my major in college was coloring

Becky Prim Questions

Hey guys! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Becky Prim pilot, so I’ll do my best to clear the air and answer a few of them:

-Is Becky a ghost in the series?

Nah.  I’ve written an epilogue for the pilot that resets the narrative playing field… more or less.  The series wouldn’t even necessarily be strictly supernatural- but It WOULD follow Becky’s character and the obsession of adolescent triviality- to whatever dark territory that entails…

Fun fact:  this pilot episode was actually written as a season finale, but it was my favorite story idea (at the time), so I went with it.

What programs did I use to create the pilot?

The drawings were done in Photoshop and Storyboard Pro- save for a few scanned images drawn on paper.  Megan Boyd did a little After Effects video magic for the trippy-bench-hell-mindfuck at the end.  All voices were recorded using garage band on my ancient macbook from college.  I edited everything in Premiere.  It was… a laborious culmination to say the least.

God lookit this shit:

-What’s Ello’s accent?

Ello’s character is inspired (and voiced) by my friend, Shan Wu, who is from Singapore. She’s awesome. Here’s a gif of her flipping the bird in ‘Spring Breakers (2012)

Yes, that’s really her.

Will I Kickstart Becky Prim? 

Eh- no need at this point.  I feel a fully colored, animated version of the same pilot would be redundant- since everyone already knows what happens.

-Have I pitched Becky Prim to any major networks?

Well, you guys were kindof my test audience.  I wanted to share it publicly so I could gage the general reaction and see if it was worth pursuing.  So as of now, I’m planning a formal pitch strategy.  Becky Prim is actually one of several show ideas I’ve been developing- so I’m excited to see where this train is headed. 


(2/100 days of productivity)

I had a lot of stationery shopping done (from art friend then Muji then daiso ) hmm but this morning I got some time to make my own notes for color theory class (before the class hoho) and I decided to try out the fineliners, the colors are so pretty. Also that’s a look of my desk. Yes messy 😝

A Story about the Tin Whistle

So at my old college, the first weekend every store in the town would have a sale. Being that it was primarily a music school there was a music store and so my roommate being a music major, wanted to go inside.

There was a five dollar bin and in the bin was a record with a coloring book of Frozen with it. I had to have it. It was disappointing to find that sheet music for a recorder didn’t work with it but tin whistle sheet music seemed to work. So technically it isn’t a tin whistle, it’s a recorder that is cheaply made. 

That’s not even where the story begins.

I loved the tin whistle and I learned how to play classics. One night after a night learning Hedwig’s Theme, I realized my window had been open. And someone had posted on Yik Yak about me. 

Being the ho for attention that I am I decided to sit in the window and play my tin whistle. The only songs I knew from memory at this point were Christmas Carols, so in Mid-October at 3 in the morning, I sat in my window and played Christmas carols for all the campus to hear. 

I did that many nights, and was Yik Yaks about many times. I also though, disturbed my RA many times, three times to be exact. And received a noise citation. At my old school when you apply to be an RA they look at your record to see what kind of person you are, if you have any citations.

The interviewer for this position had to look me in the eyes and ask me why I was playing Christmas Carols at ungodly hours of the night, three times. I told him that I did it a lot more than three times, but other students had found it entertaining.

Needless to say I didn’t get the position. 

About the cornrows thing...

It really was never about the hair.

Originally posted by mtv

The core of Amandla’s discussion about cultural appropriation had barely settled on America’s consciousness, much less our subconsciousness before this happened…..

and then swiftly this happened.

This “conversation” between 16 year old Stenberg and the now 18 year old Jenner caused a huge uproar. Immediately Amandla not only was accused of being a race baiter and of being the stereotypical “angry black girl” she also became Andy Cohen’s “jackhole of the day” for her counter of Kylie’s cornrows. Many people were astounded that this situation was all about hair. Anyone should be allowed to wear their hair in any fashion they want. Even the styles that have been traditionally worn by black women and girls for decades. The styles that have been worn traditionally by black women and girls for decades, primarily for function, secondarily for fashion. The styles didn’t seem to be on anyones radar or worthy of praise until Miley,or Iggy, Kendall Jenner started wearing them.

 When Amandla Stenberg called out Kylie Jenner’s cultural appropriation many came to her defense. Cries of: shes young (she had allegedly been in a relationship with a now 25 year old man since she was 16), “shes just trying to figure it out” the words of Justin Bieber, and that shes can do whatever she wants flooded the interwebs as the dispute between the girls became the highest trending hashtag.

I agree everyone should be allowed to wear their hair the way they want. A London boy in 2011 shouldn’t have been sent home because his cornrows were believed to be too closely associated with London’s gang culture. White children were also prevented from shaving their heads for fear of its association to skinheads.  

7 year old Tiana Parker should not have had to leave school because of her hair in 2013. She had attended her school for a year before her dreadlocks caused an issue.12 year old Vanessa VanDyke should not have been threatened with expulsion for wearing her hair in the natural form that grew out of her head. 

A Native American boy, 5 years old, was sent home on his first day of kindergarten because his traditional braids did not meet the required dress code for little boys. 

Okay…clearly the issue also lies in the school dress code policies. Policies that seem to make it very difficult for children of color or of other cultures to wear their hair in anyway that is different from their straight haired counterparts.  So no, Amandla’s comment was not a jab at Kylie but instead were the actions of a young woman trying to inform a privileged, young, soon to be adult celebrity with a massive fan base of impresionable individuals, to not be so careless and ignorant to the value that has historically been placed on hair and hairstyles by other cultures. It is possible to appreciate that culture without appropriating it.

  After these events I imagine that amandla would have had one last question:

What would America be like if we, as a society, defended the freedom of children of any and all color to be who they are the same way we defend  young girls/women, like Kylie Jenner, to do what they want? 


Vanessa was featured on the real 11/13/2015 and her Afro still looks amazing.

keeskeren  asked:

Hi Bev, I really admire your work so I was hoping to ask for some advice. I’m a studio painting major at a liberal arts uni, not an art-specific school, though my goal is to go into character design/illustration or color work. I don’t really have the same resources at my school as compared to a place like RISD, so I was wondering if you had any advice for constructing a portfolio or finding freelance work after college that can help make connections towards what I really want to do. Thank you!!

thank you! first, it’s important to think about what kind of professional work you imagine yourself doing and want to work towards. look at the people in those fields and their portfolios. for character design and illustration, the most important factor is communicating with the audience through the design. 

a good character design portfolio shows a wide variety of characters with different shapes, personalities, mannerisms, and moods. i’m not an expert but in an imaginary world where i hired people, i like seeing expressions and poses that indicate personality, character interaction, and character lineups.  it’s always a good idea to include storytelling moments too - think about what the character is doing, feeling, and thinking. 

 as for illustration in general, whatever kind of work you want to do, make sure to show clearly in your portfolio that you can do it. 

some tips to get freelance work - make a portfolio website. only display work you would want to get hired to do.  make your links easily accessible/your contact info easy to find for clients/recruiters, etc. other than that, i’ve gotten a surprising amount of freelance work through people finding my work on tumblr, twitter, and behance, so don’t underestimate the power of simply putting yourself out there and being friendly.

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14. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

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37. What are 3 blogs that you recommend to follow right now?

38. What L-Word character do you relate to the most?

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42. Best way to eat chicken?

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44. Do you like cheesy romantic gestures?

45. Were you in any clubs in high school? If so, did you hold any leadership positions?

46. Are you crafty?

47. Last person you texted?

48. If you could sit down to dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?

49. Last wedding you attended?

50. Name a tv show that you could watch all day every day?

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College KuroKen! Kuroo is majoring in English to become an English professor & Kenma is majoring in Game Design (of course). 

Bonus: Kenma wears glasses from staying up playing video games during the night in high school~

<Experimental KuroKen piece…I don’t like to color my art >


6.7.17 Mind Map & The Future (98/100 days of productivity)

For my summer research project I am writing a YA novel that redesigns the female protagonist so that her self discovery is not dependent upon any romantic relationships. I’m very excited, and to prepare for my first meeting with my advisor I made a mind map and started writing out my ideas for the novel. Putting together these collages allows me to visualize the aesthetic of the world and the nature of my protagonist. 

The meeting went really well. I was kind of shocked when my advisor got excited about my idea and told me that it sounded good. She was surprised and said that it was original! Having someone with experience in/from the literature field say that about my idea gave me this sense of validation. I don’t really talk about my novel ideas outside of my family and friends, so this was a first for me. And talking to someone who isn’t a student, but has dipped their toes in the world of fiction and publishing, was unexpectedly refreshing. 

I also took advantage of the meeting to talk to my advisor about my post graduation plans. I haven’t given a lot of thought to grad school, and I know that I want to start working right after college. She gave me a lot of information and it sounds like I could start working and find a funded MFA program. I feel like I have a clearer direction for my life after college now, but I’m going to have to do some research and start figuring out what programs and internships I need to apply for so that I can get the gateway stuff out of the way. 


more practice!! lexa def kissed clarke on the right and she’s major blushing

cursed-saphire-hart  asked:

In a College Au, what would the Titan shifters be like?

Note: These are my headcanons. Feel free to disagree!

Eren majors in either biology with in intention of going premed, (he wants to be a pediatrician,) or he majors in political science to go prelaw (cause he’s really good at arguing, and once he learns how to find evidence for his arguments, he’s unstoppable!) He plays as a chaser on the university’s quidditch team, and is part of the mixed A Capella group, Emerald Expressions, (cause their school colors are green and blue, so emerald.) He lives with Marco year one, then Armin, Marco, and Jean year two, and then gets a job as an RA his junior and senior years. He likes to keep himself busy, studying with friends, going to the gym, joining in club meetings whenever he can. 

Ymir double majors in film and journalism. She’s on the executive board of the university’s literary and arts magazine, and works at the school’s writing center to help edit other students’ work. She lives with Sasha her first year, then Historia the rest of the way through. She’s the one that always had connections to alcohol, and could throw the best parties and never get busted. She also uses the squad for all her film projects, and generally makes the most of college. 

Annie studies forensic science with a criminal justice minor. She’s also in the university honors program. She’s on the dance team, and works as a kickboxing instructor at the recreation center. She spends a lot of time studying, but can always be found with the squad on weekends. She lived with Hitch her freshman year, then Mina sophomore year, and Sasha, Mikasa, and Mina junior and senior year. She didn’t get super involved outside of dance, but still has a good time. 

Bertholdt studies either biology with premed intentions, or secondary education with a focus in either English or history, (as you can tell, my opinion switches frequently.) He’s also in the university honors program, and spends a lot of his time on school work. He’s part of the university’s top choir, and also Emerald Expressions with Eren. He writes for the literary magazine as well. He lived with Armin freshman year, Reiner and Connie sophomore year, and then Reiner, Jean, and Marco junior and senior year. He’s become a master at herding his friends home after parties. (Extra: in some aus, I also headcanon him on the dance team.) 

Reiner studies either accounting or biochem. He is also in the university honors program, and plays on the university’s football team. He serves as a representative in student government all four years. And everyone on campus seems to know him; everyone knows Reiner Braun, and he says hi to at least 10 people whenever he walks anywhere. He lives with Connie year one, then Bertholdt and Connie year two, and then Jean, Marco, and Bertholdt year three and four. 

“I went to Prospect Hill Academy, which is a diverse high school—a majority of students are people of color and Haitian. Boston has a large Haitian population. One of my teachers told me, ‘Just remember that the world is not PHA.’
Then I went to college in Maine, and I was surrounded by white people for the first time. It was a culture shock to see how much in sync everyone was. It was as if someone had sent out a list with items to buy—the L.L. Bean Boots, the North Face jacket, the Longchamp bag, the Tiffany bracelet—and I didn’t get that list. I couldn’t afford anything on it to begin with, but it was interesting to see how quickly people assimilated into that.”

Cambridge, MA


I am literally Hamilton Trash, This college AU just popped into my head and demanded to be drawn. Jefferson would have bed head for days and Angelica would major in every single subject that she possibly could and Hamilton would go into politics and help Washington run for class president and George would run against him and oh my god I could go on for forever!


Hi! I’m Nicholas C. Bunnii and I’m just your average unemployed college student who’s working on his art major, I’m currently trying to save up money for the next school year, so basically for text books and materials bc paint is expensive. Plus I also want to be able to help out my family with the bills and be able to support myself without asking my family for help.

  • add an extra Character info - Sketch: $3 Flat Color: $10 Full Color: $15 (2 character max)
  • Background info: Solid Color/Transparent - Free Complex Backgrounds: negotiable
  • Sketches are now going to be monochrome with your choice of one color, before I was doing 3 colors and some of my other art friends have informed me that doing that I was cheating myself out of someone commissioning a flat color drawing. However if you want a 3 color palette sketch it’ll be an additional $3 for your choice of color, though I encourage you to consider on getting a flat coloring. 

Here’s what I will/can draw and what I can’t/won’t draw list!

  • I will draw: Your oc (photo ref mandatory), Fandom Stuff/Fanart, Mild NSFW: (mild nudity, pastel/soft gore), Furries (note: Though I do draw them I usually have trouble drawing them out of chibi style)
  • What I won’t draw: Fetish art, Mecha, Armor (However if it’s not a lot of armor I may consider it) Incest,bestiality, pedophilia etc. Along with any topic that may make me feel uncomfortable.

Slots Open: 

  1. @wishstonedragon - Full Color Full Body
  2. @starschlep - Full Color Half Body (in progress)
  3. @tristanrambles / @arthur-tristan-kingsmen - Flat Color Chibi
  4. Anonymous on Facebook - yugioh playmat (long term)
  5. -Open-

If you are interested or have any questions please contact me via tumblr message! And even if you can’t buy anything a simple reblog helps too! 

do you ever wonder who you would be without patriarchy? like how your personality would be different? i feel like i’d be a lot more confident, like less fearful of the world generally. i almost definitely wouldn’t have the mental health struggles i do now. and maybe my hobbies and interests would be different. maybe my college major would be different. maybe i would want different things for my future. and omg i bet id look so different, like would i still have the same hair color? i bet it wouldnt be as long as it is. idk if i would still have all my piercings. i wonder how i’d dress, and walk, and act, and talk….. i wonder who i would be

Pro Revenge....but on me!

My high school biology teacher mentioned off-handedly that adding a small amount of a specific chemical to an acidic drink would safely cause normally alkaline urine to turn a vivid shade of red.

I had access to the chem storage and I nicked a modest supply. I tested the substance on myself and was pleased to see a shocking color change. My pee looked like cherry Kool•ade. Cool.

I pranked my friends, of course. They were shocked the first time, mildly amused the second or third time, but after repeated assaults, I would generally just hear “Goddamit, midzo!” from the bathroom. Little fun. I looked for additional targets.

The college guy next door seemed a good candidate. I dosed his cola.

I didn’t know he was a chemistry major. He never said a word, but a week later I peed blue. Blue!

Well-deserved retribution, points for style. Pro revenge, indeed.
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newish studyblr ☀

Hello! My name is Britt, and this is my new studyblr! I had one before, but I deleted a few months ago for personal reasons, but I decided I wanted to try and be apart of the community again! This is a sideblog; my main, and where I’ll like/follow from, is @extrathickpancake!

I am 23, an interior design major, an am in the first year of the program at my school. I’ve been to three different schools, but this upcoming fall semester I am happily going back to my first school. 

I love the color yellow, tea, and writing lists. I plan to start bullet journaling soon, finally! I am grateful to be going back to school and anxious to actually do things right this time.

anyway, tagging the few studyblr blogs I’ve still been following because they are amazing blogs and people (no particular order) ★ @bindersandbinders @frnknbrry @college-motivation @not-quite-fluent @kiras-langblr @imanistudies @lucylangblr @thebalancedbook @sailorcakestudies @studious-rabbit @studyinfrenchh @kalenaslangblr @aalangblr @studyjamm @givemeacappuccino @study-desk @fuck-yeah-french @corbinstudies @study-write-read @manga-and-studying @endystudyblog