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Happy Birthday Jeswee- May 29

Happy birthday my best friend @meet-me-at-dennys. Hope you have a lot of fun even though I’m going to your party. You have been friend that makes me laugh and cry… a lot, got me into SO MANY fandoms that I wasn’t planning on joining. You join in my weirdness with me and correct me when I’m wrong…which is all the time. Love ya friendo hope you have the best birthday.

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Kohai, my love! I have an ask for you, darlin' ! How would US! And UF! Papyrus deal with this: some jerk flirting with thier Crush and making them uncomfortable. Crush sees the skeleboi and runs over to them saying that the skeleboi is thier boyfriend and the jerk should stop flirting. Jerk doesnt stop, and even insults the two. Crush starts to cry because the jerk is so mean. What do the skelebois do? Thanks either way, hun. Remember: Senpai loves you!!! 💚💚💚



US! PAPYRUS (aka the carrot that smokes)

If Stretch sees this jerk flirting with you in a way that makes you uncomfortable, he would walk up to you and put his arm around you, warning them to back off. He would have risen to his actual height, and with the smoke of his cigarette swirling around his head and his eye glowing with orange magic, he’s pretty terrifying. The jerk would probably be scared off.

Unfortunately, before he could do anything, you had decided to run next to him and say the first thing that came to your head, which was that Stretch was your boyfriend. Stretch was caught off guard, and is very surprised that you said that. But, he rolled with it. He asked for the jerk to leave, and if that person would have left, he would have been fine.

But, that’s not what happened. And, oh boy, that jerk messed with the wrong person. (technically skeleton i guess) When you start crying,, I think that Stretch would have Blueberry take care of you, and Blue would take you home. Once you’re gone, that jerk is going to be having a hell of a bad time.

UF! PAPYRUS (aka the boss of “The Boss”)

He would try and let you handle it on your own at first. I mean, how else are you going to be able to handle these situations in the future? The Terrible Papyrus can’t always be there, ya know?

But, once you run up to him and tell the jerk that he’s your boyfriend, he is extremely surprised. (he may also be blushing)(”NO IM NOT”) He wouldn’t waste a minute giving this jerk a smack down once he sees that you have started crying. 


Once the jerk is taken care of, he will probably try his best to comfort you, even though he isn’t used to doing something like that. Expect cuddles and your favorite food.

  • Hori: [To Nozaki] If you’re saying I play favorites, you’re wrong. I love all my kohai equally.
  • (Earlier that day)
  • Hori: I don’t care for Kashima.

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Hi i'm Cye and i love Tomedd, im the cool and awsome senpai. and i love all my kouhai, this is my son *hold Edd* If u dare say dat your legs is more fabulous then me then i will fite u with my manly legs of justice!!! *praise the lord*

beautiful, moving, i love my kohais and edd indeedd

i will print manly legs of justice on a shirt i’m dying

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Senpai senpai! Instead of HaruGou week, I think it's better if we have VariousGou Ship week. owo Various of love for our little shark princess don't you think? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I think this is a wonderful idea, my lovely kohai! It will definitely satisfy all the Gou ships/people who ship everyone with Gou (aka. me). It can even be something as simple as:

Monday: Mako x Gou day
Tuesday: Nagisa x Gou day
Wednesday: Haru x Gou day
Thursday: Rei x Gou day
Friday: Sousuke x Gou day
Saturday: Rin x Gou day 
Sunday: Mikoshiba brothers x Gou day

What do you guys think? 

From Sayumi to fans:
“Everyone, thank you so much for the Sayu call and pink lights. I will graduate from Morning Musume today. I’m okay! I’ve gotten a grip of myself. Please listen to my thoughts.
2002– my audition. 2003– I passed with the 6ki and joined my beloved MM. I didn’t have anything like "I love singing” or “I’m good at dancing.” I joined with a love of Morning Musume. And I’ve experienced so much over these 10 years. I’ve danced, sung (although I didn’t do a lot of that today), and done many other things. It was so fun. When I had no parts in the Cinderella play, I wondered if I was needed. But I’ve always loved Morning Musume. I’ve tried very hard and worked really persistently, but I’ve realized something… Morning Musume has taught me a lot. Recently, I became leader. Even after becoming leader there were some faults… and some crazy times. But you all were supporting me with your love that time, right? There are tons of my fans who are kind of weird. I always think how funny it is that there’s so many odd people gathered. You’ve always supported me. When I couldn’t do things…Even though today I couldn’t do anything… You don’t usually suport an idol like me, right? But those sort of weird fans, during sunny days, rainy days, typhoons, you’ve always supported me. Given me courage. Power. Kindness. Strength. confidence. And love. I’m so glad ot have met all you. Thanks for looking over me. I found my meaning after meeting everyone and joining Morning Musume. I was born to join this group. So glad to have met you all…  thanks all you weirdos!

And to the members. Did you realize? There’s not anyone from my time, but I’m here with the 9ki 10ki and 11ki. I’ve been harsh sometimes with you. But you all said you love me. My kohai are the best right now, I think. I want you all to try harder. I’ll be watching over you. And also, I said I wanted to show my kohais a different view in interviews and videos… It was this view. For me to graduate and stand here with everyone.. I want them all to see this scenery. And even bigger and better things. When you see it, just know I will be there with you.

Lastly, to everyone. Up until now, thank you very much.“