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Mark is bad at games 😂😂 but he’s good at eating jellies🍬🍬 

I first started this blog on June 12, 2017 and I still can’t believe that I reached 100 FOLLOWERS a month later. Thank you everyone for the continued support and love, I can’t tag everyone of my followers but that doesn’t make me appreciate you any less. I love each and everyone of you and I hope we all get the chance if not to roleplay but at least talk with each other!

@sunshinedubu : Thank you for successfully luring me into this place. Thank you helping me develop Min Gun ( he technically belongs to you as well now that I think about it XD ) and all that jazz. HAHAHA 

SHOUTOUT TO: @sxlvation You’re my bae. I adore you and your Muse! Thank you for being such a great person! I love you

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@amelioraticn : To my lovely and beautiful Dongsaeng! I will always thank God for letting me meet you! I enjoyed all the times that we’ve talked and I will continue to enjoy talking with you in the future. Hopefully magka chance tayong magmeet personally in the future. ( I’ll prolly hug u to death XD ) Ate loves you soo much! 

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And to all my rp partners and the rest of my followers… Just Thank you. I feel so blessed to be able to meet and the chance to meet you all. I haven’t felt this much joy in a fandom in the 5 years that I’ve been roleplaying here on Tumblr. Thank you for welcoming and loving all my muses and at the same time me. I LOVE YOU ALL! 

Oppayam’s Love for BaBird

“Ahhh Jinnie is going to have a SOLO ~ i will make a dog for him ~”

“Yosh! I can do it! I even looked it up on youtube ~ “ 

/Oppayam is too immersed he didn’t saw Babird already passed by/

“Okay ~ let’s add more details here..” / twist * twist /

“OMOOO! It looks WEIRD!” ~ Oppayam 

“Jinnie, i can fix this.. pls don’t misunderstand.. “ T_T

“ wait.. hmm… ugh… wait.. “ /cold sweats/ XDDD


“Saranghae Jinnie” XDDD /i’ll quit balloons for now/



when everyone gets hyped and join to dance “Chewing Gum”…
except Jeffrey from California who probably hasn’t heard about it yet 😂😂

Mistake (M)

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word count : 12.8+k words (long as fuck sorry ; v ; not!)

genre : angst, smut, horror

summary : Baekhyun, to all of his fans, is a loving, care-free, talented person but what they don’t know is what he is off camera. This the story that would change EXO’s history.

warning(s) : character deaths, cutting, suicide/sudical thoughts (please do not read, if this will affect you…)

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officer jeon

this is for my lovely and thirsty dongsaeng @jikook-love (i know you love officer jeon)

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ngl when i first saw the dope mv i thought he was the oldest im sorry jungkook

someone pls stop him

he is still a precious baby bun

he really is


officer jeon at the crime scene? idk man im not coherent enough for this shit

ill just leave the next one to your imaginations….

bonus: bangtan police arrest me pls

now to purify this post some bun!kook; 

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he has the cutest bunny smile ever

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ok bye

Tablo shares His Kakao conversation with Seungri.

Seungri: Hyung kk the song Oppacha is really good;;;; kk I hear it everywhere (or it’s played everywhere).

Tablo: kkkkkkkkkk It must be really good if Seungri says so.

Seungri: It really seems good kkkkk

Tablo Twitter caption: If Seungri (victory) says it’s good…

150426 - Manager Kang - Instagram

#부산 #광안리 2주년 부산여행❤️ 그리고 부산에서 만난 내가 제일 사랑하는 동생~ 볼 때마다 밝아보여서 기분 좋다^^ 화이팅!!

#Busan #KwangAnRi Second anniversary Busan vacation❤️ And meeting my dongsaeng I love most in Busan~ I feel good seeing you brighter every time we meet ^^ Hwaiting!!

trans cr; nicole @ baptrans ; take out with full credit

anonymous asked:

describe jikook's friendship

omg…such a difficult question…

Well…you may know that it’s quite abnormal in Korea to be “friends“ with someone who is two years older/younger than you . Officially it calls "hyung-dongsaeng” relationships.

So, the main question is can we call it “friendship”? :D

If we ask Jimin about it he will definitely say  “No, maknae is my lovely dongsaeng~”

But if we ask Jungkookie he can say “Yeah, sure, hyung is my friend”

and then we will hear Jimin’s complaints about it x3 

I mean two things in this relatioship:

1. Jungkook alwalys loves teasing/ignoring/trolling/disrespecting/forgeting-manners/forgeting-about-the-age-difference/interrupting/forgeting-“hyung”-word/ranking-Jimin-in-the-last-place-/calling-him-short/patting-him-on-the-head/ IT CAN LASTS FOREVER x3

What’s the second point? It’s short :3

2. Jimin allows him doing this



- he adores Jungkookie so much

- he appreciates him

- he can’t hit him earnestly (that’s why he only complaints a lot)

- Even if he would try to stop him it won’t work :3 (it’s Jungkook’nature)

- he is kind-hearted

- maybe he easily forgets about such things

- he knew that Jungkookie is just a kid as well 

Then, the next question is why does Jungkook love doing it

as I think, because he can’t see Jimin as hyung.

Again, why?

Because Jimin is funny, short, chubby, he looks like a little kid (sometimes even younger than Jungkook). he is silly (sometimes), it’s easy to tease him and he wouldn’t resent that much. C’mon he just doesn’t feel that age difference between them :D Jimin really acts like a kid. He makes a good company for maknae

/it seems like I forget about the question at all….I’m sorry/

Well…“describe jikook’s friendship”. I would say it’s one-sided friendship :D ?

anyway Jungkookie loves his hyung (even he doesn’t often call him like this x3)

And the most important point of their relations. After all of this Jimin still supports his lovely maknae ♥

(Fan Accounts)Super Junior K.R.Y.Seoul Day 1&2 | 150824

KRYSeoulDay2 Yewook said Kyu eats the most in KRY. When he’s not on KRY tour he’s on tour for good food. Kyu chose Wook cause he cooks well ..Staff said that D&E had suggestions for KRY con.But Kyu told staff to reply that KRY will focus on singing & D&E can focus on dancing ..Fans sang Happy Birthday to Yesung. Siwon, Hyuk & Ye’s parents all held up banner. Yesung said it wasn’t in sync ㅋㅋ.. KRY asked Eunhyuk what he’s been doing, Hyuk gestured sleeping. Kyu said Hyuk had nothing planned. Fans around Siwon say that every time it’s Yesung’s part Siwon loudly goes like “Ye…. ye.Yesung said that he can spot Siwon in the crowd easily because he is handsome. And Eunhyuk is his ugly friend. Kyu knelt onstage to greet fans. Ye: Are you someone who kneels so easily? Kyu: In front of ELF I am an easy man ..  Kyu was worried about the NK-SK conflict. Fans yelled "we’ll protect you”, Kyu replied “I will protect everyone”

Sapphire blue ocean during

Siwon and Eunhyuk are at KRY concert day 2. Siwon took photos when KRY was talking and Hyuk is waving 2 light sticks. Biggest fans ^^…Eunhyuk just arrived at KRY concert in Seoul day 2. Not sleeping today.

KRYSeoulDay1 There were empty seats. Kyu: Then they didn’t come, cause I confirmed myself online that we got sold out. Yesung: I love all my dongsaengs. Even Kibum who has recently left SM, I love him as well . Wook: In 4 years our concerts have gotten larger, so it still makes me nervous. But I’m happiest when Im singing.  Donghae and Leeteuk went to support KRY concert in Seoul today! When Kyu asked where Hyuk was Donghae stood up and yelled that he’s sleeping (all crs)

Suga - Eclipse

Part 1 | Part 2

The full moon on the night sky was illuminating the cave you call your room. You were too immersed to the contents of the book you were reading to even realize it was already dark outside. This was what your usual Friday night consists of— alternating your textbooks to fictional novels. It’s a reward and a stress reliever, you often reply to Kristin, your roommate who frequently questions your weird habits. 

“We were just a goddamn phrase.

We were not a subject and a predicate. We did not have the subject-verb agreement like all the other sentences. We were either a confused subject, or both a lengthy predicate. And that was the thing: we never made sense. We didn’t have to know that from the people around us, we both knew it: we were doomed from the start. But we still continued, didn’t we? We still existed.”

–My Love Letter to Nobody

You sighed as you read the last paragraph of the book you had been reading for the past week. A love story similar to yours, though the only catch is that, in your case ’we’ never really existed, it almost existed but you chose your dream. 

Thinking back at it, you didn’t really know what you felt towards him at the time. Your thirst of reaching the top blinded you from everything else; including your emotions.

You’ve finally taken a notice at the absence of light, which left you to follow the only light that had been providing your sight—the moonlight. With nothing to do, questions filled your mind, the same questions you had been asking yourself for the past 5 years;

What could have been,

What should have been,

What may be,

What would be,

But even so, he, Min Yoongi, will always be your biggest what if.The only question the so-called genius cannot answer. 

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