my lumi


a WIP animatic for @lumorie swan lake AU theres SO much that needs to be fixed in this but for now this is what i got :// 

A redraw of this fine fellow. Turns out drawing various incarnations of the same character almost exclusively for a period of several months will mean you get pretty good (at drawing that one character)!

I must tag @imaginaryanon as this is of her Darth Lumis from the amazing (now - and deservedly so - infamous) ‘Wicked Thing’.

I will get him up on my Society6 tomorrow, hopefully, for those of you interested in prints/merch! C:

anonymous asked:

Are you willing to show any tutorials on your editing like the lighting in your overhaul pic because it looks so cool! If not, it's okay too~~!

TBH I’m kinda iffy on how I do it because I’m kinda new at doing it too;;
but here’s my process on how I do it(?):

(The bottom pic/info is the way I did the effect on my Overhaul speedpaint!)
Hope this helps!


I’d like to share some (hopefully inspiring to others, as well as me!) improvement… on the left you see Obi more or less the first time I drew him in Nov last year, on the right is where I am now in Jan 2017. Same colours, just new lines. Just goes to show the progress I’ve made in a couple of months working on drawing his face! (Wow… that haircut I gave him before is way too close to the AOTC mullet, aka a punishment from God. Sorry Obi!)

Both of these are inspired by the Sith incarnation of Obi from Wicked Thing, by @imaginaryanon - you’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t read it yet. Do it now.



My blog is devoted to my two little monsters Lumi and Snoopy. Snoopy is a Netherland dwarf and Lumi is a mini lop. Both are hilarious, cute and mischievous.

Thank you @snoopythebunbun for your submission! Be sure to check them out everyone!

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