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Can i have an nct 127 reaction to them having a fiesty girlfriend?? Like she can be sweet but she also has that sassy side to her? Lol i feel shy... but thanks for your time! <3<3

A/N: This was so fun to make and so relatable. Also, if these gifs to not mess with you idk who you are bc-
-Admin Finn


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Is astounded you just roasted him. 
He finds it humorous though when you’re sassy and causing melancholy.
“That was a bit mean-”


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He literally lives for it and instigates so you will roast his ass and throw some sass at him. He just likes the reaction of getting you riled up and sassy.
“I’ve taught you well-”


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Self-proclaimed sass master is not having it.
He thinks your sass is weak and tries to conceal his smile each time, not wanting to encourage you.


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Yo, Taeil gets fuckin invested.
He is not about to have you talking back to him like a rude teenager.
“Say it again and see what happens-”


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Jae thinks it’s pretty humorous and honestly doesn’t care.
He’d probably laugh the most as you sassed his earlier comment, correcting him.


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Johnny encourages it.
He likes being sassy, so he thinks it’s entertaining when you are too.
“You’re not as sassy as usual-”


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I feel Taeyong might miss that it’s ‘sass’ half the time and think you have a real issue with him. He’d call for a serious talk, curious as to why you treated him so distantly.
“Did I really make you upset earlier? I didn’t mean to-”


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This is war.
He’d be so sickeningly sarcastically sweet with his return sass.
Don’t sass him because he’ll definitely roast you in return.


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Mark would highkey try to high five you at the disses you hurled at him or the snide remarks you’d make. He’d really appreciate your spunk.
“Oh! That was a good one!”