my marquee


         It appears we have a traitor in our midst



All you need is one killer life…

That, or a pocketful of tokens. =)

Wouldn’t the “Peter Gunn” theme be super fun for a new Baby scene?

I kinda LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself an awesome and experience it in a theater ASAP—large and loud! Once—twice—three times! Do it do it and do it again. =)

All you need is one killer track.  

Keep on keepin’ on~

two shadows

used condoms, q-tips on the ground

i saw venus in white furs standing on one of my dreams

the marquee lied, the show wasn’t free

sick lost boys and a ghost at the graveyard, something borrowed now returned

it’s peter pan’s funeral and we all felt the misery

i wasn’t invited but i showed up anyway

they buried his body at noon

erected a monument at 3, amongst a plethora of dying trees all covered in fungus and moss

some dogs gathered behind the fence and howled a eulogy for him

i was one of the dogs

anonymous asked:

I put "THANK A VETERAN" out on my marquee at work. Yesterday, someone called and said it was disrespectful because Memorial Day is to think of those who have died. Thoughts?

Art Marketing: And You Can, Too

2017 was the year I decided to make my art my focus: I made a resolution to spend more time creating it, marketing it, distributing it, being active on Patreon, signing up for more art festivals, etc. Since “ART JOB” was running through the front of my brain like a marquee, every opportunity I saw to guerrilla plant my business card shone like a spotlight. 
I live in a fairly rural area on a peninsula, so we’re almost like an island. No housing developments, no HOAs, no public transit, lots of little farms and forests. So when I stuck my business card up at the local gas station bulletin board, I did so while smirking, thinking, “Haha, my art so doesn’t cater to these hillbillies out here, but what the hell.” (Hillbillies is a term of endearment, btw.) My card sat under, I think, an ad for firewood, and a lost dog sign where they spelled ‘malinois’ as ‘malinwah’. 
Fast forward months and months later. I get an email out of the blue from someone I don’t recognize. He tells me he was in the gas station to kill time, buying snacks, when my card caught his eye. He said he pondered over it for a moment, debating whether or not to take it, and he finally did. He told me he was very glad he did so. He loved my art. He felt especially drawn to a particular piece, featuring a coyote and space motifs. His friends gave him the nicnkame ‘Yote’ years and years ago, and he is traveling to see the solar eclipse later this year, so he said finding this piece was “prophetic”, and he wanted to purchase it. 
So, we met at the post office a few days later. We exchanged art for payment. I also threw in a coyote skull sticker of mine, and he threw in three joints and a couple small samples of weed, since he works at a dispensary. 
tl;dr: Even if you think marketing won’t work, it can’t hurt to do it anyway, because the world is vast and humans are multifaceted, and you never know how someone will respond to your art. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you know of a tutorial on how to make these types of icon borders: 40(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/47ceb43ef2cbf9814af082866f3c3d36/tumblr_inline_nzeqn6ATHv1tx86sj_100(.)jpg -- thank you!!! :))

Hey! I’m not sure if there is a tutorial out there, but since I know how to make that border I can make a quick tutorial for how to do it myself!! So, I will show you how to make the icon below:

The PSD is included at the bottom.

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