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I was tagged by the elegant and illustrious throw-some-cake-into-the-mix (thank you, my darling Siri!) to do the “Pretty People” tag … so I am considering the individuals I am sharing the photos with the “pretty ones” because they truly are, no doubt.

So the picture on the left was the last time I saw both my grandparents alive and healthy. They made the long drive from Utah to see me graduate college, and not too long afterwards, my grandmother died from some sudden lung problems, and my grandfather soon followed … mainly because he missed her. I still can’t believe they’re gone  and I miss them dearly.

The picture on the right was a long awaited dream come true. Ever since I was about nine years old, I loved the band Matchbox Twenty. I had tried for years to see them in concert or meet them, but I never got the chance. Finally, two years ago through some dumb luck, I won a radio contest that got me into a mini concert with two of the band members … Rob Thomas included (swoon). I would have been content with that, but the DJ whom I won the opportunity from found out my birthday was going to be in a couple days, so he brought me backstage as his special guest. I am amazed I look calm in the picture because I was a gasping mess. Rob actually hugged me a couple times to try and calm me down … it had the opposite effect.

Anyway … those are my pictures. I will now tag a few people: erinsteaparty, habitatfordeanwinchester, demonic-bunny, mnwood and imitchingonaphotograph-spn


“It was very important for us to have this day reflect our love for one another, something beautiful, romantic, whimsical, and unique. Every detail really came together the day of and we became very emotional when we finally got to see it all at once. We were honestly speechless at how beautiful everything was – it truly felt like a real life fairy tale.” - Sarah Urie


Happy Anniversary to Brendon & Sarah!
(Photos by onelove photography)

i love how this amazing gay af fandom that is cartinelli has like, made these practically canon in fic:

  • Peggy u can’t cook for shit, I’m sorry just accept that somehow someway toast will go up in flames 
  • for previous statement: its okay Angie knows how to cook authentic italian from her Ma and honestly Peggy wonders how she survived in the war cause bloody nora this is amazing
  • at one point they’ll both go to a secret gay bar and things will be awkward but then one will get jealous that ends in a bathroom makeout session
  • peggy gives angie violets and angie pretty much broke a rib with laughing at oblivious peggy
  • Jarvis and/or Howard will evidently walk in on them with a proud and shit eating grin and a stammer and apology from the dork that is Jarvis
  • angie watches peggy workout….like ALL the time cause jesus english you reached 108 this time!??
  • Steve’s birthday/death anniversary. Peggy closes up and shuts herself away for the day, but when she surfaces angie’s there with the classic schnapps and pie with a smile so bright that everything’s okay for peggy because she can dance all night if she wants with her gal
  • also at one point peggy calls angie her best girl and everyone cries
  • peggy never misses one of angie’s shows and always sits front row with a bouquet of flowers and they sneak away to go back stage because YAY guess what more makeout sessions

add anything u want while i go cry about cartinelli some more