my lungs are screaming otp

171211 SeokHao VLive

Seokmin: the christmas tree was really pretty

Minghao: you’re prettier

Seokmin: ….

Minghao: aren’t you supposed to say thank you?

Seokmin: my heart stopped for a moment there

okay but this is a really convenient time to explain the difference between raywood and mavin for me

raywood has just enough side comments and stuff that it’s conceivable as a pairing, and their personalities have enough of a disparity but still blend well together. enough so that i like it A Lot but mostly on the fanon side in a thousand different aus

fucking mavin is fucking bullshit i cannot believe that the things they say are real things, it is in fucking credible to me that michael bought them matching necklaces and they had matching shoes at one point, that michael specifically called out a year of gavin working at rt as the one year anniversary of mavin, that i have 28 pages of /tagged/mavin and at least 14 pages of it contains real shit they said or real shit they did, mavin is an offense to my eyes, to my ears, to my sensibilities