my makeup looked so nice too

When watching Jungkook get his make up done

Y/N: Wahh~ Jungkook your lips are so pink and rosy~ 

JK: Stop looking at me…it’s embarrassing *intentionally not looking at you*

Y/N: Nopee, you’re too handsome!! 

Y/N: I wish I had someone to do my lip makeup c:

Y/N: Wouldn’t that be nice? *stares lovingly at JK*

JK: I swear Y/N if you don’t stop, I’m gonna kiss you so hard that my lips will be the one that’ll be doing your lip makeup


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why do some people hate on makeup so much?? like first ok the people who wear it are wearing it for themselves not u and second have u ever tried to do those wings things?? that’s true art. u draw one too long and it’s like half ur face is flying away. have some respect for masterpieces when u see em.


Soft Rose. 

All of this moving and adulting has really drained me of my creative energy! Ugh.. anywho… I enjoyed this look because it’s super soft and wearable. normally my makeup is extra intense- so this was a nice change. Also stay tuned for a special announcement later!!!! :D

The Look:


1) Prime eye with white eye shadow primer and follow up with applying a light coat of white shadow

***Tips*** Applying a white or skin tone colored shadow on the lid will help you blend your shadows more easily.

2) Apply “Cake” from the UD Alice Through the Looking Glass palette on the crease of the eye.

 3) To add depth, add a small amount of “Jezebel” from Juvia’s Place the Nubian II palette to the crease of the eye- focus this darker shadow more on the outer v portion of the crease.

4) Lightly dab “Luscious” from the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette on your lid using a flat shadow brush.

5) Using your finger, apply Nyx Ultra Pearl “Mania” Loose shadow on the center of the eye.

6) Apply liquid eyeliner to the top lid and pencil liner to the lower lid.

7)  Using a smudge brush, smudge “Jezebel” into your lower lash line.

* On my lips I am wearing Nyx Lip Lingerie in Exotic

* Face: Nyx Eyebrow Gel- Chocolate, Black Radiance BB Cream in Honey Amber, Face Studio Master Concealer in Medium 40, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Laura Geller Gilded Honey Illuminator, and Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette (Medium to Dark)

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Omg girl yes glossier is 🔥🔥🔥! The milk jelly cleanser and priming moisturizer are so good. Plus I just ordered Boy brow and their new blush and I'm so excited. What do you recommend from Milk in terms of skincare/makeup?

I love glossier it’s sooo natural :) the cloud paints are amazing! i have dusk and haze, i wear them almost everyday.

For Milk, my fav is the holographic stick, it’s so pretty on the skin for a highlight. Their cooling water stick is nice too, I use it as a primer for my everyday makeup look and it’s so hydrating, you can use it throughout the day as well. if you’re into glossy looking makeup, definitely check out the hydrating oil, oil lip stain, eye pigment, eye vinyl, and blush oil. the charcoal cleanser is amazing also. oh and they have these blotting sheets that you can turn into rolling paper lmao i’m not even joking, like if there’s an urban outfitter’s near you go to the milk area if they have it because it’ll say it in the little description.


Haha i tried to dress up to make myself look like one of my sculptures or something like the type of characters I draw. I didn’t have elf ears though so I used cat ears but you can’t really see them, and this is also such a horrible cheap wig but idk it still looks decently cool! I think they type of eyebrows looks way better in drawings than it does in real life but it’s kind of nice in a way~ She’s apparently some type of magic cat elf person who serves as the friendly neighborhood potion salesman lol , apparently also has an excessive love of flowers since they’re EVERYWHERE ! (OwO;;)

I’m getting some new clothes from Hot Topic tomorrow so I’m super excited but I’m also getting some makeup and I’m like..kinda nervous?? Like I think I’ll look nice but also too feminine and like logically I know that makeup is just stuff you smear on your face to look nicer and that it has no gender but like half of me is really excited and half of me is terrified because my mom is making me grow my hair back out again which means I’ll be dyeing it pink since pink looks nice with my natural color so I could just be lazy and let my roots grow out normally and like I’m just?? so worried that between longer pink hair, makeup, and more feminine clothes that I bought lately that I’m gonna start getting more dysphoric and depressed again?? like my new meds are helping but I always get more depressed and even more self consious then normal when my hair is long and ahhhhhh

~Mod Damien

Hogwarts LGBT Club

Yann Fredericks waved him over and sat him down in the chair. “Hey, Malfoy. What would you like to learn about?”

“I dunno. How to look nice, I guess?”

“You already look nice,” teased Fredericks, turning him to face a small mirror. “But with a little help, we could probably have your boyfriend swooning over your loveliness. Have you ever worn makeup before?”

“Some,” Scorpius admitted shyly. “My mum used to let me play with hers. I liked the stuff with sparkles best.”

“Well, you have very delicate colouring, so we probably shouldn’t go too dramatic,” said Fredericks. “But we can do something with glitter.”

Fredericks explained a couple of simple Glamour charms, and then set to work conjuring some glitter in different colours.

While they worked, Scorpius asked hesitantly, “So … what does ‘nonbinary’ mean, exactly?”

“Oh,” said Fredericks, brushing some powder over Scorpius’s cheeks, “it just means that 'boy’ and 'girl’ don’t really fit me. Sometimes I feel more like one than the other, and sometimes I feel like neither. That’s actually called 'genderfluid’. But a lot of the time, I feel more like a girl, though not entirely.”

“So, you’re a … witch, then?” said Scorpius, trying to understand.

“Actually, I prefer the term 'wix’,” said Fredericks. “It’s gender-neutral.”

- excerpt from Protego Club by @picascribit

Note: I made Yann Fredericks nonbinary in honour of James Le Lacheur, who plays the character in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (as well as being the understudy for Scorpius Malfoy), and who is nonbinary in real life. The other day, they read my fic and tweeted at me about it. This made me extremely happy.

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Dear makeup goddess, can you explain to me why mingyu looks so particularly squishy babyface at the 170217 fansign---is it the eyebrows?? lack of eyeliner??? I don't understand his cute face and you seem like you know lots about these things

I’m so glad I can put my makeup analyzation to good use lol. 

(170217 images)

I don’t notice too much about Mingyu’s makeup on avearge, but it looks like there’s a focus on the lower lid (the eye bag) especially. I’m pretty sure his eye bag is always defined, but there’s a bit more of a glimmer directly underneath his pupil portion. Which can give a more rounded effect to the lower lid. Rounder eyes tend to give off more innocent vibes. So that could be an option. 

The inner portion (tear duct area) is also a bit brighter than what is normally done. The contour of the lower lid also goes straight out as opposed to curling in. The open space that leaves only makes the space of the lower lid look THAT MUCH MORE wider. And that much more innocent (since eyes can puff up when smiling; it’s sort of mimicking that effect I assume). 

Liner looks barely noticeable in some images, but also really noticeable in some? I assume it’s editing. But it looks like they defined his lashline and lid with a series of neutral browns with a hint of warmth. It’s very soft and doesn’t overpower the space of the lid. The darkest color at his lash line just looks like a very thin line of an ashy brown. There doesn’t seem to be a hint of black or dark brown anywhere. Everything is just very light and fresh. Especially his waterlines!!! I dunno if clear, bright waterlines are a usual aspect to Mingyu’s look (more of a Jun thing tbh) but it suits him really well!!!

And yes! His brows have less of a structured shape - it isn’t ornamented as much. The hairs are probably tinted as well to go with whatever they filled in with (an ashy taupe color), which makes the brows really soft? Mingyu can have such a nice structured brow at times, coupled with his eye shape it makes him look really fierce. So just doing something basic to the brows helps to lessen that factor. Which in turn can soften his features as a whole.

It’s hard to tell, but I think his upper lip has full color, while the lower lip has the concentration of color at the center and sort of fades out. It makes his bottom lip look more puckered and cartoony. And as the general scheme of things SOFT -

Lastly, his cheeks - which have minimal plush at the center planes - are catching light really well. Whether that’s credits of editing or makeup related - it gives the illusion of a plushier face. WHICH IS ALWAYS CUTE. When mingyu smiles his cheeks naturally puff out because of his smile lines as well. So that natural contour, coupled with the light, makes him look squishable and I appreciate it.

But man all these images are so different it’s hard to get an idea. That’s all I could manage but I agree, HE LOOKS SO CUTE THIS FANSIGN WHAT THE HECK-

Aaaaaa I got a belated birthday present from Liza today, and it’s some stuff that I’m pretty sure is meant to give me a head start getting into lolita fashion, and I’m excited but also really nervous…

Like I feel like lolita has so many rules that I’m going to do something wrong somehow, and I don’t know anything about makeup or doing my hair and I don’t have a nice purse (I did have the Sailor Moon Luna purse which was really cute but it was a bootleg and broke when I went upside-down on a ferris wheel too fast), what if it’s not the right shape for my body type or the print is outdated or I’ve got too much black or too much white and what if I sew it myself and it looks bad and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa DO YOU SEE MY PROBLEM HERE

Not to mention it’s expensive… so fucking expensive… having a budget limits my choices a lot, which gives me a bigger chance of screwing up somehow

Idk man I just wanna look pretty but I feel like it’s so complicated and people are gonna judge me. I’m not entirely sure what would go nicely with this blouse, either… hmm

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your makeup looks are honestly so beautiful like YOU are amazingly beautiful and ur makeup is so unique and different and sparkly and dream like I love love love ur videos too like I'd 100% hire u for any makeup related needs

what…. are you trying.. to make me c ry.. what on earth this is so sO sweet oh my goodness. angel. anonymous angel. thank you kind human

#260 Eyebrows on fleek (Dan only)

(You know what I actually like that title pls don’t bully me)

You had been hired as the head makeup artist for the online hosts of the Brits. You were obviously overjoyed, as these were people you listened to all the time.

You finished Phil’s makeup pretty quickly. You had a nice chat about different conditioners with him and before too long, he was powdered and ready to go. But Dan was a different story.

“Can I make a weird request?” He asked.

“Sure thing,” you smiled, beginning to apply powder to his cheeks.

“Can you fill my eyebrows in? But not like, fleek as the kids say. Just like, in so they’re even, but not in enough that it looks like I waxed them. Ya’ know what I’m saying?” He chuckled a bit.

“I can totally do that. I believe the word you were looking for was ‘natural,’” you smiled, applying a pale blush so he didn’t look dead.

“Yes, that might just be it.” He smiled back.

You were almost sad when his makeup was done. His eyebrows looked great and you loved talking to Dan, it felt like you’d been friends forever. But the almost sadness didn’t last long.

About 30 minutes later, when the stream was briefly on commercial, you were called back in to touch the boys up. Phil didn’t need much, but Dan seemed to have wiped a bunch of powder off.

“At least your eyebrows stayed nicely,” you joked as you quickly reapplied the power to the man’s face.

Then another 30 minutes later, you were called back in because Phil had “accidentally” smudged Dan’s eyebrow. (You swore when you walked in that Phil winked at Dan.)

Over the next hour, you were called back in twice. You quickly caught onto the deal and couldn’t help but smile. After the show, Dan approached you.

“Hey, uh.. I was wondering if you maybe wanted to, uh, do my eyebrows again sometime?” He said almost nervously.

“I’d love to.”

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hiiii. you have awesome au's. can i request some famous au's as maybe both of them are famous or becoming famous ? thank youuu x

Sure! :)

  • we’re actors/actresses and we have to play a couple and it’s really nice???
  • we both are pretending to be a celebrity couple so we don’t drag our significant others into the paparazzi but i think i like you more
  • we met and started talking but i didn’t know you were a rising star until i noticed cameras following me wtf
  • you’re my makeup artist and you’re super good at making me look great for the cameras even though you’ve seen my VERY ugly ‘i’m tired and it’s too early for this’ face
  • you’re a reporter and i think you’re super cute so i’ll only give you personal interviews to help your career and also get you to talk to me more
  • your famous but trying to hide from the cameras so you can have a normal day and i decided to help you
  • i’m your bodyguard and i just got seriously injured from some weirdo and now you’re flipping out no don’t worry i’m fine

I hope you enjoy these :)


Don’t Blame Yourself

Request: Reader is excited to see Spencer, after a long case, but she notices something is bugging him, and he ignores her. Turns out the case went south.

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Trigger Warning: None.

I was so excited! Spencer is coming back from a case where the team had to go to Texas. It lasted at least a week and a half. I was happy when Spencer called me and told me that they would be landing in a few hours. I got everything ready for a nice welcome back dinner.

I put on a nice outfit, nothing too fancy but sexy enough to make any man drool. It currently was 5:30. Spencer had told me that he would be back by 6. I put the ice cream cake that I bought on the counter, so that it could thaw a bit by the time we wanted to cut up a few pieces. I checked my makeup and put on some mood music.

Soon I heard the door opened, and I looked at the clock on the wall. Exactly 6. I rushed over to the main hall of the house to greet him. “Spencer! Welcome home! I’m glad you’re back!” I said, watching him take off his shoes.

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An actual list of things that I constantly hear about my appearance:

- but you don’t “look” asexual.

- you kinda wear too much makeup to be ace, don’t you?

- but you can’t like girls if you dress like a girl!!?!

- why are you showing skin if you’re ace? That means you’re not asexual after all right? You must have changed your mind.

- the only reason why people dress nice is for sexual attention from others. If you wear nice clothes, you can’t complain about sexual harassment! You’re just asking for it.

- it’s such a shame that your ace, because you’re so pretty

- but you look/dress like a straight girl

- you’re letting your looks go to waste because you won’t let anyone have fun with you. You’re just leading people on.

Someone please tell me what an asexual looks like, because I’m just dying to know. Appearance expression does not dictate someone’s sexuality. Stop telling asexuals that their looks are wasted because you can’t get what you want with them. Stop telling asexuals that they’ve changed their minds. This is no choice for us. Stop limiting asexuals by telling us who we can and can’t be. Stop limiting asexuals by telling us who we are capable of loving. Stop limiting asexuals by telling us how we need to love others. Stop limiting asexuals with your incorrect expectations and knowledge. You do not get to decide what asexuality means to us. That meaning is our choice. 


I wouldn’t normally upload anything non-quality, but I really like these photos and I think I look vv nice. Lately I’ve been feelin a lil down but whenever I do my makeup I feel so empowered and confident, and it really makes me angry that people are constantly telling me things like “you don’t need makeup,” or “you’re too smart to be a makeup artist!” It’s my life, it’s my passion, it’s my art form, it’s my happiness. I’m crying as I’m writing this but it’s just something I strongly believe in [and I also just cry a lot]. Don’t let people tell you what to do. Don’t let them tell you how to live. Do you.

Makeup: Lime Crime, MAC,  BH Cosmetics, & Anastasia Beverly Hills.
Camera: Canon t5i w/ kit lens.

happy halloween! have a nice selfie from the gang.

hiccup and astrid definitely go all out in their costumes so makeup and everything (fishlegs got pulled in too) , snotlout showed up to the party as a sexy police officer and ruff and tuff are homicidal maniacs, they look like normal people


I can do my hair and makeup by myself, but lately I just have felt confident and ok with being barefaced and having my hair the way it is after I take a shower. I feel free and liberated after all these years of feeling insecure and not even looking at myself in the mirror sometimes because I didn’t like how I was without makeup. I like feeling free, and going out without being done. I started feeling more confident [recently] because of the people around me making me feel that way! I’m still insecure and I’ll probably always be that way, but feeling support and love is so nice…and seeing other people embrace their natural beauty is fun, too.
                                                -Ally Brooke Hernandez for
Teen Vogue

Katy Perry's Talks Fragrance, Her Natural Hair Color and More

Some stars just dabble in hair and makeup, but Katy Perry seriously knows her stuff. Here, she shares what she’s learned.

Her onstage vs. off-duty look: “I’m Katy Perry onstage. At home I’m Katheryn Hudson. I’ve created this cartoon look when performing, but offstage I don’t always have three hours to put it together. That’s when I’m just about lashes, shaping my brows, and more natural skin. I use CoverGirl mascara, and I like lash extensions too—they make you feel like Bambi. Then a nice bronzer and a good powder. I just learned how to shade a little bit so you slim your face down and take care of your undercarriage underneath your chin.”

Her hair-color-as-accessory mind-set: “I’m naturally the most boring dishwater squirrel brown. So I’ve been playing with colors since I was 15. I loved the grunge green, and shocking blue was fun. Colored hair is such a huge accessory that you don’t even need to add extra stuff.”

Her best nail-art moments: “I’ve done election nails, royal nails. I’ve used BuzzFeed for ideas. But now I’m really into a gel mani. People talk about, “Oh, you know, it hurts your nail beds.” I’m like, “Listen, nobody is talking about how strong your nail beds look. They’re saying, ‘Oh my God, that mani is incredible.”

Her favorite flaw: “Well, I don’t know everything; I don’t have a great education. Some would consider asking questions about mundane things or what a word means a flaw, but I love that I do that.”

Her first fragrance memory: “If I meet a guy in the elevator who’s wearing Acqua di Gio, I think of my first boyfriend. One of my favorite things about fragrance is the powerful memories associated with it.”

Her forever scent: “My signature scent now is, and always has been, a blend of vanillas. And I never spray it on my skin. I spritz and walk through—or levitate through. I like to spray it on my hair too. With Mad Potion, the two main ingredients are exotic vanillas and androgynous musks. It’s definitely a sweeter perfume. I like to be edible. I want somebody to…eat me.”

Her getting-ready anthem: “I’m Every Woman,” because who knows what kind of woman I’ll be that night?”

Her favorite grooming look on a man: “If your teeth and nails are good, you’re a candidate. If you can’t clean under your nails and you want to touch me, forget it. And personally, the less hair, the better. I like a trimmed man but not completely waxed. I’m not into that f–kboy look.”

Her Instagram-ready pose: “Have the camera above you, not below you. A lot of shadows happen below, and it’s very unflattering. Lighting is also important. Definitely be facing the light, going for the light. Catch some lighting, kids!”

Her new fragrance, Katy Perry’s Mad Potion, is available for $49 at