my mary jane


modern pride and prejudice
↳ the bennet family

gugu mbatha-raw as jane
antonia thomas as elizabeth
natalie emmanuel as mary
jessica sula as kitty
amandla stenberg as lydia
colin salmon as mr bennet
sophie okendo as mrs bennet

  • Person: What are you thinking about?
  • What i'm Actually thinking: Zendaya, an amazingly bold woman who slays everything she's in needs more credit in Spider-Man. She didn't have enough lines but she stole my heart and i need to see more of her in the next movies or else i'll die.
  • What i say: I dunno, movies and stuff.

2 Hours after the ‘pajama party go awesome nerd club”

homaygahd anyway I’m so happy i finally got to draw peter’s adorable nerd gang like i love these kids <3 ALSO TONY CONCEAL THAT FEEL (twitter link-o) (One | Two | Three| Five)

I just watched the Spiderman homecoming and i loved it, spidey is always my favorite🕷❤️. Now, i read that (SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨🚨🚨) michelle being MJ is just a homage to the character and she’s not actually mary jane, but i still think it would be so cool to see zendaya with red hair 🙈 and michelle and peter are so cute they remind me of arnold and helga lol. Anyway, such a fun movie and tom is a perfect peter 👏🏼☺️


My little LBD anniversary tribute is here! Watch as @theashleyclements, Laura, Daniel and I play the Pride & Prejudice themed card game, Marrying Mr. Darcy! Hope you enjoy–we had a blast reuniting for this!

Lizzie and the Bennet Hipsters

Celebrating over 1,200 followers with some Lizzie Bennet Diaries inspired art!

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