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MagicalRibbons review - Jack Skellington, Sally, and Anastasia Tremaine

Got these for the Halloween season! I love my villains and Nightmare characters.

The Jack bow is perfect - just as I imagined it. I ordered the Sally bow without hair, and omg, it is beautiful. It honestly is so perfect I can’t even describe it. I’m sure Jack and Sally will love it when I show them! The Anastasia bow is great and I’ll be wearing it to Dancin’ with Disney as soon as possible!

I think the pictures show much more of the bows than I could even describe!


MagicalRibbons review!

I ordered these bows on August 16th, during the sale, and the bows arrived on October 4th - I didn’t need them by any certain time, so now problem there!

For a while now I had wanted to get the minis for my Punzie animator doll, and when Merida joined the collection and the minis were on sale, I went for it! The bows are just their size and match perfectly. Of course, I’m sure I’ll wear them every once in a while, too. :)

I’ve been wanting the DCA park map bow ever since the reopening! Buena Vista Street was basically my summer home so I’m glad I got the opportunity to get this now. Hayley let me pick the center (which shows Carthay Circle Restaurant/the fountain/“Storytellers” - where I spend most of my time) so I couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to wear this one!


MagicalRibbons review - Mad T Party Alice bow!

This bow is absolutely GORGEOUS in person. Definitely needed some fluffing open opening, and the bottom seam of the bow, (where the elastic is) was a little loose and I may stitch over it for a little more reinforcement, but it’s all good! Can’t wait to wear this to T!

Favorite picture of the day. Laughing because, while taking pictures, she said, “Oh gosh. You’re even posing like her! And what’s that? You have her on your ring?”

She despise my bow and outfit and I promised her that one day I would dress like her, and buy a bow like her as soon as one is made.

OKAY SO I went to comedysportz tonight, and sat in seat #15 in the first row like I always do.

So the ref is going over the rules, explaining the groaner foul, asks Mr. Voice for an example, which was

What do you call a snail on a ship?

A snailor.

I start giggling. Because I really enjoy puns.

Ref: So, if you make any sort of groaning sound, they’re out. Or if you laugh your head off like the girl in the bow.

I laugh.

Ref: It’s a cute bow, really. You look like…Minnie Mouse.

People scattered in audience: She’s Snow White!

Ref: Oh, um, okay. Apparently I was wrong.

And for the rest of the show, he proceeded to refer to me as Snow Minnie.