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Seventeen's Tinder Bios

[disclaimer: this is all my opinion and bad humor created at 5am]

S.coups: hip hop and chill. Swipe right if your down to listen to Tupac (or cuddle puppies)


Joshua: God First 🙏🏻 Timothy 4:12 , Searching for wifey 💍 | Burger King discounts?

Jun: My name is Junhui, my friends call me Jun, but you can call me DADDY 😏

Hoshi: NAEGA HOSH ahahaha lol ✌🏻️

Wonwoo: My favorite past stories include Me Before You and The Fault in Our Stars. My favorite future story is, ours <3 gardening is not a hobby, 🌱 it’s a passion!!

Woozi: lmao this app is stupid ( I’m taller in person btw)

Mingyu: over 6 feet. New to (your city), looking for someone to go on adventures with & cook for 🍳

DK: My name is dokyeom. Where are you from?

The8: Only looking for friends! ( > . < )

Seungkwan: Looking for a high quality woman. Momma’s boy so if you can’t hang swipe left 💁🏻JEJU 4 EVER!!!

Vernon: she said she luvz my rap💲💲| 18 but can be 21 if u want | hmu if u want my mixtape

Dino: OMG pls don’t tell my parents about this

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm that stalker that's in your house watching you sleep, and if you ever wake up in the middle of the night it's probably cause I poked/kissed your cheek😇. I'm just kidding or maybe not but here's my question, When are we getting married, again? Cause I've seemed to forgotten the date. After all I might turn into Yuno Gasai and you'll be my Yukiteru Amano❤. Luvz U


j-j-j-jUBUTT one of your anons found their way to my box again!!! ;;A;; h-h-help meeeeeee