my meme :d

How to catch Pokémon JK and Min Yoongi + Jimin kisses Kook

How to catch Pokemon Jungcook (you know what I’m talking about): just throw your pokeball, easy

How to catch Pokémon Min Yoongi: YOU DON’T


If Min Yoongi was a pokemon: you would probably spend 5 Master Ball and he would escape all of them, there would be a special Pokeball only to capture Yoongi the SWAGGER MASTERBALL

Jimin was on fire that day …


I find great irony in how the guy who censors cursing has a curse-word in his name! :D

(Also: @xedramon, sorry for dragging you into the comic itself.)

Fresh_Hell belongs to @xedramon (related AU-blog: @fatal-error-blog)

The trio this guy consists of belongs to @loverofpiggies

25 Questions For Your D&D Characters and OCs
  1. What is this character’s alignment?
  2. What is a notable quote from this character? Alternatively, what is their favorite quote?
  3. Summarize your character’s backstory with no more than three sentences.
  4. Describe your character using a song title.
  5. Are there any story arcs you would like this character to explore?
  6. What would your character like (or have liked) to do with their life?
  7. Who is your character’s best friend?
  8. Who is your character’s worst enemy?
  9. Who has, for better or worse, had the most impact on your character’s life?
  10. What is the most badass thing this character has done?
  11. What crime is this character most likely to be convicted of?
  12. What meme would you use to describe the character?
  13. Does this character swear frequently?
  14. What is this character’s relationship with religion or the church?
  15. Would this character ever make a deal with a devil or dark spirit?
  16. Emotion or Logic?
  17. Soup or Salad?
  18. What is the character’s favorite Pokémon? 
  19. What Pokémon Go team would they be on?
  20. Is your character currently in love? Is there anyone in love with your character?
  21. Do you ship your character with any other characters? (This includes characters from other universes and canons)
  22. How would this character seduce a lover?
  23. If your character could play any part in a drama, stage production, or musical, what part would they play?
  24. What is your character’s favorite album?
  25. What does this character mean to you?