pong, Yoga… all so she meet others and learn more about people… she really missed earth.

27) Hunk falls in love with all the trips around Mexico. He is all into the first trips, seeing the ruins, and tours. He takes all of them and they really appreciate it cause it takes them away from the bars for a while.

28) Coran nearly takes a different person back to his room every night. All of Team Voltron tries to figure it out - they never do.

29) There night at Senior Frogs - none of them can figure out how they ended up sleeping on beach benches or how they all have several empty yard stick cups and beads.

30) they all go skydiving. It was a thrilling bonding experience for all of family Voltron!

31) As the days progress, they all realize that Keith and Lance are unofficially dating, but they are inseparable.

32) Hunk eventually leads everyone into a dance off in his hotel room - Coran wins.

33) On their last night, they all sleep in Allura’s room, hugging after a night of remembering how they defeated Zarkon and Lotor and how happy they are to be a family. They sleep on the same bed in a cuddle session.

34) They can barely remember half the things they did, but they remember having a good time.


“Brown Zero” By Sebastian Hernandez. I have been holding off from posting these photos from my Mexico City trip back in March but I feel this is my way of coping with what has happenned. My proposed project was simple. My motive for these photos was to represent and archive queer mexica indigenous brown bodies via the most basic and universal gesture; a simple kiss. My amiga chula Jovan Israel was down to do it with me and we went off. I kept doubting the strength of my photos but today was a clear indicator that something so simple such as a kiss can cause so much anger and hate.

So I never took a “formal” “before” pic because tbh, I just didn’t think it was necessary.
And not only that, but I was honestly over pictures.
I had just returned from my trip in Mexico where I totally enjoyed my body exactly how it was.
So why even go there right?
Any who, this is the only pic I can find after returning from my trip.
I took it last month (September 3) on my way out to the gym.
This is no extreme dieting, no excessive exercise, no hating life, no fad diet, no meal replacement shakes, no fit teas, no waist trainers, blah blah blah.. y'all get it.
Doing what I LOVE!❤️ and truly enjoying it! I’ll post more about that in the future to keep this post relatively short lol
I can’t wait to share this new approach and this new way of seeing things.
Losing weight has never been so easy and so much fun!!!!😀😃🤗


Hello friends!!!

Sorry it’s been a bit since my last post! My trip to Mexico was SUPER fun! I throughly enjoyed myself and spending time with my friends :)

My enjoyment though, lacked any running (although I did do water aerobics!) haha and unfortunately while I was there I got a cold, so even if I had wanted to run, I wouldn’t have been up to it. The cold wasn’t that bad though, it didn’t spoil the trip or anything. And I’d rather have a cold and lay on the beach then have a cold and be at work. So it really wasn’t so bad!

So, once I got back, I made my return to running! I was still feeling a bit congested and this lovely cold incorporated a cough too, so I wasn’t sure how well I’d be able to breathe while running. Given the crazy weather we’ve been having, I decided to test the run with a short treadmill jaunt yesterday. To my pleasure i felt good!

Today I headed out for one a bit longer, and I actually felt great! My cold is essentially gone, so that helped, but I just felt really good in general! My body missed running apparently :)

I’m going to semi-resume normal training now, making sure I ease back into things. I’m surprisingly not upset about my missed days. I finally realized that I run to enhance my life, not to add more pressure to it. I’m the only one who pressures myself to run, so I need to make sure to give myself a break! Running is supposed to be fun after all, not a stressor! And everyone needs a break from time to time.

Tell me what I missed!! I missed catching up with you all :)

pick your battles, Kelly

Having a garden this summer is at the very top of the list of important mental health strategies, and the little 6X16 bed fills up too fast and is currently full of garlic. 

I intended to build beds over the last two weeks, but whenever I had a chunk of free time, it was sopping rain. Today I measured and mapped it all out on graph paper, then priced out the materials to do everything I want to do. About $350 for everything including fencing, trellis, and a gate. 

While searching plans I also found a link to a company that makes cedar raised bed kits that require no tools to assemble. Just for the beds is $300, but again, the parts slide together and have a nice finished look to them. 

This will give me about two full days back in terms of labor. They’ll be here on Thursday. I’ll schedule soil delivery for after the 10th when I return from my New Mexico trip. My garden will go in a couple of weeks late, but I’m going to have space to plant a bit of everything I want.

If the beds work out the way I think they will, I’ll order a few more for the front yard come fall. Kelly’s lawn-elimination program is now under way.