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if you are a witchcraft blog… not the “witchy aesthetic” one. i mean actual witchcraft. tips, spells, kitchen recipes, rituals, info, any kind on magick really. please reblog this, i’ll follow immediately. my dash has been filled with the same four or five witches (that i love with all my heart, even though they don’t know me lol), but i want more witch babes around.
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exo react to you without make-up for the first time (OT9)

i know i promised a new years version of fluff today, but i didn’t have any ideas on how to make a fluff reaction for new years?? 

please forgive me! 

id also like to thank everyone for supporting me and giving so much love to my blog. i had started around mid-late september and gained followers quicker than i expected! we have less than 10 followers until we reach 500 amazing followers. i hope you guys all spend your time with the ones you love, family, friends… I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <33



immediately as you got in your car to drive home, you took out your makeup wipes. you had the most exhausting day at work and could not imagine keeping on the makeup that was coating your face. you looked into the rear-view mirror and couldn’t help but feel insecure. “it’ll do” you sighed. you headed home to where your sweet boyfriend was patiently waiting, once suho saw you he said softly,

“you look beautiful Y/N”

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as you weren’t expecting to have any visitors at your home today, you proceeded to complete your saturday task, aka finding a new show on netflix to binge watch. you snuggled up on your couch with a blanket clicking through the different shows to find one that caught your eye, little did you know your boyfriend, chanyeol, quietly snuck into your house and saw your cute, little, bare face.

“wow. what a beauty”

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you two, as a couple, were invited to suho’s new years party. you were singing in the shower, and taking your time to get prepped, what’s the rush? you had enough time until baekhyun was going to pick you up around 6. you walked out of the bathroom with your robe (and obviously a bare face), to the sight of your boyfriend laying on your bed with his phone. he looked up and scolded you,

“how long were you planning to keep your pretty face from me? this is unacceptable!”

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jongdae slept over at your house last night after you two had fallen asleep watching a couple movies or so. you two were snuggled closely on the couch, warm and toasty. you had slightly awoken from your slumber once you felt jongdae stirring a bit, as you had decided to ignore it and fall back asleep, chen was carefully studying your face. as much as it sounds creepy, it was the first time he saw it bare. 

“how could you be so perfect Y/N”

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when lay first saw you with a bare face he debated whether or not he should hint at it just incase you would feel insecure or embarrassed. (or both) eventually when you went to use the bathroom you looked into the mirror and realized you didn’t have any makeup on. when lay heard you scream from bathroom after you noticed you were bare faced, he lightly chuckled and yelled,

“you look cute princess!”

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your relationship with kai was at the stage of trusting each other enough for you to be exposed without makeup in front of him. once you built up the courage to walk out to the living room where your so sweet and loving boyfriend was, you chickened out. you sat back down in front of your vanity and as you were reaching towards the foundation jongin barged in and forced your hand away.

“your face is worth a million bucks, don’t ruin it with this junk”

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you walk out of the bathroom not giving a damn whether or not sehun sassed you about your acne or bare face, you just wanted to cuddle with the noodle boy and take a nice, long nap. once you walk out sehun stares at you, honestly stunned by your natural beauty. being the maknae he is, a little inexperienced with relationships, he doesn’t how to explain with gentle words how beautiful he thinks you are.

“your face is as pretty as mine!”

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kyungsoo: (im so soft for this gif help me)

you knew kyungsoo wasn’t one for judging you, so when he was sleeping over at your apartment you removed all your makeup, feeling much more relaxed. kyungsoo set up the couch with a whole bunch of pillows, blankets, snacks, and your guys’s favorite movie. at first he didn’t really notice whether or not you had makeup on or not because his mind wasn’t usually focused on that kind of stuff. but once he noticed he leaned into your face staring at you with his signature owl eyes. 

“why do you wear makeup?”

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you two had gone to a new years party, while you had gotten very drunk enough to rub your makeup off in front of your boyfriend, (you were always insecure about your naked face) minseok wasn’t able to drink because he had to drive home. after he carefully laid you down on your bed, you started mumbling something among the lines of “i fucking hate makeup” and rubbed all of it off, once xiumin saw your bare face he couldn’t contain his smile and gave you a light peck on the cheek.

“you’re so precious Y/N <3″

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I desperately need your help! I reallyyyyyy need to follow more BTS blogs. I only like to follow people who make quality content gifs, edits, gfx, etc. So could you please reccommend me some?

ah i’d be happy to! ^^ all the blogs i follow are lovely, but i’m just gonna name a few favorites that immediately come to mind. definitely check out my blogroll here for more good ones~

gifs/gfx: @ojjeon / @mewchim / @busanie / @bwipsul / @sweaterpawsjimin / @jeonify / @apgujeon / @booptae / @sugutie / @syubprince / @yoongles / @yoonmin / @kths / @taeguk / @chimcheroo / @bangtanbanchan / @jiminsaid / @younas / @cutiehuns / @chimchams / @gotjimin

other: @jeondiary / @daegucrew / @j-cypher / @bts420 / @dearkook / @rapsae / @bfjoonie / @r-m / @jinakin / @bang-tan / @rapsmon

fan art: @ask-bts-stuff / @artofennun / @swagasuga / @shuaitofu

hope this was helpful! ♡

Okay, this has been bugging me for a long time. I don’t know why I still follow this blog, even though I can’t stand them. They always put a stupid little caption tag on everything they post when it’s not even their source. One thing that really fucking annoys me is the stupidity of this caption. MY FOLLOWERS… FOLLOW THIS BLOG. Does that make any sense at all? How can someone that is already following you start following you? Am I the only one who notices this?

So, I recently hit 500 followers! I’m honestly so happy! It’s incredible to think that 500 people actually like my blog ;w;

This time it will be in alphabetical order (hoho), and remember:

- If you are italicized it means that I would like to be your friend/I admire you from afar

- If you are bolded it means that you’re a blog/person (almost always both) I love and recommend following immediately

- if you are both bolded and italicized then… you can literally do anything I basically worship you

If you are neither of these things, don’t feel bad! I still love you and my askbox is always open! Then again, if I follow you it means you’re cool to begin with

If. for whatever reason you don’t want to be in here, please let me know! Same thing if I forgot to add your url!

For some reason it doesn’t let me tag certain people, so if I follow you, check it out because you may be here. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

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i didn’t really make an introduction post so i thought this is a good time to make one. hi! hello! how are you? good? great. let’s go.

my name is ran, i’m 18 years old. i’m about to finish hs in about a month and since where i’m from college/uni doesn’t come immediately after hs i have no idea what’d id be doing after that but.. we’ll see! i love stationary, i love taking notes, i love music, star wars and broadway. i’m a guy. yes, i know that doesn’t happen often in the studyblr community, but please like me. 

my main blog is @pudsfoots so if i follow you, the follow will come from there, please don’t hesitate to talk to me about anything! i’d love to make friends here, everyone seem so nice and i already have so many faves. 

so. see you!