my math notebooks are my sketchbooks


4.5.16 am to pm! What a busy day! Ate breakfast, had a great driving lesson, submitted my student finance, did some gardening, calculated the area of my site and finished my sketchup model, and then ran 5k! Back to work though! xxx emily

s2kikan replied to your post “anything special on the front/inside cover of your sketchbook?”

i want to send u tsukiyama stickers but then ur sketchbook will no longer be secret


this was how i decorated my work journal this year haha PRETTY DEMURE, I KNOW, but i was trying to tone myself down from how I treated my 2015 journal

(winged tsukyam stickers were gifts from my friend Eri!! they’re by chiicharron; tsukki and yams collages by tinytooru)

my sketchbooks aren’t covered in tsukyam because they’re already everywhere in the pages lol (THEY’RE PRACTICALLY ALL I DRAW…) they’re on the covers of my work journals because that’s where i need the most inspiration 😂 i also covered up this math notebook with my favourite tsukyam page because how else would i motivate myself to do math, pls

if you want to send me tsukyam stickers tho… i won’t decline…. ;))))

“stop you’re giving me a math boner”
-My internal reaction to my teacher talking about how we’re going to be approaching diffy q from a qualitative, geometric perspective in this course

*heavy breathing*


Working on where the cables/rods connecting the stars to the cube frame will go. Except the Big Dipper is backwards here so I’m gonna have to redo it but whatever. When viewing it head on, Dubhe should be in the back… and on the right. Whatever.

I actually saved a version of this file for each star and then figured out all of the cable/rod possibilities for each, then copied and pasted them all back in the big file. All but one each are turned off here, though these are by no means a final decision. Aiming for “maximum clusterfuck.” 

I made Megrez maroon because I’ve been abbreviating it as “Meg” in my dedicated notebook for this project and it makes me think of my best gal pal Meg every time so I made it her favorite color cool story