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Weird Headcanon time!

// Magnus collects strange odds and ends. But he’s very picky with the odds and ends. They have to look a certain way. It has to appeal to him in a way.

ALSO he collects transformer fandom memorabilia. In my blog/universe there is a transformers show and fandom. It was used to cover up the autobots and decepticons on earth. So when Magnus (Maggy at the time) saw the figures and all the fandom collector items, he was quick to buy them.

He thinks it’s funny. He looks for bots he knows.

I know everyone is freaking out and worried. And I haven’t seen the screening to help reassure or gently let down. But I do know this: they LIE. No NDA? Please. Why on earth would they let something groundbreaking out early before the entire world gets to see it? It will be better during the airing, when everyone can see those two beans are in love. Trust me.

In “The Artifact Piece” I became the Indian and lied in state as an exhibit along with my personal objects. That hit a nerve and spoke loud both in Indian country, the art world and the frontier of anthropology. The installation took objects that were representational of a modern Indian, which happened to be me, collecting my memorabilia such as my degree, my divorce papers, photos, record albums, cassettes, college mementos. It told a story about a man who was in college in the 60s, but this man happened to be native, and that was the twist on it.

James Luna on his 1987 performance Artifact Piece 

i went on facebook for the first time in like… eh, I was on at christmas or so, maybe popped on at new year’s, i’ve been on there a lot, but, it was the first time since new year’s, and i saw someone post that video of the guy who gets out in traffic to rip a confederate flag off the back of a truck, and predictably someone was like “yOu conDONe VANdalism?!” and I wrote “nah fuck traitors” and he’s trying to get into it with me about identity politics, and I was like, “no, literally, true facts dude, traitors, so fuck ‘em,” and unfollowed the post, and that’s why I’m not allowed on Facebook.

But really.

Fuck ‘em. 

my man @fuckwodehouse tagged me to post 11 facts about myself so real quick before work:

1) i fence sabre B)

2) contrary to my small collection of starry night memorabilia, my fave painting is actually turner’s fishermen at sea

3) i work a part time job taking care of a disabled four year old. he’s the cutest child in the whole world and i love him

4) puedo hablar un poco español y mi poema favorito en español es ‘como tú’ por roque dalton

5) there are probably like 400 books in my bedroom lmao r i p

6) my fave superhero is captain america

7) i finally got out my guitar after months of not practicing?? so if i can get a song figured out y'all might see me posting a cover in the future

8) i’m a farmers market kind of boy and i’m very much here for #protecting and rescuing the bees

9) one of the decorations in my room is a big origami koi fish that a friend of mine folded out of copper mesh

10) i used to take kendo lessons and i’ve still got both my practice swords

11) i’m a lil gay and i write poetry sometimes??

tagging my mutuals if any of you feel like doing this and tagging me in it. hope everyone is having a good day  xx

Cross your fingers and toes

We are closing on a house this weekend, its like the prefect house ever. I am totally turning the basement into my man cave/ xfiles memorabilia area. Anyway I could use any good vibrations, thoughts this way..hopefully we hear something tomorrow


I got a story to tell. One of my friends showed me this coin that he has. It’s probably one of his favorite pieces of memorabilia. My friend received this coin from one of his best friends 2 days before he killed himself. As you can see in the first picture, a man is walking on a path while the forest he is walking in is on fire. In the second picture, the man is gone, the forest is fine again, and at the bottom it says “SERENITY”, peace. This is so symbolic to me, that his friend that passed away is at peace now. When I saw this coin, I was absolutely astonished. There is more to life than we think @sixpenceee

Look What I Just Got Back from the Framers... (Eeeeeee!)

I found this little beauty listed on eBay a few weeks back and could not believe my eyes: an A5 sized flyer from A Prayer for My Daughter signed by all four actors!

A pre-Merlin Colin Morgan autograph? Yes, please!

Something as special as that definitely needed framing (at least in my mind, it did). Now that I’ve gotten it back, I’m thrilled to share it with all of you:

And here it is all framed up nice: 

I even had it double-matted and backed with Plexiglas so that I can still see the back of the flyer. I forgot to take a photo of that before I hung it up, but here’s what the back of the flyer looks like: 



I’ve recently added a really unique piece of memorabilia to my Ed, Edd n Eddy collection: the official “Ed, Edd n Eddy Style Guide” consisting of a CD rom and index book with everything designers would need to produce licensed merchandise from the show.

The CD contains about 750 vector graphics of characters, backgrounds, icons, frames, patterns and editorial patches. Some of the images are re-draws from frames in the show while others are uniquely promotional art. Theres also samples of what fonts and supplementary colors should be used on products and their packaging so that all merchandise from the show looks consistent (and of course all the guidelines on how images may be placed, what size they should be, where trademarks are necessary etc).

I’m familiar with most of the merchandise from the show so its interesting to see the full catalogue of images that designers have at their disposal. I’ve seen some of these images get used over-and-over again but theres also a hand full that I’ve never seen at all, let alone on any merch.

As much as I’d love to upload the contents of this CD for other fans to enjoy, I don’t want to be responsible for an emergence of (really authentic looking) bootlegs popping up all over the place. I might post more of the pantone color charts if any artists are interested in having a definitive late-2000 palette for each of the characters.