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  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien

sleepy bbys bc babysitting, doing your schoolwork, saving the world, and generally living a teenage life is tiring xD

also bc im super sleepy and wanted to draw my current mood save me pls

so i decided to finish reading Twist and Shout ON VALENTINES DAY and i decided to continue watching Supernatural season 7, and it’s been 15 episodes without cas so it’s hard enough and guess what just had to happen at the end of the episode:


i was finally able to obtain a second copy of the game for free so i’m gonna use it to run a small adoption center for you buds to obtain dreamies //throws confetti// i won’t be as big as happy-orphanage, acnladopt, villagertrade or villageradopt. just think of me as that small vendor giving away free stuff lol i don’t know how to start this so here’s the routine for now starting tomorrow at 12pm (check my blog for the time, i have a clock):

  • i’ll try to cycle through 3-6 villagers a day so if you want to reserve, that’s cool with me. i’ll be posting about them every 2-3 hours so keep a look out
  • please know that i won’t be able to do this every single day as i’m a college student currently on break and works part time 
  • once you see a villager you want, please message me your: FC || Mii name || Mayor’s Name ||
  • i will not be keeping FCs so know that i will delete yours after the adoption is complete. 
  • since i’ll be cycling every 2-3 hours, that means i will only be able to hold them for that long before they either go into the void or i put them up for adoption in other places. 
  • no need to offer me anything. i’m doing this cause i want to
  • you don’t have to be following me to adopt a villager! this is for everyone in the fandom :D
  • Of course this blog will still be my own acnl blog. it’s just gonna be my adoption blog too ^^
  • if you wanna keep track of or blacklist Teddy’s Happy Adoption Center, the tag i’ll be using is #TEDHAC
  • i can’t control what you do with the villager afterwards, but i’d greatly appreciate it if you don’t go selling them off after i give them to you. i’m trying to give people their dreamies. so please be considerate to people who can’t buy or offer dlcs for the villager they want.
  • for more information on the town, click here!

of course there’s still a lot to improve with this but we’ll get to that as we go on lol hope you guys get to obtain your favorite villagers with my help! ;u;/

i am cat  ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿