my macbook air

me dating gd

gd: are u okay? uve been sitting on the couch all day. i dont think ive seen u move since 9am and its almost 4am.
me, wearing expensive jewelry that he bought me while wrapped in a diamond encrusted snuggie: im fine.
gd: are u sure? is there anything i can do for u?
me: will u get me my Macbook Air™ #4 and the credit card u gave me for “emergency situations”, i would like 2 buy another 128gb rose gold iphone 6s, mine wont turn on again.
gd: ….did u charge it..?
me: the charger was too far away so i need a new phone.
gd: this is ur fourth phone this week. its only tuesday…..u cnt spend money like this
me: did u or did u not look me in the eyes n tell me that u would do anything for me?
gd: i did but-
me: *pulls down my 2,505.60$ sunglasses* u said anything….that includes buying me a new phone, by definition.
gd: its 4:36am, i don’t think there are any stores even open and you slashed my tires 3 days ago.
me: i’m sorry jinyoung but why are u still talking? have that short guy pick u up or something. i expect a phone by 8am and if i dont have it i’ll be leaving u for T.O.P by 9am.

Currently writing this post from my new Macbook Air!  Still going to keep the old battered Macbook because it has a CD drive and screenshots I’ve been meaning to use for posts on my neglected Korean blog, so it still has its purposes.  More importantly, I once again have a functioning laptop that won’t crash my browser when I try to watch my dramas~ 

hahha apparently the trailer wasnt even that new, just hadnt been on twitter before :P but hey dont blame me i spent last nearly two weeks in a bush

Alright guys, I’ve been wanting to do this since I made candylan but I never have had the chance to. Some friends have told me about certain websites that may help me start to hack but honestly I’m totally clueless when it comes to hacking like literally from A-Z no idea. I powersave occasionally but nothing major. I want to hack SOME things in my town that are taking longer than expect to get. Some PWPs, the train station, etc..happy with my villagers, but still working on my town. Would love to complete it soon. My question to you guys is; I have a newer 3DS & and I have a older 3DS XL- How do I go about hacking (first timer obviously & will need step by step help) & I do NOT have a SD card slot on my MacBook Air! Is hacking still an option for me? Lots of questions! If anyone knows their stuff and is willing to help Id be greatly appreciated! Message me :) 🌸

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How big are the Kanken rucksacks? Ie would they be a suitable bag to use day-to-day at university, for notebooks and small ringbinders etc? ^_^ xx

Yep yep yep! It has a laptop slip at the back that fits my MacBook Air perfectly, as well as plenty more room for textbooks and pencil cases and food and a jumper. Love it xx