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I Hate Me Too || Conor Maynard Imagine

“Ugh! I fucking hate you, Maynard!” I scream slamming my hands down onto the counter in front of me.

“No, you don’t, and that’s the problem, that’s why you’re here,” Conor says, “You’ve stayed with me this long because you love me.”

“You fucking asshole,” I spit, “You told everyone, and I mean literally everyone, that I’m a slut!”

“That’s not what I said, I said that we had a lot of sex! What the fuck is wrong with saying that?” He says anger coursing through us both.

“It makes me seem like a slut Conor!” I shout.

“No, it doesn’t.” He breathes.

“Conor I’ve read what they say about me, they already thought that I was just with you for the money or the fame,”

“Don’t read what they have to say, they don’t know us.”

I push his chest as he comes to stand in front of me, “I fucking hate you. But even worse I’ve started to hate me too.”

Conor throws a punch into the wall behind me making me jump.

“Don’t you dare say that,” He breathes.

“Conor! I’ve not been given a reason not to hate me! Your fans hate me! I can’t fucking imagine the shit they’re saying about me now!” I shout, his face only a meter away from mine.

“Who gives a fuck Y/N?”

“I do! I will always care what your fans think of me!”

“Well don’t!” Conor shouts, my eyes widen and my body become rigid.

“Maybe were better off apart. Where I won’t have to worry about what they say, would you like that? Would you like to be able to fuck any girl that you wished? I bet you would like that!” I shout back tears brimming my eyes, “You’re right, I do love you, But do you want to know something? I fucking hate me, because of what they’ve said. You always tell me not to read it or to-”

Conor places his lips on mine, effectively shutting me up. I feel all of the anger rush out of me, replaced by my love of the boy in front of me. Conor pulls away from me eyeing me cautiously.

“I love you, please don’t hate yourself,”

“I love you too,” I whisper placing my lips on his again.

Young!Sirius - Finally

In 5 hours was the final quittich match of my seventh year. I was sitting in the stands, with my best friend Lily Evans. Both her and I had red hair, and mine was up in a bun.

“Heres hoping Gryffindor win again this year,” she yelled iver the cheering voices in the stands, everyone excited for the match Gryffindor have against Slytherin.

“Absolutely, if they do win, I’ll lay one on any of the boys. Your choice who!”

“Anyone but James. Although, heres an outrageous suggestion, the guy everyone knows you fancy. Plus, I’ve heard from a reliable source that he fancies you too.” She winked, before poking her tongue at me.

“If you don’t retract that tongue, I’ll hex it off,” I said blushing.

“Oh, hush yo-” she started to reply but was cut of by the Gryffindor team coming out of the locker rooms, the Slytherins out of the other.

“And here come the teams! We have James Potter as Gryffindor captian, dating the lovely Lily Evans soon-to-be-Potter if rumours are true-” announced the commentator, Chris Dwaller of Hufflepuff.

“Dwaller- stick to the game!” You could hear McGonagall in the background faintly.

“And Black throws the quaffle and scores! 10 points to Gryffindor! That makes the total, 200 to 100, in favour of Slytherin. Come on!”

I was on my feet, having stood up for Sirius’s goal, cheering for the team.

Lily grabbed my arm, pointing frantically at James, who was doing a dive. I spotted something gold about 30 meters in front of him, fluttering around at the Slytherin hoops.

“And Potter is off! Hes almost there, with Puckett on his tail…. And he has the snitch! Potter has caught the snitch! Gryffindor wins!” Chris was screaming into the microphone.

I was screaming, knowing my throat was going to hurt soon but not caring. Lily and I were running towards the pitch to congratulate the team when about five neters away I was pulled back by someone grabbing my arm. I swung around, about to yell at the person when the words died in ny throat.

I froze, though suddenly I was nose to nose with Sirius Orion Black, his face hanging over mine. His peircing, stormy grey eyes staring into my blue ones.

He smiled at me before  his face decended and his lips were on mine, passionate and unyielding.

My eyes closed, and my hands threaded through his hair. His hand was cradling the back of my neck and head, his other arm around my waist.

I pulled away, resting my forehead on his.

“I can get used to that,” He whispered, and I had only just heard him iver the roaring of the crowd.

I pressed my lips against his again, and pulled back just as quick. “Really? Because I’m already there.” I winked at him.

“FINALLY! WE’VE ONLY BEEN WAITING FOR SEVEN YEARS!” Cried the captian of the quittich team. I heard a smack, and a grumble and knew Lily had something to do with it.

“Be my girlfriend? Sirus said between kisses all over my face, making me laugh.

“Hmmm, I think I can manage that.” I winked at him.

One Night

The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt X Reader

Word Count: 1649

Warning: Very small mention of self harm and depression. It isn’t too bad but just be wary. Also some badass fighting skills.

Summary: Being the only girl in the Glade is tough for the reader, and it gets a lot harder when she spends a night in the maze.

This is a Newt X Reader but only very slightly at the end. It’s more about how freaking awesome you are.

They hate me.
They all do. And I hate myself too.

Everyday it’s just insults and shoves and glares, and I just can’t take it anymore.

I’m the only girl here, so I’m an easy target. The only people who are neutral to me is Alby, who’s nice to everyone, Newt and Minho. But Newt and Minho are slowly turning against me, why I don’t know.

I want to cry, let the tears stream, let all my emotion out the second anything happens, but somehow I’ve learnt to suck it in. Not to cry so much in front of them. But now, I just can’t take it anymore.

I’m sitting alone in a tree by the deadheads, a place I like a lot because I’m left alone and no one bothers me. I hear people shouting to go for dinner, great. I just have to get in there take the food Frypan shoves at me, then get back to this tree.

Not easy. But I’m hungry, and although most people want me to starve I need to eat something today after skipping breakfast and lunch. I climb down and head to the kitchen, trying to stay away from as many people as possible. But there’s always one person who seems to know where I am and how to find me.


He comes up behind me, and shoves me and I turn round to face him.

“Hey you shank, get out of the way, you’re a waste of space.”

And then, my tether snaps.

“Well hopefully my dead body won’t be a waste of space in the maze!” I say, hearing the doors slowly start to close, as I sprint towards them, leaving Gally and everyone else in a stunned silence.

“What.” Gally states obviously stunned, but I don’t look back. Suddenly people start to notice running after me and calling my name. Why do they care so much?

I make it to the doors, with everyone in a hot pursuit.

The doors are a few meters from closing, and I don’t waist a second. I sprint through them. People are arriving at the doors, screaming and shouting at me to stop and get back into the glade.

The last thing I hear before the doors come to a close is Newt’s words screeching over everyone else’s “No (Y/N), please! Make it back, fight! Fight for me!”

“ (Y/N)- ” and he’s cut off by the boom of the doors.

What? Fight? He wants me to fight and survive a night in the maze to go back to that hell hole where I’m hated? No way. And for him? What in god’s name was that about?
Or maybe… Why where they all shouting for me? They hate me! And why did Gally sound so shocked, it’s what he wanted right?

I’m so confused, but I’m quickly snapped out of my thoughts by the unreal screeches and sounds of a griever. Instinct kicks in, and I quickly pull out a small blade I carry with me.

I stole it from the Medjacks hut, planning to cut myself with it, to take away the mental pain I always feel, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

I hold the handle tightly, hoping beyond hope that there will only be one griever.

Wait, why am I even fighting? I don’t want to survive this, go back to the glade. Or do I? I’ve got two options I either give in and let the grievers take me, and I can live up to their insults of being a coward and weak. Or I can prove them wrong. Show them how strong I really am.

Then it occurs to me.

I need to show them.

Show them I’m not weak. Show them I’m strong too, and I can fight when I need to. I need to kill a griever. I realise I’m lost in thought again, and quickly snap out of it and start to run deep into the maze.

I know the maze of by heart, because every night when everyone was asleep I would break into the map room and study the maze.

Oh am I glad I did that.

I turn a corner, and my blood freezes in my veins. Just down the corridor, is a griever, and it noticed me. I turned and ran, but I knew I couldn’t out run it, so I decided instead to climb. I leaped at the nearest wall, grabbing vine after vine yanking myself up, higher and higher. But to my despair, the griever could climb too. That’s it I’m done for…

It slowly got closer, as if it wanted my death to be long and waited out. I panicked until an idea came to my mind. I stopped trying to climb, and wrapped a vine around my wrist tightly.

Then I let go of the walk so I was just hanging by my wrist. The searing pain was overcome by fear, and I dangled there waiting for the griever to be on top of me. It did as I thought it would, and soon it was right on top of me. I took a deep breath, waited for it to be in the right place, then cut the vine holding my wrist.

I plummeted down, the griever, bashing its head into the wall where I had just been. As I was about to hit the floor I grabbed a vine. Well that was close. I jumped to the floor and started sprinting. I had just escaped from a griever. I out witted a griever! And I became a form of Tarzan!

Hold on, Tarzan?

But the night wasn’t over yet. I kept running taking turn after turn, managing to avoid any grievers I saw.
Finally, after an exhausting night the corridors of the maze stated to become brighter. And I came to a stop. Bad idea. I had been followed.

The griever reared up behind me ready to sting its poison, but I ran. I heard the doors up ahead, beginning to open. Relief washed over me, I was nearly there, I had nearly done it.

The griever kept following and I knew what I should do.

Kill it.

Kill it by the doors for everyone to see. Who will be weak then. I suddenly had a burst of energy from the thought and turned the last corner to the doors.

To my surprise, all the Gladers were gathered at the door. Perfect. Suddenly they saw me, and some started to shout my name.

What? Why do they care? I am now in utter confusion.

I get a few meters to the door then stop and turn around. It suddenly goes silent as the griever turns the corner, charging at me with all its might. This is it. I either kill the griever and show that I’m strong, or I die trying.

Bring it on.

I shout and run at it with all my strength. It rears a leg forward at me, with a sharp point at the end. I turn sideways and bring my blade down on it, cutting it clean of. I run backwards, getting my bearings as the griever screeches in pain.

I hold my blade in one hand, and the leg as a weapon in the other, and charge, I know what I have to do. I leap on it. Dodging legs and spikes and teeth coming at me, tiring to rip me apart. I stabbed it, and a loud screech is heard from it again as it flings me against the wall. I yelp, but get straight back up as I see a red dot flash on the bottom of the griever. I instantly know I have to get it. It must be its equivalent of a heart of something.

I run down the passage, getting a run up then sprinting towards the griever at the last second I drop to the floor and slide under the griever. I located the red dot, and use my blade to pierce into its flesh and rip it out. The griever makes one last ear-piecing screech, and falls to the ground beside me. I get up and turn to the glade.

Every single last glader is standing there in awe, taking in what they just saw. I walk towards them, and drop the griever heart into Minho’s hands. I walk up to Gally, looking into his bewildered eyes.

“Who’s the weak one now?”

I push past the last few Gladers, and walk off to the deadheads. I smile at what I said to Gally and all of their faces. I sit down under a tree, I don’t have the strength to climb up it.

I tilt my head back so it’s against the tree. Closing my eyes, I enjoy the silence. A few minutes later there is a rustling of leaves as I snap my head up and open my eyes I’m surprised to see who it is. Newt. Why is he here? Then I remember what he said before the doors closed.
“Oh my bloody God, (Y/N) are you ok?”

I look down at myself and see my clothes are ripped and covered in blood.

“I guess, but why would you care?”

He comes to sit next to me.

“Because I like you, ok? I’ve cared about you ever since you came up in the bloody box.” I’m stunned.

“What?” I say turning to face him.

“Look I know I haven’t shown it, but I really do care for you a lot. And the others do too.”

I’d say he was lying, but the look in his eyes say otherwise.

“Okay,” I say opening my mouth to speak again but his lips coming crashing on to mine. At first, I just sit there, before kissing back. I smile into it, and I know that this is where I belong.

“Breaking news” (part 1) - Austin Carlile imagine

Yeah, I’ve updated twice in a week ! :D

I’ve changed it a tiny bit so that Y/N was in high school instead of college, I hope you won’t mind anon! Also Y/C  = your city, Y/F/C = your favorite color and Y/H/C = your hair color ;)

EDIT: you can read the part 2 here!

Warning: violence (shooting)

- Austins POV -

We have made the present, obsolete

What do you want? What do you need?

Well find a way when all hope is gone

Weve seen the fall of the elite

Bury your life, sink your disease

Well end the world when all hope is gone!

The sound of Slipknot blared through the speakers of my car, and Ilaughed as I saw my little sister Y/N singing and headbanging in the car while I waited for the traffic light to turn green. Finally the light turned green and I drove in the direction of my sister’s school. It always amazed me how we were so alike: not only did we look a lot like each other, but we also had the same taste in everything, including music. Slipknot was the soundtrack of every single minute spent in this car.

She was a senior in high school, and because of tours I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time with her. So as soon as I got home from our last tour I told her she was going to spend a whole week with me at my apartment, which meant I also drove her to school in the morning, picked her up in the afternoon, took her to dinner or to the cinema… But basically most of our free time was spent watching Disney movies while eating popcorn on the couch, just like we used to do when we were kids.

We finally reached the parking lot of Y/C High School. Y/N grabbed her bag from the backseat and opened her door.

“Have a good day little sister!” I smiled.

“Thanks, I will!” She replied happily.

She was always so joyful and positive, that’s one of the many things I loved about her. As a big brother, I always felt as if I needed to protect her from everything, but she always told me that I was worrying too much about her. I can’t help it I guess!

I drove off and headed toward the highway. It was already 8:50AM and my band and I had a photo-shoot on the other side of the city just 15 minutes later.

I finally made it just in time for the photo-shoot. I greeted the guys and shook hands with the photographer. A makeup artist prepared us, and finally the session started. For about 2 hours, the photographer took hundreds of pictures, some of them with all the band, some of them were portraits of each one of us… Thankfully the photographer was a nice man so it wasn’t too annoying to do, because trust me some photographers or journalists can be a pain in the ass!

Rock music came from a radio placed in the corner of the room, and nobody was really paying attention to it until the music stopped abruptly.

Breaking news! Shots have been fired at Y/C High School. The police and paramedics just arrived there. 8 students are injured.

My eyes went wide as I heard the announcer break the news. I ran to the chair where my jacket and car keys were, determined to get there as soon as possible.

“What are you doing man?” Aaron asked, surprised.

“My sister is there, I have to make sure she’s okay!” I replied in a hurry.

I didn’t wait for anybody to reply and ran to my car, jumping in the driver sit and driving off quickly. After spending what felt like hours in traffic, I finally reached the school lot. I parked my car on the side of the road and got out, not caring about locking my car or being fined. I ran toward the entrance of the main building, only to be stopped by policemen about twenty meters away from the door.

“You can’t go there sir! We’re still looking for the shooter and we need to evacuate the wounded!” He told me, keeping me behind a yellow barricade-tape.

I started walking back and forth to try and calm down, pulling at my hair and biting my lower lip in the process. I was terrified. Knowing that my little sister was in there and could have been wounded was too much for me.

After a while, paramedics ran out of the building. There were about 6 or 7 of them, and they were carrying 2 people on stretchers. They were joined immediately by some of the policemen that were waiting outside to protect them. I stopped dead in my frenetic track and ran toward the barricade, trying to see if I could see who these people were.

On the second stretcher lay a girl who was probably about my sister’s age. Her body was limp, with her arm falling down from the stretcher, and her chest was covered in blood. But what caught my eyes was the resemblance with Y/N: same Y/F/C shirt, same jeans, same Y/H/C hair… That was her! My sister was hurt!

“Please, please, that’s my sister on the stretcher! She’s wounded, I need to see her!” I screamed, trying to make my way toward the paramedics.

“Sir you need to calm down! I’m sorry but we can’t let you go.” One of them said, holding me back.

“Please let me see her! I need to see her!”

Tears were now falling down my cheeks as I saw the paramedics bringing my sister’s stretcher in an ambulance. One of the policemen gave a questioning look to who seemed to be his boss, asking him silently if he could let me go. The man shook his head no and joined his colleague in preventing me from running toward the ambulance.

“I’m sorry sir, we’re not allowed to let you go past this line. This is a crime scene and we’re still looking for the attacker. You’ll have to meet your sister at the hospital.” He answered calmly, but with a sympathetic expression on his face.

I took a deep breath and left the scene, going back to my car. Once I was sitting on the driver seat, I sighed and rubbed my face with my hands. I gave a look at my own reflection in the rear view mirror: my eyes were bloodshot and I looked pale and tired. My hands were shaking, which didn’t help finding my car key in my pockets and putting it in the ignition.

Finally I started my car and drove toward the hospital. Once again I spent countless minutes stuck in traffic, which didn’t help me calming down at all. After quite a long time I finally made it to the hospital. I found an empty spot in the parking lot, parked my car and ran to the main building. I was met by a young woman at the reception.

“Hello, how can I help you?”

“I’m here to see Y/N Carlile. She’s been injured during a shooting at Y/C High School.” I told her breathlessly.

“I’m sorry but nobody is allowed to see her. She’s been brought here only minutes ago and she’s undergoing surgery right now.” She stated sternly.

“I’m her brother, I need to know how she’s doing! At least somebody tell me what’s going on!” I yelled, exasperated. Everybody seemed not to want to let me see her today.

“I’m sorry, please calm down. Take a sit in the waiting room, a doctor will come and tell you about your sister’s condition.” She excused herself, gesturing toward the waiting room.

I walked slowly toward the room and took a seat silently. After a while, a man in his late fifties entered the room. He was wearing a white smock, glasses and had grey hair. He instantly walked toward me. I got up and he shook my hand.

“Mr. Carlile? I’m Dr. Johnson. I was in the E&R when your sister was brought in.” He introduced himself. “Please let’s go to my office.”

He led me to a small office at the end of a corridor. I took a seat and he sat in front of me, readjusting his glasses.

“She’s been hit by 2 bullets, one in her arm and the one in her thorax. The first one wasn’t too deep and has been removed easily but the second one caused more injuries.” He started.

I shuddered at the thought of what had happened to my sister.

“It punctured her left lung and caused a hemorrhage. She had to undergo surgery to stop the bleeding and remove the bullet. She’s still in the operative room right now. I’ll let you know when you’ll be able to see her.”

I thanked him and came back to the waiting room. Here’s to waiting and worrying for hours again.

I woke up several hours later, a hand gently shaking my shoulder.

“Mr. Carlile? Wake up!” The same doctor woke me up.

It took a few seconds for me to remember where I was and what had happened. Y/N was injured and fighting for her life.

“The surgery is finished, Y/N has been brought back to her room. She’s still unconscious but you’re allowed to see her now.” He smiled.

I followed him through several corridors until we entered the ICU. I was asked to wear a blue smock over my clothes, then a nurse took me to my sister’s room.

What I saw shocked me. My sister seemed so fragile in this big hospital bed. She had a breathing tube going down her throat, several IVs in her arms and was hooked to a heart monitor that was beeping monotonously. I rubbed my face with my hands, swallowing the lump in my throat and inhaling deeply. Shes going to be okay.

I brought the chair that was in a corner of the room closer to her bed and sat. I took her small hand in mine and broke into tears.

“Please Y/N, you have to make it. You have to wake up, I can’t live without you!” I sobbed. “Gosh I’m so sorry, you should have stayed at home today, we’d have watched movies all day and you’d be all right now. I was supposed to protect you, gosh I will never forgive myself for-”

A loud beeping noise cut me off, making me look up toward the heart monitor. Nurses and doctors rushing into the room instantly, one of them asking me to leave the room. That wasnt happening, no it couldnt be possible!

Haunted House - Luke Hemmings Imagine

The floorboards creaked with every step I took. The footsteps got louder. I could feel my pursuer’s eyes burning a hole through me. I didn’t dare turn around. I ran as fast as my poofy Alice in Wonderlandesque dress allowed. My heart was racing and I could almost hear the ominous sound of my heartbeat and its breathing bouncing off of the old walls. I didn’t know where I was running to, I just knew I had to run.


“I’ll be fun! I promise!”

“You said that about the role coaster last month.” I reply, shuddering at the thought of the towering, metal death trap I was forced on to.

“How was I supposed to know you were going to throw up?”

“Oh, just shut up, Luke!” I huff, folding my arms across my chest.

“Come on Alice, where’s your Halloween spirit?”

“Don’t call me Alice.”

“I thought you wanted to get into character?” He says, eyeing my blue and white Disney style dress.

“I hate you so much right now.”

“Come on, Y/N. Don’t say that.”

“I don’t want to go to some stupid party in the middle of nowhere!”

“I’m sorry, princess. I’m sorry for teasing you and forcing you on that roller coaster. You don’t have to come with me if you don’t want to.”

I stare into his eyes, seemingly thinking about his statement. “Will you hold my hand?” I ask in the most innocent voice possible, batting my eyelashes at the 6ft boy.

“Of course I will!” He says, a dopey grin on his face. “Now, come give me a kiss.” He coos, puckering his lips. I chuckle silently, closing the gap between us and pressing our lips together.


“What are you supposed to be anyways?” I question, staring at Luke who was seated in the drivers seat. His attire for the evening was all black and that was it, no hint of a costume or anything, just black.

“I honestly don’t know.”

“Well, you look stupid." 

"You’re just full of love today.”

“Pull over.” I say and he obliges, parking the car on the side of the empty highway. 

I rummage through the mess in my purse, pulling out my “Red Velvet” Limecrime velvetine lip colour. “What are you doing?” He asks, his eyes widening at the sight of the cylindrical tube.

“I’m going to make you look less stupid. Give you some fake, fake blood." 

"Do your worst.” He sighs, sinking into the seat.

I dab the red liquid on his thin lips, allowing some of the colour to drip down his mouth. “See, now you don’t look as stupid!" 

"Geez, thanks babe, love you too.”


The house looked straight out of a horror movie. Ivy crawled along the walls, pillars rested atop the roof, the shutters and shingles were worn out and the entire property was encased by a looming, iron gate. Fog creeped around the house, rising up towards the sky and resting low on the ground. The moon was the only light source for miles, dimly illuminating the house.

“Who would have a party here?” I murmur, my eyes filled with worry.

“It is a Halloween party, it’s supposed to be creepy!”

“It doesn’t look like there’s a party: no cars, lights, music, it looks empty.”

“We’re probably just early.”

“It’s 9 o'clock. How is that early?”

“You’re just over thinking things,” He pushes open the car door, stepping into the cool air. “C'mon, let’s go inside.”

“Luke, I have a really bad feeling about this.”

“Babe, it’ll be fine. Let’s just stay for about 20 minutes and if you still want to leave, we’ll leave.”

“Fine.” I mutter, grabbing the handle of the door and stepping out of the car.

My arms were immediately coated in goosebumps—partly from the fear and partly from the frigid October air. I lunged for Luke’s arm and gripped it tightly, as if my life was depending on it.  We weren’t even in the house yet and I was already petrified. “Relax, babe,” Luke coos in your ear, adding to the shivers coursing throughout your body. “I’ll be with you the entire time. Besides, it’s just a house.”

“A fucking creepy as fuck house.” I whisper under my breath, my words getting lost in the wind.

Every typical haunted house had one of those Victorian style door knockers shaped into some horrific mythical beasts—this one was no exception. The brass was molding into the shape of what looked like some sort of goblin. It smacked against the door in a loud bang, a sound sure to annoy any human being who may live in the house. We waited a few minutes but no one came to the door. Luke grabbed the knocker was again and we waited, only to be greeted with nothing.

“Hello?” Luke calls out, lightly pushing against the door. “Anyone home?” The door creaks open but no one is on the receiving end. 

“That’s totally normal,” I state. I was ready to turn around and walk back to the car when I see Luke step foot into the house. “Luke!” I screech, pulling his arm. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Uh, going into the house?”

“The door just randomly opened on its own and you still want to go in?”

“They probably didn’t lock the door. It’s fine.”

“You’re so insane, you’re bloody insane! If you think I’m going to go in th-” Luke presses his lips to yours, silencing your cries.

“You’re safe with me. I won’t let anything hurt you. You’re safe, 100% safe.” He rubs your back soothingly, allowing you to relax into his arms.

“You promise not to leave me?”

“I swear on my life.”

The house was empty. There wasn’t anything to indicate human life. It appeared as if the house hadn’t seen a living, breathing human being in decades. Dust covered every single object in sight. The house smelled musty and old. “Are you sure you got the right address?”

“Positive. Let’s go to the basement.”

“There obviously isn’t a party going on, what are you doing?”


“This isn’t like you. What’s going on?”

“What do you mean? We’re just having a little fun! Let loose, it’s Halloween!”

“This is not fun! This is scary and weird and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal!” I scream, releasing my grip on Luke’s hand.

“I think your overreacting, Y/N." 

Maybe I was overreacting. Maybe I was over-thinking everything. Maybe I was just being stupid. Or maybe I was being smart and sensible or maybe I was being all of the above.  

I wasn’t able to get a word in before the lights clapped off, surrounding us in darkness. Not even the moon was shining through the windows, it was pitch black. It felt as if I was being swallowed whole, the darkness was wrapping around my body and I could feel my eyelids begin to get heavy.

Just as soon as the lights went off, they came back on. But something felt wrong. Something was missing. Luke. Where did Luke go? My eyes dart around the room, hoping to catch a glimpse of my stupid boyfriend. He was gone. He was nowhere in sight.

I felt as if I was in a horror movie. Every single cheesy plot was running through my mindevery single monster and ghost and ax-wielding maniac came to mind. 

I was alone in a creepy house and Luke had the car keys (not that I would leave him). I hesitantly turned around and walked towards the door. My tiny hands gripped the door knob and I pulled, I pulled with all my strength but it wouldn’t budge. It was sealed shut. 

With shaking hands, I pull my phone out of my purse and of course, I had no signal. I didn’t know what to do. I was never the best under pressure, let alone in life threatening situations. I don’t think my brain was even functioning properly. The adrenaline coursing through my veins was making me want to run into the door in an attempt to get out. My fight and flight instincts were not cooperating with me at this point. I had no clue what I was supposed to do.

So I began to walk. I walked through multiple hallways and corridors, entering one room and exiting into another. I walked until my legs began to ache. It was as if I was in some sort of labyrinth. 

I came to a set of stairs, one went up and the other went done. I was at a crossroad. I thought over my options. The lower part of a house is usually the creepiest, upstairs is usually safer.

I was just about to head up the stairs when I heard it.


Loud, heavy footsteps. They were getting louder and louder as the seconds ticked by. I deducted that they were coming up the stairs. So I did what any reasonable person would do—I ran in the opposite direction. 

I tried to be quiet. The old steps were so worn down that it was nearly impossible for them to not make a noise. I could still hear whoever it was behind me. They were right on my heels yet still out of sight.

The stairs opened up onto a landing. The landing lead to a hallway with a series of doors along it’s length. I ran towards the end of the hall and dashed into one of the rooms, which lead to another hallway.

The floorboards creaked with every step I took. The footsteps got louder. I could feel my pursuer’s eyes burning a hole through me. I didn’t dare turn around. I ran as fast as my poofy Alice in Wonderlandesque dress allowed. My heart was racing and I could almost hear the ominous sound of my heartbeat and its breathing bouncing off of the old walls. I didn’t know where I was running to, I just knew I had to run.

Every door seemed to lead to another hallway. It was a never ending chain of dead ends. For all I know, I could be running around in circles! 

The footsteps would quiet down and then speed up. I knew it wasn’t Luke, he would’ve called for me. I didn’t know who or what it is. I didn’t know if it wanted to hurt me or not. Thoughts of the police finding my dead body lying in a pool of blood was enough to make me cry. My tears splattered against the floor as I ran. Hopefully I would be able to produce enough tears to make my pursuer slip and break their neck.

I pushed open another a door and I nearly slammed into another door that was around 2 meters in front of the first door. This door didn’t open. It was locked and I was stuck. The lights flashed off and I screamed. I didn’t even care anymore, I screamed at the top of my lungs. I sunk to the ground and cried. My sobs echoed off the walls of the tiny room. I sat in the dark with my head in my hands. The footsteps were getting closer and closer and all I could do was cry harder and harder.

The door to the tiny room slammed open, revealing someone in a torn and bloody clown-like mask. I screamed, somehow hoping to deafen it with my shrieking. 

I didn’t bother standing up. I was done for. Tears were streaming down my face and then something extremely uncalled for happened.

The so called clown began to laugh. A deep, loud, rumbling laugh. I stopped crying and stared at it. The laugh sounding oddly familiar. 

"Michael?” I question, my voice shaky and quiet.

“Hey, Y/N! How ya doin’?” The clown responds, taking off his mask.

“Michael fucking Clifford,” I growl, no longer afraid but pissed off, royally pissed off. “What the fuck are you doing?” I scream, walking up to the red-headed idiot. “And where the fuck is Luke?”

As if on cue, the rest of 5SOS appear, giggling to their hearts content.  Luke’s expression hardens when he takes notice of your tear stained face. “Aw, baby. Were you crying?” He reaches out towards you and begins to wipe away the few remaining tears. 

“Don’t fucking touch me!” I scream, slapping his hand away. The boys all go silent and stare at me with wide eyes. “Don’t you dare touch me!”

“Y/N, I-”

“You what? It was just a joke? I’m too uptight? I need to let loose?”

“No, baby, I swear it wasn’t supposed to end like this! It was a harmless prank!”

“Harmless prank my ass. How do I get out of here?”

“Y/N please just hear me out.”

“I don’t want to hear anything you have to fucking say! You promised you wouldn’t leave me! You knew I was afraid and then you go and do this! I hope you had your fun because I fucking hate all of you. I would storm out of here in an angry rage but I have no clue where I’m going.”

“Sorry, Y/N.” Ashton says, a solemn look on his face. “We didn’t think it would hurt you this much.”

“Well it did. I just want to go home, okay? I hope you all had a happy Halloween,” I turn to face Luke. He probably had the guiltiest expression of the four. “Take me home, please.” He nods and begins to leave. I follow him down the same endless corridors and hallways I was running through. I was fucking ecstatic to get out of this death trap.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N.” He says as we settle into the car.

“I hate that word. Sorry. Congratulations, you’re sorry! What’s that going to do?”

“I just want you to know that I am sorry. I don’t know what it will accomplish but I’m so fucking sorry. I never wanted to make you cry. It was such a fucking stupid idea, I don’t know why I even agreed to it. I’m an idiot and I totally understand if you want to break up with me.”

“I’m not going to break up with you, Luke.”

“Oh, thank goodness! I promise, I’ll make it up to you later tonight.” He says, winking at me.

“Haha, no. You won’t be touching me tonight, have fun on the couch, Hemmings.”

“Fair enough, I do love you though. I love you so much.”

“Shut the fuck up, Luke.”

 Yay, a crappy mediocre imagine 

Taylor Imagine (San Diego)

side note: i don’t actually have anything against taylor or the girls, it’s just for the sake of the imagine

i walked along the beach in San Diego with my friends it was spring break and we were spending it here. we were trying to find spot to put our towels down, we picked a spot near enough to the shoreline. as we placed down our towels i noticed a huge group of guys a few meters away from us. one of them seemed really obnoxious and loud. “isn’t that those magcon boys?” one of my friends said. “who?” i asked “have you not heard of nash grier and his friends?” she said. “oh yeah..” i replied not really caring.

i lay down on my towel, planning to get a tan. i tried to relax closing my eyes but all i could hear was those madcon magcon boys whatever they were called screaming. i looked up to see what they were doing. i saw one of them going around kissing loads of girls.i took off my sunglasses. “who is that?” i asked feeling irritated “i think that’s taylor caniff” one of my friends mentioned.

i stood up walking over to him. “where are you going?” my friend asked “be back in a minute” i said ignoring her questions. he was surrounded by a huge group of girls when i walked over. “excuse me? taylor is it?” i asked standing with my arms folded. “yeah” he asked smiling. “could you please shut the fuck up some of us are trying to relax and don’t want to hear you speak the whole time” i said before turning around to walk away.

he followed me “sorry but you don’t even know me?” he said “i know a tool when i see one” i said smiling fakley at him. “oh that hurts” he said holding his chest. “why don’t you get one of you’re little skanks over there to kiss it better for you” i said turning back around. “ohh that’s what this is about” he said smirking. i looked at him confused “you’re jealous because i’m kissing other girls and you want me to kiss you” he said smirking. i laughed loudly “yes, yes that’s exactly what it is” i said.

“i knew it” he said. “i was being sarcastic” i said glaring at him. “so was i” he said continuing to smirk. we stood there staring at each other for a moment. “so how about that kiss?” he said pulling me into him. i pushed my hands against his chest walking away “how about no” i yelled. “nice ass by the way” he said as i walked away. i could feel my face go red as i attempted to cover my ass with my hands.