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Dean the Action Hero

aka Dean’s Back Against the Wall

aka ranking the season finales by how many times Dean gets thrown into walls (and other shit)


For Week 2 of The Great Meta Scavenger Hunt

Years and years (and years) ago, I realized that Dean gets thrown into walls. A lot. I dubbed this the “Obligatory Dean Wall Slam.” Sam gets choked, and Dean gets tossed. It’s just how the show works.

An alarming percentage of the Dean throws wind up looking like this:

He tends to land either against the wall (or other object) in this position, or he slides to the floor in this position. We shall call this the “traditional” position, because this is the traditional Dean Wall Slam.

But how often does this happen in the season finales, and how severe are the finale throws?

I have put together this HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC scale in order to find out.

Obligatory Dean Wall Slam Scale:

- ACTION: 5 points for the throw itself

- IS IT A WALL: 5 points if it’s an actual wall

- IS IT A TABLE: 3 points if it’s into a table

- POSITION: 5 points if he lands in the traditional semi-fetal position (from our perspective, upper body to the left, lower body to the right)

- DESTRUCTION: 5 points if whatever he’s thrown into breaks

- METHOD: 5 points if he’s thrown telekinetically, and 10 points if he’s thrown physically (or at least appears to have been physically thrown) because a physical throw is a much more rare breed of Dean toss

- LENGTH OF AFTERMATH: 10 points if he stays put after being thrown for longer than 7 seconds

- WHO DUN IT: 15 points if he’s thrown by a family member (current OR future family, possessed or not)

- Additional points awarded on a case by case basis as I see fit because when it comes to Dean getting thrown into shit I am Chuck.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? 

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Not Alone

Reader X Yoongi (Smut, Apocalypse)

Originally posted by taeguk

Summary: Sure the zombies scared me, but they were the constant to the newly created world. Being alone though…that was something that scared me more. So what happens when I’m not alone anymore? And what happens if i start finding feelings for that person? Will we make it? Or will this new world infect me like the loneliness?

**A/N: The photos used in this story are not mine; credit to owners

Warning: This part includes near rape and may cause triggers. To skip over the scene, please scroll down to the large, bold words. There is also blood and cutting.**

~Part 6~

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so i kinda sorta did some doodle warm-ups of @thebloggerbloggerfun @whelvenwings and i in hogwarts uniforms according to the houses we got sorted into??

from left to right:

slytherin!michaela, gryffindor!emily, hufflepuff!citra ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

anonymous asked:

I'd very much like to see some 'Thor God of thunder and fertility' hilarity.

I’m sifting through the prompts in my inbox and came across this beauty. Usually people like to do this with Darcy but I really wanted to go another direction. Hope this suffices! Thank you for the prompt!

This is seriously toeing the crack line which was hella fun, and then gets all feelsy and stuff towards the end. Enjoy!

Jane had accepted her reality as a pretty awkward person, especially when it came to interpersonal interactions. If she needed to get something done, like, say, secure grant funding or defend her thesis or schmooze at a donor at Culver, she could do it. But as soon as her personal interests were at stake, she was generally not the best company. (See: Horrible Date With Richard. Thor Seeing Her Camper With Dirty Dishes. The list goes on.)

But she could absolutely say with one hundred percent mortifying certainty that this was the most awkward situation of her life. Ever. Anywhere. Ever.

She and Thor had been eating dinner with Erik. He’d been improving since everything went down in Greenwich, so his doctors granted him leave periods of 24 to 48 hours as long as someone signed for him. (She hated to think of him stuck in there. She hated to think of the reason he was there period, hated what Loki did to him with a vehemence that would hit her at the most random of moments and steal her breath. She wished she’d hit him harder when she watched Erik struggle for words or watched him disappear into a world no one else can acknowledge but him.)

But he had some good days, when it was very hard to see the damage Loki wrought, and today was not quite one of those days, but pretty close. He was coherent enough to hold a train of thought and follow a conversation, but he would still blurt out random thoughts and memories that occured to him throughout.

“…so there’s Stephen, stuck with his hand in the door, I’m hiding in the bushes with the dog, when Mrs. Johan walks in the front door.”

Both Jane and Thor laughed, and Jane asked, “So what did you two do?”

His eyes went blank for a moment and the grin fell off Jane’s face. Thor took her hand beneath the table, squeezing in silent support.

Then, without warning, Erik blurted, “Jane, are you and Thor having sex?”

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