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The Sword in the Stone Part 2 (4x13): Merlin gives Arthur faith. a.k.a. Merlin is the bestest damn friend ever.

When the sword was thrust into the stone, the ancient king foretold that one day it would be freed again at a time when Camelot needed it most.

Prompt Day 10 || Path I - Favorite Moments

I know I already filled this prompt, but I have MANY favorite moments, okay!

This moment, in particular, made me emotional. I remember having to take a deep breath because if I didn’t, I was going to cry. I think this scene truly highlights Merlin’s faith and loyalty in Arthur and it is so damn beautiful. The delivery of the lines are especially gorgeous! GUH!

Aaaand this was my very first concept for the Zodiac thing, Aries and Leo were “finished” while Sagittarius remains in progress (I think Merlin on a horse would be interesting as well instead of a centaur)
Thought I’d share with you.
(I also like the idea of posting the signs by their elements)