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“Remind me - how are we related?”
“We shared a womb.”
“No, that can’t be it.”
“…are you still mad because I ate the last piece of pizza?”
“Yes, unknown person I’ve never seen in my life who claims to be my sister.”

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Hamilton: The Elcor Musical
  • Hamilton: The Elcor Musical

I saw this post yesterday and just about died. And then my sister (@missmargaretcarter) linked me to an audio version. In my ensuing fits of laughter, I decided I wanted to try and make my own. Here is the result.  

Thank you to the original posters, @nerdyholler and @mandiblebones for the inspiration and thank you @missmargaretcarter for making the “album art” and for running @mass4ham and being awesome.


Normandy Style Camembert
Holy shit!!

✨ Happy N7 Day everybody ✨