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Some sample art for the pins and keychains i will be making ;v; <3!

Thank you for everyone who was interested! (I appreciated it!) Also for the suggestion.. i heard veers, fox hux, hux so i plan to add them too. Maybe do couple keychains like blueberry x coconut (veers x thrawn), kylux, techienician. Of course, supplycowboy for myself…lol.

I’m still on the fence for international as it will cost a lot to shipping, which makes it not worth to be honest ;v;. But if people are interested and buy in bulk then i’ll try to make it worth on their end.

Possibly even open custom pins/keychains (this will cost more but you get to choice characters you want like ocs, other fandom characters, etc.).

So 7x14 happened. It did. And at that moment, as a fandom, we felt like we were personally shot by the events that occurred in that episode and thought, “Wow…..How in the world can I ship Emison now when Emily is going to be forced with Alison when she wants Paige????

But two weeks have came and went, we’ve walked the valleys of green grasses, felt the wind in our hair, stayed away from the toxic fumes of PLL, and all came to our sense and said, “This is how Emily operates. She feels like Alison is unavailable so she runs to Paige as a rebound. She’s only showing sudden interest because she wants Paige in her back pocket since things with Ali aren’t looking well.” 

While Emily’s wild habit of needing to hop from one girl to the other whenever she gets one inch of feels without taking time to think (IE: Sabrina to Alison to Paige within episodes of each other), that’s a whole ‘nother conversation. The real deal here is that our assumptions towards Emily’s reasoning for her actions is merely just a theory and will continue to be on until 7x15 airs.

But……I just wanna say this……..Paige is obviously leaving this episode but it’s how she leaves that’s going to make or break this whole thing for me, personally. If Emily cries or has any expression of regret that she has to let Paige go AKA making her seem trapped with Alison because of this baby -ESPECIALLY when this is supposed to be a big episode for Emison- they’ve officially ruined everything for me going forward until the series ends. It doesn’t matter how many Emison scenes we get, how much they try to make them cute, the fact is if they make Paige seem like “the one who got away” THEN move on to make Emison happen, the rotten taste in my mouth will make me bitter forever