my makeup allowance for the year but whatever

Last night I had a Sephora bag sitting on the floor and Cayden asked me what was in it. I said makeup.

He said “will you take me to Sephora and buy me boy makeup?”

So I explained, like I always do, that there is no boy or girl makeup, that the makeup is for everyone.

Recently he’s been doing this with everything, toys, colors, clothes, a fucking sippy cup when I gave him the option of the my little pony or Mickey mouse.

So whoever is telling my child there are “boy” things and “girl” things is gunna get kicked in their gender-specific, traditionalist, 1950s, homophobic ass.

“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 7




July 2018

It was quiet in the house. You couldn’t help but not feel comfortable even though the temperature was perfect, you had your soft blankets covering you, and you should have been asleep ages ago. But it was just so damn quiet.

It wasn’t an eerie quiet, or one that made you want to stay in bed. But more it was a quiet that made you feel lonely or like you should be doing something that you weren’t. Being the only one in such a large house was never your favorite thing, and whenever Harry left you were usually able to bide your time by thinking of his return.

But this time was different. This time, neither you nor Harry would be coming back for at least a little while, and Harry hadn’t been here for three days. He was working right up to the wedding, and though you knew everything would work out perfectly - or as perfect as you both could muster - you still worried for him and hoped he was okay. He wasn’t an action star, but he was suddenly in an action movie, and considering he’d come home with a strained ankle after only his first two weeks of shooting, you wondered if he’d even be able to walk down the aisle after the ‘I do’s.

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