my lovely sica

Being As An Ocean - Even The Dead Have Their Tasks.

i prefer | anonymous asked: jessica or taeyeon

“Between people who truly care and love each other, there are times where you don’t need to say anything at all. Those emotions that are hard to express with words. Things like ‘i love you' and 'thank you’… you don’t really need to say those words.”


♡ Happy Happy Birthday to My Most Precious & Bestestest Friend whom I love the most dearly, Olga

I hope this day as well as every day from now on will be full of sunshine and happiness for you! Every day with you is like a gift to me, i guess that’s why i cling on you so much aha TT i’m sorry! We might change a lot in the future, but i truly hope that our feelings won’t. So please don’t push me awaaaay ~ I never want to lose you! ♡

Words can’t explain how much you mean to me ♡ ♡ ♡ Thank you for being my friend, my best friend! ♡ Let’s be friends for a long time, for a long long time ~ not any less than forever!!! ♡
I love you so so sooo very much, to the moon and back ♡ Happy Birthday Again! ~ my sun, my queen, my soulmate, my one and only partner in crime, my best friend! /huge hugs and kisses/ xo

  • subtle blanc advertising during snsd perfs
  • sica: sowoneul malhaeblanc
  • sica: you blanc blanc blanc boy you so blanc
  • sica: my angel and my blanc my sunshine uh uh let's go! blanc blanc blanc buy it buy it buy it
  • sica: because the girls bring the blanc out girls bring the blanc out girls bring the blanc out girls bring the blanc out girls' generation make you wear the blanc
  • sica: all my love is for blanc
  • sica: are you ready for blanc milan paris new york are you ready for blanc
  • sica: don't stop, let's bring it blanc to 140
  • sica: oh blanc, do you believe the situation
  • sica: oh oh oh oh blanc saranghae ah ah ah ah money money hey
  • sica: you better buy buy buy buy blanc buy devil devil buy buy
  • sica: hello hello moshi moshi blanc blanc buy it buy it
  • sica: *adlibs on every song ever* blaaAAAnnNnncccc OooooOohhhhwoooahahh bllAAancc woooohhh yeaaahhhh