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                                         Reasons I love AvAc! Stony

1. The first conversation that Tony and Steve ever have, they admit they like each other. Steve is just recruited and he wants to run for class president. Tony suggests he just take it but Steve says, “I like you Tony, but don’t ever disrespect the election process.” And Tony smiles and replies, “I like you too Cap, but by now you should know that I pretty much disrespect everything.” Then Tony campaigns for Cap anyway ;)

2. During the Civil War event, Tony made a Capsuit to put on a show for Steve. It was a cute ordeal more than anything, and Tony asks for a hug from Steve. Steve says no, and Tony apparently has a simulator where he’s hugging Steve in it. After, there’s a picture during the news announcement of Steve and Tony side hugging, smiling, and Tony is giving Steve bunny ears. (X

3. Once Tony told Steve that he was his “favorite field commander.” (X)

4. Steve is talking to Natasha about Tony and Natasha tells him, “You two should just get married.” (X)

5. When Ronan came to the Academy for the first GoTG event, Steve said, “I got your back, Tony.”

6. Once Tony told Steve, “What if I told you the internet thought we were the perfect couple?”

7. Tony offers to upgrades Steve’s shield to make it lighter, stronger, and capable of firing energy blasts and Steve replies with, “Thanks, but I think you’re fancy enough for the both of us.” While smiling happily and Tony is shocked.

8. During the Halloween event, Tony had to do a last minute cardboard Iron Man costume because Baron Zemo bought the last Captain America costume. He was going to be Cap! And he’s mentioned dressing up as Cap as a kid more than once. (X)

9. Tony said once, “I mock because I love. Ask Cap, I’ve been mocking him for months.” So….he’s loved him for months.

10. Tony asked Steve for girl advice, and said he was absurdly handsome. So they go working out together at the gym…clearly showing off for each other, and not a girl. Tony thinks he did a good workout, which Steve took as a joke. So he went to the gym with Tony again…I wonder why… (X)

11. They bicker like a married couple.

12. Tony always goes to Cap at the beginning of an event to plan out how to protect the Academy (because they’re leaders and work best together).

13. When recruiting Mockingbird Tony tells her she can trust Steve. Once she tells Steve that, he looks shocked and SO happy about it. (X)

14. Tony makes a blacksmith Iron Man outfit that is pretty revealing, which leaves Steve speechless. Once Tony says he’s a blacksmith, Steve tells him that was his second guess. Steve, what was your first guess you naughty guy? (X)

15. When you get Pepper she asks Steve, “will you keep an eye on Tony?” To which Steve smiles and replies, “I always do.” (X)

16. Tony Stark is such a Cap fanboy. He’s dressed up as Cap, he had Cap action figures, and he even had Jarvis make him Capcakes for breakfast as a kid. (X) (X)

17. When Ultron attacked, who has the mind of Tony, the first thing he did was make a Captain America robot and he calls the Capbot his greatest creation. (X)

18. When Tony finds out about RoboCap he’s shocked and disappointed he didn’t think to make a RoboCap first. (X)

19. When Ultron attacks Tony thinks Steve is going to blame him, but Steve doesn’t. He just encourages Tony and says they’ll defeat him together. (X)

20. During the Ultron event Tony mocks Steve by trying to do an impression of him and he says, “I told you not to build those robots, Tony. We should have been teaching bald eagles how to do the Charleston while balancing apple pies on our bulging biceps.” So Tony was checking Steve and his biceps out. Steve takes it as a joke and says just reassures Tony that they can fix the problem. (X)

21. Tony makes Cap an energy shield but when Steve uses it, it turns into a giant energy ball where Steve runs around in it. Steve knows Tony so well that he tells Tony to get his joke over with. Tony calls him Hamster America, and Steve would be more mad but he said it was a good workout. (X) (X) (X)

22. When Tony encounters RoboCap he says “sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect robot teeth.” He says he’s thought about saying that to Steve sometimes, but RoboCap says it’s too far. Tony then agrees and talks about how Cap is his friend and how polite he is. (X)

23. Tony’s wanted to make upgrades to Steve’s shield for better protection, but eventually he makes him an energy shield instead when Steve is in his Commander America uniform. (X)

24. During the Ultron event while Tony is working on Steve’s energy shield Steve tells Tony that he’s been having a recurring dream about a red dinosaur. Tony smiles and says he wishes Steve was that weird more often. (X)

25. Tony asks Steve, “How do you like my mancave?” (X)

26. Steve tells Tony that he’s more than just his tech. (X)

27. Tony loves Steve’s biceps. He’s commented on them more than once. Telling Steve about his “bulging biceps” and when Gladiator Cap showed up, Tony said he’s seen Steve checking out his own biceps. Steve says he hasn’t and asked Tony if HE’S been checking out his biceps…Tony then says he’s a scientist (which means yes, he’s been checking Steve out). (X)

28. Tony is talking to Peter Quill and Peter doesn’t understand some of the scientific terms Tony’s using. Steve steps in and DEFINES the word, Tony is shocked, and Steve is so proud and says “futurism!” (X)

29. Tony confides in Steve at the beginning of an event and Steve wants to hear it. Tony refuses to tell him cause he doesn’t want Steve to change his plans and says he can’t make all of Steve’s life choices for him. (Tony definitely wants to be a part of Steve’s life decisions). (X

30. During the GoTG2 event Steve’s costume is “Ravager Captain America” and he has a great outfit made of leather with leather straps and he has a mohawk. This leaves Tony speechless, and Tony has never been speechless before. (I’m pretty sure Tony loved the leather, and rock ‘n roll look). (X)

My Roommates are Forcing Me To Publish a Redaction

I previously stated that “i say One Thing wrong in this home and i never live it down,” which was incorrect. They have presented physical evidence that I have said more shit to merit this, in the form of transcripts of the following: 

  • “I have the energy of a swollen wolf.” –Air
  • “I’m sorry, can I get a bonus meme?” –Air
  • “Convention centers are a sometimes food.” –Air
  • “We can’t all be–what’s the opposite of anarchist?–We can’t all be despots, Maddie!” –Air
  • “And then I thought, ‘should someone with a plasma sabre be watching children?’ So I googled that.” –Air
  • “Face the truth! We all have tiny baby faces trapped under our skin!” –Air
  • “Isn’t living just a cycle of getting vored by gods again and again?” –Air
  • “You are holding a corpse.” –Air
  • “The opposite of shrimp is GOD!” –Air, as refined by Noah
  • “The opposite of atoned is crunch berries.” –Air
  • “If I had the ability to cut glass with my nipples I’d do it every damn day! What, instant key! I mean we’d have to board up the windows every time, but still.” –Air, at 12:28 am
  • “No clown is sexy! That’s the point of clowns!” –Noah
    “It may not be the point, but that’s definitely a side effect.” –Air
  • “Minty fresh is some weird combination between Noah and Seto Kaiba.” –Air
  • “THIS IS MY PERSONA!” –Air, moments before stabbing a can of Dr Pepper with a knife
  • “Do we have paper towels? Yes! This is my other persona! Cleaning up my messes!” –Air
Silent Suffering (Luke Hemmings Smut)

Requested: Yes 
This is for Casey :) Thanks for requesting ! 
zhye-caslay asked: could u do smut where Luke is on vocal rest & you tease him all day and basically sex happens and he tries his best not to make a sound or anything and OmGgGgG I love your writing so much
Plot: Teasing Luke who’s on mute, until he finally gives in and you both have loud rough sex
Word Count: 1.921 

The boys played the last show of their tour over one and a half weeks ago in Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland.
Unfortunately the weather was rainy, but the boys refused to cancel their last show, even if it was open air. You really admired them for not letting the fans down and playing for two solid hours in heavy rain, but certainly when they arrived back home in Australia, they all were sick.
Your boyfriend Luke was the worst off out of the band. After three days of being back in Sydney and constantly coughing of him, you could finally talk him into seeing a doctor. It turned out he had a really bad case of tonsillitis and was therefore under constraint of giving his voice a break for two weeks. Luke took this issue really serious, because he was afraid he won’t be fit in time for recording the new album and therefore decided to go mute for a while.
You felt really bad for Luke and gave your best to take care of him and even bought him a little blackboard to write down his thoughts, but to be honest, after a little over a week when he finally felt better, you only felt bad for yourself anymore.
Your sex life with Luke was particularly non-existent, due to him being on tour for months, you being on your period when he came back and now Luke’s disease and his exaggerated decision of total vocal rest.
You nearly exploded as a result of sexual longing and finally had to do something about it.
You wanted him. Now. Fast. And hard.

This morning you decided it was finally time to get laid again. You spent a little extra time in the shower, taking care of all your business like shaving and also applied Luke’s favourite coconut smelling body lotion afterwards. You picked out the new black lace Victoria’s Secret set you bought while 5sos was on tour and applied a little more make up than your usual every day routine. As you were all ready and left the bathroom, Luke’s little blackboard was already resting on your shared bed, telling you that the boy’s came over in 30 minutes.

Now you found yourself cuddled to Luke’s side, sitting between him and Calum on the sofa in your living room, watching “Inception”.
He invited his bandmates over, because he felt bad that you had nobody to talk to. It was a really nice gesture and you loved him for caring, but the boys were disturbing your plan of seducing Luke.
After an hour into the movie you asserted, that the boys being over didn’t have to keep you from your plans.
Ash was chilling in the loveseat to your left, Michael was sitting on the floor and Cal occupied the far end of the sofa. Luke and you shared a blanket and were cuddled up enough that nobody would notice your hand wandering down his pants.
Slowly you let go of Luke’s fingers intertwined with yours under the soft material of the cover and let your hand glide up his thigh, until it was resting over his crotch. Luke sent you an enquiring gaze, but as soon as you started palming him through his jeans, it turned into the newly well-known killing glance.
You have tried to have a little intimacy with Luke ever since he’s been back, but due to the fact that he took his vocal rest very serious and since he’s always been badly noisy in bed, he refused to let you take care of both your needs.
You ignored his evil stare and continued to palm his crotch, already feeling his dick growing. Satisfied you smiled to yourself and let you little secret petting scene get more intense. After you unbuttoned his jeans, you quietly let your hand slip inside his underwear and continued with pumping his shaft up and down. Air was sucked in through Luke’s lips roughly and you felt yourself getting wetter every second.
You felt the soft hot skin of Luke’s dick glide between your hands and soon started to massage his swollen tip, while smearing the drops of pre cum over it. Luke’s furrowed face made you giggle to yourself, as you could clearly feel him enjoying your actions.
Your hand dipped deeper into his underwear and you began playing with his balls, squeezing them slightly. Luke’s eyes squinted together and he tried pulling your hand out of his jeans, as he let out a deep breath you didn’t even knew he was holding.
Once you looked around the living room to make sure the boy’s didn’t notice any of your actions, you smiled innocently up at your frustrated boyfriend. Mikey, Ash and Cal were way too focused on the movie to notice anything going on around them.

Later that day you decided to take the game a little further. The boys were currently playing video games, still spending their time in the living room, while you were cooking some pasta for the five of you.
“Babe, could you come over for a second, I need your help!” You screamed loudly through the closed kitchen door, waiting thrilled for your boyfriend.
When you heard the kitchen door open and close again you checked with a look over your shoulder that it was for sure Luke standing there, before you turned around, the red and black flannel you stole from him for the day unbuttoned, your chest exposed.
You could see Luke form a soundless “What the fuck” with his mouth, before he came over to pull you roughly against his chest and press his lips against yours. Your mouth was already opened as his tongue glided into it, fighting with yours for dominance. His lips were soft against yours, but at the same time severe as he bit down on your upper lip slightly.
Luke’s big hands found your tight little breast within seconds and kneaded it furiously. He twitched your nipples between his fingers, letting his thumbs glide over them, bringing them to stand up painfully hard. As your hand glided up from his back to his neck and you started tugging on his hair, a slight groan escaped his mouth and he immediately stopped his actions. He let his hands fall down between the two of you, taking a step back, buttoning up your shirt afterwards.
Your boyfriend shook his head in small gesture and went back towards the living room, a clearly visible boner in his pants, leaving you standing in the small kitchen frustrated.

After a long dinner and hours of you guys chatting over everything and nothing and many written notes of Luke, the boys finally left your apartment four hours later.
“Thanks for the meal Y/N. And a nice evening with the mute over there” Ash said while placing a friendly kiss on your cheek and nodding his head in Luke’s direction, who pulled a funny face at his bandmate.
“Bye Y/N. You should come around my mancave soon” Michael laughed while hugging you tightly.
Cal just nodded his goodbye, blowing you a kiss in a playful manner and as soon as you finally closed the door after him you felt yourself being pressed against it.
Luke hovered over you, his little black board in his hands, only one word written on it: PUNISHMENT.
You smirked up at him in victory and took his hand in yours, leading him towards the bedroom.
You both undressed each other item for item while making out roughly, standing in front of your bed. Never in your life you have been undressed this fast and you found yourself already dripping wet, as you saw Luke’s imposing erection caused by you.
Right away Luke lay down on the bed, looking deep into your eyes, pointing at your mouth and afterwards at his hard on.
You got the hint immediately and placed yourself on the end of the bed, placing your face over Luke’s crotch. You placed a soft peck on the tip of his rised head before taking as much of him as possible between your lips. Bobbing your head up and down, you took in more of his cock with each motion and never left his eyes, which were following your every movement. You heard Luke’s breath getting heavier and louder and felt his muscles tense beneath you. You knew he was close to orgasming, but he pushed his hips down onto the bed and pulled out of your mouth, before you could finish your work on him.
He turned the both of you around and let his body rest on top of yours, your spread legs clinging to his torso. A moan escaped your lips, as Luke softly let his hand glide over your breast while sucking on your skin, leaving a hickey right between your collar bone and the lower part of your neck. Your long nails scratched over his broad back in pleasure, the feeling of his naked backside under your touch getting you weak in the knees every single time.
You moved your hips off of the bed, towards his pelvis and thereupon Luke placed himself at your entrance.
He glided over your wet folds a few times before slowly pushing into your slit. You both let out loud groans at the familiar feeling of your bodies finding together, the last time being that intimate long ago. Slowly Luke pushed deeper with each thrust, stretching you with every movement a little more and making you adapt to his size.
After a few thrusts his member filled you completely and his motions became faster and sleeker. Both of Luke’s forearms were resting one to each side of your head, propping him up above you, your intense gazes never leaving each other’s eyes, while his heavy breathing tickling your face.
You could clearly see the effort in his tensed face as he bit his lip hard and tried to hold back any sounds. Usually he would already be a moaning mess at this point and you wanted him to completely let go this overdue time. You clenched your legs tighter around his bum and started moving your hips up and down more fanatical, meeting each of his thrusts with more force, allowing you both to raise the pleasure even more.
One loud animalistic groan got out of Luke’s mouth before he growled “Fuck that vocal rest shit” and moaned in pleasure even louder than you imagined it.
“Let go for me baby” You whispered into his ear between the multiple moans which also left your mouth, as you felt a knot form in your stomach.
You didn’t last long before your orgasm imploded in every inch of your body, your toes curling and your walls clenching around your boyfriends pulsating, thrusting dick.
You could feel his cock twitch inside you and release his load, riding out both of your orgasms.
His sweaty body collapsed on yours exhausted, his hair sticking to his forehead, both of your chests rapidly moving up and down.
“I missed this.” You whispered, tangling your arms even tighter around his back.
“I missed this too.” Luke laughed while shaking his head at himself “No more fucking remaining mute for me. I just can’t stand having no sex with such a hot ass girlfriend.”
You threw your head back into the pillows in amusement and laughed loudly at your cute boyfriend before you pointed out “And you clearly can’t stand being soundless during heavenly good sex.”

Special thanks to zhye-caslay, who requested this smut ! :) 
Thanks to everybody who is reading this (and hopefully enjoying it, if not it’s cool either way)
You can send in more requests here x. 
Please, please, please let me know what you think of the story and where I can/should improve my writing, what you did/didn’t like ! :)
Love, K.

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5sos: My new mancave ft Russell Crowe

The boys trying to convince Michael to go out with them
  • Calum: Go out with us Michael! Please! We're gonna have so much fun!
  • Michael: I never knew you wanted to go on a date with me guys. I'm sexy af, I know, but...
  • Ashton: That's not what we meant Michael. After being up in the mountains, I learned that human interaction, as well as your interaction with nature, is greatly necessary for a fulfilling life.
  • Michael: I like my mancave.
  • Luke: There are these drinks that make your tongue blue!! *sticks out his tongue*
  • Michael: I. Like. My. Mancave.

future husband: guess it’s time to go back to my MANCAVE to get some peace and quiet from the ol BALL AND CHAIN haha we all need a break from the NAGGING WIFE haha women eh???
me: [unfollows and reports marriage]