my mexico trip

From left to right:

Yellow Butterfly journal, Nov 23, 2015- Aug 3, 2016. My first attempt at art journaling.

Orange Dinosaur journal, Aug 3 - Sep 24. This journal marked my arrival to Mexico and my trip to Teotihuacan!

Purple Dinosaur journal, Sep 28- Oct 21. Started to get a little wild with multimedia! Paint, ribbon, cord, glitter glue, collage….

MTM journal, Oct 22- Nov 4. This journal only lasted me about two weeks! In it I recorded my first Lucha Libre!


“Brown Zero” By Sebastian Hernandez. I have been holding off from posting these photos from my Mexico City trip back in March but I feel this is my way of coping with what has happenned. My proposed project was simple. My motive for these photos was to represent and archive queer mexica indigenous brown bodies via the most basic and universal gesture; a simple kiss. My amiga chula Jovan Israel was down to do it with me and we went off. I kept doubting the strength of my photos but today was a clear indicator that something so simple such as a kiss can cause so much anger and hate.


Sam getting his geek on in 11x10, requested by @peanutbutterandbananasandwichs

in the midst of what has definitively been the worst travel day of my life, I would like to just toss out a thank you into the universe to two people:
1 - the really kind flight attendant who got me a bag of ice, hugged me, and took the time to kneel down and say comforting reassurances periodically during the entire two hour flight that I spent throwing up (while the other flight attendant literally actively avoided even looking in my direction)
2 - the nice TSA agent who, after I literally had my documents shoved out of my hands and scattered onto the floor by an impatient immigrations agent, took the time to ask me about my trip to Mexico and what my favorite activity was. he even complimented my lovely sunburn and wished me well while he helped me into line.

I’ve been on-off sobbing since 2 am while feeling like death and then facing my absolute worst fears in tandem at 35000 feet in the air. After all of this, what matters most to me is the small shows of concern and care. The littlest gesture can literally mean the world. So be nice out there whenever you can, kiddos

chulimaria  asked:

Do you laugh in spanish or in english ?

STORY TIME!!!: I don’t remember everything I did when I went on my trips to Mexico, especially when I was younger, but I do remember witnessing a private cock fight once. I don’t remember why my cousin took us along but he did. I wanna say I was like 6 or 7? My brother and I got into my cousin’s trunk and drove to the spot where the fight was going to take place. Unbeknownst to me at the time my cousin actually placed a bet and would split it with my brother and I if we won. Long story short we won! The fight overall wasn’t very long from what I remember but I do remember there was a lot of blood on the roosters. We won because our rooster blinded the other rooster’s eye. I think my cut was like 150 pesos but I could be completely off.