my merlin stuff

Aaaand this was my very first concept for the Zodiac thing, Aries and Leo were “finished” while Sagittarius remains in progress (I think Merlin on a horse would be interesting as well instead of a centaur)
Thought I’d share with you.
(I also like the idea of posting the signs by their elements)

Merlin/Arthur Zodiac 01/13


“Merlin is a creature of new discoveries and boundless freedom. He crosses through all that is established, and dives into the unknown. He is guarded by his magical royal fleece and his loyal subject, who steers his gaze away from eternity with a gentle gesture and grounds him to earth, to this time and place, with his love. While Merlin cannot stay still for long, these are the moments where he passes all his knowledge and truth, in their intimate embrace.” (written by @rawksrawr)