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Sebastian Stan playing table football in The Covenant


pidge is such an amazing and inspiring character. like she is a young teenager and she is just absolutely brilliant? she can do things with tech i cant even begin to understand and its just beyond impressive and i know a bunch of little girls who are fans of the show definitely look up to her. she is incredibly quick witted and creative and innovative and passionate and skilled. i love my 2 foot tall daughter just from the way she has already been introduced to us and i cant wait to see her character get more development in the upcoming season. im so excited you guys!

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“ you’re not even human. you weren’t born. you were built. ”

“ i’m not thing! i’m laura kinney! ”

When I first came out to myself as trans and started figuring stuff out about my gender, I was confident I would never, could never come out. Maybe to a few of my closest friends, but never to my family, my school, to my work. I’d never start hormones or change my name or get surgery and this was just going to be my secret and I was just going to suffer and this was my life now.

3 years later, I have come out to my family, and my friends and Facebook and very recently work. I’ve started hormones and everyone I know is using a name I feel comfortable and I’m feeling like… I might just make it after all

hchano  asked:

Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to 10 of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool) [h: if one of these isn't ur buff thighs i will be v disappointed👀]

1. LOL my super-buff, wonder-woman-wishes-she-had-these ladybug thighs (bae you know me so well <3 <3 <3)

(art by @hchano, thanks bae <3)

2. buff back muscles

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3. buff arms (lol i work out, ok)


5. my ability to pun as if it’s my bnha quirk

also no way i could pick just 10 of my fave followers so anyone who wants to do this, i officially tag you


i still can’t believe this actually happened.

mikey @gerardisnotcis and i met at the fiatp show in stuttgart in february and got talking about pencey prep and i told them the story of how they came to be my first proper favourite band and also how much this album means to me and i may or may not have cried a bit over mikey’s copy. so fast forward a few days and actual angel in human form mikey decides to buy a copy for me.

thank you so much, i can’t even put in words how much this means to me just thank you!