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Sophie & Ben in 2006


“One of the first things Taylor Swift did after moving from Nashville to her sprawling two-story penthouse in New York’s Tribeca was cover a wall of her den with framed, blown-up Polaroids of the most important people in her life. “This is when me and Karlie first met,” she says, pointing to a picture of her grinning and hugging model Karlie Kloss backstage at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where Kloss walked the runway in pink underwear and giant psychedelic wings and Swift performed with Fall Out Boy. The caption, handwritten in Sharpie, reads BEST FRIENDS FOREVER VS2013 and feels rather prescient given how close the two have become over the past year or so, with a road trip to Big Sur (dreamily documented on Instagram), restaurant outings, shopping excursions, sleepovers, texting marathons, ModelFit and SoulCycle sessions, and a second joint VS outing late last year in London, where, as the pair walked side by side down the runway in black lace, they exchanged “Can you believe this?!” grins—two friends on top of the world.”


Stolen Moments ♥


By special request now in it’s own post. @erienne1983 asked if I could post the sfw-ish version of this manip separately.

And because I was kinda inspired to add something, you also get to endure my sad attempt at writing XP 

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Zutara AU: During the fight in the Crystal Catacombs, Katara is able to save Aang from Zuko and Azula but gets captured herself. She is transported back to the Fire Nation and used as bait to lure Aang. However, spending much time together, a romance between Zuko and Katara blossoms as their bond grows stronger.


…c l a w i n g through the earth to find me.
                               All the men screaming, begging,
                still could not drown out the w a i l i n g
     of y o u r hands.


Neverland the 100 AU. 
They stopped being kids the day they were sent down here to die
Who we are and who we need to be to survive are two very different things. 

just a bunch of plotless manips, really - it doesn’t mean I associate any specific Neverland characters with the 100 characters. Some characters are just manipped easier together than others.
also devery jacobs as Tiger Lily bc reasons and ariel is neverland too ok.
don’t mention the bae one that hurt to make but the floppy hair wants what the floppy hair wants
but this was fun to make so here you go

Sterek!AU: Hale, p.i.  ~ The Magnum, p.i. fusion (almost) nobody asked for :D


This is actually  devildoll’s fault.

Back in October/November I clicked something somewhere and somehow ended up on her tumblr and there was so much love for and celebration of Hoechlin’s mustache going on. And comparisons to Magnum P.I. Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about it (mostly the booty shorts tbh).

So here you have it, Derek Hale, private investigator on Hawai'i with his (business) partner Stiles Stilinski and the Lads, their two wolfdogs.

As a little disclaimer, this is actually not the original hoechlinstache, since the only hq pics of him with it were con photos - and I don’t like to use people’s personal photos for my manips - this one is handmade :)