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*cough* my blog *coughs out a lung*

PLEASE KEEP ALL ORGANS INSIDE YOUR BODY AIDAH OR SO HELP ME!!! Your blog is great, it was one of the first ones I followed when I started out 3 years ago. I saw that you loved Lavi and I immediately knew I had followed the right person ^^ It’s also thanks to your blog that I got into mp100 and have remembered some of my favorite past anime and even cartoons. Plus, your themes are always A+ and aesthetic!

your opinion on ______

Okay so I created a post like this weeks ago? And it was really helpful as I got to follow a lot of awesome new blogs. However, most of them were related to Haikyuu (LOL) and as much as I love Haikyuu (which I REALLY do), I kind of also want other fandoms in my dash :) So if you post or reblog the ff, please like or reblog this so I can check out your blog :D

(those in bold are my favs, so I might follow you right away if you post any of those)

  • Akatsuki no Yona
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime (I recently finished S1 and I found them adorable)
  • Noragami
  • Psycho Pass
  • RWBY (I’m in a phase of loving this series)
  • Miraculous Ladybug (I’m just so in love with Marinette and Adrien right now)
  • Avatar Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra
  • Digimon (especially Tri)
  • K-project
  • One punch man
  • Owari no Seraph
  • Psychic Detective Yakumo (omg whoever has this I will immediately follow you)
  • Zankyou no Terror
  • Reborn!
  • Nisekoi
  • Puella Magi Madoka
  • Uta no prince sama (the music)

Recently unfollowed 200 blogs simply because they’re on hiatus, are not active or just don’t spike my interest anymore. So it’s time to get some new people on my dash! I’m usually picky with whom I follow, but it’s an exception just for this time.

What I’m looking for:

  • Supernatural blogs, obviously.
  • Ship positive blogs. All ships, any ships, I don’t care. I ship everything, from wincest to destiel to sabriel to samifer to sastiel to crobby to kevindriel to samchuck to romara to chuckwena to clarex to jodonna to…
  • SPN cast positive blogs. Everyone from the cast is important to me and I want more love on my dash.
  • More SPN ladies content. I nearly don’t have enough of it.
  • Richard & Rob love. Yes.
  • Sam Winchester love. YES.
  • People who respect everyone in the fandom no matter what they like and are amiable.

What I’m not looking for:

  • Wank blogs.
  • Character hate.
  • Ship bashing/hate.
  • Actor hate.
  • Destihellers vs. Bibros or whatever it is. I just hate fandom fights and I want peace.

If you reblog this, I’ll try to check you out. Please put in tags what your blog is all about. It’s not necessary, but it’ll make it easier for me. 💕

If any of my mutuals or followers could reblog to spread the word, that’d be awesome! I really need more content on my dash!

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I desperately need your help! I reallyyyyyy need to follow more BTS blogs. I only like to follow people who make quality content gifs, edits, gfx, etc. So could you please reccommend me some?

ah i’d be happy to! ^^ all the blogs i follow are lovely, but i’m just gonna name a few favorites that immediately come to mind. definitely check out my blogroll here for more good ones~

gifs/gfx: @ojjeon / @mewchim / @busanie / @bwipsul / @sweaterpawsjimin / @jeonify / @apgujeon / @booptae / @sugutie / @syubprince / @yoongles / @yoonmin / @kths / @taeguk / @chimcheroo / @bangtanbanchan / @jiminsaid / @younas / @cutiehuns / @chimchams / @gotjimin

other: @jeondiary / @daegucrew / @j-cypher / @bts420 / @dearkook / @rapsae / @bfjoonie / @r-m / @jinakin / @bang-tan / @rapsmon

fan art: @ask-bts-stuff / @artofennun / @swagasuga / @shuaitofu

hope this was helpful! ♡

So, I recently hit 500 followers! I’m honestly so happy! It’s incredible to think that 500 people actually like my blog ;w;

This time it will be in alphabetical order (hoho), and remember:

- If you are italicized it means that I would like to be your friend/I admire you from afar

- If you are bolded it means that you’re a blog/person (almost always both) I love and recommend following immediately

- if you are both bolded and italicized then… you can literally do anything I basically worship you

If you are neither of these things, don’t feel bad! I still love you and my askbox is always open! Then again, if I follow you it means you’re cool to begin with

If. for whatever reason you don’t want to be in here, please let me know! Same thing if I forgot to add your url!

For some reason it doesn’t let me tag certain people, so if I follow you, check it out because you may be here. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

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So as a thank you for reaching 1.5K followers (I still can’t believe it, thanksssss babies!!) I’m doing my first Follow Forever!

First of all, these lovelies are my faves, and people I consider my closest Tumblr friends, thanks for the great chats, theorizing, reblogging and liking my posts and for just being great! I truly wish I could get to know you guys in real life:) 

I love you guys!!

prettylittlecharmedone prettylittleliarswhoopwhoop southernb3lle hannamonas manna-vandermarin rosewoodspy prettylittlesleuth wednesdayaddamms hannabananasundae pllsphere

**Special shout out for this to prettylittleliarswhoopwhoop​ and prettylittlecharmedone​ for always posting my stuff and supporting me since day one, tons of hugs and kisses for you<3)

So here, all my favorite blogs! Check ALL these blogs out and follow them!

[Blogs I’m obsessed with/have enjoyed theorizing with are bold]


addictedtoprettylittleliars  alisonqueendilaurentis  areweoutofrosewoodyet babyimsettingyoufree  breesprettylittletheories  byebyemona   blondeprincess3010 canyoukeepa3ecret antonias-blog​  chela-429​ castiol​  erartemis​  hannamarinsgrandma dailypll  demivanderwaal  dilaurentisfields  emisongray emisonisonforever  ezra-hotdog  fanofpll gif-pll halebxspence  hannascookie  hannasrivers  hashtagpll


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radleytheories  rosewoodsecret  rosewood-pd  rosewoodailly  spariaswift subjectx17 shanzaxkman17  spectopatronum  shoegirl927  thatisimmortalitymydarlings  thelastlivingone  theliarsgifs troianbellisariogif  we-love-pretty-little-liars-a  wh0isthismonst3r wheresmeredcoat wearedegrassi95​​

Sorry if I forgot anyone, I love all you guys;) and 

Thank you ALL for following my blog, I’ll keep doing my best to make it as great as I can for all of you so please keep asking questions and sending those gif requests, and let’s enjoy this PLL crazy ride together as long as it lasts! 

Kisses, - D

*don’t delete the text guys, it won’t appear on your blog! also please don’t self promote on this!*

Hi lovelies, let me introducing my first ever favourites page! OMG I’m so excited for this one, I have long wanted to make favourites page but I don’t have much time on tumblr. So here is Cottonisth’s Favourites 1.0


  • Must be following me (Cottonisth)
  • Reblogs only, likes won’t be counted


  • A spot on my favourites page (reveal it immediately)
  • You can ask me for promo (twice a week)
  • I will queue from your posts anytime
  • A new best friend a.k.a me (you can talk to me like anytime)
  • A follow from me if I haven’t already


  • BE ACTIVE :)
  • Talk to me and be my friend
  • Have a similar post style as mine
  • Follow/likes on my instagram here, and make sure to message me your username on tumblr
  • Reblogs this post more than once so I will notice you more


  • I made the banner on Photoshop CS6, the picture is not mine
  • Choosing whenever I’m happy with the notes, likely to be announced in early 2016
  • Ask me any questions if you’re confused

Okay that is all! Good luck and happy reblogging, Lovelies! If this flops pretend it never happens. Hope you all have a wonderful day! x

Okay, this has been bugging me for a long time. I don’t know why I still follow this blog, even though I can’t stand them. They always put a stupid little caption tag on everything they post when it’s not even their source. One thing that really fucking annoys me is the stupidity of this caption. MY FOLLOWERS… FOLLOW THIS BLOG. Does that make any sense at all? How can someone that is already following you start following you? Am I the only one who notices this?

Hi guys!! I recently hit 10k and to celebrate I’ll be doing a favourites page! :-) Thank you so so SO much for helping me reach 10k so quickly, I love you all. 


  •  you must be following me, please
  • reblog this post (likes are only for bookmarking)  


  • a place on my favourites page which will be linked on my blog 
  • a follow from me, if I’m not following you already that is. 
  • a new friend and someone to talk to (although you can message me anytime) 
  • frequent promos !! 

Higher chances: 

  • follow my instagram @charlottejlomas and message me your username (please don’t do this only to unfollow immediately afterwards) 
  • reblog this more than once so I notice youu 

I’ll be choosing about 20 blogs to put on my favourites page. I will be updating the favourites page every few months to a year maybe (depends if I feel like it haha) and refreshing the favourites but you can apply more than once. :-))

(( because I procrastinate a lot im actually closer to 20k now but thanks a lot I love you you all ))


i didn’t really make an introduction post so i thought this is a good time to make one. hi! hello! how are you? good? great. let’s go.

my name is ran, i’m 18 years old. i’m about to finish hs in about a month and since where i’m from college/uni doesn’t come immediately after hs i have no idea what’d id be doing after that but.. we’ll see! i love stationary, i love taking notes, i love music, star wars and broadway. i’m a guy. yes, i know that doesn’t happen often in the studyblr community, but please like me. 

my main blog is @pudsfoots so if i follow you, the follow will come from there, please don’t hesitate to talk to me about anything! i’d love to make friends here, everyone seem so nice and i already have so many faves. 

so. see you!