my march

Neil Josten is not kind, he isn’t sweet, and he sure as hell isn’t soft. He was born on blood and crime, got beaten for the slightest mistake, slept with guns beneath his pillow and the shadow of his father chasing after him.

But with the Foxes? He wants to be soft. He wants to be able to melt into Matt’s massive bear hugs, laughs whenever Dan tries to ruffle his hair, accepts the fact that Allison gives the hardest back slaps of the team and returns them just as hard. He has holiday dinners with Wymack and Abby, leaving the other monsters in the living room to help her cook. He lets Nicky drag him around and only snarks him sometimes, is content to ignore Aaron, falls asleep on Kevin after one too many Exy videos, presses little kisses to Andrew’s nose and forehead and ear and pretends that he doesn’t notice that Andrew’s standing there with his lips parted and fierce want in his eyes. And on days when he can’t, when the nightmares of Nathaniel’s past are too much for him to be gentle with, Renee will come sit next to him and they’ll understand each other.

Neil being soft would still rip viciously into reporters and anyone who talks shit about his Foxes. He nearly breaks someone’s arm for harassing Robin, knows how to slip away from a tail effortlessly. That doesn’t mean he can’t settle down with his partner and cats (both from shelters that euthanize because he’s spent too long around David Wymack to not) and enjoy the life he never thought he’d have.


i drew this for my sister and her boyfriend!! they like juggling a lot

I found a digital drawing I did exactly a year ago, back when I didn’t have a graphic tablet and drew on my iPad mini, and I feel simultaneously flabbergasted by how BAD it is and kinda proud of how far I’ve come…

I was texting with Nats guy earlier today and he was like “is it March of 2018 yet?” (aka WHEN WE’RE GOING TO PYEONGCHANG!!!!!) So I’m like “I know I’m so impatient for it already! But we still have 250+ days!” And he goes “We should just Ted Williams ourselves until then.” And it took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about but BRUUHHHHH who knew I’m so attracted to obscure baseball references being made in conjunction with the Paralympics!