my masterpiece i will never top this

god, do i miss homestuck. 

 and i KNOW that’s standard fare, i know most of us are over it, but i still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s been a year already? because homestuck had been such a big part of my life for so long, and suddenly- it’s gone.

homestuck redefined fandom for me, and i know that there won’t ever be something quite like it again- the way we came together, the upd8 culture and the cons and the panels, the lyricstucks, the fansongs and animations and meetups and the way we were a family, of sorts, united by our love for this dumb webcomic that brought us together- there’s never going to be anything like that. homestuck was a cultural masterpiece, a revolution in and of itself, and i honestly don’t think anything can top it in terms of impact. 

 homestuck was just so big, so much, for so long, and it’s hard to believe that- it’s not anymore. and it’s hard to believe that everyone’s moved on from something that we loved so much, that shaped us so much, that brought us together like nothing else before. 

 and maybe there will be no more spin the faygo games at cons. maybe there will be no more lyricstucks or fansongs, no more bucket full of homestuck-style panels, no more rush to make upd8 art and cosplay new characters and update shipping charts with all new quadrants. maybe it really is over. but we’re all still here, whether we like it or not. 

we’d use to joke that “the ride never ends.” and it doesn’t, not really. because homestuck is something that sticks with you no matter what. so this is a love letter to my favorite story, the story that made me who i am. happy 4/13, everybody. thanks for eight fantastic years.

favourite parts of beauty and the beast

  • “trust me ladies…it’s never going to happen”
  • literally lefou. everything about him made this fucking film
  • “i just realised i’m illiterate and i’ve never had to spell it out loud before”
  • “are you busy” “no”
  • père robert being a fuckign badass
  • stanley tucci. enough said
  • “i want adventure in the great wide somewhere, i want it more than i can tell” like that whole scene gave me chills the way she’s standing on the top of the hill and you can see down into all the little valleys it’s so magical
  • “please turn back into a clock. please turn back into a clock”
  • when belle says that her favourite shakespeare play is rom and jules and the beast is like “why is that not a surprise”
  • “was that a joke? are you making jokes now?”
  • gaston talking to himself in the mirror
  • “you are the most gorgeous thing i’ve ever seen. nobody deserves you” same buddy same
  • “i’m not done with you yet” “me neither”
  • belle throwing a snowball at the beast and he’s just like “right” and fuckign decks her
  • “we’re in a bad place right now” “you’re too good for him anyway”
  • “happy place, gaston, happy place”
  • “the widows!” “oh, the widows”
  • “are there any other tasteless demands you wish to make upon my artistry?” “no, that’s it”
  • garderobe changing the three thugs and one of them looking fucking fabulous
  • “have you ever considered growing a beard?”
Dreams- Connor Murphy x Reader w/ smut

A/N: Hello everyone! This is a piece of writing I’m pretty proud of, but as always please give me feedback! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much, I’ve been going through some stuff but I feel a lot better. Love you all!-Ella
Requested: Yes, or at least some Connor smut was
Words: basically 4k
Warnings: Suicide talk, swearing, mild smut
Summary: Connor and reader meet at a treatment center and bond

Whatever the usual way of meeting somebody you love is, how you two met wasn’t it. Fluorescent lighting, and feet covered by thin socks is how you met with the tracking of every move. You ended up there in the usual way, and so did he, so maybe that’s the small bit of normal you two share.
“Greenway’s Premier Adolescent Treatment Center.” That’s where you met him. You were both in for swallowing a deadly, but obviously not deadly enough amount of pills. This is the place where you go after your 72 hour hold is up and your doctors won’t send you home. Saying it was any better than those 72 hours would be a bold faced lie, or really just for the first few days. Everything you did was tracked, or at least in the unit you were in, “The Intensive Watch Unit”.
The secluded residential treatment center housed and treated teens with a variety of problems, some even a year into their stay, while others left after a month. You were in the unit for those who weren’t trusted to be in the more stable units. Just like at the hospital your shoes were taken and replaced with rough socks, your body was scanned for any old or new marks, and you were asked any and every question imaginable.

Two weeks. That’s how long you’ve been on the now dubbed “suicide floor,” a floor for those who can’t go to the bathroom alone because you might kill yourself instead of peeing. The routine of it all slowly settled in for you. Wake up. Make bed. Eat. Meds. Shower. Group therapy. Art therapy and it goes on and on. You liked the routine that had come about for you; it was comforting to know that at 11am you would draw, and that the same nurses would help you with your worksheet from group. Your doctor even told you that he believed that in another week or two, if you kept on track you would move to the ‘not so suicidal floor’. Well, he called it the “The Learning Unit.” You wouldn’t admit it, but you were proud that soon you could move up a level after seeing people spend only two or three nights in the unit. On the other hand you didn’t admit much. You stuffed and stuffed everything you felt until, BAM, you were swallowing as many pills as you could find until you woke up in the hospital, sobbing how you were mad for not killing yourself better. Looking back you thought that sounded like an oxymoron. Perfectionist at its finest, or lowest depending on your point of view.

When somebody new enters the “death please come knocking unit,” you don’t meet them until lunch time. Everybody who arrives at the center is escorted by parents, or guardians, at 7am sharp. They are toured while everyone is in therapy and then meet one on one with a doctor while someone else talks to whoever brought them. Then at the end of lunch they are brought in and introduced with enough time to makes small talk before entering another group therapy session. New people usually arrived once a week and it usually excited people, but it didn’t for you. Why get excited that someone else is also kind of fucked up in some way?

The day he showed up was like every day you’d been at Greenway. Everyone sat at a round table together that was in the middle of the unit floor. Your whole unit was basically one giant room with doors to other rooms for therapy, staff, bunks, and some that were locked. You remembered from your tour that other floors had dining rooms, and was open, but where you were wasn’t that.

He was brought in by a nurse, and everyone turned to look. He was tall and sort of lanky, but seemed strong. His light brown hair was behind his ears, and the look on his face reminded you of a pug trying to seem like a wolf. He sat down a few seats away from you next to a boy, Shane, who had arrived two days earlier.

“So what’s your name?” girlssomeone asked taking a bite of a cookie.

“Connor,” he spoke. His voice was stronger than you imagined. The other person took a response to their question to allow them to go on and on about some TV show you had never watched.

After lunch came group therapy, again. Connor followed behind the ten people on the unit, including yourself, into a room with chairs in a circle and inspiring posters on the wall.
“Welcome to group everyone. For those who can’t remember, my name is Ms. Lowe and I run group therapy for all of you during the afternoon.”  Ms. Lowe was nice, but tough when she needed to be. Everyone meets her since she conducts the interview you go through before entering the unit.
“Y/n,” at the sound of your name your head snapped in the direction of Ms. Lowe, “Since you have been here longer than most, would you mind showing our new member, Connor, how we start every group?”
“Okay, well I’m y/n and I’m here for trying to kill myself. I have been on this unit for two and a half weeks, and my goal for today is to talk more openly.” For the rest of the group you allowed yourself to zone into a place of dreams. You imagined everything that life would be if you weren’t the way you were, and everything life could offer for someone like you if you were happier. At school you weren’t the popular person, but you were nice and people liked you. You had boyfriends, and first times of everything you would expect for someone in high school, but somehow you felt like you were dying.

Quiet time was an hour a day where you could nap, talk to people, play games, but everybody napped. It seemed like an unwritten rule that everybody would climb into their bed that felt like a rock and try to sleep. You usually followed that, but sometimes you would sit on the seats in the common area and read. The variety of books was depressing, which was ironic for the unit, so you had your parents bring you books from home. When you brought yourself to the seats you were painfully aware that you weren’t alone. Connor, the new guy was sitting on the couch. New people on the unit usually annoyed you. They were so closed off, even more than you, or they were played into the depression like a lifetime movie. You like honesty, or being blunt about it all, what was the point of trying to hide any of it?
“Hey,” the voice of Connor brought you from the rant that was playing in your mind.
“Oh, hey,” you said sitting down on the opposite end of the couch and letting the variety of books fall into the space between you. His eyes grew wide looking at all the books.
“I can move them if you want”
“It’s fine. How did you get all these? The books here are all shit,” he said pointing to the bookshelf. The declaration from Connor made you laugh. The noise was a surprise to both of you.
“What do you mean? You don’t like ‘How to stop sadness’? Come on, that’s a masterpiece.”
“Totally. That’s on my top ten favorite books of all time.” This time Connor let out a small chuckle.
“You can borrow one of my books. I have way too many. When I asked my parents to bring me enough books to last my time in ‘Suicide daycare’ I didn’t expect this many. I guess that shows how much they believe in me.”
“Suicide daycare?”
“You know, we’re on the unit where they make sure we don’t kill ourselves. Suicide daycare.”
“Honest. I like that.”
“Thanks, I’ll be here all week, or more, you never know.”

Connor wasn’t as bad as you thought, hell he was probably your favorite out of the other patients. He was actually nice and didn’t try to dig into you to find everything wrong with you. Instead you started reading next to each other and would partner up during projects. For Sunday’s group you all had to find a partner and talk about your hopes and dreams. Seems simple enough, right? You and Connor partnered and sat in the corner of the room on the floor facing each other. You had partially been checked out of groups for a while since tomorrow you got to move to the level up. Finally you would get to have some freedom and would get to shower in privacy.
“So y/n what are your hopes and dreams,” Connor said smirking. Connor would also get to move up a level. He had actually been going along with the program well and had an undeniable strength.
“Ha-ha Connor,” you spoke with sarcasm dripping from your voice, “You first if you want to know all my innermost hopes and dreams.”
“Real talk, or not?” he said. This had become something between you.
“Let’s go with real talk for once.”
“I want to make it out of here soon and graduate. I have no fucking idea what I’ll do after that, but leaving here and making it through high school seems like a good place to start.” These words didn’t surprise you; Connor had something pushing him inside. In group once he said that he was going to try to live for his mom. She had sat by his hospital bed and begged him to try, saying if he died part of her would. Maybe she started him on this, but you thought somewhere inside he wanted to live, even if it was almost nothing, part of him did.
“Your turn y/n,” Connor said.
“I don’t know if I have any. I don’t mean that in the way of I can’t picture a future, because I can, but it doesn’t seem like something to dream of. Why jinx the fact that for the moment I can picture life. Now that’s a miracle, so I’ll just sit with the fact that I’m okay with living.”
“How do you manage to even make that seem dark?”
“I learned from the best. I mean you taught me so why not put it to use.”
“Hey! I didn’t teach you that, if anything you just speak like Edgar fucking Allen Poe.”
“I didn’t know fucking part of his name,” you said smiling.  A grin spread across Connor’s face, something that might have seemed unnatural at first, but now it fit perfectly.

Moving day. Well you were moving from ‘If you kill yourself here your parents will be so pissed’, to ‘Okay so they aren’t as depressed unit’. This unit wasn’t just one giant room with smaller rooms, but two floors, with 20 teens. There was a cafeteria, a school room, and all the nurses and doctors didn’t watch you as intensely. You would be on these floors for the rest of your stay, but you could move up levels, and earn rewards. When you arrived you were handed a schedule. Damn this place did know you. You only had two hours of school a day, then a bunch of therapy, and free time where you could join in on activities that were optional, or just hang out. Still you weren’t allowed to have shoes yet. You would have to move up a level. Connor on the other hand was allowed to have shoes. That made you annoyed and made Connor laugh.

With all of this new free time you and Connor got to hang out more. You spent your afternoons reading and talking. Sometimes he would read to you short stories that he wrote and you would draw for him. When there was group family therapy you heard stories about how he was horribly mean, but he seemed so different than that. Of course medicine and the right therapy will do that, but sometimes he would get mad. He would yell when he didn’t feel heard, but it didn’t freak you out. Better yelling than pushing it all down inside of you like you had done. The more time you spent with him the more you felt. He saw you and you saw him.
Friday night is when the nurses would put on a movie in the large common room. Almost everyone would gather around and would eat popcorn. Sometimes they would play multiple movies and everyone would get candy. You and Connor had always enjoyed those nights, but that days therapy had been intense for him so he retreated to his room. There was a strict rule that you couldn’t enter someone else’s room, but Connor seemed to need somebody. The movie was playing and everyone was concentrated on that so you made your way to the boy’s wing. You knocked on the door quietly.
“I told you I’m fine Nurse Roman. I just need some alone time. I promise I’ll come down for the second movie,” Connor said, exasperation coming through.
“Actually it’s me, y/n,” there was silence and then the door opened.
“What are you doing here? You aren’t allowed to be in this wing,” he said looking around the hallway.
“It seemed like you needed someone, so I’m here. Besides, when have you ever been one to shy away from breaking the rules?” A slight smile broke through his furrowed brows.
“What the hell, come in.” With that you walked into the room. The room held three beds and looked just like the girl’s wing.
“So are you doing okay?”
“I don’t know how I’ll do when I’m out of here. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready. Maybe I should just make it very clear to them that I can’t go home anytime soon.”
“Don’t say that. You’ll do amazing whenever they say you can go home.”
“I know, but I don’t think I should go now.”
“They haven’t offered it yet and at least you’ll get to chill with me for a while if you want to stay after they do,” you spoke nervously laughing.
“You’ll go home soon.”
“I don’t think so. I haven’t ever truly talked emotions with them. That’s step one.”
“We’ll be depressed buddies,” he said.
“Or not,” he huffed he lips turning into a frown.
“Don’t frown Connor, it makes you look emo.” This comment got a laugh from him. His eyes filled with something you could only call happiness as he let himself laugh.
“I guess we aren’t really buddies,” he said, now causing a frown to form on your face. Seeing this he spoke up.
“What I mean is we’re too close to be buddies. We’re not friends or some shit, we’re just more.” You watched him say this and he seemed to truly mean it. He looked like what he said was the truth, like he cared for you.
You thought this while you both stood in the middle of the room. He was watching you, having no idea what was going on in your mind. You took a step closer to him. Confusion was now clearly evident on his face.
“More,” you whispered. You were sure he didn’t mean it like that, but he was there, and he cared for you and you cared for him. He was better than he could realize and he felt like home when your hands accidently brushed against each other, so you brought your lips to his. It could either be a disaster or it could make something more than you could hope or dream for. Your hands reached for his neck as you let yourself feel his warmth.
“More,” he whispered back breaking your lips apart. His eyes seemed to search for what brought this, but he didn’t care in the moment. Swiftly he pulled you close again. Your lips slowly melded together, your mouths open and burning, your bodies pressed against one another. Your hands found his hair and his arms firmly pulled your waist as close as possible. There was no space between you with your hips against him. Where you were and everything that had ever happened seemed irrelevant. All you knew is that you needed every part of him, and for him to know that every part of him was magnificent. The feeling overwhelmed you and the clothes that covered each of you felt to be keeping you apart. You tore at your shirt and Connor yanked his own off. His lips attached to your neck and down to your collarbone where he nipped at the skin.
“More,” you managed to say as you pushed him onto his bed. Connor reached to unclasp your bra, but struggled against the clasps.
“What the hell kind of bra is that?” you laughed heartily at his annoyance as you moved to unclasp it yourself. Connor immediately pulled you back to him as you stumbled over your feet and landed on the bed. Connor took this as an opportunity to climb over you. His lips once again went to your body. His lips traveled to your breasts and he placed wet sloppy kisses along the sides. You pulled him up to your face as you then started unbuttoning his pants. A groan escaped from Connor’s lips as you finally pulled them off of him along with his boxers. Your jeans and underwear were soon being pulled off of your body as Connor entered you. The feeling of his body on top of yours and him moving within you outweighed any fear of the future in the moment. In those moments you were one with every rushed movement of hips, whippers, and digging nails.

You stayed in each other’s arms, a layer of sweat on each of you, until you each got up, giggling trying to put your clothes back on. You walked to the common room together and sat on the couch next to one another, fingers intertwined in the dark as you watched the movie. Your fingers brushed over your lips where not long ago Connor was. You slept that night hoping for an ending with him that would make even a Disney princess blush.

The next morning you went on with class, which you and Connor didn’t have together, and individual therapy. You couldn’t help but let your mind wander to the night before, and when you did you felt your face flush thinking of the feeling of him. You brought your lunch to the small library where you and Connor ate. Of course you didn’t know how things would  be between you, but you had trust that it would be okay.
“Hey,” Connor said as he entered the almost empty room. His face was bright and beaming, more than you had ever seen. You could feel your stomach turn.
“Hey,” you said smiling.
“I have the best fucking news,” he spoke quickly, sitting next to you.
“You are going to meet the Rock? Because I could support that,” you teased. Connor rolled his eyes, but the smile didn’t falter.
“No you dipshit! I get to go home!” the words that tumbled out of his mouth with that bright smile stopped you. The smile on your face frozen, your heart stopping.
“What?” you said, the strain in your voice evident, but Connor was so excited he went right past it.
“You know how I was all freaked out?” you nodded, your face going from strained smile to blank.
“Well that’s because they told me I could go home in a few days and I was scared. They said I’m expressing myself, I’m not suicidal, I’ve been moving up on levels, I’m better with my family, and I think I agree now.”
“Wait, you knew yesterday?” you interrupted.
“Yes, but that’s not the point. After we-you know- I figured that if I can do that, or at least talk to you about my feelings and shit, I can make it out there.”
“You knew yesterday?”
“I already said that y/n. Isn’t this great?” Connor said smiling at you with those eyes that made you want him in the first place.
“You knew, didn’t tell me and then slept with me,” you a little louder.
“Come on y/n. It wasn’t like that-”
“No, it’s exactly like that. Was it a joke to you?”
“Now you’re being fucking stupid y/n”
“Stupid!” you fumed. The look on Connor’s face went from happy to angry. Why weren’t you being supportive and happy for him?
“Come on y/n! I didn’t mean it like that. Why aren’t you happy for me? Isn’t this what we talked about. This was one of my dreams! I’m doing it, my dream!”
“Happy for you? I’m not happy, I’m angry! How could you fuck me knowing you were going to be leaving?”
“Everyone leaves here y/n! This place isn’t a future, you know that!”
“You could have told me last night before we slept together! You should have told me before I made you my dream!” You were crying now, but you were wiping the tears away as fast as they came.
“Your dream? Now that’s fucking stupid. I won’t be your dream. We slept together. It was amazing, but we both know that we can’t build a future off of each other. We have to build a future off of ourselves.” Connor’s anger was apparent, but he looked at the tears on your face and all he wanted to do was hold you. Of course he wished that you could be something together, but you can’t when you need to take of yourself.
“What if I can’t do it? What if I can’t make a future?” you said, almost to silent to hear. Of course you were mad, but not at him. You put all of your hopes and dreams on others, but all they could do was let you down even if they didn’t mean to.
“You can do it,” he said softly, walking closer to you.
“How do you know?”
“If I tell you, you’ll never know that you can do it yourself.” You were now close enough to kiss him, but instead you just looked at him.
“You’ll do great out there in the real world,” you said
“I know.”
“We shouldn’t talk once you and I get out.”
“I know.”
“It would be too tempting and then I wouldn’t be able to focus on me.”
“I know.”
“Wherever you are when you’re out of here, think of me sometimes.”
“I will.”

That was the last conversation you had with him before he left. Of course you thought of him, and you were allowed to, but you didn’t let it consume you. You thought of him a lot at first, but then you spent your time thinking of how to get better.

You spent another two months at the center. It was hell there for a long time, but then it wasn’t. When you went home the house felt different, it was the home of a girl who viewed herself as already gone. When you entered you viewed yourself as a girl who had come back.

Now you were in your second year of college and were transferring. It didn’t feel scary, but felt amazing.

Three weeks into the new semester and you felt like you belonged. You sat in one of the courtyards eating lunch and reading a book when you were pulled from your thoughts by a voice from behind you.

“Y/n, looks like my dreams are coming true,” you could hear the smile in the voice you knew so well.


New job - Michael Latta

Requested by anon: Can you do a Michael latta imagine where you’re nervous about a job interview that just happened? He’s being all fluffy and trying to get you to calm down? Thanks! Just had an interview and i dont think i got the job :/

A/N: I hope you got the job babe! I’m sorry this took so long, but I enjoyed it a lot and I hope you like it. #savemichaellatta

Word count: 1265

Warnings: none. A little fluff.

Master list

Originally posted by daddysharpy

“How was it?” Michael asks as I walk in our new apartment.

There are still a couple boxes that we need to sort out, but I’m happy that we are almost settled down in Chicago. This year has been rough for both Mike and I, from him nor being resigned by the Capitals to moving to LA, to not playing for the Kings to being traded to Chicago. I had just started feeling comfortable in my new job in Los Angeles when he was traded, and now I’m back at the beginning of the process again. I know that Michael feels bad about it, and he has offered many times to just provide for both of us so I could just stay at home, but I can’t do it. It’s not about the money, I know he makes more than enough for both of us to live more than comfortably, or even about the pride of not wanting to have my man providing for me, I just need something to do; the idea of being at home with nowhere to go or anything to do makes me go insane.

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darienart  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could make a top 5 post about your favourite haikyuu openings? I don't think I have seen you make one yet. It'd be interesting to hear your opinion about them! My own absolute favourite is Fly High. Thank you if you make the post<3

Hello my petal, I’ve made a similar top 5 that included both opening and endings, but never one dedicated just to the openings, so here we go! (we’re so lucky we actually have 5 opening songs!)

1. I’m A Believer (S2 OP 1). The first half of Haikyuu season 2 is overall my favorite sets of episodes, and hosts my absolute favorite arc: the summer training camp. And I love the OP just as much, it makes me so happy and pumped! Bonus: at 0:43 when the camera turns and you see the match in Yaku’s POV….hoestly, a cinematographic masterpiece. the fact that it’s the only op that features bokuaka has nothing to do with its first place on the rank 

2. Imagination (S1 OP 1). You know what they say, first love - you never get over it. And I’ll never be over my very fist opening, looking at it again now brings back so many heartwarming memories. Even if I’ve never learned the lyrics, I always find myself singing along with incoherent words (like “Itsudatte daredatte soko ni tachitakutte / Machigatte iradatte mogaki tsudzukete!” is my fave part but HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY THIS??? but who cares, let’s just sing!) Plus the level of kageina mirroring here is over the roof and this makes me so alive. 

3. Hikari Are - Let There Be Light (S3 OP). I’m so emotionally attached to this one, because it’s the first series I’ve got to experience as an active blogger in the fandom. It’s not just about how epic the song and the animation is, it’s about all the memories that I shared with you all, all the excitement, all the screaming, all the crying. If I was to judge on the song alone, this one is hands down the best. “Let there be light” is such a strong message and the lyrics are incredible…I’m…really emotional I’m sorry

4. Flight High (S2 OP 2). TOBE FLY HIGH HIGH HIGH!!!! Oh come on, this is another one that’s impossible not to sing along! Also, the first 10 seconds with that slow motion of Hinata worked SO WELL with the music and the lyrics…it gives me chills every time I watch it

5. Ah Yeah! (S1 OP 2) I have to be honest here and say I’ve never particularly liked this one. It’s very cute, with a lot of Kagehina cute moments and one of my favorite shots of Oikawa, but that’s it, it doesn’t make me cry or smile like an idiot like all the others…but I guess this is just natural!

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

i. I was five years old with big brown eyes and dark skin to match, with a wild mane of curls more sporadic than my catch-me-now mind. on my first day of school I met a blonde girl who had already lost her first tooth and she gave me a piece of candy every time I let her tie my shoes.
ii. seven years old, I knew what wasn’t considered normal but I knew that I didn’t want a boy holding my hand, I didn’t want a boy chasing me around on the playground, I didn’t want a boy pulling my hair and teasing me and calling me names. to this day I wasn’t sure if I didn’t like the boys or I didn’t like the abuse.
iii. sixth grade wasn’t a good time for anyone but everyone wasn’t twelve years old and sitting at a crossroad. one road was paved and prepped with flashing lights and directions; my entire life I’d learned how to navigate it in the darkness, through snow and storms and tears. the other avenue was scary and I knew I’d never return if I chose to stroll down that street.
iv. fifteen tally marks and fourteen names on the back of my journal. I was counting my age and I was listing the girls who had ever made me feel something. it’s not a feeling you learn about in schools. I became my own teacher and I corrected my own mistakes, my brain and my heart covered in a red ink pen for errors.
v. is there any right way to explain a love story? written words or whispers, the possibilities are endless. I’ll pack my pockets full of symbolism and begin to speak, metaphors littering my language like love notes that missed the garbage can. i started adding an s to the beginning of the character’s name and I never cared about the genre as long as I could tell the tale.
vi. she told me she wanted a setting sun and falling flower petals and dates that meant nothing engraved into her skin. I told her that whether she was a blank canvas or hanging in an art gallery, she would always be a masterpiece.
vii. I tie my own shoes now, and I don’t tend to frequent playgrounds but when I do, I climb to the top of the monkey bars all on my own and no one can reach me. I’ve learned how to make my own maps and I’m out of space on the back cover of my journal but I have empty novels waiting for what I have to say. I have allowed myself to grow and there is not one thing that I would shrink myself for.
viii. I love watching the sunset.
—  an eight part love story

swansorceress  asked:

top 5 captain swan moments

oh god there’s so many where to even begin???? this list literally changes every day but here’s a list based off captain swan moments that made me lose my shit






ask me top 5 anything!

anonymous asked:

hi! soo, skam made me realize that norway has some incredibly talented bands and musicians I'd never heard of before. do you maybe have any recommendations for more bands or songs that are rather unknown outside of norway? like what are your faves? style or if it's norwegian/english doesn't really matter, just wanna get to know more stuff :) thank you and have a wonderful day/night


i’m soooo happy you sent me this!! i’m always up for chatting about music and norwegian music?? fUCK me the f u ck up!!!

i genuinely believe susanne sundfør is one of the most talented musicians of our generation. she’s just.. amazing. ten love songs is a masterpiece - my faves off that album are darlings, kamikaze and accelerate

i’ll never stop talking abt karpe diem honestly so…… heisann montebello is a fucking masterpiece, so is kors på halsen, ti kniver i hjertet, mor og far i døden tbh. my faves by them are gunerius, her andddd ruter (it was v hard to only pick three omg)

arif is a great rapper ahh, my faves by him are 8ball, 7 and alene

kaja gunnufsen deserves wayyy more recognition imho - her latest album is in my top three albums of 2016. my faves by her are årets beste fest, borghild and unik

razika!!!! such a good, wholesome band of awesome women. my faves by them are gi meg gi meg gi meg, syndere i sommersol and verdens beste by

honningbarna is a good ol’ punk band (a proper one), they’re amaziiing live and my faves by them are la alarmene gå, fuck kunst (dans dans) and vi kliner

hjerteslag is greatttt. my faves by them are sang til sonja, sammen alene and linedanserinne

red headed sluts ARE FUCKING SO UNDERRATED (they changed their name to smth lame but we dont talk about that) - the whole people with faces album is great, but my faves are be mine, you look like and elf and i want to kill you (strip) (i also think they’re interesting bc you can lowkey hear the vocalist’s norwegian accent lmao)

thank you!! i hope you have a wonderful day/night as well ((^:

top 10 bts songs

I was tagged by the lovely @xbaepsae to list my top 10 bts songs. Honestly I’ve switched this list over 20 times (I wish I was joking y’all) These aren’t in any order because if it was it’d take me a year to decide lmaoo

  1. Just One Day - If I hadn’t listened to this song I would’ve never been a BTS stan js a true bop that needs more love (pls yoongi looking fucking soft im crying)
  2. Let Me Know - a bitch gets in her feelings when I listen to this song no lie
  3. Dead Leaves - a masterpiece that’s all I’m saying
  4. Baepsae - a booty shaking song 
  6. Second grade - another underrated bop smh
  7. 21st Century Girls - another fucking bop and the lyrics just makes it even better.
  8. MAMA - Hoseok really did that
  9. Awake - My ass cried while listening it the first time and I cried extra hard hearing it live I love my man
  10. Butterfly - tAEHYUNG’S VOICE 

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“Heil Hydra,” the enemy agent shouts.

“Heil this, motherfucker,” says Captain America, shooting off a rocket.

Steve and Bucky find out Hollywood has been busy since they went away. A historical survey, including but not limited to: one set of exploded genitals, a brief interlude in France, Mel Gibson and other masterworks of casting, eight Academy awards, several dinosaurs, and something Tony Stark has ominously dubbed “the masterpiece.”

Steve Rogers at 100: Celebrating Captain America on Film 

fic by alwaysalreadyangryeleveninches, febricant, hellotailor, and morgan-leigh; art by neenya

ONE-SHOT Kaisoo smut fics rec

Full Nude

painter!soo, model!jongin

hongbin is in my opinion one of the best smut writers. Also author of famous  Heteroflexible. You won’t regret reading any of her kaisoo fics, I can guarantee you that for sure!

Description: Kyungsoo attends a life drawing class to find a handsome man standing naked in the middle of the room. Jongin thinks he is a masterpiece that only the reluctant art student’s talents can capture.


university!AU, swearing, dirty talk, first climax

This is seriously so well-written, I love this fic so much. 8.6k words

Description: Kyungsoo has never had an orgasm, but Jongin sure does love a challenge.

Glory Days

small amount of slut shaming, it has also chapter 2 and I know this is supposed to be one-shot recommendation post but WHO CARES, am I right? Also, kids be safe and don’t try this, not everyone can turn out to be Kim Jongin. 

This one is for sure one of my top fave smutty fics. 

Description: With a significant amount of alcohol in him, Kyungsoo finds himself much more likely to give the gloryhole he stumbles upon a second look.

Fingering it Out


Lmao, I love this one so much. It has also part 2 if you’re interested. Also, the author is soothighs and she is amazing kaisoo smut writer. Check out her stories!

Description: Kyungsoo walks in on his younger brother, Baekhyun, fingering himself and mentally breaks down. He calls his mother, hoping she will give him some kind of advice, but all she replies with is, please don’t send me this while I’m at work. So, Kyungsoo goes to his next option - his best friend, Jongin, expecting some sort of moral support and advice for this awkward situation, but he gets much more than he anticipated.

Join me

roommates!kaisoo, it has also sequel

Description: When Jongin asked his new roomate Kyungsoo what he does for a living and the older’s response was that he makes videos online, Jongin assumed he was a youtuber. He finds out how wrong that assumption was when one day he comes home from work early to find Kyungsoo completely naked in front of a camera.

Measure Up

boyfriends!kaisoo, size difference kink

Shoot me, I love this one SO MUCH. And the author is again hongbin so you can expect A+++ smut. She has some more amazaing kaisoo one-shots but I don’t want to sound too biased haha. But check them out for sure! 

Description: Kyungsoo likes that his boyfriend, Jongin, is taller than him. He especially likes that his boyfriend is bigger in another area as well. This leads him to ask Jongin if he would be willing to indulge him a bit of play they haven’t tried out yet.

Drawing you

artstudent!jongin, boyfriends!kaisoo

This is actually very cute. They get together and there are also smut scenes.

Description: Kim Jongin was in love at first sight. 


nonAU, drunk!Kyungsoo, sligthly intoxicated (not really) Jongin with sequel Thirsty

This is infinite_x’s (author of Treacherous or Get to Know Me or (Un)Notice Me, YES I’M ADVERTISING) so it’s of course A+++ written.

Description: Kyungsoo drinks more than usual and starts kissing Jongin’s neck.

Hold Down My Shaking Body

bestfriends!kaisoo, tickle kink (shoot me, I have a lot of kinks and I LOVE KSOO’S THIGHS)

Description: Kyungsoo is extremely ticklish and one hot, summer day, Jongin figures it out. 

Size Queen

size kink, nasty, filthy, dirty sex with a lot of slut shaming and ass-play. (I NEED HOLY WATER)

I guess this one is very well-known but I still have to rec this one too.

Description: Kyungsoo may have a little bit of a kink and Jongin has a big problem.


There are honestly SO MANY FICS I can recommend (AND I WILL) but to write this takes some time so for now here you are. 

Enjoy reading~ and give authors lots of love! They deserve it!

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Top 5 BTS MVs? :)

1. Run - because it’s a freaking masterpiece and it was an era when everyone looked fkn incredible

2. Save Me - I love the colour palette of this MV, I could watch JK’s shoulder shake thing he does on repeat for hours and I LOVE NAMJOON’S PART 

3. Blood Sweat & Tears - This had me feeling things I never had felt before. I love the BTS grown ass men in silk PJs aesthetic and all the crotch thrusting. And BST era Jimin had me questioning my entire existence

4. Spring Day - Suuuuuch a beautiful MV, the colours, the location, the boys, it’s perfect

5. Spinebreaker - duh

baekintime  asked:

10-15 for the ask thing!

10. Best Visual?

seriously i don’t get why he’s not top 10 for visuals smh

11. Get Ugly or Shape of You?

As much as I love the members in get ugly I gotta give it to shape of you…. BLESS NOH TAEHYUN FOR THE MASTERPIECE

12. Amazing Kiss or Downpour?

Amazing Kiss! It’s still one of my favourite performances in pd101. 

13. Super hot or Hands on me?

Super hot, mainly cuz of Youngmin’s ‘we’re going to have a date today’ and it’s the main reason why I still listen to it so much lmao

14. Open Up or Never?

In terms of the song I would go for Never. Vocal king Jaehwan and Park Woojin yes yes yes. The chorus is really really addicting tbh

However in terms of the performance I would go for Open Up.

15. Oh little girl or Showtime?

Showtime! Still my all time favourite bop!

send me produce 101 season 2 asks!

A/N: I wrote this in 30 minutes. It’s almost 5 AM right now, may God forgive me and them.

Word Count: 400-ish words

Characters: Galm, Tom, Smarty, Chilled, Ze

(has inappropriate things, dicks are mentioned, sex things, yeah)

inspired by this post!

It was a sleepover at Chilled’s house. It was like last time when the Derp Crew came together at Chilled’s house, except Tom wasn’t there. Now, Tom is here.

It was night. Galm thought no one was awake, but he was wrong. He heard Tom in the kitchen, probably grabbing a midnight snack. Galm also heard Ze and Chilled talking in Chilled’s room. Smarty was most likely passed out on the couch in Chilled’s office.

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Why would you do this to me Caliborn.

It begins like this, Fareeha’s hand brushing her hair out of her face, Fareeha’s eyes meeting hers across the table at which they are eating.  It is four in the afternoon, and they have made taking this meal together a custom, even if the food itself is never shared.  For Angela, this is only Zvieri, not an important meal, and one which she used to eat hastily and alone while working, but this is Fareeha’s lunch hour, and her main meal at that, and Angela would not have her eat it alone, in silence.  Doing so is good for both of them, then, as it has the other benefit of forcing Angela to actually take a break from her work and get out of the lab.  Additionally, it gives the two of them time together, alone, outside of the pressures of the battlefield or the training ground, time where, unlike their evening meal, they are fully awake.  The arrangement is almost domestic, as they eat together and talk about nothing, and when, in training the day before, Lena jokingly refers to it as their “lunch date,” Angela thinks that perhaps she would not object to it being so.  If this gesture, so casual, a hand in her hair to better see her eyes, is any indication, perhaps Fareeha would not object either.  Suddenly, Angela’s stomach is full of butterflies, and she loses her appetite for Zvieri.

The excerpt I based this scene on from one of my favourite pharmercy fan fictions, Touch (I’m All Shook Up (it does get NSFW/Explicit towards the end, so proceed with caution!) by the beautiful and wonderful @agenthill…literally this is one of my favorite scenes!!! It is just so tender and Angela isn’t even sure of her longing and and and???? It’s so good and Angela is so unaware

Literally, okay, I read a plagiarized work based on this fanfic, fell in love with it, was sent to the source work and well wow so that became the start of a friendship where we discuss the Greatest Things I Never Knew I Needed in my life…including Rory. So I’ve been working on drawing one of my favorite sfw scenes from this fic bc for her…honestly…the writing is so fluid and my heart is full every time I read it…and Rory deserves top notch Praise and Art Always. So thank you again for creating this masterpiece Rory, it’s on my phone!!! Forever!!! Just like you’re in my heart!!! Forever!!!!

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Favorite Character of all time: ??? i could never pick

Favorite Hobby(ies): reading, swimming, sleeping

Least Favorite/Outright Despised Show: idk tbh?? i cant think of anything of the top of my head that i hate that much

Most frequent thing I do for my family: bear the emotional weight of a family of immature mentally ill fuck ups the dishes/cutting the grass

Title(s) of film, anime, video game or cartoon that I feel is underrated: aww man i think bvs and the entire dceu is rlly underappreciated, TREASURE PLANET IS AN ARTISTIC MASTERPIECE 

a masterlist of my ult favorite jikook fics part 2

click here for part 1

and the continuum is here! let’s begin, shall we?

p.s. got recommendations? send them to me and if i like them enough i’ll add them to the list!

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just a little thing i wrote a while back

trapped in this body,
an uncomfortable costume,
straining, stretching, striving
to get out.
an airtight mask
covering up
who i really am
who am i really?

a mess,
a mutt,
a disappointment,
an inconvenience,
a freak,
a tranny?

perpetual dysphoria
on top of
constantly being
told my feelings are invalid
and it’s just a phase
and i just want attention
and i was so pretty as a girl
and that they refuse to use my preferred name and pronouns
and i’ll never be a boy.

i must prove
to the world
that i am not
who they think.
im not

a mess,
a mutt,
a disappointment,
an inconvenience,
a freak,
a tranny.

a man,
a masterpiece,
a dynamo,
an individual,
a fighter,
a transgender person,
a human being.