my major in college was coloring

“I went to Prospect Hill Academy, which is a diverse high school—a majority of students are people of color and Haitian. Boston has a large Haitian population. One of my teachers told me, ‘Just remember that the world is not PHA.’
Then I went to college in Maine, and I was surrounded by white people for the first time. It was a culture shock to see how much in sync everyone was. It was as if someone had sent out a list with items to buy—the L.L. Bean Boots, the North Face jacket, the Longchamp bag, the Tiffany bracelet—and I didn’t get that list. I couldn’t afford anything on it to begin with, but it was interesting to see how quickly people assimilated into that.”

Cambridge, MA


(2/100 days of productivity)

I had a lot of stationery shopping done (from art friend then Muji then daiso ) hmm but this morning I got some time to make my own notes for color theory class (before the class hoho) and I decided to try out the fineliners, the colors are so pretty. Also that’s a look of my desk. Yes messy 😝

A Story about the Tin Whistle

So at my old college, the first weekend every store in the town would have a sale. Being that it was primarily a music school there was a music store and so my roommate being a music major, wanted to go inside.

There was a five dollar bin and in the bin was a record with a coloring book of Frozen with it. I had to have it. It was disappointing to find that sheet music for a recorder didn’t work with it but tin whistle sheet music seemed to work. So technically it isn’t a tin whistle, it’s a recorder that is cheaply made. 

That’s not even where the story begins.

I loved the tin whistle and I learned how to play classics. One night after a night learning Hedwig’s Theme, I realized my window had been open. And someone had posted on Yik Yak about me. 

Being the ho for attention that I am I decided to sit in the window and play my tin whistle. The only songs I knew from memory at this point were Christmas Carols, so in Mid-October at 3 in the morning, I sat in my window and played Christmas carols for all the campus to hear. 

I did that many nights, and was Yik Yaks about many times. I also though, disturbed my RA many times, three times to be exact. And received a noise citation. At my old school when you apply to be an RA they look at your record to see what kind of person you are, if you have any citations.

The interviewer for this position had to look me in the eyes and ask me why I was playing Christmas Carols at ungodly hours of the night, three times. I told him that I did it a lot more than three times, but other students had found it entertaining.

Needless to say I didn’t get the position. 

MBTI types as MBTI types as
  • INTJ: mbti types as villain archetypes
  • INTP: mbti types as bot posts
  • INFJ: mbti types as dreams i've had recently
  • ISTJ: mbti types as school subjects
  • ISFJ: mbti types as characters from my immortal
  • ISTP: mbti types as avengers
  • ISFP: mbti types as music genres
  • INFP: mbti types as famous poems
  • ENTJ: mbti types as the founding fathers
  • ENFJ: mbti types as types of pasta
  • ENTP: mbti types as college majors
  • ESTJ: mbti types as things on my desk
  • ESFJ: mbti types as tumblr shitposts
  • ESTP: mbti types as beyonce songs
  • ESFP: mbti types as animals
  • ENFP: mbti types as different colors
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1. Favorite quote?

2. College that is on your mind?

3. Which Disney character do you relate to the most?

4. Colors that make you smile?

5. If you could only eat one type of potato chips for the rest of your life what would it be?

6. Play sports?

7. Do you have a dog?

8. Tell me you best childhood memory?

9. Who was one teacher that had a major impact on you?

10. Favorite school subject?

11. One movie that you would never recommend to anyone?

12. Favorite number?

13. Which Britney Spears song do you like to jam out to the most?

14. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

15. What is the closest framed picture around you a picture of? 

16. What’s the story behind a tattoo/piercing you have?

17. Dream job?

18. Best book you have ever read?

19. Sexual orientation?

20. Do you still watch movies on a VHS player?

21. How many songs are on your iPod?

22. What is your most used app?

23. Best friend?

24. Favorite sports team?

25. Do you wear hats?

26. Favorite actor/actress?

27. Where is your favorite place in the world?

28. Do you have a significant other?

29. One song that always puts you in a good mood no matter what?

30. Favorite video game system?

31. What Pokemon would you pick to have as your starter?

32. Name one city you would like to visit.

33. What are 5 of your favorite qualities about yourself?

34. Turn ons?

35. Turn offs?

36. Favorite shoe brand?

37. What are 3 blogs that you recommend to follow right now?

38. What L-Word character do you relate to the most?

39. Who is your role model and why?

40. One thing that you never leave the house without?

41. Favorite form of transportation?

42. Best way to eat chicken?

43. Are you a fan of facial hair?

44. Do you like cheesy romantic gestures?

45. Were you in any clubs in high school? If so, did you hold any leadership positions?

46. Are you crafty?

47. Last person you texted?

48. If you could sit down to dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?

49. Last wedding you attended?

50. Name a tv show that you could watch all day every day?


I am literally Hamilton Trash, This college AU just popped into my head and demanded to be drawn. Jefferson would have bed head for days and Angelica would major in every single subject that she possibly could and Hamilton would go into politics and help Washington run for class president and George would run against him and oh my god I could go on for forever!

The Sections as Quotes from my Director

Drum Major: “I bought a new baton and I feel so powerful”

Piccolo/Flute: “But there are more than 3 flats in the key, I can’t play this”

Oboe/Bassoon: “SHUT UP”

Clarinet: “Why are there so many broken reeds on my band hall floor?”

Saxophone: “Once in college I stayed up for like a week straight”

Low Reeds: “If you need to take a break from all these long tones, just drop out. No one will notice.”

Mellophones/French Horns: “I swear I’ve played more up beats than minutes you’ve been alive”

Trumpets: “This is the trio. It’s supposed to be quiet not peeling the paint off the walls! Calm down!”

Baritone: *stops conducting to answer phone* “Hello? No we don’t want any”

Trombone: “If I hear one more B flat thats not in the music the whole section is running a lap”

Sousaphone/Tuba: “There are 5 of you playing and I still can’t hear you over the bass clarinets. Man up.”

Pit/Front Ensemble: “I’m not waving my arms for nothing. Get your eyes up”

Drumline: “now if only you could play the show as well as you can play stand tunes”

Color Guard: “You’re the focal point. You’re waving around a flag for crying out loud. Do it good”

Pro Revenge....but on me!

My high school biology teacher mentioned off-handedly that adding a small amount of a specific chemical to an acidic drink would safely cause normally alkaline urine to turn a vivid shade of red.

I had access to the chem storage and I nicked a modest supply. I tested the substance on myself and was pleased to see a shocking color change. My pee looked like cherry Kool•ade. Cool.

I pranked my friends, of course. They were shocked the first time, mildly amused the second or third time, but after repeated assaults, I would generally just hear “Goddamit, midzo!” from the bathroom. Little fun. I looked for additional targets.

The college guy next door seemed a good candidate. I dosed his cola.

I didn’t know he was a chemistry major. He never said a word, but a week later I peed blue. Blue!

Well-deserved retribution, points for style. Pro revenge, indeed.

fcyre  asked:

hey hey! here are some college tips: it's okay to feel confused about your major. there will be times you will question why you've chosen it in the first place. BUT please choose a major you really love; i cannot stress this enough. as to making friends, take your time. it may seem like a huge pressure to make friends asap, but observe first. people won't show their true colors until a few weeks in. you wanna make sure you're making the right friends. anyways, that's all and best of luck to you!

thank you! i’m actually really unsure about whether i should do bioE or chemE, but my hope is that the first few weeks will give me a feel for how i like the topics, and then i can switch majors if needed. also, thanks for the friend advice! i’ll definitely try to wait a bit before determining my friends.

(college-related) sleepover in my inbox!


this is my most recent installation project. i installed it in the fine arts college by the water fountain. i used leaves i found around campus, and i was inspired by how nature is a living being to me and by the daydreams i have as i watch the fall leaves swirling around in the wind. i tried to show this with the changing colors, as the leaves come back to life and transform into a school of fish

do you ever wonder who you would be without patriarchy? like how your personality would be different? i feel like i’d be a lot more confident, like less fearful of the world generally. i almost definitely wouldn’t have the mental health struggles i do now. and maybe my hobbies and interests would be different. maybe my college major would be different. maybe i would want different things for my future. and omg i bet id look so different, like would i still have the same hair color? i bet it wouldnt be as long as it is. idk if i would still have all my piercings. i wonder how i’d dress, and walk, and act, and talk….. i wonder who i would be


1. I play violin

2. I have Aspergers. No I am not self-diagnosed or anything, I actually have a medical diagnosis if you’re wondering

3. of course my favorite anime is Katekyo Hitman Reborn haha

4. I have medical issues (mainly neurological I think) and have visited and still am visiting doctors, so far no diagnosis.

5. My favorite color is lavender

6. I am twenty from the Midwest region of US

7. My mom calls me her miracle baby because no matter how hard she tried to be pregnant she couldn’t and after I was born finally she couldn’t have another child again no matter how hard she tried

8. I am not sure on my major yet but I’m currently doing gen ed at community  college till I transfer to Uni and pick my major then.

9. I have a huge collection of snowglobes

10. I love having an open heart to talk and help people. I always love making sure my friends are okay. hopefully my “how are you” or “Are you well?” doesn’t get too annoying with over-usage..

Well I hope you learned more about me the admin of Iamkhrtrash!

sorry for lack of posts and original content. medical issues got me seeing some doctors and college been lol, I’m alive though!


For my ‘normal life au’ I had them meet in second grade and become best friends, and Ness realizes he has a crush on Lucas during 6th while Lucas only realizes his crush on Ness near the end of 8th grade haha- 
They start going out in Freshman year, then Ness plays baseball in college and goes onto majors and they get married during Ness’ second year in majors! <3 (Claus and Ninten prob start going out in 3rd year of highschool)

stupendoustyrantfox  asked:


OML this is a lot! But I’ll have fun doing this hehe

1. My current favorite memes are yeah boi, shitty flute covers, and Running In the 90s.
2. My favorite band is Radiohead.
3. My favorite kpop group is EXO.
4. I’m a night owl.
5. I’m taking a gap year after I graduate instead of going to college right away.
6. My favorite seiyuu/voice actor is Sakurai Takahiro.
7. Currently, my favorite color is green. (yes, I’ve always said it was yellow…until now)
8. I’ve never been to a convention in my life.
9. I have a phobia of thunderstorms.
10. I hate onions with a burning passion.
11. Even though I (sort of) want to major in law, I dislike debating.
12. Satire is my favorite form of comedy.

AMA Transcript: In the Colors of a Photograph

Last week, @victoriandancer and @guacamoletrash dropped in for an AMA about their 2016 Resbang, In the Colors of a Photograph! Check out some of the fun:

Q: How much research on marine biology did you do for this?

victoriandancer: UMM not much, lol. I was a biotechnology major in college (which was only a few years ago) and I’m an immunology research technician now. I mostly pulled from my head. Some of the boat questions I looked up, and a few obscure marine bio things. I didn’t want to go into too much detail and lose people who weren’t bio nerds like me lol.

Q: Favorite part to write?

victoriandancer: My favorite part was the very first day they were out on the water and Soul was photographing Maka’s explorations. It was so serene and sweet and fun at the same time!

Q: For guac: You said it was your first time using Photoshop for your piece! Did you learn a lot?

guac: All I had ever used it for was a photography class I took in high school, and boy oh boy. I don’t think I’d ever used the brush tool until September? I learned so so so much, and I’m so ready to learn so much more!!!!!!

Q: Did anything inspire/motivate you to write this particular story/setting? And how did you think of it?

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art tips for improving art

so i’m talking to a friend about art and i feel like I should make this post of what my art teachers have told me and things that I an art major in her third year of college think are great  ways to improve your art.

  • Draw Everyday. Like I know everyone says but for real draw everyday otherwise you will get rusty and it’s okay if drawing for that day is just bunch of doodles, sketches or studies it doesn’t have to be a full blown colored drawing 
  • draw anything and everything. like I get some of you suck at drawing people or animals or plants but the only to get better at something is to do it. so draw anything and everything from your pet, to your sibling, to the cup you are drinking out of to the tree outside your window 
  • Do Master Studies. like holy shit I can’t stress this enough its okay take a picture of an artist you look up to and redraw their picture as a way of practice and studying. In fact thats how I taught myself how to draw. I redrew my favorite manga panels. and Yes master studies don’t have to just be studies of Art History Pieces (while it is still good to do those) 
  • Try any form of art you can!! Super important okay if you have the option to try a form of art you normally don’t do. DO IT even it’s in a drawing style of medium you normally don’t do because you will learn something from it and then you can take what have learned and apply it to your own art.
  • Challenge yourself!! don’t always stick to drawing the simplest and easiest things. that super complicated nick nack at your grandmothers house that looks super hard and intimidating to draw. DRAW IT. always try to step out of your comfort zone even if it’s just little baby step at a time 
  • Real Artist don’t wait for inspiration. I’m not saying that artist who use inspiration in their art are bad or are fake artists. I’m saying you are less likely to get art done by sitting around all day waiting to be inspired. Instead start drawing something and get inspired while you are making the art.
  • YOU CAN MAKE ANYTHING INTERESTING EVEN THAT HALF FULL WATER BOTTLE NEXT TO YOU!!! how you say? it’s all about composition and mark making.
  • Improvement doesn’t happen overnight it happens through dedication 

if anyone else has more tips to add feel free to do so because I kind of feel like I left out some things I can’t think of right now 


Lots of people really liked the idea of my STOP THE MEDDLING posters becoming shirts and now I have made them available on Society6! Go to and check out the variety of shirts you can order the designs on! Play with the colors to get it to look just the way you want! 

Again, here’s the link!

The Other Sister Ives

It has been like this all her life, second to best to pure Katherine, perfect sweet little doe eyed Katherine who was dmeure and quiet and completed all her studies got into one of the e at schools on the planet and graduated, perfect Katherine made manager, perfect Katherine doesnt have too many boyfrienda, perfect Katherine so graceful.

Then there was Penelope, awkward, clumsy, loud, Penelope, shes so funny but can she sing? No, she barelt even graduated from college it was a miracleshe made into Chelsea College of Arts, but she dropped out Penelope did, too terrible at art why did she major in it? Because she liked to color..she cant dance…all Penelope Daphne Ives could do was laugh.

And my did she have so many boyfriends, not because she was popular no that is Kitty, Penelope just has lnack for attracting horrible, gross, trolls who treated her awfully, even losing her viriginity was terrible amd humiliating.

Now at 19 standing before her sisters glamorous L.A. apartment, she was a broke, art school drop out, she found the spare key under the mat and opened up only to walk in Katherine having sex…lying beneath of course a gorgeous man the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes on (of course Katherone gets him).

Penelope felt as thogh she looked terrible, face streaked in tears and just off a plane, there was perfect little naked Kitty, small and 5'1, Penelope was 5'7.

Katherine caught sight of her sister and gasped with horror but joy at seeing her “PENELOPE!” she shoved the God pff of her and drew blankets up to cover her.

“Im sorry I came at a bad tiem…Ilk go share that box with that hobo” her voice was weak eith tears and she turned aroud to leave only hitting her face against the wall “Ow"her cry of pain weak and apthetic.