my lovely and pretty city


Kdrama kisses


bernie wolfe + @ao3tagoftheday (2/?)


*watches entire kdrama within a day*

*googles lead and second lead and entire cast*

*searches for hashtag of said drama on tumblr*

*reblogs favorite moments for the rest of the life*

*watches every drama of pretty flower boy lead*



northern downpour // panic! at the disco

so idk if I ever made an official post about it but like… I’m going to college
I got into my top choice and got a pretty damn good scholarship and like this school was at the top of my list from the beginning and everything worked out perfectly and it was just meant to be I’m so happy and excited
they’ve got an incredible program for what I plan to major in as well as all of the other things and experiences i wanted out of a school, and I think above all else it just matches my personality perfectly. so yeah I’m very very very happy and cannot wait to get started
only downside is our mascot is literally a mule so like… go mules?