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could you rec some wlw ya books? thanksss

this will be so long I hope you’re ready

  • The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow: literally one of my fave books of all time, amazingly complex villain, super strong main character dates her adorable gf (neither of them say the word bi because it’s in the future but I’m pretty sure they both are), you will be genuinely confused which side is good and which side is bad, the three main characters are So Good, tw for an unhappy ending to this one, but a sequel is coming out and I’m confident the ending will be semi-happy. 
  • Love Letters To The Dead: the wlw “side-romance” is honestly given just as much screentime as (if not more than) the main romance. literally one of my all-time favorite romances in anything ever, I read this book in my questioning phase and it changed my life
  • This Is Where It Ends: lesbians at a school shooting, primarily non-white characters, you will cry (spoilers: they both live and stay together)
  • The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie: lesbian pirate x lesbian sea monster trainer in the future. Literally. There’s a sequel coming soon, and I have faith that it will end happily. The author draws fanart of Swift and Cas kissing and posts it to her tumblr (again, not kidding, there’s some on my blog). Main character is asian. otp: equal footing
  • Beauty Queens by Libba Bray: f/f romance, one lesbian one bi girl and one trans girl. Hilarious social commentary, very feminist, lots of woc. Libba Bray also has another hist fiction series that I’ve heard is gay (the first book is called A Great And Terrible Beauty) but I don’t know much about it. 
  • Lies My Girlfriend Told Me: Basically: Girl #1 finds out her dead girlfriend was cheating on her with Girl #2. Girl #1 and Girl #2 fall in love. This book is so adorable. The author has several thousand other wlw books so knock yourselves out. 
  • Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan: a cheesefest with racial diversity. I love this book so much (it’s so good and PURE) even though it’s not hugely deep. 
  • You Know Me Well by David Levithan + Nina Lacour: The authors alone should be enough to make you want to read this. I still am lowkey bitter the two boys didn’t end up together, but they stay friends and all so it’s fine. Found family!
  • Ash and Huntress by Malinda Lo: occur in the same world, although you don’t have to read both. Ash is lesbian cinderella. Huntress focuses more on character development and is my personal favorite, but tw for a bittersweet ending. Malinda Lo also wrote the Adaptation series, featuring a bisexual protag and her alien gf, but that one wasn’t my favorite. I know a lot of people who love it though!
  • Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley: 1960s civil rights era lesbians, ends happily. It emphasizes all of the problematic tropes often used in “overcoming racism” stories and why they’re not okay. This was recced to me by a black person so I trust that assessment. I also really love her other books, which have a lot of wlw as well. 
  • Otherbound: f/f romance, bi girl as main character. There’s literally not a single white character. It’s about body swapping and fantasy! talks frankly about the issues in the main relationship, suspenseful. Sense8 in a way.  
  • Fat Angie by E. Charlton-Trujillo: A girl sees Angie for who she truly is and they fall in love. Probably the least fatphobic book with a fat main character I’ve ever read. Pure!
  • Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld: Storyline between two authors in New York, ends happily and is paralleled to main romance storyline. the protagonist was confirmed acearo spec on Twitter (it’s pretty obvious if you read the book) which makes my ace wlw ass happy!
  • Everything Leads To You by Nina Lacour: moviemaker wlw! cheesy as all hell, but adorable and really deep. very much recommended if you’re into moviemaking or acting
  • The Dark Wife by Sara Diemer: Persephone / Hades, literally fan fiction. My gay classics student ass unabashedly loved this. I think you can get it free on the author'a blog? Attempted rape tw (not between the main couple, their relationship was entirely consensual)
  • 10 Things I Can See From Here: Main character has anxiety and falls in love with girl who isn’t afraid of anything. This was cute and good for people with anxiety, although not quite as deep as it tried to be. 

Some That Aren’t Love Stories Quite As Much: 

  • Far From You by Tess Sharpe: crime thriller with bi / recovering drug addict main character and major f/f romance. Not a happy ending for the couple bc the romance is in the past, but happy ending for the protagonist. This is one of my all time faves. 
  • Exit Pursued By A Bear by EK Johnston: About the main character’s rape and her subsequent abortion. Main character does not have a romance plot, but her best friend (the second most important character) is a lesbian and falls in love with another friend. This one doesn’t belong quite as much, but it’s one of my all time favorite books ever and it’s all about female friendship / love. (ALSO READ HER OTHER BOOK A THOUSAND NIGHTS)
  • Cherry: About female friendships and relationships with sex, really feminist. There are four girls, one realizes she’s gay, and her friends are just so pure and supportive about it???? there’s a bit of romance but I still feel like it’s more about the friendships between the girls. 
  • Tricks and sequel Traffick by Ellen Hopkins: about kids forced into prositution, so all the tws. among main characters, there’s a gay guy and a bi girl who leans towards women (actual quote from her!). Ignore the back that says “four straight one gay” because it’s a lie. (I had so much fun with that the first time I read these.) Two separate f/f romances and a m/m romance. The bi girl is such an amazing character and I love her with all my heart. Don’t remember ending for couples but the girl is definitely happy. 
  • Kissing The Witch: Sometimes-gay versions of fairytales, really really interesting. 
  • If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan: realistic fiction about what wlw in Iran have to go through. tw for a not-great end for the couple, but there’s no death and the main character is happy. It’s more about the self-acceptance of the main character than about the romance. Also deals with trans issues. 
  • Ask The Passengers by A.S. King: a very different sort of book? it’s hard to explain. more about coming out than about romance. Happy ending. 
  • The Miseducation Of Cameron Post by Emily Danforth: again, more about coming out, but wow this book is amazing. Happy ending. 

Fucked-Up Female Friendships Aesthetic

  • Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by: This book is so freaky and messed up and I’m still not exactly sure how it ended, but it still blew me away. The Mr and Mrs Smith wlw au you never knew you wanted, although I’m not going to spoil how. Fucked up ending but still happyish? 
  • Dare Me by Megan Abbot: This book is creepy as fuck and revolves around the relationship between two girls which is… really gay, like canonically gay. I liked this a lot, but be warned that it’s not a romance. Happy ending mostly?
  • Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas: This one had a lot of wasted potential in the form of a well-built story about the craziness of rich kids partying, but it is a very good murder mystery focused around two girls. 

I’ve read all of these, so ask me if you have any questions about them! If you’re looking for more masterposts, try @wlwbooksource

Maine gothic

because King shouldn’t get to have all the fun

  • The lobsters scream when you put them in the pot. You tell yourself it’s just the steam escaping the shells. Their eyes are clear when you put them on the plates. You pretend not to see, and suck the meat out of their little crunchy legs. 
  • There are tracks in the fresh snow across your lawn. Even though Uncle Robin taught you tracks before you could make tracks of your own, you don’t recognize these. 
  • Everyone at the farmer’s market knows your name. You have never been to this farmer’s market. The potatoes have too many eyes, and they watch you walk by. 
  • You never thought you’d hope it’s only a moose outside at night. 
  • Giffords announces new flavors! Coffee Mint Moose Tracks (a new spin on your old favorite,) Heath Bar Beaver Den, Bloody Bear Tracks… it’s raspberry swirl, we promise. 
  • People don’t go near the barn on the old Michaud place, even though it’s been abandoned for years. Something about it being condemned, and not by the government. 
  • Something keeps bobbing up in the bay, bright red. It’s too big to be a buoy. No one’s claimed it.
  • The trees on Schoodic are shifting. We haven’t had a stiff breeze for days.
  • You can’t read the name of that new fishing boat. Everyone tells you something different when you ask.
  • The painted tracks to the UMaine stadium are red. Weird, they’ve been blue for decades. You haven’t heard anything about a hockey game tonight either.
  • I-95 just keeps going. And going. And going. It’s getting dark. What mile marker are we at again?
  • It hasn’t gone above zero in a month. The wind and snow get through the windows and under the door, even though you had the house winterproofed in the fall. You don’t remember what it’s like to be warm, even next to the wood stove. You don’t recall lighting it, now you think on it. 
  • The blackflies are thick as fog. They are in your eyes, in your ears, your mouth, your nose. You feel faint from blood loss. They are under your clothes.

One half of my dash: GUYYS, STEREK IS ALIVEEEE!!!!! *theories on what the trailer could mean, makes gifs immediately, starts writing new fic*

Other half of my dash: *drinks black coffee in the corner* *bitter laughing* Sterek? Never heard of it. *Throws mug at Jeff Davis*

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[3/100 days of productivity]
Started calc summer assignment and worked on Spanish a little

so the year seems to be coming to an end and i’ve seen a few people do these already so!!

Blog Roll Time

So just thought I’d put out an update here cause of new follows and people probably wondering why Risri doesn’t follow back…

Hi! Jazi is my main blog. She was at one point my main. She is happily married to the crazy professor that is @dunnedinsniper​. I mostly RP her on tumblr right now but if you wanna RP with her I have no problem logging her in to do so.

Name: Jazimina Stratford
Age: 25
Relationship:  Married to @dunnedinsniper​, Sister to @cherysaamberstill
FC: Karen Gillian

How can you interact with her?

  1. Anything to do with Pets: Jazi tames, trains, and sells pets IC
  2. You want a mount IC: Jazi tames and trains mounts for customers
  3. Duskwood or Darnassus- Your character is from Duskwood, she grew up there. Your character is from Darnassus, she lived there before Wrath for 6 years.
  4. Bows: Jazi is an expert archer
  5. Molten Front Offensive or Pandaria - Jazi served in Mt Hyjal for most of the Cataclysm time frame. She was promoted to Sergeant because of her efforts here. This is where she tamed her corehound Max. I’m open to knowing your character from there. (just whisper me first so we can plot some) or Jazi lead a team of 6 on special missions in Pandaria. The team did scouting and diplomatic missions as well as rescue missions. She served in Jade Forest, Kun-Lai, Townlong (briefly), the Dread Wastes (with the Klaxxi specifically), and Krasrang Wilds. I am open to knowing your character from there. (just whisper me first so we can plot some)

I have no problem with pre-established relationships either! Just message me and we can work it out ;)

Things I post on her blog:  OOC stuff, Prompts, Jazi’s RP, Animals, aesthetics


Risri is the current owner of the  @the-royal-courier. She is my main RP toon at the moment. She attends whatever events we at the Courier know about and writes about them. She is max level and decently geared if you ever need a healer.

Name: Risri Elthron
Age: 405
Relationship:  with @silentasagrave
FC: Erica Cerra

How can you interact with her?

  1. You are a Kaldorei - since Kaldorei society is very centric I have no problem knowing you simply because you are a Kaldorei (just whisper me first so we can plot some)
  2. You need something from the paper - As the owner of The Royal Courier, you can simply come to the office and talk to her if you want to advertise a business, an event, or even would like an interview. If you have an idea for something the Courier should write about. Just come by and talk to her.
  3. You want to bump into her - she tends to wander the streets of Stormwind or Dalaran people watching so feel free to send an ask bumping into her. Her picture has been in the paper enough that if you read it you might recognize her.
  4. You are a Druid - this can go for horde or ally friends as with the Dreamgrove we might be interacting.
  5. You’d like to hire her to take pictures of your event - Not only do we cover events, we have been known to host Photo Booths and give people a souvenir from their time at your event.


I have no problem with pre-established relationships either! Just message me and we can work it out ;)

Things I post on her blog: Prompts, Stories from The Royal Courier she writes, aesthetics her thoughts, pictures she takes


Chery is @jazimina‘s sister.

Name: Cherysa Amberstill
Age: 21
Relationship: dating (non tumblr user) and sister to @jazimina
FC: Bonnie Wright

How can you interact with her?

  1. You are from Duskwood:  Cherysa grew up in Duskwood and spent her formative years there.
  2. You are a member of the Church or studied at Northshire Abbey - Chery studied in Northshire Abbey until a year ago.
  3. You want an item tailored - Chery is an accomplished tailor (both ic and ooc) and likes to see people dressed well.
  4. You are living in Dalaran - Chery lives in Dalaran over the Broken Isles currently.
  5. You attend @ludlowvineyards Poetry Circle, she frequents it weekly.


I have no problem with pre-established relationships either! Just message me and we can work it out ;)

Things I post on her blog: Prompts, her thoughts, aesthetics, pics of her doing silly things


The Royal Courier

Wyrmrest Accord’s IC Newspaper. We publish something daily (usually four times a day) articles, advertisements, and columns written for and about RP around the server.

Anything posted to @the-royal-courier is considered IC unless noted OOC. If you read it you can feel free to either ignore it or use it in your own character’s story.

If you have something you would like reported on, advertised, or reblogged, please tag or message @risrielthron as notifications for @the-royal-courier are turned off and I might not see it. (I try but I miss sometimes).

That’s it for now, have fun and don’t be shy poking me or Risri.

Hi Cars Fandom

Hey Jade here, this is my new Cars blog! I’ve been a long time lover of cars and a bit of a stalker of the fandom haha, I probably already follow some of you on my main (bird-grylls) but I finally bit the bullet and made a side blog after watching cars 3. I’d love to make some friends in this fandom so please feel free to start a convo or send some of your cars thoughts my way :)


jsyk I just changed my main blog from @arobot to @arophan-main

I’m still arobot but i’m going to follow other dnp/yt blogs only from the new acc (arophan-main)

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As previously mentioned in my old blog, I’m moving to a new blog. The reason is so I can have this berry blog as a main one, opposed to being a side blog, since I can never manage side blogs that well, and since I plan on posting a lot here, might as well making it a completely new blog.

I’ve been reblogging all posts here, because I want my legacy to be in one blog only. I might not delete my old side blog for the time being, but it’s a probability. Everything is reblogged here though, so nothing will be lost.

I think I’ll keep a better track of my queue and whatnot by keeping it a separate main blog, and I’ll work on filling a queue as we speak.

Feel free to follow this blog! I will no longer post at @berrysweetmeow, and the legacy will continue here.

(Also, quick note, this url used to be the url of my other blog - which I use for non berries - I hope that isn’t confusing, I just really wanted to use this url for my berry blog :P)

Quick Info

I am planning on deleting my main blog some time in the future (probably in a few months when the fandom I’m a part of there dies), this is why I will be managing this blog here (which is a sideblog) with my new main account I plan on using after that.

My new main blog is @erurin

The blog is still empty and this info does mainly concern my mutuals, I think. It means that I will start following you with my new main @erurin and unfollow at a later point with my old main

So please don’t worry if you don’t see me following you with my old main anymore but instead get a bunch of notes from @erurin

Again, this doesn’t really concern most of you, but it means that I can use my main account @erurin a little more freely to interact with you

This blog here, @tsukareta-levi will stay exactly the way it is, nothing changes for you

Hey, guys, so I completely redid my main blog.

In case you didn’t know, all of my rp blogs and my personal blog are side blogs, and my main one, for the longest time, was an inactive Supernatural Gabriel rp blog. I’ve completely changed it now, so that it’s a Shadowhunters fan blog.

It’s @thisisthchunt if anyone is at all interested in following. I’ll probably mostly be reblogging gifs and promo photos and videos and what have you. I will be tagging everything from the new episodes as spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet, all the way through the day after the episode airs.

You don’t have to follow, of course, but if you’re interested, I thought I’d let you know. Thanks!


No. 13- APH England Light Blue-Themed iPhone Backgrounds With A Compliment

  Hey guys! This blog has been growing really rapidly! We’re almost at 400 in 2 days! Wow! Thank you all so much, I really don’t know how to repay you all! I’m just so glad!

  Also, I just want to inform you all (you probably know already) that I won’t answer any request that is done through Tumblr’s new messaging system (like the chat thing). I will, however, gladly chat with anyone who messages me through it, though it is preferred for you to send me a message on my main blog. Thank you!

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Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion Review

Hey guys, Kris here, I totally forgot that the first Digimon Tri. movie was coming out today, so as soon as I found out I immediately had to watch it. The original Digimon series has a special place in my heart so when I heard of a new series that would bring the focus back to the main cast I was beyond excited. So let’s get to the review, also I will be referring the characters by their English names.



Timeline wise

Now this is a very minor negative considering since this issue will probably will be fixed as the series goes on, I barely even consider it a negative at all. My main issue with it is where exactly does this new series takes place. When I first heard about it I initially thought it would ignore Digimon Adventure 02 entirely, but that theory flew right out the window in the first 5 minutes when we see the gang from 02 (except TK and Kari) apparently gets F*$KING killed or at least beat pretty badly by Alphamon. We really only see their silhouettes and their digivice but it’s definitely them(and that TK and Kari have the digivice they had in 02). I might not hold that much love for the 02 cast but damn I didn’t see that shit coming. Like I said, we’ll probably see what happens to them as the series goes on but for right now as I watch this new series I will go in with the notion that everything in 01 and 02 did happen EXCEPT the epilogue, until I see otherwise. I’ve heard some theories that this series takes place in an alternate timeline I.E Back to the Future Part 2 style but like I said they’re all just theories at the moment.

Digimon, What?

Okay, I call bullshit to the the fact the general populace still don’t know the existence of digimon, I though this shit was common knowledge by now, they’ve had around two major digimon invasions between Adventures 01 and 02. Yet people are still unsure of what these creatures are, BULLSHIT! Not only that but wasn’t the gateway between the human and digital world left open by the end of 02, things like this makes me question if this is an alternate timeline/universe or it’s just continuity errors.


Animation/Fight Sequences

Now for the good stuff, BY GOD THE ANIMATION IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! Now I won’t lie, it took a while getting used the to new character designs for the digidestined, I’m just so used the style the previous shows always have, even the movies are much different compared to Tri. But once I did get used to it, I grew to adore it, everything runs just so smooth and unlike the shows that was limited in their budget which caused them to reuse the same attack animation over and over again, this show doesn’t suffer from any of those issues at all. When the fighting starts it’s faced paced,viloent, and kinda gritty too. There’s no blood or anything like that, but how everything is animated like when a digimon throws and attack you can feel the the weight behind it, also the sound design helps a lot as well. That moment when Omnimon finally shows up, GOOD GOD I squealed internally when I saw that, I felt the same as when I first saw Omnimon in the Digimon Movie for the first time, it was just epic as fuck. The only issue I have is when they use cigi animation during the digivolve sequences.



I feel like I should group these together since Digimon has always been a very character(s) driven story. In Tri. we of course see the return of the original Digidestined and boy have I missed them. I know I sound biased as fuck but I can’t help it, out of all the digistined the original gang have always been my favorite. I’m especially surprised on where they took some of these characters.

The first 20 mins mostly just shows the digistined going through living an ordinary life, and Tai especially is starting to kinda miss the old days where he would just spend time with his friends and save the world, but as you get older life catches up with you, hell everyone is so busy doing their own they no one can’t even make it to his soccer game, practically everyone can relate to how Tai is feeling right now.

Another thing I have to mention is the some what love triangle between Matt, Sora, and Tai. Like most people I was kinda dissapointed by the end of the series when Sora chose Matt, and its not because I hate Matt, or because I’m a TaixSora shipper, but mostly it just felt out left field, especially with the first movie building it up, story-wise it just didn’t make sense to me. Hell even Jan, who doesn’t even ship anything at all calls bullshit to MattxSora. Here it’s handled well, sure there’s not much of it but that’s good because it didn’t hog up unnecessary amount of screen time. In regards to Tai, we can definitely see that he has feelings for Sora, but he doesn’t know how to make a move yet, Matt doesn’t seem to be romantically interested in Sora, sure he asked her to attend his concert but he did that with everyone so there that is. Sora seems to just want to be a good friend to both Matt and Tai, she gets put in a small situation where she gets invited to both Matt’s concert and Tai’s soccer game (which is on the same day) but she just want to make them happy and somehow find a way to attend both. I’m glad they’re handling it this way and if Sora does be with Matt by the end that’s fine as long as they build up to it(remember I’m watching this series while ignoring the 02 epilogue). I’m just glad that both Tai and Matt are still pretty close friends and not fighting over Sora or anything like that, sure Tai gets kinda awkward when both Matt and Sora is around but he seems pretty normal when he’s just hanging around Matt, at the end of the day these guys are bros. Also it looks like Izzy has feelings for Mimi, hmmmm, yeah I totally support this.

The major thing I gotta mention is something that I didn’t expect, and its Tai’s reluctance to fight. Before it was always simply, evil digimon attacks, digidestine arrives, they fight and save the day, YAY end of story. Now he actually is thinking about the consequences of his actions, now its evil digimon attacks, digidestine arrives, they fight and save the day, and they have to do all that while thinking about the amount of possible casualties and collateral damage that can happen when their digmon fight. After the first initially digimon battle Tai is plague but the all the destruction these battles can cause and it terrifies him. That’s the problem with growing up, you think about the consequence more often, and when giant monsters fight collateral damage is inevitable, at one point he confines to Agumon and says that he’s scared to death that he might accidentally kill someone in these battles. This is where he conflicts with Matt who’s (I’m not saying this as an insult) more simple minded in the fact of they have to do what ever it takes to take down any rogue digimon and he gets pissed when the public starts taking shit about his digimon and Tai( though he never says it outright) kinda agrees with them. I feel like this will be of of the big on-going conflict in the series since this is issue isn’t resolved by the end. Sure Tai finally allows Agumon to help fight Alphamon, but throughout the fight he has an almost disdain expression on his face, before whenever his digimon is about to kicks some ass he’s always cheering, fist pumping, just all around being completely excited, now when he does actually smile he immediately remembers the destruction of the previous digmon attack . The last scene of the movie is just Tai standing in the aftermath of Omnimon’s and Alphamon’s battle with a look of sadness in his face. Gone is the care-free boy we once knew before.


All in all I just loved this introduction to the new series, it felt  more mature and yet it still felt like I still watching Digimon. The animation is awesome and I just love the direction these characters are going. It’s just so good to have to old digidestined back and waiting for the next movie (WHICH IS GOING TO BE IN FUCKING APRIL, DAMMIT) is going to be torture, but as long as the quality is this good I will tolerate the wait. So until see you guys next time, PEACE :)

P.S. One more thing, I just want to give Joe a fist bump right now, the dude actually has a girlfriend, props dude major props.

If THIS dude can get a girlfriend then there’s hope for me yet.

Does this still count as a 2014 design update if I had the lineart for this done ages ago, but I procrastinated on it for over 7 months and now that I’ve finally finished it it’s gone 1am on the first day of 2015…? Probably not.

Like most of my characters I don’t think I’ve shown Coast on this blog yet, so meet my third main character! She’s an illogical fox-fish hybrid and Huski’s best friend (aka Huski’s target for dragging into life-threatening adventures against her will).