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A/N: This chapter is more about family as you soon will tell. And you get to see a sneak peek into Finns head.



“He did what!”

I was currently at my parents house in Hoboken, New Jersey lounging out in the family room with my eldest brother Robert. My parents were playing in the backyard with the grandkids except my eldest nephew Tomas who was in the kitchen with his mother Maria- Robert’s wife of 20 years.

Robert was the only one of my three brothers that still resided in New York, as a Family Lawyer he took his job very seriously. He help me with my divorce and the custody battle I had to endure during Finn and I’s separation. He was (and still is) overly protective of me. He and Finn had been great friends, and over the years we took family vacations together. But the moment I finally revealed what happened between Finn and I, he became even more overbearing, and even vengeful towards a certain someone. I guess he was hurt, a friendship destroyed and a little sister broken. It was a beautiful disaster.

Julian the second oldest is currently living in San Francisco with his four year old son Parker. He went through a nasty breakup from his ex-wife Becca 6 months ago after finding out she was embezzling money into an off sore account of her estranged lover. His small doctors practice nearly went bankrupt due to the money loss but our parents stepped in and helped him financially to stay afloat. Becca was currently serving an 8 Year sentence in prison and her mysterious lover disappeared with nearly $500,000. He decided to stay in San Francisco and continue on with the life he built with his son, but frequently visited New York.

Mark, the youngest of my brothers was also over the other side of America as well, pursuing his dream in Los Angeles. He packed up and left straight after high-school with the families support to become an actor. Over the years he has done well for himself, after staring in small commercials, then he moved on to TV drama, before getting his big break at 26. He stared as the supporting roll in one of Hollywood’s greatest movies. He got noticed, then got famous. He kept to his bachelor life style, and I didn’t ask him about the different women he was photographed with.

I had just explained to Robert what had happened this morning over breakfast and what Olivia had said to me. To say he was mad was an understatement, he had practically choked on his beer the moment I told him about my uninvited guests.

“Yeah well I can’t stop him from seeing Josh on his birthday can I? But did he really need to bring her?” Robert understood my emotions. He was the only one out of my entire family that knew what really happened, between Finn and I.

“Yes you damn well can Rae! That is your house, your property and if you don’t want someone there you can tell them to leave. Invite Finn in sure but kindly remind him to leave his baggage at the door” Robert fumed and I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my lips.

“I’m seriously Rae, don’t let him walk all over you! That asshole needs to be taken down a peg or two” I sighed knowing that the more I talked about the situation, the more angry my brother would get. So in true Rae fashion I changed the subject.

“So anyways! Are you excited about Tomas starting collage next year?” My eighteen year old nephew was a prodigy of his old man. I knew one day he would be a brilliant lawyer and husband, it was just a matter of time.

Robert beamed and the mention of his eldest boy. “Of course! The kid got into Harvard for fuck sakes” he laughed, “not even I did that well. I tell you what, I can’t wait to see him successfully one day”. That was just typical Robert, he was the kindest man you would ever meet but if you messed with his family he would back hand you quicker then a women at a black Friday sale.

“You know Elissa and Emery are going to be artist just like there momma” his daughters Elissa, 15, and Emery, 10, were splitting images of there beautiful mother Maria. Both had dark chocolate hair and golden brown eyes, they could never do anything wrong in Robert’s eyes because they looked to much like their mother. Who was a pretty well known artist in New York, both girls had talent but in different areas.

Elissa enjoyed painting faces and was brilliant at it, she has won numerous awards at school. And Emery loves mixing colour, some would call it abstract but to her it was just pure fun.

“I’ve got my work cut out with them don’t I?” Robert mused taking a long swig from his beer bottle before sitting it down on the coffee table.

“No, more like you’ve got your work cut out with Robert junior over there” I pointed wards the glass doors that looked out into the backyard just as the Feisty little 7 year old crash tackled his grandpa with the help of Ruby who was laughing along.

“Military school” he mumbled. I laughed, little Robert had always been upto no good, but he did it in the most innocent way.

“Come on” I slapped Robert’s leg then stood up to stretch, “we better go join the others instead of having our bitch and moan session. I’m sure mom is running around out there with her new camera trying to take photos”.

Laughing, we reminst about the first few weeks after Karim had brought her the camera, let’s just say she went through two 16 gig memory cards, and hundreds of dollars worth of prints.

I kissed the top of ruby’s head, her eyes were already fluttering shut which didn’t surprise me. Flicking off the light, then walked out of the room. Goodnight my princess.

I walked down the hallway to Josh’s room and poked my head in. He had already passed out, soft snores echoed in the room. I quickly tucked him in, kissing his soft brown hair. Goodnight my little man.

Today was a big day, after the little spat I had with Finn the rest of the day went off without a hitch. Ice skating was a blast with Chloe, and her kids, Harry and Stephen. It was the first time in years I had stepped foot on ice and having two little humans depend on me to keep them upright was quite amusing.

After that we had a nice long walk through central park before dinner and cake at mom and Karim’s house. They kids had enjoyed the company of their 4 cousins, and I couldn’t help but smile at how close they were. It made me wonder if they were as close with Finn’s family as they were mine, especially Finn’s 4 year old neice Sophia.

I grabbed an ice cold beer out of the refrigerator and possistioned my rear end nicely on my plush couch. I chose to leave on whatever TV show that was already on, and continued watching without paying attention to what was happening.

As the credits rolled by I heard a loud knock on the door. Sighing, I took the last few sips of my beer and shuffled towards the door.

Gregory was standing there with a dopey smile on his face and a large blue box in his hand. He bent over and gave me a peck on the lips. A smile curved on my face the moment he wrapped his arms around me. We walked back toward the couch, not leaving an inch of space between us.

He bent forward placing the blue box on the table quickly and wound is arms back around me. “How was your day beautiful?” Gregory whispered nibbling on my ear lobe.

“It was good! Joshua had a great day and passed out as soon as he got back home. How was your day?” I replied choosing to keep my encounter with Finn out of it.

“Oh it was fine, sold a penthouse in Manhattan today. It came with a nice fat commission to which I plan on spending on you. Maybe a weekend to Hawaii?” He continued to kiss my neck.

“Oohh… well maybe one day we can enjoy that lovely vacation. And thank you again for today! I know you wanted to enjoy Joshua’s birthday with us but thank you for letting me have this time with th-”.

He kissed me softly on the lips to shut me up, no doubt I was rambling on once again. “Its fine sweetheart. I got a sale and you got time with your kids, Plus we have tomorrow. And tonight…” he wiggled his eyebrows and licked his lips. My body was dragged upon his and our lips crashed together. It had been weeks since we had last had sex and I was more then ready for him. I needed him right now, I needed to forget for a moment, I needed to feel that earth shattering orgasm.

I needed to feel human again.


I had dragged myself from the comfort of my silk sheets at 5am this morning. Olivia had managed to stick to her side of the bed last night thank God, I hated waking up with her short blonde hair tickling my face.

Putting on my joggers and a t-shirt I laced up my sneakers and walked towards the kitchen to have a quick shake before heading to the gym down stairs in my apartment. This was my Daily accurance, I needed to exercise before I sat in my office all day behind paper work and my laptop.

Running my own company was hard work, long hours and no sleep. I had been living this way since I graduated college, the only balance I once had in my life were my kids and wife. But now that had all changed because of Rachel.

We had just gotten back from Aspen Monday night after I had taken Olivia and her God awful family away for her birthday. I had nearly cancelled after the ruckus Olivia had caused with Rae in front of my kids on my son’s birthday, but I knew if I did that the nagging would increase and i wasn’t in the mood for that.

I stepped onto the treadmill and started off at a walking pace, letting my muscles warm. Her beautiful face flashed though my head, her creamy skin, the hairpin curve of her plump lips, her button nose, her silk like hair- fuck!

My body tumbled to the ground hard, I had missed a step which caused me to trip all because I was thinking about her. Not my girlfriend that laid asleep in my sheets, but my ex-wife.

Pulling my legs to my body in frustration and leading my elbows on my knees I looked to the ceiling still thinking about her.

Over two years since I had touched her intimately, kissed her lips… My heart still ached everytime I saw her, but I couldn’t show her how much she ruined me. No, instead I channelled that built up frustration into pure hate towards Rae. I couldn’t help it, she took away my kids, my life, my fucking air.

I groaned picking myself up of the hard floor and turned off the treadmill. I made my way over towards the boxing bag, forgoing the gloves I collided my fist hard into the bag.

Memories of the night my world came apart washed over me, it was a disease I couldn’t fight.

‘Rae, honey. I’m home’

Smack! My fist collided with the solid leather. I felt nothing.





'Hello? Anyone home?’




Then I distinctly remember the words scribbled on a yellow post-it note in Rae’s hand writing, along with the divorce papers.

'Fuck you’


Grimacing I looked at the paperwork that had piled up in front of me, red tags with sign here scribbled across them poked out. It would take me all day just to read all the new contracts I was taking on in the new year and according to Olivia my deadline was only 4 hours away.

“Olivia” I buzzed through the intercom. “Can you ring Archie and tell him to come to my office immediately”.

“Of course Finny” she replied. A grimace shuttered through me. It was a nickname she had picked up just after we started dating, it was a habit I thought she would break but I was beginning to loose hope.

No more then 15 minutes later Archie lazily strolled through the door not even bothering to knock.

“I was summoned” he announced grinning.

“Yeah, clear your schedule. I need you to help me read through these contracts so I can sign them off. Apparently Liv decided to leave this to the last minute and I have-” I looked towards my watch. “3 hours and 44 minutes to get them done before they are sent to your department to be organised into financial groups” I signed.

It was only 9am and I was already exhausted, I had no idea how I was going to finish this in the time frame I had. There was atleast 40 small business contracts to sort through, but if there was anyone I knew that could help me it would be my brother, Archie.

“Fuck man! Why do you let her do this shit?” He groaned typing away on his phone, no doubt messaging his assistant Charleene about the turn of events.

“Don’t start” I growled flipping a page before signing.

“I’m just sayin-”

“Enough!” I yelled slamming my hands down on my desk. “Christ Arch, I know Ohkay… I know”.

“Look I’m sorry I shouldn’t of said it, but your not happy man. You haven’t been since-” he stopped before he finished, no doubt he saw the pain flash through my eyes. Archie picked up a contract and started to flick through it, awkward tension permeated the air.

To say my family where welcoming of Olivia was an understatement. They had all adored Rae, especially my parents who treated her like a daughter. When they asked me what caused the divorce all I could do was shrug, I had no fucking idea so what was I to tell them. They took my silence as an admission that I had fucked up somewhere, that I had wronged her but all I did was love and cherish that women.

Of course Ma and Archie had tried to contact Rae but she had obviously blocked their numbers, after 4 months they gave up trying just like I did, when bent Olivia over my desk and fucked her. That was the night I finally understood that my marriage was over, the life I knew before was gone and the women I loved more then life itself had left.

“Since my wife left me?”

“Finn” my brother sighed, rubbing his hand through his hair. “Have you even asked her why she left?”.

I shook my head in honesty. I had tried to talk to her but my pain turned into misery, my grief turned into anger and the only way i could express myself was by yelling at her.

“Maybe you should” Archie replied, picking up another contract.

“You don’t think I have? I tried for months to get her to talk to me. The most I got was a slap to the face and her repeating how vile I am. Fuck, I don’t know what happened. I-… It been 2 years and I still love her…”

“You have the kids tonight right?” I nodded. “Well when you drop them off talk to her…”

Thats better said then done I thought.

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If you think overweight characters aren’t fun, relatable, healthy, good idols, interesting, emotional, romantic, strong, lovable, or dynamic then I present to you My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary by Rae Earl and its TV adaptation, My Mad Fat Diary.

Plus-one (3)

Hello lovely followers and friends. As promised (I’m big at keeping promises), here’s the third chapter of Plus-one. As I said before, this is a cross-over between the MMFD universe and The Wedding Date. Although the plot mostly follows the movie - I’ve added my own twists. 

I rather like this chapter and I hope you all do too. Let me know! 

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Hi guys!
For the last month I have been editing my old fic’s, and have posted them on wattpad. (The link to that is on my tumblr page)

I’ve decided to put a few one shots together that have been edited.

Here is the first one… hope you like it! ❤❤

P.s I’m not tagging because I don’t know if anyone wants to be tagged in these because they are old fic’s :)


A/N: Finn is an up and coming actor (like nico. I also love his style so I went with that too). He bumps into a young women who isn’t swooned by him and he becomes in captivated by her. This is set in modern times around 2013.


“Oh shit… I’m so sorry I still don’t know how to use my bloody feet even after 22 years” The young women huffed whilst she bent down picking up the condense of what had spilled out of her handbag.

She had been to busy replying to emails as she walked through the streets of London, whilst doing so she failed to see the dense crack in the pavement causing her to trip and land into some strangers arms.

She still hadn’t dared to look up to see who she had bumped into allowing her raven hair to cover her face. Notably she was embarrassed over the incident, but more then anything she just wanted to leave the scene of the crime. She noticed movement from the corner of her eye to see the stranger was now bent down next to her helping her collect her belongings.

Turning her head she took a glimpse at the strangers face, her mouth dried up taking in the georgous features of the fit young man smiling back at her.

“No really it’s fine” he replied; passing her some pens and a make-up brush. He was dressed in fitted grey skinny leg jeans, a oversized red and white knitted sweater that was rolled up to his elbows and black combat boots.

His sweet face looked recognisable, but she didnt know how. She had only moved to London 3 weeks ago; plus she didn’t socialise with anyone besides her two friends. She studied him for for a few seconds more before the light bulb in her head went off.

“Are you that actor from that show… Ahh what is it…” She ran her her fingers through her soft hair removing it away from her face as she concentrated. They remained squatted in front of her handbag on a busy London street, but they both didn’t care.

He let out a small laugh and his smile radiated towards her more, it was almost blinding. “If your thinking of the TV show ‘common’ then yes that’s me” he said shyly.

“Your name is Finn right, Finn Nelson?” She questioned rising slowly to a standing position. They still had their eyes lock onto each other, the world around them was just a blur for now.

They were both brought out of their gaze by an awkward clearing of a throat. Quickly they switched their attention to another young lad about their age pushing his glasses back.

“Yup that’s me, and this is Archie… And you are?“ Finn asked polietly extended his hand to shake hers.

"Oh right, my name is Rae… Rae as in Rachel not Raymond before you get all cocky and ask” she joked and they all started to laugh. She shook his hand and waved to Archie who was standing slightly behind Finn.

She was actually grateful she decided to look decent today, she quickly appraised her outfit as she straightened out her clothes slightly. She wore her sky blue skinny leg jeans with faux rips around the knees, her lemon blouse that hugged her curves especially her large breasts (who she caught him looking at a few times), white cardigan and white flats. She let her hair fall freely and had a light dusting of makeup.

She usually never dressed like this usually, preferring to chose comfort over style. But today she was on the way to meet her best friend Chloe at a fancy cafe, so she didn’t think it was appropriate to turn up in her sweats and band T.

“Nice to meet you Rae as in Rachel” he laughed at her cheekiness.

“Well since my little sister is such a big fan of the show would it be ok if I got a photo with you, ya know to rub it in a little?” She asked biting the corner of her lower lip, causing him to gulp.

“Yeah, yeah of course not a problem” he gestured his arms towards himself, whilst she fumbled around in her handbag looking for her phone. She clicked into her camera as he put his arm around her shoulders. They exchanged a small smile before the phone was raised to take a selfie together.

“Thank you heaps, I better let you lads go… Nice to meet you both. And Finn sorry for the run in” she waved goodbye to both of them and hurried off in the opposite direction.

Finn turned to watch her get lost in the crowd before turning his attention back to Archie. He wished he had of gotten the chance to say goodbye before she left, instead of giving her a dopey smile.

“Well that was a first” Archie said slapping Finn on the back. Both continued to walk the familiar street back to the apartment they shared.

“What do ya mean?”

“Well that was the first lass not dropping her panties over you…” Archie joked.

“Yeah. I guess so, it was nice I guess”.

“she was very curvy..” Archie gestured his hands like he was mimicking her silhouette. “And very beautiful” he finished.

“Ya know Arch for a gay man you like a women’s body. And yes she was very beautiful… Very beautiful” blush rose on his cheeks when saw Archie smirking at him.

“Come on mate we have to get ready for tonight.. Chop is dragging us out to the club tonight” Archie moaned picking up the pace so they could arrive home earlier.


Rae finally arrived home around 5pm that day after being dragged shopping with Chloe after their lunch date at the cafe. She was exhausted. Crashing down on her settee, she decided to look through her phone and came across the photo of her and Finn.

She smiled at decided to upload it to her twitter account, she started to follow him over a year ago not thinking much of it.

@raeraeearl so I nearly fell flat on my face today, but I got a photo with this lad out of it though @realfinnnelson #totherescue

Rae giggled as she uploaded the photo, placing her phone on the coffee table so she could make herself a strong tea in the kitchen.

She came back to the settee and switched on the TV looking for something to watch before she had to get ready for the night out with the girls. She was not in the mood to party but she promised izzy and Chloe weeks ago that she would be there.

Her phone buzzed and she looked at her notifications.

@realfinnnelson is following you!

@realfinnnelson retweeted you!

@realfinnnelson @raeraeearl anytime girl! Nice meeting you. Another time maybe :’) #chancemeeting

Rae’s face went bright red as she re-read her notifications over and over. Before she couldn’t reply she glanced up at her clock.

“Shit I have to get ready” she murmured to herself before dashing off to the bathroom.


“Chop what is this place?” Finn complained as they walked into the club.

Finn was never one for big night clubs and would rather head to the local pub for a pint of two. The music was loud and the lights could cause an epileptic fit to anyone at anytime.

“Oh Finny boy live a little look at all the lasses around here” he shouted trying to be heard over the music.

Finn didn’t care about girls, they just threw themselves at him for his name and what he looks like… They never lasted more then one date, so he decided that being single was best.

Well that was until he bumped into a certain lass…

“Yeah whatever Chop lets just get a pint at the bar aye” he said in Chop’s ear as they started walking through the masses of people dancing.

After ordering a round of pints they grabbed a table near the dance floor and glanced around watching bodies jump around. Finn was busy looking at his pint when he felt Archie nudge him.

“Isn’t that Rae” Archie yelled at Finn before cocking his head towards the dancefloor.

Finn’s head shot up and he started to look around until his eyes fell on a dancing raven haired beauty. Her arms were flowing freely in the air and her hair was floating down her back, her black mini dress and black stockings shone against the lights. Finn was mesmerised just watching her dance so freely.

“Who’s Rae? And is that her in the black?” Chop asked, Finn nodded leaving Archie fill in the blanks.

“A lass that bumped into us today, she was dead nice and I think Finny boy may have a crush. Heard him giggling to himself looking at his phone today after she upload a photo of them. Giggly git” Archie laughed and Finn swung his arm to connect with Archie to shut him up.

“Well go talk to her ya dickhead look at those fucking assets” Chop pretending to jiggle fake books in front of his chest. “And plus that red head next to her is a little minx so I might chat to her” he continued before getting out of the seat and walking towards the girls.

Finn quickly followed him, because knowing chop he would embarrass the shit out of him.

“Hiya ladies. Care for some company?” Chop asked the girls.

“Finn..” Rae gasped when she saw Finn walk up behind his friend; looking sexy as hell.

“Hiya Rae” he lent over to her ear so she could hear him over the bass.

“Wanna get a drink with me girl?”
She smiled nodding and reached out for his hand which he offered her. She turned to Izzy and Chloe telling them she would see them later.

Izzy giggled and waved her off turning her attention to Chop and Chloe stood there dumbfounded.


Finn and Rae spent the next hour chatting away in a private booth far away from the dancefloor. They felt like they were in there own little world, they barley noticed the flock of girls that kept walking upto them, instead they chose to ignore all outsiders.

Rae looked at her watch as it was nearing midnight and she could barely stay awake much longer.

“I had fun with you tonight Finn, but I’m really needing to head home. I’m exhausted” she yawned.

“Of course I’ll get you a taxi… Rae?” He asked nervously.


“Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow night?” As soon as he ask the question her eyes lit up and a wide smile reached across her face.

His nerves turned into butterfly’s as he reached out and grabbed her hand. It was something about this moment that had Finn lost in every expression that crossed her face. She was the only women he could see.

“I’d love to”



Seven o'clock was nearing; the anticipation of the date was driving Rae crazy.

It had been over two years since she last dated, mind you he was a curly haired git who only got a kick out of telling Rae she could do no better. She had dated Liam just over 4 months before kicking him to the curb, having finally had enough of his poor attempts to knock her down a brick or two.

She had come a long way since her college days, the bullying, and the running away from her problems. Sure, she still had some insecurities from time to time about the way she looks, but so does any 22 year old women living in London.

Before leaving the club Finn had passed her his phone asking if he could get her number promising to message her in the morning with a time and a place to meet. Rae had awoken that morning to a message that was sent just past 7am in the morning.

Unknown: hiya Rae it’s Finn here. Just messaging you about our date tonight, how does 7pm sound? Message me when you wake up ;) x

She had turned in bed to Squint at the alarm clock next to her to read that it was now going on 10am. She frantically started typing, feeling bad about having replied so late.

Rae: sorry! Just woke up! 7pm sounds great. Where would you like to meet? :) x

She sighed, hitting the send button she nuzzled more into her pillow. Not even caring that she let her phone drop off the side of the bed.

Her eyes fluttering closed as the smile grew on her face; her thoughts went back to the night that she had just spent with him. Their amazing banter, his shy looks every time she smiled. Everything about last night seemed too good to be true, that if she pinched herself she would realise it was all a dream. In reality, this was all happening to her, the chubby, tall lass with a personality of a clown. Her phone pinged and her sleepy eyes opened at lightning speed, she grabbed her phone off yhe floor and clicked on the unopened message.

Finn: Great! How about a quiet little bar on the outskirts of London? I’ll pick you up from your place if you send me your address. Can’t wait :) x

She waited a few minutes before replying with her address and a wink face, not wanting to sound as eager as she was.

There messages flowed back and forth throughout the day, keeping the conversation light. She learnt little bit about what he does during the day when he isn’t on set, which isn’t very often. She was rejoiced to learn that he would much rather spend his time in dainty little record shops then posh bars, music was his second love after his acting of course.

Rae was now standing in front of her open wardrobe assessing her miserable excuse of clothing. 80 per cent was filled witg raggedy old band tee’s that she so desperately loved and could never- (no matter how much Chloe nagged her) part with.

Rae looked through the small collection if dresses she had whilst clicking her tongue against the top of her mouth. She huffed when she realised that she had spent 10 minutes appraising her four dresses when she never planned on wearing any of them, she was just going to a pub after all.

A quiet little pub that had probably never seen the likes of a pair of women’s legs in the years that it had been open, she needed a more casual look. She flipped through her jeans pulling out a pair of black skinny legged ones that she had brought whilst shopping with Chloe yesterday.

Then she scurried towards her set of drawers pulling out the first presentable blouse she could find, a sheer navy sleeveless button up she forgot she had. She paired it with a white singlet and navy ballet flats. Her hair was straightened and clipped to one side, her makeup fresh with a hint of Smokey eye which she had picked up from a YouTube clip she saw weeks ago.

It was now 7pm, she was applying the final touch of lip gloss and giving herself a once over in the mirror. She wasn’t dressed to the nines and loved her choice about keeping it more casual.

As she was slipping on her shoes there was a knock at the door. Her nerves started to get the best of her, her hands were slightly shaking uncontrollably.

She knew what was waiting for her on the other side of the door, a god like man with an incredible northern accent.

She opens the door and brushes down the front of her blouse turning her eyes to Finn. The smile on his face could not be missed as he stood leaning against the door frame with his hands stuffed in his jean pockets.

“Wow” they both breathed in unison, and laughing when they realised what they did.

Finn was dressed in fitted dark blue jeans, a plain white tee paired with a light blue jean jacket. His shaggy brown locks styled into a quiff enhancing his incredible facial features, he could melt the polar ice caps with a single look if he tried.

“Ready?” He grinned taking her in one more time.

“Yup, just a minute” she said holding up a finger before she dashed over to her settee grabbing her leather jacket and clutch.

She shrugged on her jacket as she walked back towards the door, glancing at herself in the mirror by the door as she headed out. As soon as the apartment was locked and they stepped out onto the landing Finn grabbed her hand into his, Rae’s mouth going instantly dry as she stared silently at this romantic gesture.

He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and headed down the steps towards the door, Rae’s eyes never leaving their conjoined hands.


The 30 minute drive to the local was filled with comfortable silence; small talk was made but both wanting to save most of it for when they arrived, plus they both quite enjoyed the sound of the stone roses lightly playing through the speakers.

It was a quaint little pub just west of Kent, the building looked like it was barely keeping together with its rustic centuries old brick and timber framing. The front was dimly lit and she could faintly hear the sounds of the sign swinging as the wind picked up. Finn sat next to her nervously chewing at his thumb nail as he watched her eyes look over the pub.

She turned to Finn with an enthusiastic expression that was contagious, and they were both instantly laughing.

“Alright?” He questioned, still having doubts he made a mistake about bringing her here. Maybe she was classier to what she led on?

“It’s perfect, I couldn’t have picked a better place” Rae hummed in pleasure whilst she unbuckled her seat belt.

Finn made quick use of his and hurried around the passenger’s side of the car so he could open the door for her. She smiled and thanked him as once more her palm rested in his, neither of them willing to let go of the other.

“Come on, the pints are cheap and the old men are cheaper” he joked nudging his arm with hers.

She followed his through the open front door; the decor was no different to the outside. Old drum tables lined the walls with stools scattered around them, there were smaller square tables littering the middle section of the room in front of the oversized bar, the only thing relatively modern was the 90’s style juke box to the left of the room just before the toilets.

Men no younger than 60 gathered around the room talking amongst each other, not even bothering to make any eye contact with her and Finn. She was completely mesmerised by the atmosphere from the moment she walked in, it was everything she hoped it would be and more.

They were weaving their way through the pub making sure not to interrupt any of the other patrons. Rae noticed the bar was reasonably empty, there wasn’t even staff waiting to serve them.

Finn reached over the bar and rang a small bell hidden away, he turned to her smiling once he noticed her face of confusion. A small round lady hobbled out from a door around the back, Rae could tell her mood was glum as she made her way towards them.

The lady wiped her floury hands on her rose covered apron mumbling her profanities under her breath, but once she looked up her mood instantly changed as her eyes locked on to Finns.

“Finnley my boy” she cooed, walking out from behind the bar extending her arms out towards Finn.

“Mrs Dewhurst, how are you?” Finn asked pulling out of the hug and reconnecting his hand with Rae’s.

“Better now my handsome boy has come to see me! You should have told me you were coming in earlier. I would have made sure I was in the front” she fussed before turning towards Rae. “Now who’s this beautiful young lass on your arm”.

“This is Rae, Rae this is the sensational Barbra Dewhurst” Finn grinned turning towards Rae who was extending her arm out to the little old lady to shake her hand.

“Oh none of that dear. Give us a hug” she said shuffling towards Rae and wrapping her arms around her shoulders.

At first Rae tensed up, she had never been a fan of strangers hugging her but something about this lady made Rae melt.

“Now off you youngsters go and have fun, I’ve got a barman to hunt down” she said shewing them away with her hands but laughing at the same time.

“DAAAAAVVVVVIIIIDDDDDDD” she called as she waddled around to the other side of the bar.

"Where are we going?” Rae asked turning towards Finn.

“You’ll see” Finn pulled her towards the back entrance which was situated next to the toilets. Before pushing through the door Finn paused letting go of Rae’s hand.

The sudden loss of contact made Rae instantly mourn for his touch, but he had other ideas in mind. He stood behind her placing his nimble fingers over her eyes blocking her vision; Rae quickly moved her arms out in front of her as they shuffled forward slowly.

Her hands were now flat against the door; she felt a tingle run down the back of her neck as Finn learned in to whisper in her ear.

“Now just push” he whispered brushed his bottom lip against her ear as was pulling away. Rae nodded and proceeded to push the door until she felt a mild breeze whisk against her face. She kept moving as Finn did, until she noticed he paused.

Finn slowly removed his hands from her face, and Rae’s eyes fluttered open. She took a sudden intake of breath as soon as her vision cleared. They were surrounded by a least a thousand fairy lights dangling from the trees and fence. A large checkered blanket laid in the centre with a pinic basket placed in the middle.

Her eyes kept dancing around the scene before her, noticing the rose petals scattered over the grass. She turned to Finn, tears of joy stinging her eyes and before she knew what she was doing she was throwing her arms around his neck nuzzling her head into the crook.

Finns arms instantly wrapped around her waist holding her tightly.

“Is this ok?” He mumbled into her shoulder and pulling away but keeping his arms around her waist.

“Are you kidding me?” Rae scoffed jokingly. “Nobody and I repeat, nobody has ever done anything like this for me before” she emphasised grinning profusely.

“Come on let’s sit” he gestured towards the blanket.

They moved towards the blanket, sitting down as close as they could together without touching.

Finn opened the basket and turned to Rae and spoke. “Now something tells me that you aren’t a wine and cheese sort of girl” Finn pulled two cans of fosters out of the basket passing one over to Rae.

“Defiantly not” she chuckled grabbing the can off Finn with thanks. She tapped the top of the can a few times and cracked it away from her clothes in case of any spillage. “I do prefer a good beer before my lips touch any sort of crap wine” they both laughed clinking the tin together.

“So how do you know Mrs Dewhurst?” Rae asked quizativley raising an eye brow. Finn took a lengthy swig of his beer before replying.

“Long story short, that women raised me. I grew up in this very garden. You see when I was 4 my mother left me dad and I”

“Aw Finn I’m so sorry” Rae said laying a hand flat on his thigh.

“It’s ok, I’m ok. But once she left us we were left with less of an income and my dad had to work a lot more hours to keep a roof over our heads. Mrs Dewhurst lived down the street and kindly volunteered to look after me whilst my dad worked. So for 9 years I was at this very bar 6 days a week helping out or colouring in, or even putting on a talent show for the oldies until I was old enough to fend for myself. Archie use to live only two streets away, he would pop over and join the festivities we had here. She’s a really special woman. She will always have a place in my heart, she even calls me her superstar when people ask if she knows me” he chuckled shaking his head.

Over the next few hours were spent deep in conversation sipping on their cans and eating crisps straight from the packet, nothing about this date was fancy but he made it special.

They talked about their pasts, Rae opened up about Liam and school. The conversation moved onto lighter subjects revolving around family, friends and Finn acting career.

Rae was completely and utterly engrossed by Finns voice, the lingering touches, the solid eye contact that he kept. Nothing was unspoken.

“I’ve had a really great time” Rae spoke looking up at his face through her eyelashes. “I’m glad you asked me out on this date”.

“I’m glad you chose to come with me” he smiled brushing his fingertips along her cheek cause Rae to be completely lost in this moment.

“You intrigue me Rae”  he said shyly, he kept his hand lingering in the same spot on her cheek a moment longer then necessary before removing it.


“Because your you. You’re honest and open, and you don’t care that im an actor. You’re just generally interested in my personality”.

Rae looked down briefly smiling to herself, this was the nicest that any male has ever been towards her. She was chuffed really; it made her insides turn to goo.

“Well you are pretty amazing” Rae laughed lightly regaining her eye contact with him. He seemed to be closer than what he was just moments ago, their bodies were now directly facing each other only a mere few inches between them.

Finn brushed a lock of her hair out of her face that had fallen, and tucked in behind her ear causing her to blush profusely.

“Your beautiful Rae” He inched even more closely, extending his head so far forward that he had to use a hand on the ground to keep him balanced.

“Can I- Can I kiss you?” the words stumbled from his mouth and now it was his turn to blush bright red.

Rae took a small gasp of air and nodded her head twice. Finn captured her lips with his, the kiss sweet and playful but at the same time the passion ran strong between them.

It felt like they had been doing this for years, the unison of their movements, the longing for more, it all came naturally to them.

His tongue swept across her bottom lip begging for entry which she reciprocated almost instantly as she opened her mouth allowing him in.

Their tongues danced together in a singular movement, their heads tilting opposite ways as they changed positions. Finns hand reached out to cup her cheek as Rae pulled his body closer by his tee; it was a supercharged moment igniting a fire between them. They slowly pulled apart but kept foreheads resting together as they attempted to catch their breaths.

“Wow” They both breathed and laughed almost instantly over another mimicked expression.

“I don’t want this night to end” Rae sighed pulled away slightly to sit up more straighter, but kept the closeness.

“It doesn’t have to end if you don’t want it too, ive got all night to spend with you if you’ll have me” Rae nodded and once again took his lips to be against hers.

Little did they know in that very moment this would be the first of many moments spend together, being complete aroused by one and other, shutting themselves off from the world just so they could have a moment.   

3 years later…

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride…”