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Ikemen Sengoku: Light Night Wear

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His outfit hasn’t been updated in website yet~ I also hope this could be updated too -

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i found this in my “box of magical things.” I have no idea where this is from but it’s the realest thing ever especially right now cause i’m at the worst i’ve ever been. i’m hoping for better things soon but right now it’s 100% survival mode. - DJ F

edit: this was made by noah! ghosts-of – it makes a lot of sense now how i have this. it’s from Doris. thank you for making this, these words are really important

is it too late to add some black ballerina magic for blackout?

Excerpt from Robert Garland’s “Joplin Dances”, staged and coached by Tai Jimenez

Pandora’s Box

A BakuDeku La Corda d’Oro AU because leaving me in a discord chat about BakuDeku gives me too many plot bunnies *sides eyes this entire blog*

To those who don’t know La Corda d’Oro, it’s an anime/manga about a school with a normal and a music track education. In the original, a girl in the normal track got dragged into joining the school music competitions by a fairy who gave her a magic violin that anyone can play as long as they believe.

In this AU, Deku already knows how to play the violin. He grew up with Kacchan who also plays the violin. Due to an accident when he was in middle school, Deku’s entire right arm is injured and although he will be able to use it in everyday life after physical therapy, according to the doctor, he will never be able to play the violin again.
Going into high school, while Katsuki gets into the music track, Deku enters the normal track of the same school in his blind hope of still being able to play the violin at some point and transfering into the music track later. Deku’s dreams are answered when he meets fairy!Allmight (lol) who gives him a magic violin that anyone can play as long as they believe. Luckily, if there’s anything Deku can do, it’s believing in his dreams.

I have a rough outline of this story up til the end already (so rough it’s missing chunks hahahuhu) so I might write a fic at some point lol. If I can’t write it I’ll probably just dump the outline here because thE ANGST IS REAL and I like sharing angst ¯\(ツ)/¯