my lovely kohai


I got commissioned by @skeleton-kohai to draw their beryl. She was so fun to work on, and kohai was such a nice customer, they were super sweet ;;;; She was super fun to draw. While drawing her I was listening to this. Gave me a lot of inspiration for her for some reason

Plus an extra drawing of her and muh coal!!

ohno-a-glitch  asked:

*Pip approaches Cresil, an oddly beaming grin on the cat's lips* hey there, so ah..if I flip a coin, heads we go to your place, tails we go to mine~ *winkwonk* ((ImissyouAikosenpaismooches)

Pshh, he’s just to lazy to go anywhere. x3

(AAAAAAh Pip!! Cutie!! *hugs* How are ya? <3 I love you!! QvQ-)

anonymous asked:

Dear Sloth ♡♡♡, You are by far the most amazing person I have ever met. The love you have shown me is indescribable and I don't know how I could ever express my love for you. Love, Kohai ♡

These are just so cute. AhhhhHHhhHhH.