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“Are you fucking kidding me? What am I to you?” || DEMON

B.TS lyric Starters /// accepting

Eyes narrowed as he stared at her, lips twisted into a deep frown as he pondered over her words. What was she to him? Was there more to…whatever they had then he had given it credit for? As much as he would like to deny things, he couldn’t deny that small warmth he felt in his chest when she was around him. But he was a demon, demons weren’t supposed to feel emotions such as warmth…So, why did he? What was it about her that made him feel at ease and as if he wasn’t…Wasn’t such a bad guy after all?

“You,” a pause as he stepped closer, tongue darting out to lick his dry lips, “You are my person.” Hands reached out to grip at her shoulders probably a tad bit too hard. His person yes, that was a good start to what he was trying to get her to understand. A small sigh left him as he tightened his grip further, leaning in closer till his forehead touched hers, “You are mine.” Eyes narrowed as he tried to read her expression, swallowing thickly before his lips quirked into a grin.

“You belong to me and only me.”