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Why ‘Deadpool’ became my favorite Marvel film

I must start saying that I, personally, am not into Marvel. Morality dilemmas are not my thing. Then I saw Deadpool was coming, did my researches and, not being familiar with comic books, I found out he is an antihero. Ten points to Slytherin.

I’ve just arrived from the theater and, being completely honest, I think this is one of the best comic book’s adaptation I’ve seen in my life (even though, again, I’m not familiar with comic books). I won’t be biased and try to compare it to Nolan’s Batman because these are two very different issues: Nolan’s adaptation is awesome (one might question the DKR finale though) and it sets very dark and dramatic circumstances. Deadpool, in other hand, is a very dark comedy.

The film is violent, acid, sarcastic, ironic, full of pop culture references and hilarious takes. The plot itself isn’t very different of what we expect from a, well, superhero film. What turns it into something so cool isn’t what is being told, but the way it’s told.

I was slightly concerned about the narrative perspective, but I love how they used the “breaking the fourth wall” thing, it’s far from excessive. Wade’s awareness ensures real comic relieves.

I must mention the fact Wilson discusses a very delicate issue. In my opinion, it’s not offensive: he tries to laugh about his own misfortune. We all know humour sometimes is the best way of dealing with our own burdens.

There’s altough graphic imagery, explicit scenes, a lot of cursing and some other little things some people may consider “offensive”, but who said antiheroes give a shit to them, right? That’s what antiheroes do.

That’s what Deadpool delightfully does.

TL;DR: Go see it, it’s a-fucking-mazing.